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1090 Tasting Notes

drank Seed Harvest by Handmade Tea
1090 tasting notes

A blend from Dexter3657! thanks so much! It didn’t seem like others here on Steepster liked this one very much, so I was expecting the worst, but I actually like this one! Maybe not as much as a chai that would have the typical chai spices included, but this had a different flavor to it… a nice change! A medium bodied black tea… the first flavor I seem to taste is the licorice/anise. There is also a sweetness I didn’t expect.. I’m not sure what that might be from though… maybe the black tea itself and not the spices? I thought this blend would be more savory than it is. I don’t taste the smoke at all… I feel like by the tasting notes I’ve spotted I’m drinking another tea, but I like this one. It’s so nice to be able to sample so many different teas. If it wasn’t for this amazing Steepster community, I’d probably have to drink the same five teas over and over… and of course without the sampling it would be impossible to find those five teas that were the perfect teas for me that I wanted to sip over and over! :D


I included this one because I thought it was odd/unusual. Sometimes trying a just ok tea that is WEIRD is as much fun as finding an AMAZING one. IMHO :))


I think I’ve had over 500 different teas in about 15 months of logging on Steepster and I KNOW that would never have happened without all the swaps, tea sales, etc. The surprise samples are the best because you get to try things you never asked for and didn’t know you’d like! So I agree, this community is pretty amazing.

Tea Sipper

I say “exactly” to both of you!

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drank Juicy Peach by Teajo Teas
1090 tasting notes

A sample from MissB’s lovely package! thanks again! I wanted to try this one since Teajo’s Earl Grey is my favorite non-cream Earl Grey. Certainly their other teas must be nice as well? The brew color on this one is actually very light, especially as it steeped longer than I wanted it to (five minutes). But it isn’t oversteeped at all… especially since it basically wholly peach! I can’t even taste the black tea at all. So much peach! It’s almost on the verge of candy peach, but not quite. Very nice. This could certainly represent peach in any tea collection! (I wonder why I haven’t seen any dried peach pieces in ANY tea blends though?)


Oooh – this sounds absolutely lovely.


I LOVE the Teajo tropical mango. I bet the peach is fab too!


Ooh, I still need to try this one. Heh! Glad you enjoyed it.

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A sample from a while back – also a sipdown! According to Yezi’s instructions you are supposed to use 5-6 grams and my sample package says 5 grams. It also says one teaspoon for 3 ounces of water, so I basically had 3 teaspoons for my 9 ounce mug. I had to guess on steep time… since I really don’t get the 15 seconds they mention.

Steep #1 // just boiled // 2 min
The fragrance of the dry leaves are amazing. I just know I will love it. The taste is very nice – smooth, a little smoky, malty, a little sweet, much like Laoshan Black. It’s VERY nice. The three teaspoons used probably make it tastier than the Laoshan that asks for one teaspoon… but should I really have to use three teaspoons? It definitely isn’t astringent or bitter or overdone. Just a nice cup all around.

Steep #2// just boiled // 3 min
Another lovely cup of tea… just like the first cup. I am starting to love and appreciate these types of black teas more, but they still aren’t my favorites. Honestly, it might be my palate or that I’ve sipped my Yezi samples months apart, but all three of the black teas have really tasted the same to me. The only difference might be with this one, since I used three teaspoons rather than two teaspoons with the others. I wonder if anyone else can taste a difference. Also, these Yezi teas do not have as deep a flavor as many of the Teavivre teas… those are more like dark chocolate even if I only use two teaspoons of leaves. I won’t start comparing to every black tea here!

Steep #3 // just boiled // 4 min
Another lovely cup but not as good as the other two. Nothing else new to add!

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Thank you so much Dexter3657 for the package of lovely teas! Another chai to try… always on the look for the perfect chai. This one is a nice balance of black tea and spices. Plenty of black tea and plenty of spice. The black tea isn’t a CTC, so it is tough to get a nice balance. The spices aren’t listed but I definitely see cardamom and cloves… there’s probably more spices here. A decent chai to represent chai, but still not the best chai I’ve tried (maybe the fifth best chai I’ve tried, or somewhere around there, so in no way terrible!) but maybe I should be brewing these like ACTUAL chai instead of tea.


I too am searching for my perfect chai (I had found it, but now it’s discontinued – so the search is back on). What’s your favorite?

Tea Sipper

What’s your favorite? (Even if discontinued?) A quick F3 search for ‘chai’ in my Steepster ratings list (yes, I have one of those:D) is telling me these are my favorite chai blends so far:
Necessiteas – Warm Vanilla Chai (97)
52Teas – Lemon Meringue Chai (97)
Zen – Energizing Chai (96)
Steep City Teas – Cha Cha Chai (96)
Butiki – Premium India Chai (96)
Ovation – Vanilla Chai (96)
52Teas – Mayan Chocolate Chai (94) (which you happened to send)
Fusion – Caramel Chai Pu-erh & Tulsi Chai (both 93)
But maybe those are just my thing! Most of those aren’t even available anymore anyway.

Tea Sipper

oh wait, but that list hasn’t been updated since the beginning of Nov, so there are probably more.


My fave…Verdant yu lu yan cha chai and whispering pines (several) since both don’t use artificial flavorings either.

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From BrewTEAlly Sweet! thanks so much! I’m so happy I was able to try this one, as it is exactly as I imagined it when I saw its existence years ago! SO SO good. The dry leaves actually smell like just baked cinnamon bread. The flavor is amazingly also like cinnamon bread. The pu-erh and black tea combination is perfect! This might be the only combined pu-erh/black tea in my possession right now. The only way this doesn’t taste like liquefied cinnamon bread is the hint of pu-erh flavor, but the pu-erh probably gives it that bready flavor. The cinnamon is the sugary sweet kind, so it’s like cinnamon sugar toast from my childhood! And there is definite BUTTERY flavor. The only addition I could think of is some raisins to make it raisin toast…but I suppose I could add some to the infuser myself. I can’t say enough for this blend. It’s a masterpiece. I want to try EVERYTHING from sTEAp Shoppe! I’m thankful this made my morning nicer.. it’s the perfect breakfast tea. Is winter over yet? As I was sipping this, I was wishing to be somewhere that wasn’t winter.. at a nice diner outside eating a lovely breakfast (waffles, hash browns, fruit salad?)… maybe even on the ocean but that would be asking too much! But this tea was a nice replacement for that.

Steep #1// few minutes after boiling // 5 min
Steep #2// just boiled // 7 min


The Black and White from sTEAp Shoppe is really good too :)

And yeah, I’m SO OVER this winter thing…


Sounds yum!


Agreed this is amazing!!!


Resteeps very well

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drank Fruits d'Alsace by Harney & Sons
1090 tasting notes

You know you are a tea addict when you get a little bit of the same tea from two Steepsterers on the same day! At least it wasn’t huge amounts! :D Thank you both, MissB and BrewTEAlly Sweet! This particular teaspoon was from BrewTEAlly Sweet. I love Harney’s other fruity teas (Paris, Tower of London) so I really wanted to try this one. Sadly, I can’t really tell which fruits are here from the flavor. It seems like a few mixed together to create some indecipherable fruit flavor. Certainly not as magical as the other two Harney blends but not bad. It also doesn’t have the hint of bergamot the other two do…


I also really wanted to like this tea, but was also pretty underwhelmed (especially as this tea was so plainly in the shadow of Paris, hot cinnamon spice, and Queen Catherine)

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drank Pleine Lune by Mariage Frères
1090 tasting notes

This one of the teas that I bought from BrewTEAlly Sweet! Thank you so much for the lovely package! I went with this one first since it seems not spicy enough to be stored with my spicy teas, but it lists “spice” as an ingredient, so I didn’t want it around my non-spicy teas. The ingredients list is a little vague. After a 3-4 minute steep a few minutes after boiling, the black tea is lighter in color. The flavors are subtle! Definitely almond/marzipan… there is something a bit sour, maybe cherry and then it seems there is some sort of “spice” flavoring… but since I don’t think it actual spices, it’s also subtle. Subtle deliciousness. Nice to try!

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Oh my gosh! I bought some teas from MissB and also asked for some samples of others and suddenly there was a sample explosion of way more samples than I expected! It is very appreciated. thanks so much! That means I should really be working on sipdowns… my collection seems ridiculous right now but maybe 2/5ths of them only have 1-2 teaspoons left. I’m going to try strictly sipdowns OR trying new teas for the moment… not so much old favorites I have a lot of. SO I apologize in advance for the continuing avalanche of tasting notes. :D I had to try this one first, as I saw in a tasting note that someone mentioned this one tasted like SpecialTeas Earl Grey de Le Crème. Now, if there was a catastrophe, and there was only one tea I could save from my collection, the Crème would be it… my ancient one ounce package that only has a few teaspoons left. Of course, it was an old Steepster select tea that another Steepsterer generously sent me. Here’s hoping this one has the same magic…

Steep #1 // just boiled // 3-4 min
This one is lovely, but I can tell right away it isn’t the same blend as the SpecialTeas, unless both of these blends had different batches I wasn’t able to taste or something. The SpecialTeas had crisp bergamot, very strong. This one has an almost candy-like lemon myrtle flavor to it. Different than most Earls I’ve tried, but good! Of course the cream aspect makes it taste like a lemon donut or something. The black tea bases are also very similar, but also not quite the same. I think the SpecialTeas has more of a briskness to it. A different blend than the SpecialTeas, but not terrible and a nice change! The second cup was the same as the first.. it’s odd that it reminds me of a lemon cookie (or the lemon donut that was in my dream last night!)


haha MissB has a knack for surprising you with lots and lots of tea! She truly is the fairy godmother of teas :)

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Thank you so much Nicole for allowing me to try this one! I’m slowly trying the new-to-me teas. I wanted a vanilla tea so I went with this one hoping it was kind of like vanilla. It doesn’t look like there is MUCH white tea in the dry blend… just a leaf here and there. I love the tiny flowers though. I steeped a bit over a teaspoon with this one, to make it a sipdown next time. The site says 190 degrees for 3 minutes so I waited around 17 minutes… since it didn’t seem like much white tea anyway. The second steep didn’t seem overdone even at four minutes right after boiling. The flavor is nice, not the nicest Earl I’ve tried, but it has a nice balance of bergamot and cream, maybe because the base teas aren’t very strong here to give you much flavor. There is a smoothness & sweetness to it. Not much rose for me. But I like that it focuses on the Earl.

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drank Almond Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
1090 tasting notes

This is the only matcha I ordered a while ago with my super-sale caramel matchaccinos. I had to try this one, as it seems it’s the highest rated here on Steepster. It’s a good start anyway! Also, I just received some lovely samples from Red Leaf, so I thought it was time to write this tasting note!

Cup #1 – Hot latte
The dry matcha has a heavenly fragrance of marzipan.. which I guess makes sense… that is certainly more fragrant than plain almonds. Microwaved warmed milk slowly poured from measuring cup to a mug with matcha in the bottom. I have no idea how much to use, so I went with half a teaspoon. It is very delicious – tastes just like the scent, though the milk does mellow it a bit. But the flavor is definitely like marzipan, creamy and sweet. But this is why I’m glad tea is so hot – this cup was gone QUICK. If I drank all cups of tea this cooled and not risked burning my mouth, I would have to drink even more tea. To taste the flavor better, I’ll move on to…

Cup #2 – steeped like a usual cup of tea
I waited for the water to cool around 40 minutes to not burn the matcha. ( Forty minutes is probably not necessary, but it just happened.) I learned that a serving is half a TEASPOON and matchaccino is a whole TABLESPOON… unless the matchaccino bag is wrong. The flavor is lovely.. more to the front than if it was a cup of milk. Just marzipan! These cups are gone quick though. :D


you should add the link to the page and submit this for a reviewer’s discount. It is a good way to make more matcha affordable.

Tea Sipper

Ah, forgot to do that, thanks!


This is one I want to try some day!

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Hi! I love tea and trying new ones – it adds a bit of variety to my day! Books, music, TV & movies are my thing… and tea, of course.

Some of my favorite teas:
52 Teas – zoomdweebies.com

Most of the teas listed in my cupboard are actually sample sizes. I don’t really have 2,000 ounces of tea around here! I was bored one day and found out that most of them have only one teaspoon left… maybe two. But I like keeping them in my cupboard list for reference to what I could be sipping. Usually, I write tasting notes once for each tea. I’m still drinking them, just not writing tasting notes each time!

My dislikes: hibiscus, ginger (unless in chai), charcoal type flavors

My ratings:
95-100 – Super awesome deliciousness favorites
80-95 – Also pretty delicious
65-80 – Pretty good
40-65 – Okay
1-40 – Probably won’t want to sip it again

I’m planning on being a Steepsterer as long as there IS a Steepster, so if you’re not hearing from me, that means something happened to my health… if you know what I mean. :D

Happy sipping!



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