1375 Tasting Notes

drank Jungle Ju Ju by DAVIDsTEA
1375 tasting notes

Thanks so much, Amanda! I like this more than I thought I would! I steeped this for 5-6 minutes,, about 1 1/2 teaspoons. There were two big fruit pieces in the infuser. The flavor in this one is addicting for some reason. The earthiness of the guayusa is delicious with the peach and papaya (not sure if I ever had papaya before). It’s very smooth and it pairs perfectly with the fruits. The second steep was just as delicious. I wonder if this blend has artificial sugar in it? If not, it kind of tastes like it, but in a good way. I think guayusa would be interesting to sweeten soda AND add energy to it. Guayusa makes for a nice change from black tea wake-me-ups in the morning. I definitely appreciate all of the types of tea! I never get bored… at least not yet! I’ll have to drink more guayusa in the future, and I’ll definitely keep this in mind if I need some more guayusa later on… this pouch has a few more cups in it! I could see drinking this a LOT in the summer. I’ll have to try it iced.

5 min, 30 sec

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Additional notes: I bought some of this from Yssah a while ago. This particular blend tastes a bit more flavorful than the Tower I tried before, probably because this was fresher. I just love this blend. Plums, a bit of cherry, honey and hints of bergamot on a lovely black base that doesn’t get astringent. It tastes like a jammy Danish. I thought I loved Paris more, but the new blend of that I bought from Yssah doesn’t taste the same as the sample I had before (kind of alcoholish). So I might like this one better, or else it is very close. Paris = berries Tower of London = stone fruits

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Additional notes: Sample sipdown! Oh wow, I just saw the last tasting notes date and it was May 5, 2012! Exactly a year ago! I’m not sure how that happened. I followed the steep instructions this time.. (no three minutes) 50 seconds first steep, 70 seconds second steep. The flavor wasn’t the same as the last time (since I didn’t steep it correctly last time). The flavor still wasn’t your typical oolong, but it didn’t have those pumpkin notes like last time either. It’s tough to describe this one! It isn’t really peachy, floral, or vegetal. Not sure what is going on… but I kind of liked the pumpkin flavor better. Also, the new blends from Butiki sound AMAZING.

1 min, 0 sec

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drank Rwanda Rukeri Delight by Tealux
1375 tasting notes

I’ve been the first to review so many of Tealux’s teas! So sad. This one is a solid black tea from Tealux… a bit tough to describe. In the description, it mentions volcanic land, and I guess I would describe this as what some Fujian teas taste like, but I haven’t actually had a black tea that was Fujian, I don’t think… only oolongs. There are a ton of flavor qualities I don’t think black teas usually have. It’s a bit of everything: the first thing was that it reminded me of BBQ. Usually only roasted yerba mates remind me of BBQ. I guess it has a spicy flavor with a HINT of smoke. There is that “volcanic” flavor, that is a bit charcoaly, and also a bit dry in the mouth. Hints of maltiness. It’s dark and light flavored at the same time… like a Darjeeling, but not. Did anything I said make any sense? The second steep is biscuit, and has a fuller flavor. Really, just a nice black tea that has a different flavor than other teas. A nice change!


Tea Sipper, I’m equally surprised to see how very few are reviewing on Tealux. I like many things from that company so far. Very good quality-price ratio, huge variety and free shipping available. What’s there not to like ? :-)


I have made out an order several times. I get to the point where I have to create an account to buy anything and I’m done. I wish they had an option to check out as a guest for my first order. I don’t necessarily need all my info sitting out there with a company that I may only do business with once. :( I may get over that eventually – they have all kinds of things I want to try!!!

Tea Sipper

TheTeaFairy — exactly.

Nicole — I’ve only received e-mails about sales around the holidays from Tealux. I don’t mind them, even if they are tempting. But you must mean they actually have all of your information forever. I just figure other websites have all my info anyway…

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
1375 tasting notes

Additional notes: I’m sipping this one right now and I LOVE it. It will definitely be my replacement Earl Grey Cream when my others run out (since my favorites have disappeared by now). This one is just delicious. Next cup will be a sipdown of my sample.

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drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
1375 tasting notes

thanks so much Crow Kettle, for sharing a bit of this one! There was an entire star of anise in my infuser: I suppose that is why they call it ‘Ceylon Star’! Also some chocolate, big coconut flakes and really black and twisty leaves. Steeped, the cup is a very light brown and very cloudy. I think I steeped for five minutes, I kind of expected more of an anise/licorice flavor. There isn’t much! There is more of a coconut flavor, but that was because there were so many coconut flakes! There wasn’t much of a chocolate flavor either, but I like the combination of flavors… I just wish there was more! The second steep I poured right after boiling and it does have more anise. I like it combined with the coconut… it helps smooth it out.

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Additional notes: Sipdown! I like this one, but I don’t think it’s my favorite vanilla tea (Della Terra, Adagio, Harney…probably forgetting so many). I don’t think either the vanilla or the black tea has enough flavor. But it was nice to try, anyway!

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Additional notes: I had been thinking of this treasured tea that I’ve only got a couple teaspoons of, but I had some anyway. I think it’s my favorite 52 Teas blend. I just love the balance of banana and coconut flavors. Both creamy! And the hojicha is perfect with this blend. I steeped for 45 seconds this time and it was very nice.

0 min, 45 sec

I liked this one too.

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drank Chocolate by English Tea Store
1375 tasting notes

thanks so much again for the teas, Dinosara! This one is good. I’ve tried a few English Tea Store teas so far, and they have all been nice! The dry leaves sure don’t smell like chocolate though. And there are flower petals in it, which seems odd for a chocolate tea. Luckily, the tea actually has a smooth sweet chocolate taste on a nice black tea base. I think Harney’s Valentine’s blend has a slight edge over this one (that Dinosara also sent me a bit of!) but I really like this one. It’s like a milky bar of chocolate!

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I should have known… hibiscus. But the other ingredients sounded so good! I only steeped this one for three minutes, but I could tell right away it would be hibiscus overload since the cup was so red. I even threw out a big piece of hibiscus before it went into the infuser. This is why I don’t understand hibiscus in tea blends… hibiscus might as well be the only ingredient because it drowns all the other fun tastes out. This isn’t terrible if you actually like hibiscus. I wouldn’t order this one from Bluebird but I should have known that with the hibiscus in it. Ah well, I appreciated the sample anyway!

3 min, 0 sec

Well, at least you know. Occasionally I don’t mind hibiscus, but I prefer free samples over paying to find out!

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Hi! I love tea and trying new ones – it adds a bit of variety to my day! Books, music, TV & movies are my thing… and tea, of course.

Some of my favorite teas:
52 Teas – zoomdweebies.com

Most of the teas listed in my cupboard are actually sample sizes. I don’t really have 2,000 ounces of tea around here! I was bored one day and found out that most of them have only one teaspoon left… maybe two. But I like keeping them in my cupboard list for reference to what I could be sipping. Usually, I write tasting notes once for each tea. I’m still drinking them, just not writing tasting notes each time!

My dislikes: hibiscus, ginger (unless in chai), charcoal type flavors

My ratings:
95-100 – Super awesome deliciousness favorites
80-95 – Also pretty delicious
65-80 – Pretty good
40-65 – Okay
1-40 – Probably won’t want to sip it again

I’m planning on being a Steepsterer as long as there IS a Steepster, so if you’re not hearing from me, that means something happened to my health… if you know what I mean. :D

Happy sipping!



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