36 Tasting Notes

drank Pumpkin Maté by DAVIDsTEA
36 tasting notes

For some reason I think it tastes like cigarette butts. Is WAY too earthy-tasting for me.

I don’t know if I hate it on the same lines as Choconut Oolong, but it’s pretty close.

I got around 50 grams of it, but I don’t want to throw it out, maybe I’ll just suck it up and finish it.

Sorry DAVIDsTEA, but I was really disappointed by this one.

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I’ll just say this right now, not overly down with this tea.
Its not bad, but there is just no ‘WOW’ factor in this for me. I do like this better than the Pumpkin Mate, but I like Pumpkin Chai and Pumpkin Patch a whole lot more than this.

I don’t taste a lot of pumpkin in this, I do get a lot of the maple taste. This is the maple taste I was missing a bit from the Maple Sugar tea from last year.

This will not be a restock for me, but that is just my opinion.

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Fall Collection 2015 Tea #4

This one isn’t bad either, but is it just me or are any of the teas this year, just not overly flavourful?
I do like this more than Forever Nuts (don’t freak out everybody, FN is just not for me), I am getting a light, creamy taste that is pretty good.

Maybe a small restock of this, like a skinny tin, but nothing to go mental for.

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Fall Collection 2015 Tea Taste #3

I always loved DAVIDsTea’s apple teas for Fall, but this one is a bit lighter on the apple when compared to the two previous years: Sweet Apple Cider and Mom’s Apple Pie (Please come back to us!).

Its not horrible, it does taste quite nice and light, but I do miss the tongue-raping apple flavor from the usual apple flavors, I even let this one steep longer than the required time.

Not sure if I want a tin of this one, but maybe a skinny tin just to have in case I want some.

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Fall Collection 2015 Taste Test #2

This was another one I wasn’t sure on when I first heard about it.
The smell of it was really good when I opened the bag and was surprised when I read ‘Apple’ as the first ingredient on the bag….really.

I tried this on its own, but wasn’t sure on the taste. It wasn’t all that strong, like the Cranberry Orange Muffin. Maybe cause I was sick with cramps or something, but didn’t notice much on the flavor.

I read on the Facebook ‘DavidsTea Fans’ group that people had tried steeping this tea in milk, so I decided to give it a try. The flavor really bursts in the milk, it’s really good in milk.

Not sure if I’m gonna get anymore, but I will definatley finish off the bag in the collection.

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My first tea taste out of the Fall 2015 Collection.

This tea smells very nice and is a pretty heavy tea, this has A LOT of cranberries in it, which isn’t bad because I do like them.
When steeped, it is a very light colour and the taste isn’t as strong as I hoped even though I did steep it for longer than what was required, it’s still nice though.
Everyone said that it smelled like an actual muffin and I am getting that VERY slightly from the dry blend, but not from the brewed.
It has hibiscus in it (I’m not a fan of too much), but I can’t really taste it, same with the cinnamon and the actual cranberries, even though they are the strongest flavours, there’s not much there.

It’s not bad, but not a restock.

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drank Black Cherry by DAVIDsTEA
36 tasting notes

Trying this first as a cold steep over 12hrs. Got 30g of this to try it out yesterday.

Not bad as a cold steep. It’s not as strong as ‘Yes, We Cran’ or ‘Cherry Snowcone’, I wouldn’t want that strong on the cherry, but a bit more of a cherry taste would be nice.

I would say that it tastes like a watered down Dr. Pepper. I’ll try it hot next time before I can give a final verdict on this one.
Maybe I can try another cold steep with a mixture of whatever I have left of ‘Yes We Cran’ and see how that turns out.

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I was really excited when heard that DAVIDsTea was coming out with a tea with dark chocolate, so I ordered a 50g bag online to try it out.

Truth be told, I don’t like it as much as my other favourite chocolate teas, Read My Lips, Chocolate Rocket and Chocolate Chili Chai. It’s not not horrible, it is just getting used to it.
I don’t think I will be ordering any more, but it is a different take on this kind of tea.

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reviewed Timolino (16 oz) by DAVIDsTEA
36 tasting notes

I now have 4 Timolinos (two 12oz and two 16oz) and I love these things.
I always amaze my co-workers everytime I bring one of them into work with the way the keep tea hot for about 6 hours.
Usually brew one in the morning and around 3-4 in the afternoon, it is drinkable. These are some of the best purchases/gifts I’ve ever received, that are tea-related.

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
36 tasting notes

My first time trying this tea, I didn’t really go for any of the summer collection last year, since I was still new to the idea of any other tea cold other than the generic ‘iced tea’.

Tried this one cold-steeped (having a lot more like this this year) and was pleasantly surprised with how it is.
Not too sweet, but I wish it had a bit of a stronger peach flavour.

I might still pick some more up as the season goes on and so forth, just in case I want some after the heat goes away.

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