17 Tasting Notes


Got this as a sample with one of my last tea orders and read some of the comments here and decided to try cold brewing for the first time.
Not sure I did it right, I boiled my water and used the bubble teapot I ordered and let it steep for a little longer than 7 minutes with the miniscule amount in the pouch.

Verdict: looks like pee, doesn’t have a strong flavor in the sample (but I’m sure once you get about 25g to a tin, you’ll get enough for a stronger flavour), but it did smell really good as an herbal tea.
Tempted to mix in some 5ive Alive with this stuff for some more flavour, it just tastes like very lightly flavoured water.

Would have given a bigger rating if there was more in the pouch and maybe if I steeped it longer.

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drank Caramel Corn by DAVIDsTEA
17 tasting notes

Got my ‘Carnival Collection’ today and since it’s crappy out, I’m spending my day trying these teas.

First up, Caramel Corn.
Not a bad smell, pretty darn good. Light color when brewed and…it tastes A LOT like Forever Nuts.
I can taste some differences, but it’s basically Forever Nuts with some new stuff added in.
Other than that, it’s a very heavy tea, you need to add quite a bit to really get some steep going on.

Not bad, but not stock-worthy for me.

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I’m gonna have to make this stuff last until next winter like my Pumpkin Chai….this is gonna be difficult.
I love how ‘creamy’ this tea tastes, I’m pretty sure it’s the candy cane pieces that are doing it, but it makes it delicious! Another black tea that isn’t strong and just enough mint to make it taste fantastic.

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reviewed Timolino (12 oz) by Teaware
17 tasting notes

The best thing I’ve ever bought from DAVIDsTEA that wasn’t tea!
It is a little pricy, but for how long it keeps your tea hot during the day is worth the price tag. I can put this sucker in my purse and not worry about having it spill all over my Kindle and wallet.
I burned my tongue something fierce the first time (Chocolate Rocket I thought you loved me!), but was shocked to find that 4-5 hours later, it was still pretty hot.

Best thing I bring in with me when I’m headed in on a 8.5 hour morning shift at work.

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I bought this late last year from Canadian Tire and it was worth the money. My old kettle was just ‘turn on and leave’, while this one I can set to the temperature that my tea tins say for the best brew.
Don’t really know how I lived without it.

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drank Spiced Fig by DAVIDsTEA
17 tasting notes

This one isn’t bad, but probably had to brew more than a spoonful to really get some flavor. At least this got the taste of the Choconut Oolong out of my mouth.
The spices in this are quite nice and make for a nice soothing taste, probably not ‘stock’ worthy, but good.

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Blech! This tea is probably the grossest I’ve ever had! I don’t really think I can finish the package!
Really disappointed in this one.

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drank Coffee Cake by DAVIDsTEA
17 tasting notes

2nd tea tasting from the 2013 Winter Collection.

Don’t know why this has such a low rating on this one, it’s not that bad.
I enjoy the smell of it and the taste of the black tea isn’t that strong, but it does smell stronger than the taste.
Might put this one in the ‘maybe’ pile for restock.

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This is my first Holiday season as a DAVIDsTea customer and decided to take advantage and get both the 2013 Holiday and Winter collections.
The first one I tried out of the Winter Collection.

This one kinda smells and tastes like Mother’s Little Helper, which is one of my favorite teas.
I did enjoy this tea, but didn’t expect the oilyness on the top. I also wish that this had a bit more of the white chocolate taste along with the minty taste.
Other than that, I did enjoy it and would consider restocking.

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This is another tea that had to grow on me. I first tried it with the starter kit and liked it, but wasn’t sure on it. I like the chocolate and raspberry taste to it.
I decided to buy some more when I wandered into a store and found a 100g tin.
I have no idea if I will ever pronounce ‘Mate’ right.
It will definitely be on my shopping list when I start to run low.

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