26 Tasting Notes

drank Hard Candy by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Picked up a pitcher pack of this online and brewed it last night.

The cherry taste is very present with the slight aftertaste of the coconut.
It’s not bad, but I don’t think it’s stock worthy in my opinion.

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Elderflower Spritz. Spring 2015 Tasting #3:

Not a fan. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s a little too ‘flowery’ for me in a tea.
The subtle flavors in it are nice, but it’s the flower (Elderflower? Peony?) that’s a little strong for my liking.

As I said, not bad, but I defiantly wouldn’t restock this one.

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This is a very nice, light tea. Not a very strong flavor, but enough to be perfect.
I think I can taste more of the apricot than the blackberry.
I don’t find it overly sweet IMO, but it tastes like a ‘curl up with a good book and cup of tea’ kind of tea.

I’m kind of hankering for a summer tea like this with, maybe peaches? Yeah, this tea with peaches.

Still not sure if this would be a restock and I’m on a second tasting on this one, maybe come to more of a decision with a third.

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drank Melon Drop by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Another heavy tea.
I read about this one on the website and loved the sounds of all these delicious fruits in it, so when I dropped by a store for some refills, I got 25g of some of the Spring teas. I decided to brew this one before heading in for an 8hr shift at work. When it was cool enough to drink in my Timolino, I was surprised. I noticed that the tea brewed a very light colour, so I didn’t know what to expect.
I took my first sip and seemed very pleased, it tastes like a Starburst…or a Skittle. I’ll have to come back to this, but it does taste like a chewy fruit candy. Probably my fav so far.

Update: I defiantly need to stock up on this tea, hopefully about 250g should suffice. Please get more stock DAVIDsTea! This is delicious as a teapop.

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drank Main Squeeze by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

This tea tastes like hot spicy orange juice. It’s pretty tasty and sometimes just what I need during the day.

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drank Pumpkin Patch by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Not really sure for a restock on this one.

Was really surprised on the garam masala in this one, but I found it too overpowering in this one. Don’t taste anything in this tea that would qualify as a “Pumpkin” tea.


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drank Snickerdoodle by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Fall Collection Tasting #3:

This one I like, just the right amount of cinnamon. It reminds me of when my mom would actually make Snickerdoodle cookies when I was a kid.
Not sure if I would want a full tin of this, but it is great enough to savour the rest of the sample.

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drank Maple Sugar by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Fall Collection Tasting #2:

Another tea that is a slight disappointment. I like the aroma of the tea, but when brewed, I couldn’t even taste the ‘maple syrup’ flavour it claims to have. I personally think it needs more maple and cinnamon flavor to make it a bit stronger.

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drank Yes We Cran by DAVIDsTEA
26 tasting notes

Number #1 of the Fall Collection tasting:

For me, this is not a restock. It’s not bad, but it is another heavy tea.
The smell is fantastic and the taste isn’t bad, but I guess I’m not that big a fan of ‘Big pieces of fruit’ teas. It’s a tad tart for me, but if it is your thing, I say go for it!

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Got this as a sample with one of my last tea orders and read some of the comments here and decided to try cold brewing for the first time.
Not sure I did it right, I boiled my water and used the bubble teapot I ordered and let it steep for a little longer than 7 minutes with the miniscule amount in the pouch.

Verdict: looks like pee, doesn’t have a strong flavor in the sample (but I’m sure once you get about 25g to a tin, you’ll get enough for a stronger flavour), but it did smell really good as an herbal tea.
Tempted to mix in some 5ive Alive with this stuff for some more flavour, it just tastes like very lightly flavoured water.

Would have given a bigger rating if there was more in the pouch and maybe if I steeped it longer.

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