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Still like this tea. It’s been AGES since I’ve last had it, but the flavor is still good. Rooibos isn’t overpowering and the apple cinnamon is blended in nicely with a creamy finish. Guess I’ll be drinking more of this!

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I think I bought a sample of this oolong a long time ago and drank half of it and saved the rest, and here we are! Another rediscovery! Anyhoo, I enjoyed a nice session with this tea today, I love how oolongs can be steeped and resteeped a bunch of times and still put out flavor. This tea is a very light oolong, with notes of orchid and butter. Reminds me of spring!

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My mom gave me a sample of this tea. It’s a great breakfast tea. Nice and strong with malty, bread-y notes and a tiny hint of fruit. I would drink it again.

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Sipdown! This was the best banana bread tea ever! Hopefully I’ll find another some day,


ugh I love it so much too…I have ONE serving left at home :(


yeah…sad face :(

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drank Oriental Beauty by Butiki Teas
746 tasting notes

Sipdown! Reorganizing my tea cupboard always causes me to rediscover teas that I’ve had for awhile. This one just had one cup left, so I drank it! It’s freezing cold here, so I needed one more tea to warm me up!

This tastes a little fruity and definitely sweet and roasty. Yum. I’ve also realized it tastes just like the tea they serve at our favorite Chinese restaurant! Probably not Butiki’s but another version. ;) It’s nice to finally be able to place it!

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I’ve had gong fu sessions with this tea twice now, and I just don’t think it’s my kinda Shou. I’m thinking the age is a factor. Age should make it better, right? Instead, it’s got this musty flavor I’m not fond of. Maybe I just don’t like aged Shou? For the second session, I thought maybe I needed to rinse it more to get the musty flavor out. Kinda helped, but not really. In later steepings, it started to get sweeter, but by then I was tired of it. I still have more to play with, so if anyone has suggestions, let me know!


I prefer the younger ones too. You could try 10/10/15/20/25 and discard all. Then start drinking after that. I can never drink more than 3 cups of the same tea. I get tired of it too. I find the pu’erh just gets better after that but I drink mostly sheng so I don’t know if it would work the same with shou.


Thanks, I’ll have to try that. I only discarded 3 rinses. That would be five!

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This was a sample from my Steepster Secret Santa. I’m not a big earl grey person, but I don’t hate it. I’ve liked earl greys where there’s another flavor added in, like H&S Paris, which, to me is a fruity vanilla earl grey.

I surprisingly really liked this one. Steeped for 3 minutes, it had a nice citrus flavor….a bit more complex than just bergamot. The black base wasn’t anything special, but it was smooth. The bergamot was not too pronounced, more mild. It reminded me of the Twinnings Lady Grey that I used to like. Pretty good as a breakfast tea, actually.

Cameron B.

I tend to prefer milder earl greys also. :)

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I think this is my favorite of the three golden black teas I have from YS. I love how it has both potato and cocoa notes and can be steeped and steeped forever, gong fu-style. I’ve been enjoying such a session this morning. I think I overleafed it though, so one of the steeps turned out astringent. Recently, I’ve been thinking I’m not putting enough leaf in for gong fu sessions and so have been upping my leaf from 5g to 6 or 7g. The sweet spot for this one seems to be 5g. Noted!

Pic of the session:


Ooh pretty! And it sounds delicious

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Love this sheng! It has a wonderful sweetness that comes on soon…like 3rd steep! I upped my leaf to 7g this time and I’m definitely feeling it! A bit tea drunk, but also a good energy that will hopefully get me going on this lazy day. I want to get some weeding done!

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drank Zhen Qu by Butiki Teas
746 tasting notes

Okay, so I like this one better brewed western style. I’ve been on a gong fu brewing kick lately, brewing all sorts of black teas that way. I did PTA that way yesterday, and although they are still good, they are better brewed western. At least I know now. It’s fun to watch the leaves open up with the flash steeps though. Zhen Qu is especially interesting, as it goes from pure fluff to actual leaves. :) I think the best blacks to brew gong fu style are the sweet potato golden tip blacks. I especially liked one of the YS golden black teas that way. This one had a nice nutty flavor with a bit of cocoa, but it really stands out more brewed western. I guess I’m done experimenting, for now! ;)

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Another profile facelift! My tastes have changed a lot from when I first discovered loose leaf tea.

I can trace my tea journey back to October 2012, when I discovered DavidsTea. Before that, I had the occasional cup and enjoyed high tea at An Afternoon to Remember, which has since closed.

I went through a period of wanting to try all the teas, and was really into flavored teas, especially dessert blacks, but my tastes have substantially changed over time.

I still enjoy the occasional flavored black or rooibos, but I’m more into unflavored black teas right now and recently, puerh. Chinese black teas are amazing…with their notes of chocolate or sweet potato, who needs a flavored tea? I had a much steeper learning curve when it came to puerh. I used to dump out cups of puerh for tasting like leather. Now, I am really enjoying them. I think it took finding good quality puerh and steeping them gong fu style to really enjoy them.

I also, on occasion, enjoy a good oolong, white, or green tea.

Favorite tea companies right now include: Mandala, Teavivre, Butiki, Golden Moon, Lupicia, and DavidsTea (for teaware mostly).

Just a note: I don’t rate my teas numerically because my iPad doesn’t like the scroll bar. Maybe someday that will change…hint hint, steepster! ;)

P.S. My profile picture is of one of my 2 cats, Holly, who is a little princess but very photogenic, and she loves boxes, including those that bring me tea! :)


San Francisco Bay Area

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