787 Tasting Notes

This was a free sample in my last order. It also happened to be on my wishlist, so kudos to WP! The aroma has that Keemun smoke, but also a molasses raisin sweetness. It tastes just like chocolate covered raisins. Seriously! It is so sweet, almost too sweet, and I didn’t add any sugar. The smoke is extremely subtle. This might be my favorite black tea from WP so far. :)

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I tried this tea a long time ago, earlier in my tea journey, and I couldn’t decide what I thought of it then. I don’t think I had a very educated palate at the time. Angel at TeaVivre offered to send me a sample, so I took her up on it. Thank you!

This time, I opted to brew it gong fu-style. It’s very creamy, and I detect notes of bread, malt, and cocoa, but they are subtle. It’s kind of like milk chocolate! I have other chocolate black teas I like more (I’m looking at you, Zhen Qu!) but it’s pretty good and would be a good one to pick up once I’m out of my beloved Butiki tea. ;)

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Do you ever have a craving for a certain flavor, but every tea you brew up misses the mark? That’s what happened today until I made this tea. This tea is so yummy! Before I made this one, I brewed up two separate green teas, thinking that was the flavor profile I wanted. Turns out, what I really wanted was a green oolong. I love oolong. Green, roasty, or other, I enjoy oolong. This one is a great oolong and I’m finally satisfied. ;)


glad you finally satisfied your craving :-) One of my favorite oolong type, that’s for sure…


Ya, I need to try more of these!

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drank North Pole Estate by Tippy's Tea
787 tasting notes

This tea smelled so yummy in the bag…like chocolate chai! When I brewed this at work with a splash of half and half and a bit of sugar, I tasted a smorgasbord of flavors. Spices…cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, but more of a baked quality, not too spicy, which is awesome! I also detected a hint of orange and overall, it was caramel and vanilla sweet. Mmmm!

At home this morning, I brewed it up with a splash of almond milk, but it turned out spicier. I think this tea does better with a stronger milk presence, and as Tippy’s has suggested, this would probably be awesome as a latte. It brings out the cookie quality. :)

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Another sample from TeaVivre. Thanks, Angel! I was curious to see what this one would taste like, having a similar name to the super fruity nonpareil yunnan dian hong ancient wild tree that I enjoyed so much. The dry leaf is dark and twisty. The brewed tea tastes malty with a bit of cherry and stone fruit, especially after several infusions. Overall, it’s an excellent tea, but I think I like ancient wild tree best.

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Angel at TeaVivre provided this sample. Thank you! I steeped it for 2 minutes. Teavivre recommends 9 minutes, but it got so dark so fast, I was worried! Turns out, I didn’t need to be.

In the first steep, I detected the usual earth notes, but also some caramel and cocoa and a bit of freshness from citrus or wood. There’s not much, if any, fermentation funk. It’s pretty clean tasting.

I decided to go full throttle on the second steep and brew it for 9 minutes to see how dark it would get. It got to pretty much the same level of darkness as the first steep and the flavor level was similar and still clean tasting.

This teabag is super convenient. I usually drink puerh gong fu-style, so it’s one I reserve to drink at home, rather than at work. Since this is a teabag and the tea seems pretty fool-proof, I could definitely bring it to work, which is a plus! This could totally be a daily drinker.

Also, it pairs really well with a piece of dark chocolate :)


I have yet to find something that dark chocolate doesn’t enhance :)


Lol @gmathis!


How true!

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drank Early Bird by Tippy's Tea
787 tasting notes

I got this tea because I liked Midday Flight and I wanted to try a bit of lapsang. You can definitely smell it, but it’s not overpowering in the taste. It’s like a subtle wood smoke flavor and aroma. I like it. Good with milk and sugar. You notice the lapsang the most, but it’s not harsh. It’s a different kind of smoke than I get from a Keemun…it’s sweeter and it fills up your whole mouth, if you know what I mean. It would be a good tea to introduce someone to lapsang.

The experience of drinking this tea for the first time stuck with me all day. It’s pretty cool that I was finally able to enjoy a tea with lapsang in it. My tea journey has come far! I might even have some tomorrow morning! Now I’m wondering what a full blown lapsang would taste like. Hmmm, may have to explore that. ;)


The next step up is def Lumberjack. I really like how much more LS is in that blend!


Oh, I’ll have to try that one! :)


Just to let you know, there is less than a gram of LS per 25g of our Early Bird tea. Yet the flavour is still there. The LS we use is rather awesomely smoky. Our Lumberjack tea on the other hand is around one fifth LS per 25 g, so much more smoke.


Thanks, Tippy’s! So, that’s like 5 times more LS! Still, a good next step before going with straight LS. :) I like the idea of a gradual transition!


You’re very welcome! I can’t remember if you got it or not but “The People’s Tea” that we sell, a take on the traditional Russian caravan tea, has LS as well, but in smaller amounts than the Lumberjack tea..


Good to know! Thanks!

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I had to have all the mushroom teas the minute WP put them out. So unique! This one is completely different from Mirkwood. The minute you open the packet, you smell the super sweet aroma of the dry leaf. I love the look of the dry leaf with the little pieces of mushroom in it!


That sweetness translates into a sweet maple flavor, with notes of malt and wood. I gongfu-steeped this and the flavor transforms from this super sweet maple note into more of the notes of the base tea coming through. The tea tastes more fruity, with notes of cherry and plums.

This tea is ridiculously sweet…no need to sweeten, for sure! Absolutely delicious and unique!


Sounds crazy! I’ll have to try it eventually :)

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Okay all, Mirkwood is finally in my tea cupboard! Woo! I’ve wanted some ever since the teaplets went on and on and on about it! ;)

The dry leaf is pretty cool. Lots of dried morels in there. Smells good.


I brewed it up gong fu-style because that’s how I like my shou. Right away, I could tell this was going to be more savory, like soup. It tastes slightly salty, like a broth. You can still taste the earthiness of the puerh but the broth flavor blends in over the top. I also noticed spicy notes that appear at the end of the sip. The liquor is smooth and clear with absolutely no funk. The texture/mouthfeel of the tea includes a mushroom creaminess, or slime, whatever you want to call it! In a good way! Ha!

I looked up morels, as I’ve never had one, and supposedly they have a nutty taste. I can see that.

Overall, this is like drinking a super refined and deliciously smooth and clear mushroom broth, but better. It’s really good. Really freaking good.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

hopefully i’ll be able to get some in my cupboard soon :)


I love the Mirk!!

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Brought some of this tea with me to the office today and it was AWESOME! I got notes of cocoa, bread, malt, and that fresh taste from the Darjeeling! I think Stephanie is right that, even though I have 4.4 ounces, it probably won’t last long! I’ve also decided I love it at 2 minutes steep. I tried their recommended 4 minutes and I think the malt takes over and you lose some of the complexity. 2 minutes is perfect. :)

Pic of the leaf: https://www.flickr.com/photos/97273956@N03/15728744884/


It was great for me @3 min


I love Darjeeling in black blends apparently. Pretty sure it’s why the Black Lotus is my fave


boychik – I’ll try it at 3 minutes just for kicks!

Stephanie – never tried the black lotus…that was a Butiki tea, huh?


Black Lotus is amazing. Still hoard some. Time to let go maybe


She might have a few of the blending kits left- it’s the three teas that make up black lotus with mixing recipe each in a tin inside a wooden box…I really shouldn’t but I want it.


This tea sounds great! I’m looking for a good strong black tea or two. The Tiger Assam from A&D sounds very good also!

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Another profile facelift! My tastes have changed a lot from when I first discovered loose leaf tea.

I can trace my tea journey back to October 2012, when I discovered DavidsTea. Before that, I had the occasional cup and enjoyed high tea at An Afternoon to Remember, which has since closed.

I went through a period of wanting to try all the teas, and was really into flavored teas, especially dessert blacks, but my tastes have substantially changed over time.

I still enjoy the occasional flavored black or rooibos, but I’m more into unflavored black teas right now and recently, puerh. Chinese black teas are amazing…with their notes of chocolate or sweet potato, who needs a flavored tea? I had a much steeper learning curve when it came to puerh. I used to dump out cups of puerh for tasting like leather. Now, I am really enjoying them. I think it took finding good quality puerh and steeping them gong fu style to really enjoy them.

I also, on occasion, enjoy a good oolong, white, or green tea.

Favorite tea companies right now include: Mandala, Teavivre, Butiki, Golden Moon, Lupicia, and DavidsTea (for teaware mostly).

Just a note: I don’t rate my teas numerically because my iPad doesn’t like the scroll bar. Maybe someday that will change…hint hint, steepster! ;)

P.S. My profile picture is of one of my 2 cats, Holly, who is a little princess but very photogenic, and she loves boxes, including those that bring me tea! :)


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