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drank coconut chai by Chado
536 tasting notes

I was excited to try a number of distinctly different chai’s, but I’m not sure Chado’s chai’s are working out for me. This chai wasn’t bad. It definitely tastes like coconut, but the other spices are kinda flat. I couldn’t really detect individual spices, because they all seemed to fall in the same level. The black tea base isn’t as smooth as I’d like either. I thought that maybe next time honey might help the flavor a bit…will try that.

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drank Chocolate Chai by Chado Tea Room
536 tasting notes

This chai reminded me a lot of DavidsTea’s coffee chai, but it had too many high note spices. There was one large chocolate chip in the teaspoon and a half I steeped, but it probably needed more in order to have more chocolate flavor. I think the high note spice must have been the ginger, or maybe the green cardamom. Is there a difference between green and other cardamom? Not sure if I’ve noticed that distinction before. Anyway, it was not well-rounded enough for me and I would have liked more chocolate flavor. Not terrible, but not great. It had such promise…oh well.

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drank Phoenix by Chado
536 tasting notes

This tea does not taste like the description. Talk about false advertising! I should have known it when I opened the bag, because it smelled fruity..not at all caramel or vanilla. It tasted fruity and a bit floral too. Anyanka posted that it tasted like a floral honey, and I definitely get that. Maybe a fruity floral honey. I also got the sediment she talked about. Pretty unpleasant to have sediment in your last couple of sips. Overall, this was a disappointment, because some people raved about this tea on the yelp page for this tea house. It makes me wonder if it got cross-contaminated somehow with another tea. At least their samples sizes are pretty cheap for how much you get!


Ha, I’d just logged back in and this popped up. It smells weird, doesn’t it? No caramel or vanilla at all. I’m tossing the rest of mine, I opened it yesterday and realized I didn’t want it ever again. I’m a little worried that Chado, being a tea house more than a tea supplier, is going to be disappointing.


Ya, not sure if I’d drink it again. At least we didn’t spend a lot on the samples! I still have a bunch to try, so we’ll see.

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drank Rooibos Butterscotch by Chado
536 tasting notes

We have been running around a lot on our week off, so I haven’t had much time for steepster, but I wanted to let you know I tried this one last night. It definitely smelled and tasted like rooibos, so for those of you that are sensitive to that, it’s probably not for you. I guess the butterscotch was in the aftertaste. I have not had a lot of butterscotch, although I do remember my mom using butterscotch chips to make haystack cookies, so I wasn’t sure if this tasted exactly like butterscotch. To me, it was like toffee…kind of buttery and sweet. For some reason the taste lingered on my teeth! Weird! Anyway, not bad. I’ll have to have some more to figure out what I really think about it.


Rooibos goes really well with ice creamy flavors. Butterscotch would be great!

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So, we took this week off for our anniversary, and we did a day trip to Carmel and Monterey yesterday. I was a little sad to be away from all my teas, but we stopped in at a little place in Carmel for breakfast, who are known for their famous french toast, and I had some of this tea. The French toast was amazing…battered and fried like a funnel cake and served with homemade cinnamon maple syrup! Yum! I had some fresh fruit to help offset the heaviness.

I asked for tea and she brought out a basket piled high with mostly Numi tea bags. I decided to try the chocolate puerh, and it was pretty good! Does anyone know if they sell this tea loose leaf? The teabag, though, would be great to take on travel. Anyway, the tea reminded me of the bready quality puerh in sTEAp shoppe’s cinnamon swirl bread tea. Very nice, with added chocolate flavor. Not bad when you’re away from the stash!!

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drank Jardin Sauvage by Lupicia
536 tasting notes

It is sooooo hot today! We were out running errands for awhile and took a nice walk, but it is really hot. Came home to chores, and needed something refreshing. I have not yet gotten into making iced tea at home, but my husband only likes it that way, so I’ve been making him this tea iced. It has mango, and I figured that was right up his alley, and it was! I make a bunch and so he keeps a large pitcher of it in the fridge, but he forgets it’s there, so today, I stole some! Ha! It is really delicious iced! Of course, we add a little sweetener too, but it’s not too sweet, and you get this subtle mango with a very refreshing base! Just what I needed!


I misread this at first and thought it said “sausage”…ICK! LOL

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Had a terrible night sleep last night. Woke up at 2am to my husband coughing…he definitely sounded sick and was complaining of pain in his shoulder (he seems to be better this morning though). I then couldn’t go back to sleep for about 2 hours. I felt like I wanted to get up and my stomach felt like it needed food! At 2am?!! I read for a bit, and that helped me get back to sleep. Good thing I don’t have work today!! We are thankfully taking this week off for our anniversary :)

Needless to say I needed some good solid tea this morning! In the absence of blueberry cream cheese danish, which, if I had any, would have been perfect this morning, I had this tea. I know people complain about the lack of flavoring in this tea, but I really like it. It was perfect today with some soy milk and sugar and paired nicely with my blueberry jam toast. Nice solid black with a hint of blackberry. I feel lots better now.


Happy anniversary! That’s awesome you guys are taking the week off! I hope you have some fun stuff planned!


Thanks TastyBrew! Except my husband still keeps working today. We are just taking day trips, but hopefully, that’ll keep him away from work! Planning on heading down to Monterey/Carmel one day and doing some museum stuff in SF another, and maybe hiking at Pt. Reyes. :)

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drank Anxi Tie Guan Yin by Butiki Teas
536 tasting notes

This tea is REALLY DELICIOUS! Thank you for the sample, Stacy! I get the peach, honey and orchid notes. I recognize the orchid, since I’ve had the vanilla orchid tea from DavidsTea, which btw, I love, and this is like that, but peachy instead! It has a super creamy mouthfeel! Yum yum! I think we have another winner! Yippee!! Time for another steeping!


Ok… I’ll add it to my list… :)


You won’t regret it! :)

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Thank you to Stacy for this sample! I was excited to try another tea with the same base as my favorite maple pecan oolong. I could definitely taste the base here. I also get some citrus and spice, but they are pretty subtle. It smells delicious. I made sure to take a good whiff every time I sipped. It’s good, but overall, I would have liked a little more flavor here.

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drank Starry Night by Art of Tea
536 tasting notes

Thanks TastyBrew, for this surprise sample! This tea is a really nice vanilla black. The little white stars are super cute! I didn’t get that feeling, like OMG, I must have more of this tea, but it was good, and it gets props for cute-ness! ;)

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I thought my profile needed a facelift, so here we go:

My obsession with tea really started around October 2012 when I discovered DavidsTea. Before that, I had the occasional cup and enjoyed going out to afternoon tea with my mom. I was really into An Afternoon to Remember’s creme brulee tea, since they had an afternoon tea place at that time, which has since closed…so sad and I haven’t found a good replacement.

So, I kinda went nuts when I discovered both DavidsTea and Lupicia in the SF mall, and I still frequent them, though my tastes have substantially changed over time from wanting to try all the teas to being a bit more particular.

Once I discovered steepster, literally by looking up reviews of a DavidsTea tea, I was hooked! So many tea companies I never heard of and everything sounding so delicious!

I found I still love dessert teas, like flavored black teas, but I also really enjoy oolong (both green and roasted). I occasionally enjoy flavored rooibos and white teas. I’ve had a rough time with puerh, and still think it tastes like leather. Recently, after having some really amazing teas from Teavivre, I can now say I love unflavored Chinese black teas and green teas.

Favorite tea companies right now include: Teavivre, Golden Moon, Butiki, Lupicia, and DavidsTea.

Just a note: I don’t rate my teas numerically because my iPad doesn’t like the scroll bar. Maybe someday that will change…hint hint, steepster! ;)

P.S. My profile picture is of one of my 2 cats, Holly, who is a little princess but very photogenic, and she loves boxes, including those that bring me tea! :)


San Francisco Bay Area

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