798 Tasting Notes

drank Sinharaja by Golden Moon Tea
798 tasting notes

This may be my favorite unflavored black tea. It’s so freaking delicious! I made some at work with microwaved water and it was still delicious! It tastes like a smooth malty berry tea. I see another order from Golden Moon in my near future; however I’ve got to get through some of my massive cupboard of tea first! I really want to try their keemum! Oh the temptation!


This is the one that tastes kind of like molasses, too, isn’t it?


Yep! Delicious!!


“I really want to try their keemum! Oh the temptation!”
Did you know it’s on sale 25% off now? :-)
Offer ends April 10, 2014


Since you enjoy Keemun, please stop by:


I know, I saw the sale, but I’ve bought too much tea lately! ;)

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drank Coconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
798 tasting notes

I ran over to DavidsTea during lunch today so I could pick up the new teal mason jar with straw. I’m so excited to use it for iced matcha lattes once my matcha from Red Leaf gets here (expected on Saturday!) It’s nice and big, so the ice will fit nicely. One of the reasons I was so excited to get this is the lid with straw, since I found out recently that matcha is hard to get out of clothes…I spilled on my 10k run shirt when the ice rushed back at me. :( Yes, such a klutz! This new cup should prevent that! Yay!

Okay, so they re-released this tea and messed with the formulation a bit by adding lemongrass. I saw a lot of complaints online about that change, but thought I would check it out myself. You see, when I had this tea last year, I thought the coconut flavor was overpowering when hot, but very much enjoyed it iced! Iced, the tea was much better balanced. So, I asked for an iced cup of this tea, and the saleswoman asked if I wanted it in the mason jar that I was clearly going to buy, and that’s what I did! Honestly, I kind of like the lemongrass, and that’s coming from someone who’s not a fan of lemon. It brightens up this tea, but doesn’t completely change the delicious creamy coconut flavor. The tea looked pretty funny in the mason jar….kinda yellow-blue, and a coworker of mine suggested it looked like “alien juice.” Lol! It will be interesting to see what the green matcha latte looks like in the jar!


Sounds delicious!


this makes me excited to try it!

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drank Mom's Apple Pie by DAVIDsTEA
798 tasting notes

Felt like something cozy since it was raining all day and I’ve been freezing!!! I thought it might be weird to have this tea at this time of year, but it was perfect and delicious! I also made some cookies while drinking it. :)

Now it’s sunny out! Must be magic tea!


Pie is never out of season!

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drank Chocolate Delight by Tealux
798 tasting notes

I almost was going to pair a piece of chocolate with this tea, but decided that would take away from the chocolate-y goodness of this tea. I haven’t enjoyed this one in a while, but it’s still my favorite chocolate tea by far. It just has that rich, almost chewy chocolate flavor. I wonder if it’s the barley. Anyhoo, it’s delicious! I was thinking about taking advantage of the 20% off sale and restocking, but I’ve been kinda bad lately, so I’ll hold off for now. ;)

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Made probably my last iced latte with this sample. I’ll probably mix the remainder with one of the flavors I ordered. I bet that would be delicious! I’m so impatiently waiting my matcha order. The USPS tracking keeps saying “pre-shipping.” So hard to wait, especially now that my cheesecake sample is done! I wonder what next month’s sample will be!

New obsession alert! And it won’t even take more room in my cupboard because I’ll keep it in the fridge! Wheeeeeee!


haha…i keep mine in the fridge too! which i didn’t do with matcha prior to ordering from Red Leaf. their Cheesecake sample was great! i enjoyed it. i had also ordered a large Caramel along with the sample since it had been on sale & i figured why not.

i placed my 2nd order with them a while ago & am eagerly awaiting it. matcha seems to finish itself so quickly, jeez!


What did you order in your second order? I got caramel and strawberries & cream. :)


that’s too funny. i placed an order for the Starbucks matcha latte the 2nd time around.

my mom is curious about matcha and ended up ordering the strawberries & cream. i also convinced her to add the special offer Caramel (at 80% off) & the Royal Matcha.

i’ll probably end up pilfering most of it ;)


Nice! ;)

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drank Granny's Cake by RiverTea
798 tasting notes

Another sipdown! This one didn’t last long…it was definitely my favorite tea from my first RiverTea order. Spicy and sweet, it was extremely satisfying. This one will likely be included in any future order. :)

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Wow, these monthly samples are quite generous. I think I’ve had 5 iced lattes, and there’s still a bunch more in there! I think I’ll be keeping a lookout each month for the next flavor. :)

Anyhoo, I still think this isn’t quite cheesecake-flavored to me, but it’s got a buttery goodness to it. I went ahead and ordered two matchas and two tins this morning!!! Aaah! The madness! I hope I like them!! I waited a couple of days to see if the deal of the day would end up being one I wanted, but they just have too many flavors, so that was going to take forever, and I want it now! I ordered the caramel and strawberries & cream matchas. So excited!! :D

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drank Honey Pear by Golden Moon Tea
798 tasting notes

Sipdown on the sample! And it didn’t quite make a second 12 oz. cup, so I added some French breakfast in there, which turned out to be an excellent idea because I think I tasted more honey this time. This is definitely a delicious pear tea, dessert-y and not too floral. If I were to order more pear tea, this one would be it!

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Enjoying a big fat mug of this tea. It’s been so long since I’ve had it! It just wasn’t a flavor I was drawn to during the colder months, but now that it’s warming up, it’s hitting the spot! Next time I will ice this! Can’t wait!!

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Sipdown! This is always a yummy tea, but gotta make room for my new matcha obsession! ;)


Haha matcha obsession. :P

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Another profile facelift! My tastes have changed a lot from when I first discovered loose leaf tea.

I can trace my tea journey back to October 2012, when I discovered DavidsTea. Before that, I had the occasional cup and enjoyed high tea at An Afternoon to Remember, which has since closed.

I went through a period of wanting to try all the teas, and was really into flavored teas, especially dessert blacks, but my tastes have substantially changed over time.

I still enjoy the occasional flavored black or rooibos, but I’m more into unflavored black teas right now and recently, puerh. Chinese black teas are amazing…with their notes of chocolate or sweet potato, who needs a flavored tea? I had a much steeper learning curve when it came to puerh. I used to dump out cups of puerh for tasting like leather. Now, I am really enjoying them. I think it took finding good quality puerh and steeping them gong fu style to really enjoy them.

I also, on occasion, enjoy a good oolong, white, or green tea.

Favorite tea companies right now include: Mandala, Teavivre, Butiki, Golden Moon, Lupicia, and DavidsTea (for teaware mostly).

Just a note: I don’t rate my teas numerically because my iPad doesn’t like the scroll bar. Maybe someday that will change…hint hint, steepster! ;)

P.S. My profile picture is of one of my 2 cats, Holly, who is a little princess but very photogenic, and she loves boxes, including those that bring me tea! :)


San Francisco Bay Area

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