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drank Shangri-La Oolong by Nepal Tea
84 tasting notes

The more I drank this the more I appreciated it. Oolongs can be a bit too “toasty” for my taste but this had more of a subtle toasted flavor that I could appreciate. As someone else said, it’s not an every day tea but it’s one I’d like to have on hand.

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This was my first Vietnamese tea & I loved it. It’s a lovely everyday tea.

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My package says this is from Autumn 2018. Feeling a little intimidated by all the love for this tea but it didn’t do it for me. I mean, yeah, I made this while at work so it didn’t get the love it maybe needs. And while I knew one of the teas I bought could go through multiple steepings, I could never remember which it was (it was this one). But regardless of all that, it was too dirty for me. Not earthy, but dirty.

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This is probably a decent tea but it was too earthy for me to buy again.

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A decent tea but a little too earthy for me.

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I really wish I had read the ingredient list before buying this tea. Chicory and stevia are things that should never be added to tea. I’m not sure what this smells like but it isn’t anything like pumpkin. It might be spicy but I think that’s more the chicory. It doesn’t taste much better. It really dries out my mouth and just tastes like ick. I’ll be putting this on the communal tea shelf at work and hope I don’t have nightmares about this horrible stuff.

Edited to say this: I originally made this with milk & sugar. Second cup with nothing added. It’s better but not much. I’d like to try this as an iced tea latte but don’t think it can handle milk.


I agree this is BARFY

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I don’t know what this smells like. No, I do but it keeps changing. Sometimes it strawberry, others it’s pineapple. From the same cup. It has a sort of fruity flavor. But mostly it’s bitter. I may have over-steeped it, though. That sometimes happens at work. Probably not something I’d drink again.

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Pah on milk and sugar! I’ve rediscovered this tea after running out of Darjeeling. I actually quite like it this time around. I’m still not quite certain what it is that is just beyond my reach in aroma. This has turned out to be a tea I can ‘oversteep’ for a little bit and it doesn’t negatively impact the flavor of the tea too much.

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drank Cherry Marzipan by Tea Forte
84 tasting notes

This tea smells heavenly dry. Like cherry. No icky green tea smell. Not too overpoweringly sweet, but just s little sweet. It retains it’s sweet cherry smell while steeping and the almond is more pronounced. It almost has a chocolate aroma. Upon first sip, this might be the most cherry cherry tea I’ve had. However, it’s now degenerated into something flavored that I can’t quite identify. More than a little disappointing.

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I love tea. Some say I’m obsessed.

I don’t drink green tea and I don’t like iced tea. I also drink my tea naked with the exception of Earl Grey which gets just a bit of milk (not cream) and sugar.

I’m open to swapping tea! :-)


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