2914 Tasting Notes

I’m so happy & grateful to see Steepster functioning again! I was pretty busy yesterday, playing a wedding with the trio (which went beautifully, I might add). I tried to post this tea in the morning before I left the house, I tried to post in the early evening upon my return. I started a big batch of cultured green beans with fresh dill heads & garlic (photos will probably show up on my FB later), strained a huge crockpot of chicken stock & froze it in single servings, picked a bunch of lemon cucumbers, most of which I’ll start as cultured pickles tomorrow, & I drank more teas: Hattialli Golden Lion (sipdown) & Khongea Golden Tippy, each separately, to fully appreciate them as 2 of the components of this tea. I already loved them both, but in this blend, they complete each other. Still no Steepster…by the evening I was in full Steepster withdrawal mode.

Usually I’m disappointed with Irish brekkies, they rarely seem to deliver what I’m looking for: a bold but sweet & full, well balanced, eye opening cup. I want a nice deep base note, a malty rich middle, & a high end that is bright but not too shrill. This Irish Breakfast is wonderful, IMO, & it delivers! Stacy picked the perfect combo of teas, in just the right amounts, & it’s as if I requested this as a custom brew, because its just what I needed.

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I hosted an all afternoon rehearsal. It was a trio: Harp, Bass/Cello, & Flute. We’re doing a wedding together tomorrow, & when I initially booked the gig & they asked for a trio, I figured they’d want a bunch of classical stuff, right? When I met with the Bride, her Mom, & her Aunt, I was somewhat surprised at their selections:
Autumn, 1st movement (Vivaldi 4 seasons)
Time After Time (Cindy Lauper)
Fields of Gold (Sting)
The Swan (From the Carnival of Animals, Saint Saens. Cello & Harp duet)
Come Away with me (Nora Jones)
Canon in D (Pachelbel)
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach, seating of moms)
Air (Handel, entrance of Bridesmaids)
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (entrance of Bride)
My Hope is built on Nothing less (accompany entire congregation to sing)
Right Here Waiting (Richard Marx, for Unity Candle)
I’m Yours (Jason Mraz, Recessional)
Ho Hey!! Final Song!!

So I offered Tea. The bass player drank a cup of Kai Matcha. I drank Premium Taiwanese Assam. The Flute player didn’t want any. The rehearsal was really fun, a nice mix of tunes (most of which I already play, but not usually with a trio).

My final tea of the day was a sample from Verdant that was part of the rewards private reserve collection of teas they sent out when you earned enough points. Nou Gui Xiang Dancong. The early steepings were very incense like. Then it became sweet, almost like peaches or apricot. Now it is kind of limey, or maybe kind of lime peel like.
This is my only sipdown of the day, leaving me with 338 teas left in my collection!


Eclectic! Like the mix.


Lol! I love Ho Hey!! I’m not surprised the flute player didn’t want any…probably didn’t want to blow tea residual into their flute, although, if it were me, I would’ve had some at the end of rehearsal! ;)


Yay for Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.


That’s a fantastic song mix. Love Jason Mraz :D


I love your job!!

Terri HarpLady

I love my job too! :D


The Lumineers on harp? Please record this and post it somewhere. I can’t imagine.


What a fun set! That’s going to be a memorable wedding!

Terri HarpLady

At the end of the wedding, after the recessional, while we’re playing the Lumineers tune the bride & groom are going to come back in & dismiss each row of guests. We’re all hoping that people will join in by saying, “Ho……..Hey”. I could happen! LOL! Anyway, yeah, it will be a fun mix!

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This is kind of a sipdown, but not really because I have another order of it arriving later today, thanks to Stacy’s Birthday order Bash!
We all love this, so what else can I say?

BTW, my son Leif drank Adagio’s Oriental Spice, which I stole a sip of, so I’m checking it off on the list of teas as having been drank (not a sipdown though). My goal is for all teas to be drank at least once a month, by either myself, a family member, or a guest! I never quite achieve it, but it is the goal! :D

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drank Black Manas by Teajo Teas
2914 tasting notes

One more cup of tea from Sil, & then I have to go practice! I’m hosting a rehearsal at 1:00, & need to brush up on a few things before the other musicians arrive.

I’m having trouble identifying flavors & aromas today, probably due to allergies. Oh wait, now I’m getting something, lol. The aroma of this is like a bowl of cream of wheat with a spoonful of some kind of fruity preserves. First I was thinking apricot, but now I’m thinking orange marmalade. The flavor…a little bit bitter, like the peel of that orange marmalade again, but otherwise fruity & even a little bit of a brown sugar on oatmeal taste. Very different, but worthy of sampling.
Thanks Sil!

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Another tea sent to me from Sil.

I’ve kind of wanted to try this one for awhile, but then I always request different samples instead, or just let Stacy surprise me, & that’s always fun. (Speaking of Stacy…I have a Butiki order that is suppose to arrive today! Yeah!)

So…I do love grapefruit, & I enjoy a good Dragonwell too. This definitely showcases both. Unsweetened it’s got the entire tangy tart mouth of a sweet white grapefruit, & I’m sure that if I added a little sweetening it would turn into an even sweeter pink grapefruit, or maybe even a ruby. Today I’m drinking it plain, & it is very refreshing! The Dragonwell is a gentle one, slightly salty, & not a lot of green flavor.
I probably don’t love this enough to buy it, but it’s an interesting & pleasant change of pace, so one never knows! :)


this is an occasional tea for me. Not because i don’t love it (best grapefruit tea i’ve found) but just because it IS so much like grapefruit…and it’s green heh so there’s that

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This tea came to me from Sil, who got it from Cavocorax. Thanks girls. I drank a cup of this while teaching, & although it was ok, it’s not really memorable. Although I enjoy green tea & black tea, I don’t generally want them mixed together. I feel like it throws off the steeping parameters. The exception to this is Bilbo Brew, but I think even that one would benefit from switching the vanilla green to a vanilla black or vanilla Oolong. Anyway, this isn’t terrible, & at some point I’d probably enjoy trying some of Murchie’s other teas.


i picked up 1-2 from murchie’s i’ll share with you. they’re a decent enough tea in a milk and sugar kinda way

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I’m starting the morning with a tea from Sil.
This is a gentle Assam, with long twisted leaves like an Oolong. The flavor & aroma is fruity & sweet, with an undertone of toast maybe? If the more robust Assams were bold & studly guys, with one would be more like a strong but somewhat refined Chic. It’s not as bold of a brew, but the flavor is rich & I really like these Sun Moon Lake teas.
By the way, the packaging on these teas is absolutely beautiful! If you want to see the pic of the box Sil sent me, here it is:
The tea I’m drinking now is in the wrapper with purple on it.


i have to get through these soon…making myself drink older teas first. Looking forward to seeing how this one is different from lot 154 or whatever the other number we have is

Terri HarpLady

LOL! One of them is fruitier, but they were both nice!


did i tell you i need to sipdown 8-9 teas (if i don’t count the stuff that’s incoming to me) every week if i’m going to make it to 150 by November 1st lol

Terri HarpLady

OK, sorry, maybe that was a little too much laughing…You just made me think of all our schemes to make our tea collections more manageable. :D
Really, this is a manageable plan. It’s just 1 – 2 sipdowns a day. You can do that! I actually managed 4 yesterday, although I’m not sure that any will happen today. Sometimes if I want to sip something down, I’ll pull out the big teapot, use the tea up, drink a cup or 2 & try to get the boys to drink some, offer it to students, etc, then refrigerate the rest to drink cold. I haven’t done that lately, but maybe I should!


1-2 a day is only doable if i have little bits of tea to finish. work has been hard to find time to have “extra” teas. but yes…we are a pair of silly fools :)

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Another Sipdown, this one is from my Cavocorax Collection.
I think previously I added stevia to this one, but tonight I drank it plain, & it was delicious. Thanks again, Cavo.
My end of the day total is 339 teas in the house!

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drank Phoenix Pearl by Zen Tea
2914 tasting notes

Thanks to Cavocorax for this generous sample of tea!
Initially I was surprised, because I was expecting marble sized pearls, like the red & black dragon pearls from other companies that I’ve tried.
As it turns out, this is more like Adagio’s Yunnan Noir or Mandala’s Morning Sun. The pearls are each individual leaves, twirled into a small pearl shape. (Cavo, when you finally get my package, you’ll understand my momentary confusion).

Anyway, this is a very tasty tea! Malty with a light cocoa sweetness. I’m glad to say that there is enough in the bag for probably 2 more cups at least! Thanks Cavo, you rock!


Glad you liked it. Also, I’m excited to see what you mean – maybe I don’t even know what real pearls are like? :O


LOL well they’re these round things…


not sire these kind would stand up to the tooth scratching test though ;-)

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Hmmmmm….am I the only member of the Verdant Reserve TOMC?
Somebody else write a review, please!

This is one of the selections for July, which I’m just now getting around to trying. I concluded awhile back that although I enjoy all oolongs, even the floral ones, my favorites are without a doubt the roasted Wuyi varieties. There is just something very sensual about them. I love them so much that I recently got a Yixing just for them.

However, this Wuyi is not roasted, so I’m steeping it in my blue lotus porcelain pot, which is a teeny tiny bit bigger than my yixing, but still tiny & adorable. More & more I find myself wanting to drink certain kinds of teas from specific vessels. It just seems to enhance the whole experience (or maybe it’s just my obsessive compulsive nature?).

So…the dry leaf is twisted & lovely & long, like the roasted wuyis that I swoon over, but the coloring is lighter, without the deep reds & blacks that roasted leaves have. The aroma is a gently sweet & floral incense.

The tea brews to a lovely honey colored cup. It’s sweet, with layers of flavors: honey, some kind of greens (I want to say edible chrysanthemums, but I’ve never actually eaten them), & there is a floral taste & aroma that rise into the sinuses like a fine incense. That’s one of the things I love about Wuyi’s…that incense-like sensation. At first it freaked me out a little, but now I love it.

I’ve been sipping cup after cup of this, while cutting & filing my nails in preparation to practice for a few hours. I have no idea how many cups I’ve drank…maybe 6? The taste is still sweet, not as floral, & my tongue is tingling as if I were drinking a lightly peach flavored sparkling mineral water, making me think of a really fresh & pure artesian spring, bubbling up through the rocky earth, somewhere in the Wuyi Mountains. Now I want to go there, to sit & drink from this spring & just breath. I think I’m tea-drunk, LOL.


Haha, I am still getting them but I haven’t been able to get around to them lately! I think this one will be on the docket for this weekend.

Terri HarpLady

Final note: I stepped out back, wandered around my garden, picked a few perfectly ripe peaches from Ellie (my peach tree, named after my Great Dane who passed from this world 4 years ago). The peaches aren’t always pretty, & you have to sometimes carve around some funky spots, but the reward is SO worth it. There is nothing like a homegrown tree ripened peach! The final cup of this tea, after eating the peaches, is mineral with an bit of a cooked grain like taste.


My memory is shot! I had company too which threw me off. Now I’ll have to go back and see what I’ve logged and what’s missing. Hate when I do that!

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I’m so excited to have found this community! I’m a self-employed Harpist (acoustic & electric – Originals, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc) & Singer/Songwriter. My days & nights revolve around teaching at home, playing gigs, gardening,& fixing awesome food to eat. My schedule is different everyday, but I just go with the flow, & I sip a lot of tea!

My love of Tea began with Herbals back in the 70’s. One of my favorites was a licorice blend from House of Hezekiah, an old tea shop in Kansas City. There was also a tea with mint, rose petals, chamomile, etc called Nuclear Casual Tea.
In the 80’s I gave up caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, (& a few illicit substances…), and brewed medicinal blends & tinctures to support 4 pregnancies (all children born at home). In the 90’s my love affair with green teas began when I discovered ‘The Republic of Tea’. Their beautiful teas & packaging inspired my original song, “TeaMind”, from my CD “Zen Breakfast”. If you’d like to hear the song for free, drop by my website.

In general, I drink my teas straight, but occasionally I add a pinch of Stevia & maybe some coconut or almond milk (I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, & various other things & avoid most sweets.)

I’ve explored a variety of teas:
Whites tend to be a little bland…sorry
Oolongs – wonderfully sensual
Roobios – I’m not a fan in general
Puehr – a fairly new direction for me
I’m not a huge fan of flavored teas, but I do make exceptions, & I’ll try just about anything once.

And Black Tea, Oh how I love thee!!
I am on a quest for the most wonderful breakfast cup! I will find you, my Love!


St. Louis, MO



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