3091 Tasting Notes

Another sipdown brought to you by NofarS.
This is actually a pretty good cup of tea, especially considering that it’s suppose to be a blend of darjeeling & ceylon teas. It’s a little bright & floral, with a slightly metallic edge, bringing to mind the image of an old family teapot made of silver, polished on the outside, but tarnished on the inside with layers of patina from an endless number of steepings. As it cools, the astringency sets in…

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Back to Little Terri’s Sipdown Extravaganza! Week 2, Day 3 (since I skipped yesterday).
It felt good yesterday to slip into a full day of Gongfu sessions, but today I’m ready to get back to sampling ALL the TEas!
Admittedly, I’m not the biggest Darjeeling fan. This one is a on the floral, citrus, & somewhat astringent end of things. It’s not all that appealing to me, but I think I also overleafed it a bit, which only makes matters worse. This sipdown was brought to you by NofarS. Thanks!

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This was my third & final tea of the day. It seems strange to have only drank 3 teas today, but they were all Gongfu sessions, & all 3 teas lasted & lasted & lasted!

Today the short steeps weren’t really doing this tea justice for some reason, even after 2 rinses (that I actually dumped out for once). After a few steeps, I remembered that I had planned to try this one using the xingyang parameters this time, but I didn’t do that. So maybe I’ll continue my “Master Han’s Tea Tour” tomorrow, try this again western style, & continue on sampling whatever else I have from the Jedi Master of Teas. Or maybe I’ll wake up & want to do something entirely different.

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I spent most of the day either teaching or making pickles. I had 2 crocks to divide into jars & put in the laboratory: that’s the frig in my basement, where I store all of my fermented food experiments. Right now there are jars of cocktail onions, dilly garlicky green beans, xmas kraut, root kimchi, & 4 different batches of cukes. All are cultured in salt water. We’ve eaten all but one jar of the first batch of cukes, & there are 3 Qts of each of the others. I started 3 new batches today, so we’re getting a nice supply going!

Anyway, sorry to get off topic! In continuing with my “Master Han’s Sampler Day”, I drank multiple steepings of his Sheng. It’s a very smooth & savory tea, and also not as intense as most younger shengs.
I didn’t keep any notes, but I’ve reviewed it before & it is a pleasure to drink.


Your posts always make me hungry! :-)

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I took a break from Little Terri’s Sipdown Extravaganza today.
Instead I dedicated the day to Master Han’s teas. I don’t know why. It just seemed like the thing to do. I steeped them Gongfu style, starting with this one. In the true spirit of generosity, I packed my little blue lotus teapot about half full with tea, & spent most of the morning drinking back to back short steepings. The first few were a little intense, almost like a sheng in a way, but then they mellowed. This is a complex tea that just keeps giving, steep after steep. It’s a completely different profile from the chocolatey malty Verdant teas that I love the most, but still very enjoyable in a more savory way.
I initially set out to compare the 2012 version to the 2013. But then I decided not to bother, because that would require me to open the 2013 before I’ve finished off the 2012. No rush. Anyway, this tea has good energy & was a good start to my day.


agreed, really not a malty note in it. more a heavy, dark winter fruit underscoring a very simple black.

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drank Lao Cong Zi Ya by Norbu Tea
3091 tasting notes

Another sipdown from NofarS. This is a very lovely tea with a fruitiness that reminds me of the Sun Moon Lake teas Sil & I bought awhile back.

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I’m claiming a triple sipdown on this entry.
First off, I finally made tea eggs, using the last of the Happy Lucky’s Lapsang, plus the last of the Lapsang from the London Tea Room. Drew & I split one, & he thought it just tasted like a boiled to him. Of course, there is much more to the flavor than that, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about them, to be honest. They look cool though!

The third sipdown is for this Nilgiri, thanks to NofarS.
I’m enjoying it as an after lunch tea. It’s a little on the bright & edgy side for me today, but not a bad cup, & will be followed by a shower, as I have a new student coming in about an hour. I don’t want them to realize what a slob I am until they’ve had a chance to get to know & love me first! :)


I don’t like them plain either, but with other things like fish, not bad. (Smoked eggs) At least you tried. I think the Chinese way is to soak them way longer!!!

Terri HarpLady

I ate 2 for brunch, along with a few olives, some of my fermented dilly green beans, & tea. I sprinkled the eggs with sichuan pepper & a little salt. Not bad. Probably not something I’ll make again as deviled eggs are way better! But it was worth a try, right? I might turn the rest of them into some kind of egg salad & try to pawn it off on the boys, LOL. I combined a couple of recipes I found online that required an initial boiling of the eggs, then cracking the shells, then a 2 hour simmer in a mix of the tea, orange peel, cinnamon stick, star anise, sichuan & black peppercorns, & tamari. I think that’s everything. They might be good topped with a little homemade mayo spiked with sriracha… hmmm….

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Another Sipdown from NofarS box of goodies!
A decent little shu, leaning more to the dark & earthy side, but no off flavors. I enjoyed this earlier today. :)

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Third sipdown of the day, thanks to NofarS for this generous sample!
I’m not a huge fan of milk oolong, although I don’t mind a cup from time to time, and it makes for a nice contrast after something bold like an Assam, & a nice segue to the more roasty oolongs that I love, or another bold black.
This one is pleasant enough. The initial sips were lightly floral & just “ok”, but near the end of the first cup, the flavors built up a little more to the taste of powdered milk & a tongue thickening sensation. The 2nd steep starts out with a stronger floral essence & vegetation, & I’m getting a bit of a perfumy sensation, but I think that’s because I oversteeped this cup.

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I’m so excited to have found this community! I’m a self-employed Harpist (acoustic & electric – Originals, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc) & Singer/Songwriter. My days & nights revolve around teaching at home, playing gigs, gardening,& fixing awesome food to eat. My schedule is different everyday, but I just go with the flow, & I sip a lot of tea!

My love of Tea began with Herbals back in the 70’s. One of my favorites was a licorice blend from House of Hezekiah, an old tea shop in Kansas City. There was also a tea with mint, rose petals, chamomile, etc called Nuclear Casual Tea.
In the 80’s I gave up caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, (& a few illicit substances…), and brewed medicinal blends & tinctures to support 4 pregnancies (all children born at home). In the 90’s my love affair with green teas began when I discovered ‘The Republic of Tea’. Their beautiful teas & packaging inspired my original song, “TeaMind”, from my CD “Zen Breakfast”. If you’d like to hear the song for free, drop by my website.

In general, I drink my teas straight, but occasionally I add a pinch of Stevia & maybe some coconut or almond milk (I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, & various other things & avoid most sweets.)

I’ve explored a variety of teas:
Whites tend to be a little bland…sorry
Oolongs – wonderfully sensual
Roobios – I’m not a fan in general
Puehr – a fairly new direction for me
I’m not a huge fan of flavored teas, but I do make exceptions, & I’ll try just about anything once.

And Black Tea, Oh how I love thee!!
I am on a quest for the most wonderful breakfast cup! I will find you, my Love!


St. Louis, MO



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