3071 Tasting Notes

drank Gooey Butter Cake by 52teas
3071 tasting notes

Actually, I didn’t drink the last cup, it was my son, Drew, but I told him I’d post it.

For those who don’t know, Gooey Butter Cake was invented in St. Louis in the 1930s when a local baker accidentally used the wrong butter (the gooey butter instead of the deep butter). Because it was around the depression, they sold it anyway, & people loved it so much that they started making it all of the time.

In St. Louis, you can get gooey butter cake almost anywhere, but it’s not something I’ve eaten, due to my intolerances to dairy, gluten, & sugar. The only other ingredient it contains is eggs!

So I can’t say for sure if this tea tastes like the real deal, but it was an interesting tea, with a nice lemony essence to it.


Mmmm. Both the cake and the tea sound good!

Josie Jade

Oh I love gooey butter cake. My fiancee has a friend who always makes a gooey butter cake for him since he’s from St. Louis. This may just be my favorite thing about St. Louis, haha!

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Today I played for tea at a nursing home that I’ve played at monthly for years (I’m not sure how long, but it’s been at least 12 years). Every month I play there. Residents come & go. My current favorite is a gentlemen who loves my arrangement of ‘Misty’. I play it for him every time, & he knows it’s for him. We always give each other the nod. He told one of the employees there that him & I “know each other. We have a special understanding.”

I always bring tea with me, as the tea they offer is plain & bland. Today I was in the mood for this one. I don’t drink St. Valentine often, but when I do, I make it strong & sweet. It’s awesome! Very heady with it’s rose aroma, very potent. It’s almost Valentine’s day!

I like to play a lot of latin jazz, which the residents seem to really enjoy, and as I was playing ‘How Insensitive’ today, I thought of 2 gals that are no longer in my audience. They used to sit at the nearest table, and once when I was playing that song, they sat there with dreamy expressions on their faces, lips parted, eyes half closed. One gal turned to the other.
“This music makes me feel SO sexy,” she said.
“Ohhhhhh yeah” her friend agreed, her voice smokey & sultry.

I love my job! I can help two 90 year old ladies re-live the sexiness of their youth, just by playing a song. How awesome is that?


I wish I could like this note more than once. How beautiful!


Wonderful note, thanks Terri. :)


I love this. :D Thanks for sharing. (I meant your story, but… also, thanks for the tea too!)

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
3071 tasting notes

The other bubble bath tea! Unsweetened, of course! This tea stands alone!


I’m all out! Have to save up for more! Indespensable tea, and the bubble bath…well…when I’m writing I get cold after 3 or 4 hours, and a bath sounds really good. More writing to do first though. Just made some more tea.

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It’s bubble bath time! I wanted something sweet & exotic. I wanted Bergamot Rose Laoshan black. But I only have enough of that for one more time (on the verge of sobbing), & I want that last time to be extra special, so I’m saving it.

I confess: this chocolate chai initially disappointed me. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I followed the instructions, & it was ok…I’ve tried it steeped strong & blended with hot coconut milk, I tried it with almond milk. The problem all along was that I had a preconceived notion of what it would taste like.

As in all things, acceptance is the key. I steep 1 T in a mug for 3 minutes, add stevia, & enjoy.


I only like this with can milk and HONEY (it’s the honey that does it I think like the ginger sage winter thingy mix).

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drank Milk Oolong by Mandala Tea
3071 tasting notes

This is a free sample that I got from Garret when I ordered some of his wonderful Puers! Thanks Garret! There’s been a discussion on the quality of customer service & the personal treatment we get from some of the tea companies, & Garret is definitely one of the people on the top of that list, in my mind. I’ve only ordered from him once (so far), but I can tell that he’s good people. One of the things I love about Steepster is all of the good people, sippers & sellers alike.

I’m not a huge oolong fan. I admit it. I was at one time, & a cup here or there is delightful, but then it seems to become redundant. I know that sounds crazy, but that’s the way I roll! I’ve avoided milk oolong, because apparently some companies actually spike it with milk (?), or so I’ve been told. Since I’m allergic, when in doubt, don’t drink the water (or the tea)!

Of course, this tea is pure tea. Dry, it smells wonderful! Like a sweet flan. I warmed the leaf in my preheated Gaiwan, & the aroma blossomed into flan with flambeed brown sugar & toasted coconut on top. There was also a bright fruity aroma that I just couldn’t pinpoint.

Did I drink the 10 second rinse? Well, hell yeah! It tasted like movie theater butter popcorn with a light Mango brightness. Nice!
The wet leaf smells of that buttery sugary flan, with pureed mango drizzle. I can’t believe how sugary sweet this tea smells, both wet & dry.

Over the next several steepings the movie theater popcorn gave way to floral greens, a thick throat feel, & a delightful tingle on the tip of my tongue. I have a lot of houseplant, on all 3 floors, so for the last hour or so, I’ve been alternating between watering plants & drinking cups of tea. I watered everything in the sun room (there are pink flowers!), then sat for a few cups & relaxed. Then it was the rest of the downstairs plants, a few more cups of tea, etc. During that time a coconut flavor has emerged, the butterness is back, but in the back of my throat, lingering. The tingliness & thickness has embodied more of my tongue. It’s all very nice.

Will I buy this tea? Probably not. The quality is wonderful, & it is tasty, & although I like the novelty of an excellent oolong here & there, I wouldn’t want to drink it every day.


Mandala Milk Oolong goes right on my shopping list.
So true about Garret.
Great teas, great personal shopping experience – what’s not to like?


I’m looking forward to the first time i get to order from Garret with all the great things people have said about him!


awww…. you are all so sweet! This thread just changed my day for the better! We are here meeting all day about our new shop, bogged down in details and then I read this and once again, the hard work is all made so very worth it. Thank you all so much! Let me know if there is anything I can help with!!


I want some! :)


Garret, you are good peoples! I love our little email conversations.

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It took awhile to get out of bed. I laid there with my ipad, half asleep, reading & commenting on Steepster reviews. Tuesday is officially my day off, at least from students (although I do have a gig later today). Of course, it’s not really a day off, as I have desk work to do, music to practice, etc, but it’s nice to sleep in a bit & laze around. Besides my bed is SO comfy, it felt good to just lay there for awhile. The only thing that would have made it better was a hot cup of tea. My room is on the 3rd floor, so by the time I made it down to the kitchen, there was no point going back to bed. I drank my tea in the sunroom.

My first cup of the day was this wonderful Keemun. The dry leaf is SO fragrant! The tea itself is so smooth & flavorful. My formula:
1 T + 12 oz (195 F) X 2 minutes = Yeah, baby!
The re-steep was for 3 minutes & it was every bit as delicious.

Sitting here in the sun, my houseplants have reminded me that I forgot to water them yesterday & they are also hungry. There is work to do, even on my day off.


sounds like a lovely lazy morning to me…

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Sometimes you just gotta have some sheng!

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I spent a lot of time sipping tea today while my students came & went, but I didn’t write anything down, so this will be the first of my feeble attempts at commenting on teas that I drank hours ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed this puer! It doesn’t really taste like vanilla, but for some reason it reminded me of vanilla wafers. :)

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Sunday Sample Sipdown #5

It’s been awhile since I drank this, & this is the last of the 5 tuochas that came in this sample. Although it isn’t as tasty as some of the Shu’s I have, it is still a nicely pleasant & grounding brew, with a creamy feeling of vanilla, and the mild sweetness & a little bit of graininess of an oatmeal cookie or muffin. It’s not malty, more of a cereal or quickbread kind of taste.

I’ve been drinking flavored teas sweetened with stevia, & this is a welcome change. This is the kind of tea I prefer overall, what I always come back to. Something bold, rich, & earthy.

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Sunday Sample Sipdown #4 (? I think this is the 4th of the day).

This is another sample from Rachel. Thanks!
Tony & I are sitting around, watching episodes of the X files, waiting for the superbowl.

I have to admit, I’m not a real fan of this tea. It does have an interesting flavor, but it kind of burns my throat a little.

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I’m so excited to have found this community! I’m a self-employed Harpist (acoustic & electric – Originals, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc) & Singer/Songwriter. My days & nights revolve around teaching at home, playing gigs, gardening,& fixing awesome food to eat. My schedule is different everyday, but I just go with the flow, & I sip a lot of tea!

My love of Tea began with Herbals back in the 70’s. One of my favorites was a licorice blend from House of Hezekiah, an old tea shop in Kansas City. There was also a tea with mint, rose petals, chamomile, etc called Nuclear Casual Tea.
In the 80’s I gave up caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, (& a few illicit substances…), and brewed medicinal blends & tinctures to support 4 pregnancies (all children born at home). In the 90’s my love affair with green teas began when I discovered ‘The Republic of Tea’. Their beautiful teas & packaging inspired my original song, “TeaMind”, from my CD “Zen Breakfast”. If you’d like to hear the song for free, drop by my website.

In general, I drink my teas straight, but occasionally I add a pinch of Stevia & maybe some coconut or almond milk (I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, & various other things & avoid most sweets.)

I’ve explored a variety of teas:
Whites tend to be a little bland…sorry
Oolongs – wonderfully sensual
Roobios – I’m not a fan in general
Puehr – a fairly new direction for me
I’m not a huge fan of flavored teas, but I do make exceptions, & I’ll try just about anything once.

And Black Tea, Oh how I love thee!!
I am on a quest for the most wonderful breakfast cup! I will find you, my Love!


St. Louis, MO



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