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Tony & I are in the middle of season 7 on our continued quest to watch the entire 9 seasons of Supernatural. I wanted something a little sweet, & this is hitting the spot nicely.


I wasn’t a huge fan of season 7. It was still very good but just not my favorite when compared to other seasons.


I hope you are enjoying it though and I am glad you are having a pleasant cup of tea while you watch. I have some of this so maybe I should give it a try.

Terri HarpLady

A lot of changes this season, that’s for sure.


There is a lot of focus on the leviathan story line. I know each season they tend to have an overarching theme but in the earlier seasons they would work a new case each episode and the theme was more subtly incorporated. I found season 7 was a bit more like a drama in the sense that they brought that to the forefront and focuses a little less on all the other stuff.

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, there’s that, plus the loss of some of my favorite people (although I suspect they will be back…no response needed on that topic, LOL).

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These handy little flowers have become my go-to tea to carry in my purse. I can bring them with me to a restaurant, drop a few in my cup, let them steep & fish them out with a fork when my tea is strong enough. I don’t need a strainer, because they are tidy, with the leaves all tied together in the classic flower formation. The resulting cup is malty, smooth, & sweet. And they resteep nicely too. :)


They look adorable! Shopping list. Sigh.


Shopping list squared.

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I enjoyed several steepings of this one while I was practicing this afternoon. I have loved this blend since it was conceived, and although this blend isn’t quite the same, it’s still pretty good.

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I shared a pot of this with a student a little while ago. I would say, without a doubt, that this is one of my favorite dessert teas from Ms. Stacy! So delicious!

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The third offering from the March TOMC, & what an amazing contrast to the other 2, but then, we knew that, right?

I’ve enjoyed all the teas I’ve had from the Xingyang workshop, & this one is no exception, although my favorite was the golden leaf ‘98, which I’m hoarding. I really need some people in St. Louis to get into this kind of tea drinking, so that I’ll have somebody to share awesome teas with, as in actually hooking up & drinking amazing teas together…it would be so much fun…sigh…

So after the intensity of the other 2 teas, this one was a welcome sweet & mellow dessert. Caramel, sandalwood, & a rich thick mouth make this a lovely tea to end my long afternoon of short steepings.

To be honest, I drank way too much tea this afternoon, & on a normal day I’d just go with one tea at a time, but in the spirit of the TOMC experiments, it was a fun afternoon!

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Continuing my tea comparison between this & the Sheng…

Both teas shared a few features, mainly their savory qualities, & a tangy mouth, which reminded me of red grape peels.
This tea was sweeter from the start, with a malty quality as well, & a smoother feel. The first couple of steeps of this tea can be rather tangy & edgy, but a creamy sweet texture developed.
Both teas also have that ‘thick’ kind of feeling, & after awhile I needed a break!

This is an experiment I won’t repeat, as I enjoy each of these teas alone, but trying to move back & forth between them proved to be a little too intense in the Chaqi department, as they are both potent there, & the flavors muddled each other a bit. Still it was kind of fun to try!

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I’ve been working my way through the various TOMC teas I have, & today I decided to drink the teas from March: Qianjiazhai Old Growth ‘12 sheng, Master Han’s Wild picked Yunnan, & Golden Buds Shu.
Because this & the Wild picked yunnan are both from the same forest, both processed by Master Han (who I consider the Jedi master of Tea), I attempted to drink them side by side, using the suggested gongfu parameters, for comparison & contrast purposes.

So this is a young sheng, & definitely still maintains a greenness & wild edginess, & having tried really fresh olive oil, & I can see the reference there. The flavors are mainly savory & tangy, although later steepings mellowed out somewhat.

In retrospect, I’m not sure that was such a good idea, as both teas are fairly intense! Oh well!

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I can’t believe I’m just getting around to sampling this! It is tasty, & although I don’t have extensive notes to share yet, it’s nice & bold, & probably my favorite darjeeling to date.

Tea Sipper

Yeah, I have a sample of this I haven’t tried yet either, from months ago.. Soon soon.

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ok…so I just went on the Verdant website, to remind myself of the brewing parameters for this tea, since it’s been awhile since I had a cup, & now I’m in trouble…I want to place an order!! They have a Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong!! I want it! I’m a spoiled brat! I want ALL the Teas!

Anyway, this is a lovely & pristine little tea here, fragrant & so clean tasting. It’s perfect for this moment, because it’s snowing!! It’s just pretty perfect snowflakes falling, on & off, & will not amount to anything significant, but perfect for drinking a cup of this, a major contrast to the other teas I’ve drank so far today, & this really is aromatherapy in a cup. If you like Jasmine, which I do!


Don’t look, but their Dark Roast 10 Year Aged Tieguanyin is going up for sale in a few minutes. Don’t blame me, I said not to look :b

Terri HarpLady

I thought they were sold out on that?

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I’m still getting a fruity jam, with dark chocolate, & a hint of leafhoppers’ coriander. The mouthfeel is VERY thick with the chocolate sensation, & the tea is tasty & sweet!

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I’m so excited to have found this community! I’m a self-employed Harpist (acoustic & electric – Originals, Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc) & Singer/Songwriter. My days & nights revolve around teaching at home, playing gigs, gardening,& fixing awesome food to eat. My schedule is different everyday, but I just go with the flow, & I sip a lot of tea!

My love of Tea began with Herbals back in the 70’s. One of my favorites was a licorice blend from House of Hezekiah, an old tea shop in Kansas City. There was also a tea with mint, rose petals, chamomile, etc called Nuclear Casual Tea.
In the 80’s I gave up caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, (& a few illicit substances…), and brewed medicinal blends & tinctures to support 4 pregnancies (all children born at home). In the 90’s my love affair with green teas began when I discovered ‘The Republic of Tea’. Their beautiful teas & packaging inspired my original song, “TeaMind”, from my CD “Zen Breakfast”. If you’d like to hear the song for free, drop by my website.

In general, I drink my teas straight, but occasionally I add a pinch of Stevia & maybe some coconut or almond milk (I’m allergic to dairy, gluten, & various other things & avoid most sweets.)

I’ve explored a variety of teas:
Whites tend to be a little bland…sorry
Oolongs – wonderfully sensual
Roobios – I’m not a fan in general
Puehr – a fairly new direction for me
I’m not a huge fan of flavored teas, but I do make exceptions, & I’ll try just about anything once.

And Black Tea, Oh how I love thee!!
I am on a quest for the most wonderful breakfast cup! I will find you, my Love!


St. Louis, MO



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