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Not sure if it’s the slightly plugged nose that I have or the fact I only steeped this up for 2mins, but I’m not getting much flavour from this one. I think I really should have steeped it up longer… Maybe three? But I didn’t keep the teabag I made so I can’t go back and steep anymore… sigh I’ll have to try again.

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drank Coconut Green by CitizenTea
529 tasting notes

This is delicious! Wow. I steeped this one up with 1tsp of leaves to 12oz of 75C water. And only steeped for 2mins as I don’t like my green teas to be super strong/overdone.

The base is nice and light and not overpowering. I love the coconut in it. It’s so nice and creamy and smooth. The most predominate flavour for me is the coconut, but I could see how the white chocolate is adding to the sweetness. I’m not sure if I’m getting much of the nuttiness. Maybe a little bit? But it’s mostly just the coconut. Either way, this tea is amazing. It really is like dessert in a cup. I am definitely getting more in my next order! I could see this making a fantastic iced tea too. I really love this one.
It honestly would be a great replacement for Coconut Grove from Davidstea for me, which is saying a lot because of how much I love that tea and the fact it was a white and this is a green.

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drank Amaretto Cherry by CitizenTea
529 tasting notes

I really like the black base of this one. It’s mild and not overpowering. This one has lovely cherry and almond flavour to it. It isn’t overly sweet, which is nice. This one lets the flavours come through without overwhelming in sweetness. And it has a nice balance of cherry and almond. I’m not finding one to overpower the other.
I really think this would make a great latte. I think that will be my next thing to try!


I ordered a sampler of this one. SO looking forward to it. After your review I’m really excited!


Yeah I was very surprised by this one in some ways. It was a bit weird at first that something amaretto wasn’t super sweet, but once I got past that, I was in love.


I had it long ago. But my tastes have changed so I hope it still works for me. Agreed about the lack of sweetness being odd, I remember thinking that way back when it was under teaopia!

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I haven’t had a spearmint/peppermint tea in years. I use to drink only peppermint teas and now I drink none. My, how times have changed since those days…

Either way, I’m pregnant and uncomfortable and so ready to be done being pregnant, so I grabbed this one as a comfort tea tonight. It’s perfect for what I needed. I’m starting to feel less… just everything… And it’s warming me up perfectly too because it’s gross out.
Wow, I’m just a grump aren’t I? Sorry… I’m hoping things will get better in the next few days. I’m stressed. I’m at the point in my pregnancy, to the day, that I went into labour with baby #1. If I follow suit this time, then by tomorrow morning I would have baby #2… So I’m stressed baby might come, but also really wanting it to happen… I don’t know. Anyways, I guess we’ll see what happens.

Thank you tea for making me feel better.


Good luck with the delivery!

I’m totally the same with mint teas. Once I get my cupboard # down a bit (especially with herbals) I’m gunna pick up some sort of mint based tea.

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Another review of this one. I have decided I’m so over this one. I loved it at one time, but I think I’ve just had so much that I’m sick of it now. Which, does kind of mark me as funny because how is this tea different than any other regular caffeinated one? Well, I feel this one isn’t as rich and doesn’t have as much flavour profile or character to it. I really want this one to be so much more than it is, but to me it’s just a very boring tea right now to me… oh well…

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Sip down the other day.

Usually with a Metropolitan tea, I only steep for 3 minutes, but this one needs at least 3.5mins or 4 minutes.
This isn’t a bad tea, but it’s not my favourite. I prefer the Decaff Irish breakfast that Metro offers.

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drank Caramel Corn by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

I love this tea. I made this one as a hot latte here at home. So yummy. Sweet and delicious :)

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Long time, no Steepster! I have been MIA lately, but every so often I come on and read a few reviews because why not?
This one has made its way back into my cupboard after a sip down quite a long time ago. I have it back in there because I’m pregnant with baby #2! Munchkin #1 is just over 1.5years old, and baby #2 is currently at 22 weeks, due date is Christmas Day! haha

Anyways, after an hour drive to pick up a final piece of the bed for munchkin’s big boy bed and the hour drive back and putting munchkin to bed late because of how it just worked out, it was time for a cup of hot tea, even though it’s like 9:15pm. I just needed something hot and comforting and this one totally hit the spot. Milk and sugar and a 3.5min steep. Yum. And tonight I’m going to be early because I’ve been up late the last few nights and it’s starting to catch up with me.


Good to see you! Little ones have a funny way of eating into your online time, don’t they?


haha so true!

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drank Sweet Apple Cider by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

This lovely tea isn’t going to last long! I am starting to inhale it! It’s so yummy iced in my new iced tea travel press! I love this thing. Like so much!

Anyways, I’m loving this one as an iced tea. It’s already sweet enough on its own so nothing added to this one. The rest of my tin won’t last long now…


Have you ever cold-steeped it? I have a random bag hanging out in my collection, and I still haven’t tried it.


Haven’t tried the cold-steeping on this one yet. I could see that being pretty good though

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I love this tea so much. I do wish there was a bit more black tea in this one as I feel there really isn’t much there, but I do love this one. I love the combo of the nuts and creaminess to it. This tea is just so yummy. I do love it as a latte too. :)


I really wanted to love this tea, but there are just way too many apples for me. So sad.

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Updated Dec. 14/16
I’m a 30-something-year-old aspiring writer. I’ve written several short stories that I’m looking to get published someday soon.

I work as a paginator (I do page layout for our local weekly newspaper) and absolutely love it! I’m also an amateur photographer.
I’m the proud mommy of two sweet little boys! One born Feb. 3/15. He showed up 4.5 weeks early, but thankfully after a week in the hospital he’s great now. :)
The second one came just Monday evening at only 2 weeks early so he’s healthy and perfect!
Life just got so much more busy and crazy but I’m so excited.
I’m married to an absolute amazing man who “puts up” with my tea obsession.

It wasn’t until a few years after high school that I finally became interested in tea. I started with Orange Pekoe double double (milk not cream), and peppermint. Since that time, I’ve really opened up to other kinds of tea and I’ve well… I’ve kind of just went nuts since then.

I don’t drink much bagged tea anymore. It’s mostly loose leaf in my cupboard. The only except are a couple that were given to me and they sound too good!

I would have to say my favourite kinds are (in no particular order): black, herbal, white and rooibos (definitely prefer the green to red, but will drink the red too).

Green teas, pu’erh, and matcha are starting to grow on me but I’m very picky about them still. I am finding I like pu’erh tea cakes much better than loose. And with matcha I much prefer flavoured ones over straight.

I still don’t really care for mate teas but there a couple that are the exception to that.

I drink tea every single day. I absolutely love it. I can’t image my life without it.

I don’t log every time I drink a tea as I don’t want to spam everyone with tons of duplicate loggings, but I will log when I have a new tea, which happens on a regular basis and when I do a SIPDOWN! :D


Ontario, Canada

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