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247 Tasting Notes

reviewed ingenuiTEA by Adagio Teas
247 tasting notes

This is the first tea master/steeper I bought. I found it at a small store here in town and had to try it out ‘cause a friend of mine told me about it, and I was so interested to try it out.
This thing is amazing! I don’t know how I lived my tea life without it. This lets the tea leaves fully expand so you get the full flavour of the tea. Also, it’s beautiful to watch the tea steep. I love it. I have a total of three steepers and I love them. I will always have them in my house.

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Dry: Smells really good. I like it.
Taste: Milk and sugar added as usual. I wish I had tried it beforehand though. I think I might have over done it with the milk and sugar.
I’m gonna try it again without all the added stuff.

I will admit though too. I’m starting to realize that I don’t care all that much for fruit-flavoured black teas. I’ve got another strawberry flavoured black tea, and although it is good, I don’t really go for it that often. I’m drawn to the caramel, chocolate, nutty, etc type of black teas.

I’ll rate this one another time.

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drank Mango Diablo by DAVIDsTEA
247 tasting notes

Now that is a spicy meat-a-ball, er, I mean tea.
Dry, the mango smells so good. I couldn’t wait to jump in.
Steeped: I found the mango to be very weak, but I need to mention that I didn’t use as much leaves as they suggest. I very rarely do. I always find using the amount they say makes it too strong for me. This time I wonder if I should have done the amount that they suggested. At the same time, the kick of the chilis is unreal. It is definitely a spicy tea, which I’m not use to at all.
I do like this tea. It’s quite nice. It would have to be one of those ones that I reach for when I need something different and something to give me a kick.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I think this would be a sipping tea for me. I usually tend to drink my teas quite quickly, but this one is definitely something to sip on. I think I should only make 8oz of this at a time… not the usual 16oz.

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Tim Hortons
247 tasting notes

I use to refuse anything pumpkin. I wouldn’t have pumpkin pie, cookies, desserts of any kind really… So, when a (now former) coworker that I couldn’t stand told me that if I love tea, I had to try this, I didn’t want to and didn’t want to believe that she knew anything about me whatsoever. Somehow she convinced me to try this one. I didn’t want to, but I did. She got me this tea, double double with cream. I never drink tea with cream. EVER.
But this tea was amazing. She finally got something right.
Since that time, I’ve been on a pumpkin tea kick that hasn’t really stopped. And for that, I’m happy ‘cause it’s delicious. I’m still not a fan of pumpkin desserts, but the tea I’ll drink religiously.

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drank Orange Pekoe by Tim Hortons
247 tasting notes

I get this one when I need a quick pick-me-up and I don’t have time to make my own. I also get it when travelling. It’s a simple tea, but delicious.
I always get it two milk, one sugar, bag in. One milk never seems to be enough when I leave the bag in. It gets strong quick. And I don’t know about others here, but all the Tims around my area always seem to do really big amounts of sugar. One is sometimes too much. Meh, It’s still good. I still enjoy it.

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
247 tasting notes

I finally tried this one even though I bought this a while ago. I ordered 100g of this on the good faith that I would love it, like I love cake.
I was not disappointed. The rooibos is the perfect match for this tea. It is a sweet and almost creamy tea. It has a pretty strong vanilla flavour, or almost like a maple flavour. I can see this being a vanilla cake/icing mix. It definitely would curb any cravings that I have. I think I will have to keep a little of this one on hand for those days that all I want is a sweet treat.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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drank Checkmate by DAVIDsTEA
247 tasting notes

Apparently I haven’t reviewed this one yet??!?!
This tea is amazing! I love the name of it. It sounds cool.
The tea itself… the smell is devine. I close my eyes and take a deep breath in and just devour the smell of it every time I open up my tin. It is amazing. It smells sweet and creamy and just all over lovely.
Taste: I always add milk and sugar to this one. It makes it a sweet creamy cup of heaven. I always resteep my tea leaves too ‘cause it’s so good. Even when steeped a little longer than recommended it tastes amazing. I find too, that only sometimes do I get a chocolate taste to this one. Normally I get more of a caramel taste. Either way though, this is soooo good.
I’ve tried this one once without milk (we ran out and I didn’t realize before I brewed this one) and it was still very good. It was sweet and creamy on its own even.
I still add milk to it even though it tastes good without. There’s just something about black tea with milk in it that screams tea heaven to me.
I’m almost out of this one unfortunately… I’m rationing it until the summer collection comes out, then I’ll add it to my order. :)

UPDATE: Apparently I have reviewed it, I just didn’t realize it. :)

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Strawberry by The Tea Haus
247 tasting notes

Finally tried this one this morning. It’s a sweet fruity tea that is just nice and quite subtle but also very delicious. It has an almost sweet, creamy strawberry flavour to it.
I could see this one working well iced.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Such a simple, unassuming tea, but very delicious.
I’ve been drinking orange pekoe for years, and it wasn’t until I tried a loose-leaf OP that I finally realized what it was suppose to taste like. I found this one to not be too heavy, as long as you don’t oversteep it. And it has the simple but lovely taste of an OP.
I bought 100g of this, so I should be set for a bit with it.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank English Caramel by The Tea Haus
247 tasting notes

This tea was a bit of a surprise to me.
About four of us went ahead this past weekend and placed our first order with The Tea Haus. I have never tried their teas before but was dying to. The prices alone made me feel like I needed to try it.
The smell of this one is DEVINE! It smelt good enough to eat. It was sweet and creamy smelling. Even my husband wanted to try it, so I made a large steeper full of it and steeped it for the three minutes they recommend.
He wasn’t a huge fan of it; said it smelt better than it tasted (which in some ways I understand). But I’m also the type that adds the milk and sugar to my tea, (Just skim milk, nothing too heavy) so to me it tasted wonderful. I felt it was kinda similar to Check Mate from DavidsTea. Only difference is Check Mate is a bit more subtle then this one. But this one is so delicious! I think I may have to order more of it. It is amazing.

I’m very excited about my new find of The Tea Haus. I think I’m going to have a lot of happy ordering happening in the future with them. And too, since it’s not too far from home, I may have to pop in there when I’m in town.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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My love of tea didn’t start until a few years after highschool, when a friend of mine made me an Orange Pekoe tea with milk and sugar. It was like drinking sweet nectar from heaven. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

Since then, I’ve branched out to embrace different flavours and kinds of tea.

There’s no question in my mind that loose leaf tea is the way to go. Absolutely NOTHING compares to it. I do have the odd bagged tea but I definitely prefer loose.

I would have to say, my favourite kinds are (in no particular order): black, herbal and rooibos (definitely prefer the green to red, but will drink the red too).

White and green teas I find tricky. I’ve definitely started to love them, but I have to be careful I don’t overdue it and that I don’t oversteep.

I drink tea every single day. I absolutely love it. I can’t image my life without it.

I don’t log every time I drink a tea as I don’t want to spam everyone with tons of duplicate loggings, but I will log when I have a new tea, which happens on a regular basis and when I do a SIPDOWN! :D

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