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I gotta say, tea is such a wonderful thing. Every day it’s something different, even when you think it’s not going to be. And it’s amazing that sometimes all it takes for it to be different is for the water temp to be too high or too low, or if you let it steep a few mins longer or shorter… This world of tea is really something you can experiment with and never get bored.

And even when you think you might be getting bored, mix it up!

Hate that one kind of tea? Try different flavours or mix them together.
Try different amounts of sweetner or no sweetners.
Try that rooibos with milk! Try it straight up!
Try that black tea with honey! Try it with lemon! Try it in sipping cups instead of a mug!
Try a tea variety that you’ve never had before like white tea or pu’erh, or Oolong!
Try a plain tea instead of a crazy flavour, or vis versa.

Tea is really an expression of yourself, I’m finding. And depending on what tea you grab, can really share your mood and feelings about things.

I am constantly asked what teas I have that are good. What is the definition of good? I think all my teas are good in one way or another. And I know that my teas don’t appeal to everyone either. But, I know what I like, and I try to figure out what others like to help them along the way… which is another reason that I love giving friends samples of my teas.

Anyway, I should really get onto the tea!

Steeped this one for 2.5mins today. I’m finding it a lot more subtle and delicious. I almost wonder if I should stick with the shorter steep time for this one so it doesn’t turn bitter and it stays yummy!
I definitely recommend this one. It’s a very nice black tea with a flavour that isn’t too subtle. It’s lets you know that it’s there. It doesn’t get lost when you add things to it either. Very good!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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drank Dark Chocolate Chai by Tetley
369 tasting notes

Another one that work has. I didn’t taste the chocolate at all. If anything it tasted more like the Vanilla bean chai than it did chocolate. Wasn’t impressed by this one at all.


I get that all the time!!! A “chocolate” tea that tastes like vanilla! uncool :/


lol it really is!

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drank Vanilla Bean Chai by Tetley
369 tasting notes

I don’t drink bagged tea anymore… and for a reason. The quality isn’t there, the flavour isn’t there, and I always end up disappointed. I’ll drink it when I’m out and about or if I’m at work, where I don’t want to leave any of my good loose-leaf, but that’s about it.

But, that being said, this tea isn’t terrible. The vanilla flavour is the main flavour. I add milk and sugar and it makes it like a sweet, creamy tea. The only thing is, the chai flavour is almost not even there. I can pick up the smallest amount of it, but it’s really not much worth even mentioning. I wish that it was stronger. I love chai.

As I’m getting closer to the end of the cup, I’m just so disappointed with this one. It really leaves me wanting to go home and make a proper cup of chai tea.

It’s definitely not one that I would own. Maybe I’m just getting too fussy… or… do I dare say it…? Maybe I’m turning into a… tea snob…? Say it ain’t so! But I think it is! I won’t say snob… maybe just a tea connoisseur of sorts? Or maybe I just like the quality loose-leaf has to offer :)

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Today it is CHILLY out!! It’s like -23C with the windchill! BRRRR!!! But I must say, I’m loving it! We have so many flu viruses going around that it’s nice that finally the cold is here to zap them all to death. Take that bugs! mahahahaha

And what better to have on a freezing morning in beautiful Ontario Canada, then a cup of Canadian Breakfast! Delish! I think this is one of my absolute favourite black teas. Malty, warm, comforting tea. I’m in love :)

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I’m finally trying a Darjeeling!

This one I definitely get the mushroom and floral parts. It’s a nice strong black tea. I’m really liking it. I added milk and sugar, and it seems to be very nice. I didn’t add too much sugar though. I didn’t want to overdo it. I’m not much of a mushroom fan, but I like this tea and how it has that flavour to it. This is one that I wouldn’t be able to drink too much.

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drank Ice Cream Cake by DAVIDsTEA
369 tasting notes

I’m so unsure on this one still.
It smells sweet and delicious, but at the same time, it’s almost too much. I dunno.

So, I steeped this one and it’s definitely ice creamy. I only added a bit of skim milk, no sugar. It didn’t need the sugar. I become happier with the flavour as it cools. The creaminess of it seems to come out more and more. This is definitely a tea that I couldn’t drink a ton of all at once. I’d have to have it a little at a time.

This one does do the ‘dreaded oil slick’ on top of it, but I don’t mind it. Swampwater does it too but it’s so delicious that I don’t mind. It’s kind of the same idea here.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
369 tasting notes

1tsp of English Caramel by the Tea Haus, 1.5tsp of S’mores by Teaopia.
Milk and sugar added, but only a bit…

Honestly, not the best combo. I’m finding that the english caramel to be too strong. It actually feels like it’s overpowering the entire goodness of the s’mores tea. My thought when adding these two together was that it would make a caramel-y s’mores tea, but I’m finding that it is just killing it. I don’t know if maybe I should have used less of it, or maybe just used a different caramel tea.

I’m thinking I might try the s’mores with like Oh Canada. Something that is light but caramel-y.

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
369 tasting notes

Chance Combinations?! Yes pls!

I’ve done this one before, but I wanted to log it here also as I think it’s a great combo. From the Tea Haus, their Swiss Chocolate and the Hazelnut Cream. 1tsp of each for 3mins. Milk added. The tinest amount of sugar added. Equals chocolate hazelnut bliss! I’m in love. :) And it’s going to help me use up what I have.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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One more tasting note on my beloved Stormy Night. The more I drink this one, the more I like it. I almost think of Saigon Chai drinking this one. The cinnamon taste is a little similar.
I’d buy this one again in a heartbeat. I want to get a full tin of it at some point. I have a GC for Davidstea, so maybe once I have sipped-down a few others I might get some more of this one. For now though, I’ll enjoy my last few cups (I have enough for one or two more cups.)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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I believe this is the tea that I’m having this morning. I was too slow-moving this morning to actually take the time to make my own tea, which is very unusual for me. Normally that’s the one thing that I always make time for.
Anyway, this tea is fine for this morning. It’s a normal orange pekoe with a mellow/mild flavour. And honestly, that’s all I really have to say about this one this morning…

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I’m a 30-something-year-old aspiring writer. I’ve written several short stories that I’m looking to get published someday soon. Currently I’m actively looking for markets and avenues to get published.

I’m also looking to finish a novel that I’ve been writing for the last several years.

I work as a paginator (I do page layout for our local weekly newspaper) and absolutely love it! I’m also an amateur photographer. I’m a proud new mom of a sweet little baby boy born Feb. 3/15.
As well as “mom” to two adorable “fur babies” (I have two awesome cats). I’m married to an absolute amazing man who “puts up” with my tea obsession.

It wasn’t until a few years after high school that I finally became interested in tea. I started with Orange Pekoe double double (milk not cream) and peppermint. Since that time, I’ve really opened up to other kinds of tea and I’ve well… I’ve kind of just went nuts since then.

I don’t drink much bagged tea anymore. It’s mostly loose leaf in my cupboard. The only except are a couple that were given to me and they sound too good!

I would have to say my favourite kinds are (in no particular order): black, herbal and rooibos (definitely prefer the green to red, but will drink the red too). White teas are rapidly becoming a favourite too. But, they must be flavoured white teas.

I don’t care for mate, green, oolongs, matcha, or puerh (although the puerh cake tea I have may convert me to a puerhs). And greens are kind of growing on me too. I’m starting to realize just how important steeping times/temperatures/amounts of tea make all the difference in the world for them!

I drink tea every single day. I absolutely love it. I can’t image my life without it.

I don’t log every time I drink a tea as I don’t want to spam everyone with tons of duplicate loggings, but I will log when I have a new tea, which happens on a regular basis and when I do a SIPDOWN! :D


Ontario, Canada

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