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516 tasting notes

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the great blueberry taste off!!

This year I have received or purchased upwards of 5, yes 5 blueberries teas! So the time has finally come to pit these teas against the rest and see which one of them takes home the prize as favourite blueberry tea in my house!

The five teas are: Wild Blue by Flavours of Nova Scotia, Bluest blueberry by Steeped Tea, Wild Blueberry by Steeped Tea, White blueberry by Adagio, and Heisenberg by Adagio tea.
Three are black teas, two are white. Let’s see how they fair, shall we?
First off, the colours are devine of all of them. My favourite of the colours is Heisenberg for being a great pink or light peach colour, followed by the white blueberry, and the three black teas are pretty close the same colour for all of them…

Starting with the black teas:
All being enjoyed at first without anything added.
Wild blue is definitely taking the lead as the nicest of the blueberry flavour. Makes me want to eat a blueberry.

Bluest blueberry: I’m noticing the blackberry touch, and although it’s nice in its own right, it’s not my thing.

Wild Blueberry: I’m just not liking this one at all really. The hibiscus is making it weird and combined with the raisins, I just don’t feel that this one is for me at all. This one is really baffling to me. It’s not as bad once it cools down quite a bit, but I’m more of the type to drink my black teas HOT. I don’t usually wait until they are cooled down a bit.

Adding milk and sugar to the black teas to see if it changes my mind about them at all. The wild blueberry is softened and not quite as odd, but still…

The winner between the black teas is: Wild Blue by Flavours of Nova Scotia! Their blend of real blueberries and black tea is the one that seems to have the very best flavour! It shouldn’t be too surprising as the other don’t have any real blueberries in them, only flavouring.

Onto the white teas: (They both have cooled a bit now since I was focusing on the black teas. I think they taste quite good still.)

First up, White Blueberry from Adagio.
Lovely white tea base. Not bitter at all (yaaay steeping right!). The blueberries aren’t overpowering, but they are quite delicious. A subtle taste, but very, very good. The base of this one is very lovely too.

Heisenberg: SO delicious! It’s got so much going on in it, but it is just absolutely divine! I’m getting the raspberry and apple with the blueberry and it’s making it an almost sweet treat! I didn’t realize there was black tea in this one at all. The pairing of everything is just SO out-of-this-world amazing, and nothing is overpower. it’s just all seems to work together in harmony so well.

The verdict for the white teas is: A two-way tie. I know, I didn’t want to do it, but I can’t chose. They are both out of this world! They both have their own greatness in different ways. The White blueberry is great for being simple, but still delicious, while Heisenberg has a great combo of a bunch of things going on and it seems to make it almost like a great dessert blueberry tea.

Anyways, to those that made it to the end of this tasting note with me, I wish to thank you for reading all the way through and hopefully laughing with me over this fun tasting event here at TheKesser’s house. I’m not too sure if there are other teas I have that are close together flavour-wise that I can do this with, but if not, then at least there will always be… the blueberry!


PS if there is a better place to log this than chance combinations, please let me know and I’ll move the review.


nice comparison!


Thanks :)

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drank Chocolate Chai by Adagio Teas
516 tasting notes

So, I’m not getting too much chocolate from this… mostly just the spices from the chai. But either way, it’s quite good, but I don’t think I’d get this one again. It’s a nice mild chai, but I think I prefer the boldness of something stronger.

EDIT: My second steeping was really good too!! I’m quite happy with it. Maybe I would get this one again… haha

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Finished this one up as an iced tea.

Bye tea! Would probably get again, but not for a bit yet. More sip downs to do!

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Free sample from a place in town. They gave it to me when I went in and bought other teas last year! You can never go wrong with free samples!

I don’t know why, but I had it in my head that this tea was peach. (Honestly, I never truly looked at the name of it. I don’t know why.)

It’s a very smoooooooth vanilla tea. Absolutely amazing. It’s refreshing and just perfect. No sugar in it. It’s sweet enough on its own. I love the vanilla and it seems to compliment the woody-ness of the rooibos just perfectly. Wow. I didn’t think I’d like this one. Guess I was wrong!

Would get again. But must drink down more first!

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drank Daydreamer by DAVIDsTEA
516 tasting notes

Another one I’ve had forever but haven’t drank in ages or logged ever.

I don’t like the smell of this one steeped. I did overleaf so that could be part of the problem, but my goodness it smells weird. Maybe it’s the age, or maybe it’s ‘cause it’s a green tea…? I actually have NO idea when I bought this one. I can’t remember if it was around last summer or the summer before that? I’m assuming it’s a summer tea.. I might even be wrong about that.

Some sugar added. Water was left to cool in the kettle for 5-10mins after boiling so I’m hoping it was cool enough for the leaves.

I’m not getting any bitterness to it. Yaaay! It mostly tastes like… green tea. I think the fruitiness of this one as faded a lot. It says there’s mango in it… I think it’s getting lost as the green tea is definitely taking the centre stage.

I think I’m going to bid this one farewell also as I can’t see me finishing it. I would have given it away if it wasn’t aged there a bit.. I seriously wish I knew when I got this one… oh well…

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drank Jungle Ju Ju by DAVIDsTEA
516 tasting notes

Yet another one that I haven’t had in a year, but have the smallest amount still hanging around. It’s time to really find out if I like it or not and if I should keep the small amount I have left or say goodbye!

I used too hot of water on this one, but MAN! is it ever forgiving! I added a hint of sugar… it didn’t really need it, but I did. Well, okay I lie. I added like 1/2 tsp of sugar. Still too much, but whatever.

It’s delicious. Fruity and nice. It’s a nice treat, but I’ve decided that it’s not one that I’ll keep stocked on a regular basis. Glad to enjoy it again, but won’t restock. Mate’s aren’t my thing.

Bye tea!

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drank Cocomint Green by Adagio Teas
516 tasting notes

This sounded too good to pass up!! Like someone wrote on here, they thought it was a coconut and mint tea. I did the exact same thing! So this one is a bit of a weird surprise for me.

It seems to smell just the way it should: a green tea with chocolate and peppermint.

I’m not 100% sure what temp my tea was steeped as, but I let the water sit for quite a while before steeping it. And I only did 2mins as I always like to air on the side of caution with my green teas as oppose to over steeping, so two mins seemed right to me.

The base is okay. Very veggie like. I’m definitely get that coming through. My first sip was by far the best and it was when it was it’s hottest. It came across as peppermint and chocolate all in one. Now I’m mostly getting veggie. It does have a bit of a refreshing quality to it from the mint but it’s getting hidden…

Anyways, it’s not terrible, but I don’t think I’d get this again. The base is a bit too strong for me and the other flavours are starting to get lost a bit.

Edit I think I’m going to give this one away. I don’t care for it at all. My mom or aunt might like it. It’s just TOO much veggie from the base!!

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Yet another two packages of tea landed in my mailbox last night from Steeped Tea. This is one of them.

I’ve never been a huge earl grey fan as I get the dreaded “soap” flavour when I have it, so I don’t have high hopes for this one. This one smells very… lemon floor cleaner to me. :(

My first burning sip was terrible. Couldn’t wait to get into this one apparently… either that, or I’m just that tired. That’s probably it… Anyway, it made me want to add milk and sugar so I did. It almost seems to mellow out the lemony smell a lot by adding the milk, which is making it easier to sip now.

It’s actually pretty good!! Milk and sugar make it better for sure. It’s now a slightly sweet, almost like lemony treat… Lemon is by far the most predominant flavour, but when you smell this one you expect no less. The orange is a nice touch as I think it seems to mellow out the lemon just slightly… or maybe it just compliments it. Either way, it’s a nice addition.

Verdict! I will drink this one and not give it away. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I drink it up fairly fast as it’s sort of summer outside and this is the season for all things fruity and light and refreshing. So yes… I will, but I think it will be fast and I think that I won’t restock. It’s not one I would have chosen normally and I honestly don’t think I would think to rebuy. Glad I got to try it out though.

Edit I will admit though. It still has a bit of floor cleaner-ness to it, but it’s not nessecarily in a bad way…? Does that make sense?

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drank Jolly Jellybean by DAVIDsTEA
516 tasting notes

Another tea gone!

Something about this one is a bit off for me. It’s probably due to age more than anything. It’s too bad ‘cause I’m sure it was good at one point, but it’s been hanging around too long and has gone weird now.

Bye tea!

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drank Happy Kombucha by DAVIDsTEA
516 tasting notes

A very small sample of this one.

I’m finding this one really doesn’t taste any different than the one I had this morning, other than the tea’s pineapple is stronger. But even then, not by much.

Wouldn’t get this one again. I already have a lot of teas that are very similar to this one so it won’t be on the rebuy list. Glad to have tried it, but not for me.

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Updated Feb. 16/16
I’m a 30-something-year-old aspiring writer. I’ve written several short stories that I’m looking to get published someday soon.

I’m also looking to finish a novel that I’ve been writing for the last several years.

I work as a paginator (I do page layout for our local weekly newspaper) and absolutely love it! I’m also an amateur photographer.
I’m a proud new mom of a sweet little baby boy born Feb. 3/15. He showed up 4.5 weeks early, but thankfully after a week in the hospital he’s great now. :)
I’m married to an absolute amazing man who “puts up” with my tea obsession.

It wasn’t until a few years after high school that I finally became interested in tea. I started with Orange Pekoe double double (milk not cream), and peppermint. Since that time, I’ve really opened up to other kinds of tea and I’ve well… I’ve kind of just went nuts since then.

I don’t drink much bagged tea anymore. It’s mostly loose leaf in my cupboard. The only except are a couple that were given to me and they sound too good!

I would have to say my favourite kinds are (in no particular order): black, herbal, white and rooibos (definitely prefer the green to red, but will drink the red too).

Green teas, pu’erh, and matcha are starting to grow on me but I’m very picky about them still. I am finding I like pu’erh tea cakes much better than loose. And with matcha I much prefer flavoured ones over straight.

I still don’t really care for mate teas but there a couple that are the exception to that.

I drink tea every single day. I absolutely love it. I can’t image my life without it.

I don’t log every time I drink a tea as I don’t want to spam everyone with tons of duplicate loggings, but I will log when I have a new tea, which happens on a regular basis and when I do a SIPDOWN! :D


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