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Well, this is pretty much a SIPDOWN at this point! Only a tiny bit remains of it which means it’ll be mixed with another delicious tea!

Again, really love this one. I overdid it with the steeping today so it was a bit more bitter and stronger than I normally would have gone for… And part of me was wishing I had had my Sugar and Spice tea from Davidstea instead. I think I’m enjoying the flavoured teas just a bit more right now. Must just be a phase. hahah

Anyways, probably would purchase again,… maybe… I think I like my Canadian Breakfast and the Irish Breakfast better though.

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drank Irish Breakfast by Steeped Tea
461 tasting notes

I’m just about done this one. I have enough for one 8-oz cup, which means it’ll probably be mixed with something else to make enough for either a 12 or 16 oz cup. So,… that being said, I guess I should consider this a SIPDOWN!

I really enjoyed this tea. It’s a very nice mild black tea that isn’t in your face. I found it to be very much like an orange pekoe and I was totally fine with that. I’d absolutely buy this one again, without a second thought. I’d definitely get the 100g bag tho, as 50g didn’t last me too long.

It holds up really well to a second steeping too. I bet it would even do a third steeping if I tried.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport right now waiting for our flight back to the crazy snow that I hear we got. I’m not looking forward to it but what can ya do? I’m getting back from a 5 day Caribbean cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship: Liberty of the Seas. It’s an absolutely amazing ship and it was fantastic to get away.

Anyway, I had this tea as it was the main one on the ship. I didn’t think it was too bad a t first but my husband commented how it was really not that good and then I got paying attention. It really wasn’t that good at all. It was a plain black tea as advertised with no frills and no fuss. But it wasn’t even decent in my opinion. It’s too bad they couldn’t have had something nicer.
I’ve known people to travel with loose leaf tea before and maybe I should have done the same but I really didn’t want to worry about anything. Loose-leaf tea looks weird and can look like other things. Better to just drink what’s on the ship.

Anyways tea aside the trip was wonderful. We didn’t do a ton of extras and that’s ok. It was so relaxing and nice. I’m very happy we went. We hope to go away again in the next year or two. I think we’re hooked on vacationing. Lol


Your trip sounds fabulous… Makes it hard to come back to cold weather and snow!!!


lol yeah absolutely! Our city got really dumped on for snow this week. I’m hoping that’s the worst of it!

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Wow, how is it possible that I logged this one TWO years ago, but not since?!

Anyways, I had this one again about a week ago or so ‘cause I was craving pop like a crazy person but I can’t drink the stuff anymore. Last year in the fall I think it was, I started having some real issues with any dark-coloured pops… SO like, Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper… It didn’t sit in my stomach well and I ended up feeling sick. Like it wasn’t good. I won’t go into detail, but the pain wasn’t good and I needed a bathroom nearby.

ANYWAYS, I ended up craving pop like I was saying so I thought, “Hey, why not drink some of the Root Beer Float tea. That flavour should kill the craving.”
So, that’s what I did! And it did curb the craving! I was really surprised. I should have bought more of this one. I was so unsure of it when I got it, but now I actually really like this one. It’s delicious.

NOTE TO SELF: Enjoy this one when you are craving pop. It’ll be perfect to kill the craving.

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drank Wild Orange Blossom by Teavana
461 tasting notes

Forgot to log this one like a month ago!

Anyway, I decided I needed to use up a few teas, but I only ended up finishing this one. hahah

I made this one iced as I knew I didn’t like it hot. The smell of this one is just unbelievable, and not in a way that I really like.
Anyways, so I made it iced and hated it, but didn’t dump it ‘cause I thought the husband would drink it as he’s a lot less picky about stuff. He hated it. He looked at me and asked if I was going to actually drink it or not, and I said no. He immediately dumped the rest down the drain. I think the only thing that would have made this salvageable would be to add a lot of sweetener or mix it with something. Either option didn’t sound good to me.

So, this one is sort of a SIPDOWN, but sort of not ‘cause we didn’t drink it, but it’s thankfully gone!

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I forgot how nice this one is. 3min steep, 1.5tsp for 12oz cup. Way too much milk added, but I don’t care. It’s the perfect tea for this morning. It’s sweet and comforting for me this morning and a great way to relax and almost celebrate our roommate moving out after a year of living with us. Him being here was far too long of an amount of time for my husband and I to handle, and I am overjoyed that he’s moved on. Now I feel like my life can start again.

And, the nice thing is too, I’ve got tea that I thought was suppose to be delivered Thursday being delivered today!! The mailman can’t get here fast enough! lol
A VERY Good way to start the week.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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This tea smells absolutely devine. It is definitely a blueberry tea.
I got this one last night for Christmas with my dad. He absolutely spoiled me!! Two bags of tea, three mini tins, and one ‘cake’ of tea. The cake of tea is really blowing my mind right now too. I can’t wait to try it.

Anyway, I could smell this one through the wrapping paper and actually thought it was black licorice, but obviously I was wrong (Thankfully too. I don’t like black licorice).
It says to steep for 3-5mins. I did three. Most of the time, the shorter steeps are better for teas I’m finding. Anyways… So I added some milk and sugar, but not too much.. probably half a sugar and the same for milk. It smells like blueberry city over here! Delish!

It’s still quite hot, but the taste I’m getting is just amazing!!! For someont that thought she didn’t like blueberries all that much, I’m being proven VERY wrong!! Blueberries are awesome! This tastes like fresh blueberries. It’s got a nice mild black tea base from what I’m getting so far, and a very juicy blueberry flavour.

According to what is written on the packaging this tea is a “unique and very popular premium black tea blend tasting of fresh hand-picked Nova Scotia wild blueberries. It’s delicious served hot or over ice.”
I can see that for sure. I bet iced would be very nice too. I don’t ususally do black teas iced, but I’d be more than willing to try one of these iced. Or as a latte… or an Iced latte!

So happy dad got me one of these. I’ve been dying to try it since I first smelt it, and I have a feeling I’m going to finish this one quickly.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Toffee Dream by Steeped Tea
461 tasting notes

OMG. This tea is amazing!

I had brought home a sample of it from a Steeped Tea party, along with two others… well, I didn’t try them right away, so when I finally did, I didn’t know which was which ‘cause I didn’t label them…
Either way, I steeped up what I know realize was this one and had it at work a few weeks back. Again… OMG! I knew I needed to get this one.

So, I placed an order at my most recent steeped tea party that I was invited to and got 100g of this one. No point in only 50g. It’s only a few more dollars for a MASSIVE bag. I was hoping and praying that this was in fact the one that I had tried and fallen in love with. And, I was was right!!
Yaay me!!

It has a lovely light white tea base that is just fantastic. It’s not heavy at all, so the caramel/toffee flavours get to really shine through. And they really do. It’s a nice smooth flavour, not a like POW in your FACE toffee either, which is good.
It’s just all around a nice smooth, toffee tea with just the right amount of flavour and not sweet like you might expect some toffee teas to be.

This will be a fantastic refreshing tea. I’m SO glad I got a lot of it!

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
461 tasting notes

Backlog from last night.

This was my comfort tea last night. My husband’s best friend lost his father yesterday and it’s just been really rattling. I didn’t know the father super well, but he always made me feel like he was happy to see me and somewhat apart of the family. I think I’m finding it hard ‘cause of the time of year, and I’m just so hurt for them. I hate seeing how devasted they are. They are too good of a family to have this happen to them.

So, I thought this tea would give me some much needed comfort, which it did. Warm, minty, candy cane… can’t go wrong.
And while sipping on this wonder, I ordered some more tea ‘cause that’s definitely a comfort thing too! I got 250g of tropilcalia(Sp?) for $20 online! That’s a good thing to put a skip in my step!


Sorry for your loss…yes, just before x-mas makes it even sadder. Sending good thoughts to the family and close ones.
The tea, it’s one of the few DT that I still enjoy from time to time, glad it is of comfort to you:-)

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How did I forget how amazing this tea is?

I worked for a newspaper for 3.5yrs until I got laid off about 3 years ago now. (Man! How has it been that long?!) Anyway, my shift was 4 p.m. to midnight. Not the best shift, but I enjoyed the job. I was laying out the newspaper pages! I got to decide where all the stories and photos went… I got to decide when to add drop shadows, frames, you name it… I miss doing that stuff. I’m starting to do it a bit again with my current job/volunteer work, but it’s not quite the same…

ANYWAYS, onto what I was saying. I bring that up ‘cause while working there, a friend of mine introduced me to green rooibos. I fell in LOVE with it. I was drinking it almost every night for weeks on end! When my box of it got low, I abruptly stopped ’cause I didn’t want to never have it again!
Then, my friend bought me this one. It is absolute amazing!

But then… I forgot I had it… or maybe I forgot how good it was, ‘cause it’s been in my cupboard…. for probably three years… Eeek! BUT! It still tastes amazing. It has truly stood the test of time. It’s sweet and warm and just absolutely delicious! I"m going to be drinking this one again and quick! I’ll want to get some fresh stock soon. haha but in the meantime, I’m really going to enjoy it.

And, I should add, this tea has been stored in my DavidsTea tin all this time! Yaaay for their tins being awesome!


You made me flash back to college journalism days, when (OK, I’m dating myself here) the print got belched out of a machine called a CompuGraphic, then it had to be waxed, measured, and cut to fit with X-Acto knives…I hated that confounded machine! I much, much preferred the writing/copyediting.


lol that’s awesome! I did some editing with the paper also. I definitely enjoyed that part of the job too. I prefer writing fiction/poetry over writing articles though.

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I’m a 30-something-year-old aspiring writer. I’ve written several short stories that I’m looking to get published someday soon. Currently I’m actively looking for markets and avenues to get published.

I’m also looking to finish a novel that I’ve been writing for the last several years.

I work as a paginator (I do page layout for our local weekly newspaper) and absolutely love it! I’m also an amateur photographer.
I’m a proud new mom of a sweet little baby boy born Feb. 3/15. He showed up 4.5 weeks early, but thankfully after a week in the hospital he’s great now. :)
I’m married to an absolute amazing man who “puts up” with my tea obsession.

It wasn’t until a few years after high school that I finally became interested in tea. I started with Orange Pekoe double double (milk not cream) and peppermint. Since that time, I’ve really opened up to other kinds of tea and I’ve well… I’ve kind of just went nuts since then.

I don’t drink much bagged tea anymore. It’s mostly loose leaf in my cupboard. The only except are a couple that were given to me and they sound too good!

I would have to say my favourite kinds are (in no particular order): black, herbal and rooibos (definitely prefer the green to red, but will drink the red too). White teas are rapidly becoming a favourite too. But, they must be flavoured white teas.

I don’t care for mate, green, oolongs, matcha, or puerh (although the puerh cake tea I have may convert me to a puerhs). And greens are kind of growing on me too. I’m starting to realize just how important steeping times/temperatures/amounts of tea make all the difference in the world for them!

I drink tea every single day. I absolutely love it. I can’t image my life without it.

I don’t log every time I drink a tea as I don’t want to spam everyone with tons of duplicate loggings, but I will log when I have a new tea, which happens on a regular basis and when I do a SIPDOWN! :D


Ontario, Canada

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