442 Tasting Notes


I am a bit disappointed in this tea. It’s still a good tea but just not for me. It tastes like sweet potatoes & honey. A bit astringent with a little bit of bitterness. It’s just not my thing but I know others like it a lot from the reviews.

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This is a sample from Christina. Thanks Christina for the sample! I really enjoyed this tea this morning brewed gong fu. I am finding my list I printed out for doing gong fu really isn’t that good. It’s what everyone says. Just go by the feel. Their recommendation for first infusion is about 6-8 sec. That’s way too short for this green tea so I left it until it had a little colour.

This tea reminds me of an Anji Bai Cha. The leaves look the same – long and straight. This tea also borders between a Japanese and Chinese tea. It has that sweet snap pea aroma (smells soooo good) you find in Japanese teas. It’s also in the taste but this brews up very light. A pale pale yellow. The snap pea taste hits the tongue followed by a light buttery/chestnut taste. These are the things I love about Anji Bai Cha only some of the Anji Bai Cha’s I’ve had have been stronger than this tea. This is a very delicate tea and very tasty!

Flavors: Butter, Chestnut, Peas

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This was a tea Christina generously sent to me. I have today off from work so could take my time learning how to brew this one. It’s not my first time having this type of tea and I’ve liked it in the past but find it a bit expensive compared to other teas.

Of course who couldn’t love the dry leaves of this type of tea. So flat & big and they smelled so fresh. I found Teasenz video on how to brew and followed their directions:


Here’s my cup:

Okay, so I brew it in a cup but do I drink it in a cup? Doesn’t the leaves get over steeped? I gather I’m not supposed to drink from the cup since I time it two minutes so I transferred it to a pouring pitcher but it’s a messy business pouring from a cup.

It’s a beautiful light tea with green bean notes. It seems to have a bit of floral edge to it too. I don’t get much chestnut or buttery notes from this tea which is common in many Chinese greens. That makes this tea quite different and special. In the past I considered this tea too expensive but look at how much work goes into making it. I watched this video from Teavivre while drinking this tea:

I can really appreciate now this is a great tea to keep in stock for when I’m in the mood for something different and fancy. Thanks Christina for the sample.

Flavors: Floral, Green Beans

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Brewed this one up this morning western style.

I smelled the dry leaves from the bag and they smelled really good & fresh but for the life of me I can’t seem to put into words how it smelled. Maybe a deep mossy green?

It’s got a slight sweetness with a dry finish. There’s a slight astringency which I don’t mind. I mostly prefer the smooth greens with no astringency but once in awhile it’s nice to have something different. In spite of how it smelled dry I didn’t get much of the dark green mossy taste to it.

Overall , there was nothing about this tea that stood out as amazing but it was still a good green tea.

Flavors: Astringent, Sweet

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This tea had disappeared in the back of my tea cupboard. I had noticed it on my excel report so found it and pulled it out. Yes, this tea is still as good as when I first reviewed it. The only white tea I get chocolate notes from. It had me checking out The Finest Brew website just to see if this tea is still there. Sadly , no. And double sad, it looks like they had a sale and sold out of almost everthing. I didn’t even know about the sale. I signed up for their newletter so I can keep up to date for my favourite teas.


I took a look at the site and nearly EVERYTHING is sold out. I wonder if this means they’re closing down?


I hope not but based on their past sales, I don’t think so. They tend to get tea in and sell them quickly. I haven’t kept up enough with them to see if they consistently get in the same teas.

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This tea is in a class of itself. I couldn’t remember how to brew this tea so just did western style for 1 min. It brews up clear as water and is very mild tasting too. It has a dominant pine note along with hay and citrus notes. It’s just such a weird tea, I cannot decide if I like it or not.


As with white teas, you’ll need to use more leaf than generally to make a good and flavorful infusion with color and mouth-feel.

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drank Aged Dahongpao by White2Tea
442 tasting notes

This tea was from the monthly White2tea club that Christina and I are sharing. They put some fresh Dahongpao in to try before and after having this one. It was for learning purposes only so I am leaving my review of both with this one.

The fresh dahongpao was really sharp and strong of roast. I couldn’t pick out too much about the actual tea because the roast was just so strong. I can see why this tea is normally not sold so fresh. The wet leaves had a strong aroma of roast too.

The aged dahongpao has really mellowed. There’s the roast, still there but not in your face so much. it still has a good strong roast but it is smoother. I had a few infusions of this trying to figure out why some people love this. I just couldn’t pick up other notes even though the roast had mellowed. I don’t know how to rate this tea. It just isn’t my own personal preference; but I enjoyed trying it out, and comparing the fresh with the aged.


I tried this today. It reminded me of a good whiskey!

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drank Aged Dahongpao by White2Tea
442 tasting notes

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drank Clover Patch by White2Tea
442 tasting notes

This tea is from the White2Tea club that I’m sharing with Christina. I think this is my favourite out the the package.
I brewed gong fu and could really smell the floral notes before tasting. There was a mild roast and a good strong floral note. There’s a bit of buttery flavor underneath the light roast.
I loved it from the first sip!

Flavors: Butter, Floral, Roasted

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drank Naturalitea by Yunomi
442 tasting notes

I’ve had this tea for awhile and have enjoyed it , but never left a review. Had it stored in the fridge and it seems to have kept it fresh.

It tastes great. A sweet grassy sencha. A little bit fruity. It’s a deep green colour like gyokuro but lighter than gyokuro. It’s also organic-grown without pesticides. A big plus in my book. If I order from Yunomi in the future I would put this one on the order.

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Green teas are my favourite teas but I also enjoy: white, some herbal,rooibos, raw pu’erh, light oolongs, a little bit of black , and a little bit of ripe pu’erh. I have moved away from artificial flavourings and there’s hardly anything left in my cabinet with artificial flavouring or colours. It is mostly straight teas or tea blends.


Ontario , Canada

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