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I’ve had this one sitting in my pu-erh cupboard for awhile. I don’t know if I’ve ever had it before. So I chipped off 5 g and brewed it up.

At first this tea tasted great. A bit smokey, smooth, no bitterness & a light apricot taste to it. With further infusions , it lost the smokey flavor really quick. Bitterness started creeping in and a metallic taste that kept getting more pronounced each infusion. I just don’t like that metallic taste at all.

On the good side it does have a strong cha qi.

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This poor tea got lost in a tin I thought was empty. I had it stored with the empty tins and was clearing them out today and found this. I had searched all over to find this tea and thought I must have finished it off. Guess not. Tried it today and it’s definitely not a 98 like it was a year ago. I gotta stop buying so many teas. This was a really good tea and now it’s just okay.

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I had this one this morning and just brewed in my mug with the infusion basket for 2 min – 80C. This tea had a fruitiness to it that I really enjoyed. Did I pick up only a slight floral in the background? I’m not sure. It seemed to be there and then was not. I might have been picking up on the aroma of the fruitiness. This tea also had the chestnut flavor that most green teas have but it was very subtle.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Fruity straight green teas are not that common so I do love it when I get one. Thanks Christina for the sample!

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This was the oldest tea in my cupboard and was not quite the amazing tea it was a year ago but still decent. Glad it’s finished off.

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I have LOADS of this tea in my cupboard and still trying to find the perfect brewing for it (I’m getting closer).

I know bamboo charcoal will change the PH of the water and bring out the honey notes in this tea. I bought some bamboo charcoal from Yunnan Sourcing just for that but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been currently using a Brita filter because Hubby changed the filters for our kitchen tap and the water tasted worse than before! After much tracking down of what was affecting all my teas it turns out he had used a filter that ADDED a taste to water. I asked him why on earth would you want to add a taste to water??? It’s supposed to be tasteless. Well, he promised to change it and I know what that meant: could be weeks or months. So I got out a Brita filter and started filtering my water.

I was thinking today of this tea today and thought I would give it a try with the water from the Brita filter. It’s charcoal so wouldn’t the Dan Cong taste better? Well, it actually did! I brewed it gongfu and the first infusion was a bit honey and floral. After that it just settled for a plain roasted taste that never changed for each infusion. This website says to filter with a Brita filter AND boil the water with bamboo charcoal. I think I will give that try. AT least this tea is not spoiling by sitting in my cabinet so long. It’s just supposed to get better with age.


Curious about your water experiment. I also find that this Tea is loads better when steeped chazhou style gongfu( Loads of leaf and flash steeping). That made a huge difference for me.


I wouldn’t even dream of making tea without my trusty Brita filtered water pitcher! Like the old TV commercial says: Brita’s better! :)


YYZ, yes, brewing this gongfu is the only way to go but it requires even more adjustments. Next time I will try this:


Taatotaler, I have a filter on my kitchen tap and it’s always been enough if the right filters are installed.


I meant Teatotaler not Taatotaler.

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drank Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18 by Tealux
459 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! This tea was OLD (from last year) but still tastes great. One of the few roasted oolongs I love.

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drank Eucalyptus Leaf by Tealux
459 tasting notes

Once in awhile you buy a tea that tastes so bad you simply have to throw it out. That’s what happened to this one. Yes, it helped me breathe better but it just tasted too bad.

Liquid Proust

Somehow has discovered something to steep in one’s bath tub :)

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I am a bit disappointed in this tea. It’s still a good tea but just not for me. It tastes like sweet potatoes & honey. A bit astringent with a little bit of bitterness. It’s just not my thing but I know others like it a lot from the reviews.


How did you steep it?


Gong fu.


I’m so tired of sweet potato note :l

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This is a sample from Christina. Thanks Christina for the sample! I really enjoyed this tea this morning brewed gong fu. I am finding my list I printed out for doing gong fu really isn’t that good. It’s what everyone says. Just go by the feel. Their recommendation for first infusion is about 6-8 sec. That’s way too short for this green tea so I left it until it had a little colour.

This tea reminds me of an Anji Bai Cha. The leaves look the same – long and straight. This tea also borders between a Japanese and Chinese tea. It has that sweet snap pea aroma (smells soooo good) you find in Japanese teas. It’s also in the taste but this brews up very light. A pale pale yellow. The snap pea taste hits the tongue followed by a light buttery/chestnut taste. These are the things I love about Anji Bai Cha only some of the Anji Bai Cha’s I’ve had have been stronger than this tea. This is a very delicate tea and very tasty!

Flavors: Butter, Chestnut, Peas

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This was a tea Christina generously sent to me. I have today off from work so could take my time learning how to brew this one. It’s not my first time having this type of tea and I’ve liked it in the past but find it a bit expensive compared to other teas.

Of course who couldn’t love the dry leaves of this type of tea. So flat & big and they smelled so fresh. I found Teasenz video on how to brew and followed their directions:


Here’s my cup:

Okay, so I brew it in a cup but do I drink it in a cup? Doesn’t the leaves get over steeped? I gather I’m not supposed to drink from the cup since I time it two minutes so I transferred it to a pouring pitcher but it’s a messy business pouring from a cup.

It’s a beautiful light tea with green bean notes. It seems to have a bit of floral edge to it too. I don’t get much chestnut or buttery notes from this tea which is common in many Chinese greens. That makes this tea quite different and special. In the past I considered this tea too expensive but look at how much work goes into making it. I watched this video from Teavivre while drinking this tea:

I can really appreciate now this is a great tea to keep in stock for when I’m in the mood for something different and fancy. Thanks Christina for the sample.

Flavors: Floral, Green Beans

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Green teas are my favourite teas but I also enjoy: white, some herbal,rooibos, raw pu’erh, light oolongs, a little bit of black , and a little bit of ripe pu’erh. I have moved away from artificial flavourings and there’s hardly anything left in my cabinet with artificial flavouring or colours. It is mostly straight teas or tea blends.


Ontario , Canada

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