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I thought I would wait until I had mailed the teabox to put my reviews in but I can see even though I’m taking notes, I still will forget a lot.

So I grabbed this tea. Hmmm Sencha. Green tea. I will probably love it. Nope and I’ve already reviewed this from the last time I had the GCTTB. Maybe this tea is getting old? It just wasn’t very good at all.

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Backlog: I received this tea while doing a detox and all my teas were tasting off so I waited until I was done and was sure my taste buds were back to normal. I was really looking forward to trying this tea and it does not disappoint!

It definitely is pricey but due to low quantities it’s not something a person could stock up on either. That just makes it a special tea for once in awhile.

The leaves of this tea are sooo green. Almost luminescent when wet. I think I just brewed it Western style for 2 min at 185.

It’s a very light green tea. There is nuttiness which is in most green but the nutty flavour was subdued and brought to the forefront was a sweet spinach/asparagus. It reminded me of Japanese teas but not as much umami, lighter and more sweet. Most Japanese have very short infusion times and will become bitter or too strong if brewed over that. This tea can take a longer infusion time (brewed up to 3 min on 2nc infusion)and still remain sweet.

It does not taste like any maojian I’ve ever had. It tastes way better. Sooooo delicious. I wish this tea was cheap. I’d stock pile it.

It also has a major energy kick to it. You wouldn’t expect that from a green but it does. I notice with Japanese teas , they have a big caffeine kick too. Maybe it’s how the leaves are processed. I wonder if the leaves here were processed like the Japanese teas?

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If someone blindfolded me and served me this tea I would almost swear it’s a bi luo chun. It is very similar to bi luo chun. It’s a bit fruity, nutty sweetness, vegetal. The dry leaves do not look like bi luo chun though. They’re long and straight.

Tealux or Tealyra as they are called now describes this tea as being grown on a tiny island within Dong Ting Lake. I know bi luo chun is grown around in that area with the fruit trees and maybe that’s why there is something very similar. It is a delicious tea. Would definitely order again.

Flavors: Fruity, Nutty, Sweet, Vegetal


Ooh, I love Bi Luo Chun. You’ve sold me.

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Having this one this morning. I’ve tried a few different brew techniques since I got it but not having a lot of success. The tea smells so fresh and fruity from the bag but doesn’t taste as good as it smells when I brew it. So far, the best I’ve gotten it has come from the Grandpa method. I’ve had other Bi Luo Chun’s that brew pretty easy. I wonder why this one is so finicky?

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drank Bergamot Sage by Tealux
395 tasting notes

Tastes like an Earl Grey turkey. I got nothing more to say about this tea other than the fact that I threw it out. Not just the tea I made but the whole bag.


Another “Hall of Shame” nominee!

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I usually have green tea, more green, some light oolong and once in awhile a sheng. Today I felt like something really different so pulled out a sample of Lapsang Souchong Black tea from Royal Tea Bay. I didn’t add this to the teas on Steepster because there are so many types of Lapsang Souchong and I’m not sure I’d get it listed right.

Anyway I haven’t tried out this tea because I wasn’t sure a smokey tea was for me. Even when I pulled it out today, I was a little apprehensive. I was thinking to myself I could just make a cup of something else if I don’t like it.

The dry leaves smelled so BBQ smokey! Really strong! I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Brewed up western style and Wow! Soooo good. Like I get a buttery, malty with smoke and plum fruit. Cup is nearly gone. I am totally surprised I loved this tea. I never thought I would. Now I’m thinking I should have ordered Traditional Smoked Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong * Lapsang Souchong Black tea from Yunnan Sourcing when I placed my order yesterday. Oh well! Another time.

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drank Detoxify Me by Tealux
395 tasting notes

I’ve been enjoying this tea the last few nights. The lemon myrtle in it is the most pronounced of all the ingredients but I can pick out faint ginger which adds a bit of spicy flavour. There’s goji berries in it that I can see but I’m not sure they are giving it any extra flavour. Lots of lemony flavour from the lemon myrtle in it.

Overall, a pretty decent herbal tea

Flavors: Ginger, Lemon

5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Dong Ding Oolong by Tea Ave
395 tasting notes

I had this tea this afternoon and brewed in a gaiwan. I tend to prefer the lighter oolongs compared to the more roasted ones. This one was roasted but it was very light.

On the first infusion it brewed up a pale yellow. It was so creamy with a bit of sweetness and a very light roast. Soooo good.

2nd infusion, was still good but roast was a bit more pronounced and the creamy flavour a little less.

3rd was similar to the 2nd infusion.

The first cup was my absolute favourite but it was very good throughout.

Flavors: Creamy, Roasted, Sweet

0 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 3 OZ / 103 ML

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Oh this tea is delicious. Sooooo milky. In fact it’s so milky I was wondering if it was flavoured but I’m not getting any tongue tingling I get when flavours are added. The package does not show it as flavoured either.

I brewed it in my gaiwan with the infuser this morning. I’m loving this gaiwan and think I will get more like it. I find it a bit annoying to transfer from a gaiwan to a pouring pitcher. This just simplifies the process with it’s own infuser.

So did a quick rinse on the leaves this morning and even from the quick rinse I was reluctant to throw away the water. A beautiful milky aroma was coming from it.

Meant to brew 30 for first brew but it went 50 before I got to it. Didn’t matter. It was still good. There might be a faint floral aroma from this tea but it’s mostly all milky & buttery , smooth & sweet. Yum!

Flavors: Butter, Floral, Milk, Smooth, Sweet


Where did you get your gaiwan with infuser? I have the awesome multifunctional gaiwan from Teavivre and I love it!


I got it from this seller on Aliexpress. This seller has some really nice gaiwans.


And here’s a basic white cheap one from Yunnan Sourcing. I plan on adding this one to my next order.



Forgot to ask- What does your multifunctional gaiwan from Teavivre look like?


Oh, I see, like an easy gaiwan with strainer. I have one from Teavivre that is more like an in-cup infuser in a glass pitcher. I really like it : http://www.teavivre.com/blue-and-white-porcelain-multifunctional-gaiwan/


Nice! A bit pricey for a gaiwan but it’s really pretty.

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Green teas are my favourite teas but I also enjoy: white, some herbal,rooibos, raw pu’erh, light oolongs, a little bit of black , and a little bit of ripe pu’erh. I have moved away from artificial flavourings and there’s hardly anything left in my cabinet with artificial flavouring or colours. It is mostly straight teas or tea blends.


Ontario , Canada

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