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This is another sample I received from Della Terra Teas after winning their Facebook giveaway – Thank you to Della Terra Teas! See my note for Caramel Cappuccino Crunch for info on shipping (if interested.) This tisane suffered a lot from the smell contamination, but I think it’s mostly back to normal now. I must say I don’t smell strawberries or kiwi but instead some vague indeterminate berry aroma. I get a hint of cinnamon (which is weird!) and I can smell the hibiscus in the dry leaf. Steeped for approximately 5 minutes, the liquor is a vibrant red/pink from the hibiscus and the aroma still has that hint of something I can’t place.

First sips are surprising. I don’t know if this needed more leaf or more time, but the flavour is very mild and unassuming. What flavour I get is lightly sweet (hibiscus is not nearly as present as I had feared). Again, I don’t get strawberry or kiwi. Just something vaguely fruity – and that strange note I couldn’t place from the aroma is still there in the taste. I am thinking it might be lingering smell contamination from the chocolate puerh, as there is nothing in the ingredient list to suggest this flavour.

Unfortunately, this is another one that I am glad to have sampled but would not keep in my cupboard. Strawberries are my favourite berry and I am continually looking out for a tea that can accurately replicate their flavour. This one doesn’t even come close so it’s a bit of a letdown. I think this might stand a better rating under a different name (berry melange or something like that). Expecting strawberries and/or kiwi just leaves me a bit disappointed. Sorry!

EDIT: After reading Sil’s tasting note, I’m thinking I might cold brew the other half of my sample and see if that has a better flavour. It can make a huge difference in the taste of fruity teas, so I’ll try to get to that. : )

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I received this and a Strawberry Kiwi Fusion sample from Della Terra Teas on Friday after winning their Facebook giveaway recently. Amazingly, the tea arrived in Nova Scotia only a week after they sent it, which is a Canada Post miracle. Unfortunately there was some serious smell contamination from a bonus sample of Chocolate Chai Puerh they threw in, so I left the three teas to air out over the weekend. All that aside, Thank you to Della Terra teas for the samples! Winning things is always exciting!

I wanted a cup of hot chocolate today as it is sub-Arctic at work, but I couldn’t find any anywhere. Drat! So, I turned to this one as a good substitute, with less calories. Win! I gave it about 8 minutes to steep, which yielded a dark amber liquor, with the aroma of a rooibos based cappuccino. It does smell like cappuccino (coffee, sweet, cream) but the rooibos aroma is very present too. There is a bit of a bitter note at the end that is more reminiscent of coffee, but I’m hoping that isn’t included in the flavour (I hate coffee but tend to enjoy sweet frou frou cappuccinos the odd time I get them).

The first sips are a bit thin and a bit bitter. Not bitter in the way that tea can be, but more a hint of roasted coffee. I am a little surprised at the flavour, though I don’t know why because it tasted like it smells. Maybe I somehow anticipated the taste of a cappuccino, which would be hard to do without adding all the fat and sugar! :) I wish this had a touch more caramel flavour as that is the real selling point for me. There were a couple little squares in there which I can’t seem to find now so I assume they melted in? Either that or they disappeared!

Cumulatively, I enjoyed this, but it didn’t present the depth of flavour I was hoping for. Maybe if I doubled up on ‘leaf’ it would be a different story, but I’m worried about emphasising the dark bitter note too much. I’m such a wuss. Anyway, brilliant in theory but not quite for me in practice. Thanks again, Della Terra Teas!

8 min or more

I’m finding that i need to add extra tea to the Della Terra teas to get a more robust flavour. I enjoyed this one, though as you mentioned, it could be a bit stronger.

I <3 Teas

As I like to be secretive and not reveal where I get my samples from I must say that I have tried this tea and I must have super human tastebuds. ha because I actually found it to be strong enough that I had to lower the amount I used for my next cup. Thank you person that gave me the sample. lol. Also I tried a tea flavored cappuccino from a local coffee shop. I’ll stick with cappuccino flavored tea. :-D


@I t want my dissenting voice to put off prospective buyers. : )

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
682 tasting notes

So, I gave in and splurged on matcha. We got 50 grams of this at Davids, and also picked up their matcha starter set so we have an adorable bowl and whisk. I am not a green tea fan so I was very hesitant, but wanted to know if I like matcha before committing to a Red Leaf Tea order for flavoured matcha, which I am strongly considering. The dry smell of this is very green, but not offensive. I was pleasantly surprised that though it didn’t smell appealing, it wasn’t off-putting. Once I sifted it, added some water and started mixing the smell took on stronger vegetal tones, and a hint of seaweedy earthiness. That was less appealing, but still worth giving it a shot. We did a thinner matcha to avoid and strong bitterness and it was actually pretty decent on it’s own. The beau and I agreed we preferred some sweetening, so we added one of my new grapefruit agave sticks. With that, it was perfect. The slight grapefruit taste masked the vegetal nature of the green tea and added enough sweetness to cut the bitterness but also left the matcha flavour very present. I would call this a matcha success – though I would prefer flavoured matchas to plain. The beau likes it quite a bit and is very excited. I was very impressed at how easy it was to whisk, though that was partially due to the sifting, I assume. I had no clumps and it stayed integrated very well. We only did about 1/3 of the bowl to share between us, but this isn’t the sort of thing I would like to have a lot of at once, I get the impression it has the potential to give me an upset tummy.


I’m happy you finally tried matcha and enjoyed it! It is a pretty strong tea if you are not careful. My husband will only drink it as a latte or in smoothies so I can understand that it takes getting used to. And even though I like the good stuff prepped the traditional way, I also really like them in soy lattes. :O Now you can get those tasty flavors on Red Leaf!

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This one surprised me. I had been wanting to try it (Hello – kiwi?!?!) but was hesitant as it’s a green tea. We grabbed it to go as the iced tea of the day yesterday and I must say it was good. It was quite weak, which was only hampered by the additional ice they added (anyone else notice how little tea volume you get with the TotD?) but I really enjoyed it. The green tea was not present at all, but there was the taste of something definitely kiwi. Worth playing around with to try to increase the strength but I managed to resist the urge. For now. : )

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Booze! This smells and tastes of booze. The beau and I got one as iced tea of the day then went right back in to pick some up to add gin to on occasion. How can this be so boozy? Aside from that, it was quite refreshing. Not too tart, not at all sweet. A lovely mix – almost like a kick-butt lemonade.

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drank Jasmine Bloom by Adagio Teas
682 tasting notes

This was very nice! I can no longer recall if I received this is in my box of teas from LiberTeas or if a friend game it to me for my birthday, but the beau and I finally did this up today. Unfortunately, our electric kettle which heats the water to your desired temp chose to die today, so we had to wing it in terms of temp. The bloom opened really beautifully, I had a grand time trying to photograph it through the teapot. The tea itself is really unassuming, lovely flavour with no bitterness at all. I found it really refreshing hot and also after it had cooled off a bit. We intend to do another steep of it later on – blooming teas really have a lot to offer!

This wasn’t the most attractive bloom I’ve ever seen (there were 2 or 3 smallish white flowers – I presume jasmine flowers?), but all blooming teas are a treat to behold, and I am very impressed with the way the flavour held up (as I find that can be a bit of a disappointment on occasion). Loved it!


You may have gotten it in the box of teas from me… I did have a box of these that I was sharing with people in my sampler boxes for a while.


do you think this would make a good iced tea?


I don’t happen to enjoy iced tea but I would imagine that if you do it would be refreshing. Mild though, but that might not be a problem.

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drank Pineapple Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
682 tasting notes

Bought some of this today after trying an iced sample – I was really impressed with the sample, it was distinctly pineapple (of the dried variety) but the oolong was very present at well. Excellent balance!

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I got a sample of this back n March and am finally giving it a go. I am steeping it up in my perfect tea mug for around 3/4 minutes-ish. I love citrus teas BUT find they are usually not done well, so I am eternally on the search for a good one. I am not a fan of green teas in general but find they do work well for citrus, so I hope I don’t regret this decision.

The dry aroma is very sharp, like the zest of a clementine, tangerine or other sweet orange-like fruit. The steeped liquor is much more muted, with more of a green tea aroma than anything else. by that, i mean sweet hay or grass. Fields after the rain, that sort of thing. : )

In terms of taste, the citrus is not very forward. It is nicely disguised in the background of the green tea and is actually really pleasant. I would like a bit more citrus, but this really works. Especially to the idea of a tangerine tea, since there is the sweetness from the green. Definitely suitable but not a re-buy.

PS – The beau is now the fiancee. After eight years, we’re now “official.” I’m so excited! Now to plan and pay for (what we hope to be) a small intimate country wedding. We shall see..


oh wow congratulations!!! so happy for you :)


ahhh congrats so much!




Oh yay! Congrats!


Congrats!!! :)




Ooooh congratulations! Everyone’s getting engaged/married it seems! My sister just got engaged a couple weeks ago, so I have wedding fever too :P



Dylan Oxford

Awesome! Congrats!




Congratulations!!! :D I wish you every happiness with your tea and your fiancee


Thanks everyone! We’re very excited!



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This is the second of the samples I received from Peony Tea S while they were testing shipping to Canada – Thank you! I have never had a yellow tea before, so this is a very new experience for me. The dry aroma put me in mind of delicate teas such as whites and greens, but the “leaves” were quite unusual. They were covered in a downy fuzz and looked almost like really thin pussy willows. They unfurled a bit during the inital steep and have more of a leaf shape now but they are clearly still buds.

Since I am at work I steeped this western style in my perfect tea mug. I gave it approximately 3 minutes to steep, which yields a lightly peachy coloured liquor. The aroma is reminiscent of sweet hay but it is a very light aroma, I had to hover over the cup to pick it up. First sips are mild but very tasty. It is very fresh tasting, and has a cumulative effect, with the flavour seeming more bold with every sip. There is no bitterness (which I like, even if I may have been a bit light on leaf) but a very light sweetness that is unassuming but refreshing.

This does remind me in some ways of greens (but lighter) and whites (but stronger) but not quite the same as either. There is a light, natural sweetness here, it reminds me a bit of fruit but without any bold flavour assocaitons. Maybe like the rind of watermelon, but not bitter? This is a weird thing for me, but I think this would be excellent iced. I don’t enjoy iced tea typically but this is so refreshing, it would be excellent on a hot summer day.

I didn’t really anticipate enjoying this one as much as I do, but it is lovely to have a new flavour in my tea cupboard, especially one that surprises as well as this. I really look forward to trying this at home with my gaiwan. Thanks again, Peony Tea!


Second steep was rich in flavour, I gave it a bit more time and was rewarded with stronger taste. Really really good! : )

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drank Japanese Treasure by Pippins
682 tasting notes

This is another one that my Auntei got me a year or so ago. This seems to be a genmaicha, though it has a lightly floral aroma. I am not much of a green tea fan so it has sat untouched, but today I decided to give it a go. The slight fruity flavour carried over into the tea, but mostly I got a shockingly sweet green tea. It wasn’t that bad, for a green – I think genmaicha are my preferred greens, though I still would rather have most anything else. The beau enjoys green tea more than I do, so I might get him to drink it. It’s good to have diverse tea tastes in the house! : )

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I am a lover of many things, but my passions include my records, tea and books (not necessarily in that order!) I embrace local food and good cooking as much as I can, and place great value on time with family and enjoying the bounty of nature. As of January 2014 my husband and I finally moved to the country to be closer to family and continue our journey in a family home. We have been wanting to do this for a couple years, so we are very excited to follow our hearts. We also have a wonderful kitty named Emma that is the princess of the house.

I am drawn toward good Chinese blacks, enjoy some herbals and the odd roasted oolong. Greens and whites can make me nauseous, but I will have flavoured ones on occasion. While I don’t yet adore puerh, I am giving it my best effort. Chamomile and coconut are the devil though, I wish they didn’t exist. Mint has been a particular favourite of mine since childhood, and I enjoy both flavoured and pure teas though unflavoured blacks are tops for me.

As for ratings, I try to only log teas once or twice because I drink a lot of the same ones repeatedly. My rating is based on my perception of the tea at first tasting and is adjusted if anything notable occurs in subsequent cups. I may also factor in the price and customer service but try to note that when I can.

81 – 100: WOW. This is the cream of the crop.
71 – 80: This is a solid tea. I enjoy it, and would recommend it to others, but may not repurchase.
61 – 70: Just okay. I can drink it, but it doesn’t stand out to me. May try again to improve.
41 – 60: Bleh. Might finish it, but it’s not to my taste OR just doesn’t impress me at all.
0 – 40: No thank you, please. Take it away and don’t make me finish the cup.



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