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463 Tasting Notes


Thank you Angel of Teavivre for this sample.

Such an enjoyable tea. A bit of maltiness, fruit, and smoke. I really liked the smokey flavor and how it lingered after the sip. The tea is smooth, and while it has some strength I would not call it a robust tea. In the future I’ll drink this as an afternoon tea. I like something with more kick to it in the morning.

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drank Cherry Sencha by Premium Steap
463 tasting notes

Yesterday I took my daughter to the doctor for her well visit. Today I have a sore throat. Go figure. That is why I dislike walking into the petri dish that is any pediatrician’s office. It seems like anytime I take my kids there I come home with some sort of bug. Sorry, needed to vent. End of rant.

This sounded like a nice tea for a sore throat. I measured the leaves into my french press, and followed the steeping directions on the bag (1 tsp for 8 oz., heat water to 185F, steep 2 minutes). After it finished steeping I poured the tea into my teapot. The liquid is a pale green, and the scent is purely green tea – no cherry. The taste is clean. I want to say soapy, but not in a bad way. I still don’t taste the cherry. There is a floral note that I wasn’t expecting, but it’s nice. As the tea cools there is a hint of something that could be cherry, but because of the floral note I would say it’s cherry blossom, not fruity cherry.

I find that the absence of cherry does not bother me. The flavors in the cup are so light and pleasing. A heavy fruity cherry flavor would cover up all of the wonderful flavors from the tea itself.

A nice tea. It feels lovely on my sore throat. I might resteep the leaves later today.

Invader Zim

I’ve found that a lot of Cherry Senchas have rose petals or rose flavoring in them. Maybe that’s the floral note you were tasting?


Yes! Thank you. As soon as I read your note I realized that was what I was tasting.:) There are no rose petals in the tea, so it must be a flavoring. The ingredients aren’t listed on the bag, and the tea is not listed on the company’s website. A friend bought it for me from the brick and mortar store, so I didn’t have a lot to go on.

I feel kinda silly for not knowing that it was rose… :p

Invader Zim

No need to feel silly! I’m glad I could help though!

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drank Gooey Butter Cake by 52teas
463 tasting notes

My morning cup. I felt like being decadent, and this tea fit the bill. I love that there is a bright lemon flavor at the beginning of the sip followed by a cake-y note right at the end, and throughout there is a subtle, but present, creaminess that ties everything together. Delicious.

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drank Rooibos Peach Bloom by Teavana
463 tasting notes

My 100th note! Yay!

I’ve been struck by a touch of insomnia. After deciding I wanted something warm to drink I ended up rooting through my pantry because nothing sounded good. In the back, hidden under all of my caffeine laden teas was this little gem. I mixed it with a touch of honeybush, and I ended up with a cup of peaches and cream yumminess. It was comforting and relaxing, exactly what I needed. I like this more than I remember. Don’t know if it’s because I mixed it with the honeybush or if I’m starting to like rooibos, but this was a really tasty drink.


Congratulations on 100!


Happy 100!




Yay 100! :)

Invader Zim

Congrats on 100!


Thank you!

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drank SBT: Cotton Candy by 52teas
463 tasting notes

Today was unseasonably warm. I took my son to the park, and I was wearing a short sleeved shirt and no jacket. In December! Anyway, when we got home I wanted something cold to drink. I had made this earlier in the day, (iced tea has become my replacement for Diet Coke) so I poured myself a glass and YUM. The cotton candy flavor is great. I did sweeten the tea with a touch of sugar to bring the flavor out more. Both of my kids tried it, and they loved it. This is a tea I would love to serve at a summer cookout. For now though I will be happy drinking a glass while I watch the lights on my Christmas tree twinkle.

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I woke up craving this. I’ve been slowly sipping on it throughout the morning, and it has been great. This pot seems slightly sweeter than the previous one. Definitely no need for sugar. If I have any complaint with this tea it’s that my sample is gone and I haven’t reordered yet.

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This was a gift from a friend. It’s a tea I never would have chosen for myself, so I’m glad my friend was making the choices because this is a very nice tea. Nice to have a friend who knows me better than I know myself!

I have never been a fan of floral flavored teas because they tend to overwhelm me. Not so with this tea. The jasmine and lavender are there, but I don’t feel like I’ve stuck my head in a potpourri bag. The Ceylon tea has a chance to shine. The tea is rich and has a sweetness to it, again not overwhelming. It’s just enough to make you sit up and take notice. That combined with the lovely jasmine and lavender flavors makes this tea almost enchanting.

I can see myself enjoying this one both hot and iced. I have to say, I’ve been super impressed with the teas I’ve had from Premium Steap. Each one has been a delight!


I love love love their Emperor’s Red!


Ooh, I haven’t tried that one yet. Another one to add to my shopping list!

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This sample was from Zen Tea. Thank you!

Holy berries, Batman! This herbal is berries through and through. The elderberries and black currant seemed to dominate, but every now and then I could taste a bit of blackberry. I could see strawberry bits in the dry tea, but I never tasted them in the infusion. The other berry flavors completely overpowered it. I would have liked to have less elderberry and more strawberry. There is also hibiscus in here, of which I am not a fan. It was not overpowering, but every now and then I would get that jaw clinching tart note. So not my favorite herbal, but still a good one.

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Thank you Angel of Teavivre for this sample!

I could kick myself for not trying this tea sooner. It is exceptional. The infusion is a beautiful amber color, and it smells slightly bready. At the first sip I taste maltiness followed by a slight sweetness . Yum. Really yum. The tea feels smooth and rich, but it is also light. This tea makes me want to slow down and enjoy everything it has to give. One cup turns into two which turns into the whole pot. I have no regrets. :)

Looks like I’m going to have to make room on my shelf because this tea will become part of my permanent stash.

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drank Very Raspberry by Teajo Teas
463 tasting notes

I had this as an iced tea, and it was outstanding. The raspberry in this tea is so well done that it taste like a mix of juice and tea. It was sweet and smooth. Never before have I had an iced tea where the word smooth came to mind! Crisp, yes. Refreshing, sure. But deliciously smooth? Not until today. The funny thing is I’m not usually a huge raspberry fan. I am, however, a fan of this tea.

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I have always been curious about tea, but I didn’t give in to a full fledged obsession until 2010. I’ve enjoyed every new discovery, and my garden has loved the mini mountain of tea leaves that’s been added to the soil! Some of my favorite tea companies are:

- Whispering Pines Tea Company
- Zen Tea Life
- Harney and Sons
- 52 Teas
- Teavivre

While drinking tea I enjoy indulging in my other passions which include reading (the classics and mysteries), music, gardening, and crochet. I have a small business called the Leaf Street Thread Company, and I’m excited to have many of my handmade items sold at stores in the Philadelphia area.

My Rating System:

100-95 = Teas I actively seek out and keep in my pantry. If you are a guest in my home chances are I will offer you one or all of these teas. Also, if/when these teas are discontinued I openly mourn their loss.

94-85 = Teas I truly like, often have in my pantry, and sometimes restock. These are my variety-is-the-spice-of-life teas.

84-75 = They’re good teas and I enjoy drinking them on occasion.

74-65 = These teas are ok, but not really my thing.

64-55 = meh.

54-45 = I will if I have no other option.

44 and below = Coffee, please.


New Jersey, USA



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