746 Tasting Notes

drank Boston Blend by Harney & Sons
746 tasting notes

I was decadent this morning and walked to the bakery for cinnamon rolls before waking my kids up for school. We’ve been eating lots and lots of oatmeal lately, so this was a nice change of pace. My plan was to make a pot of Assam to balance out some of the sweetness from the pastry, but as soon as I saw my little tin of Boston sitting in the cabinet I decided it must be our morning tea. It was perfect. The almond and cranberry in the tea were lovely alongside the sweet rolls. Definitely a nice way to start a Tuesday.


That sounds like an awesome flavour pairing.

Tea Sipper

My plan is to make some blueberry maple oatmeal tomorrow… but those cinnamon rolls sound amazing too. :D


Oooh, I think this tea would be great with blueberry and maple. I bet the flavors would play off of each other beautifully!

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drank Cherry Sencha by Premium Steap
746 tasting notes

I probably shouldn’t be drinking caffeinated drinks right now, but this one was calling to me. I’m going to have to try some other Senchas because this one is quickly becoming one of my favorite green teas. It’s so light and clean yet full of flavor. Oh yeah, I like.

Bumping my rating up on this one.

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I went digging through my teas, and this was the tisane that popped out at me. Guess I’m in a lemon kinda mood. The flavor profile is the same: lots of lemon throughout the sip with the ginger slowly building at the back of the throat. Definitely chases the chills away.

This would be really good iced. I hope I remember that when warmer weather makes its return.

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drank Organic Darjeeling by Wegmans
746 tasting notes

My morning cup. Nice, easy to sip, and it’s keeping me warm. While this isn’t my favorite Darjeeling I’d never turn down a cup if it was offered. I find this has a lot more floral notes and far fewer toasty ones than other Darjeeling blends making it taste more like a first flush Darjeeling though I doubt it is.

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I haven’t had this one in a while and thought it’d be a nice way to start my Saturday. This is one of the teas that opened my eyes and made me realize there was more out there than Lipton tea bags. Thank you Harney and Sons for that!

I still love that it taste like red hot candies, and I love the way the clove flavor builds as I keep sipping. The last time I bought this I purchase the sachets instead of loose leaf, and while the flavor is still good I do think I like the loose leaf more. With the loose leaf the clove and orange notes are more apparent, or at least that’s what I’m remembering. Bagged tea or loose, I’m happy to have this in my cup.

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
746 tasting notes

Oh man, I needed this. I’ve been going and going all day. It’s nice to finally sit down with some tea and catch up on what everyone else has in their cups.

There is a lot of vanilla in this cup. Way more than usual. This is in no way a complaint. In fact, I’m really liking it. There’s still a good amount of bergamot as well, but it’s definitely vanilla heavy. Regardless, it’s delicious, and I’m hoping it’ll help keep me awake because I still have quite a bit to get accomplished tonight. Eventually. Right now it’s still tea time.

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I think all my other Assams just got downgraded. :)

This tea is everything I was hoping it would be. Rich, strong, and malty but also incredibly smooth. There is some briskness at the end of the sip which is also nice. I can pick up a few fruity notes, but to be honest I’m not trying all that hard. This is so good that I’m just drinking and being happy.

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Picked up a box of this when I was at the store earlier because I don’t have a lot of herbals on hand at the moment and I’m trying to snack less in the evening. So this tisane is doing double duty. It taste a lot like a sugar cookie and is sweet enough to dampen my urge to snack, and it won’t keep me awake until the wee hours.

For the record, Candy Cane Lane is my favorite CS tea. This would be my second choice.



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This one taste more like apple crisp than gingerbread. The taste is sweet with just a hint of spice, and that spice is nutmeg and cloves. Not a lot of ginger goin’ on here. Because it’s Zhena’s I used two tea bags for my 10 oz. mug. If I only use one the tea is too weak. That said, this isn’t a bad tasting tisane. The roobios is there but isn’t overly medicinal. The apple is fruity and sweet with out tasting like candy, and while the spice is mild what’s there is nice.

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drank Masala Chai by Wegmans
746 tasting notes

It’s really cold this morning. I was shivering by the time I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen. This may have had something to do with the fact that I didn’t put my slippers on, but still… cold. I couldn’t get the kettle on soon enough! As soon as the water was heating I reached for this tea. No internal tea debate needed. A nice hot cuppa with plenty of spice was definitely called for.

This is easily the most consumed chai in our house. There is plenty of spice but only a small amount of cinnamon which can sometimes overwhelm a chai, and the base tea is really good. Even when it gets oversteeped there’s little to no bitterness. A little milk and and a touch of honey makes it even better.

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