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I had my last cup of this yesterday. The rest was sent as part of a swap package, and while I’ll miss this tea, I’m glad someone else is getting to try it. This has easily been my favorite banana tea to date!

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drank Cherry Sencha by Premium Steap
731 tasting notes

Cold brewed this again. It’s really nice. Wonderfully smooth and clean. The rose flavor is very light this time, but I like that it gives the sencha a chance to shine. It’s perfect for a hot day like today.

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drank Passionfruit by Adagio Teas
731 tasting notes

The next paragraph has nothing whatsoever to do with tea. If you’re just looking for a tea review check out the last paragraph!

Before I get into my thoughts on this tea I have to tell you that today has been an absolutely fabulous day. You see, my daughter has severe food allergies (anaphylactic shock, epi-pen, call the ambulance type allergies). When she was a year and a half old we did a food challenge to beef, and she broke out in hives after having 1/16th of a teaspoon of the stuff. Today at twelve (almost thirteen) years old she did another food challenge to beef and she passed! It’s not so much the fact that she can eat a steak that I’m thrilled about – although that is pretty awesome – rather it’s the fact that her quality of life will be that much better. It’s one less food that we have to worry about making her sick or possibly killing her. And the next time we go to a picnic she can eat a freaking hamburger just like everyone else. That’s huge to her! Food plays a major role in the way our culture entertains and celebrates itself, so she’s often felt like she’s on the outside looking in. While she is fiercely independent (heaven help me through the teenage years!) she’s also a kid who just wants to fit in. So this is big, and I’m excited for her!!! She still has other foods that she’s allergic to, but we’re hopeful that she’ll continue to outgrow at least some of them. More food challenges to come!

If you read that, thank you! And now the tea….

It was a bit more perfume-y than I was expecting, but once I got past the highly floral smell the taste was all passionfruit. The base tea was decent, but I had to concentrate to taste anything other than the fruit flavor. This isn’t exactly a negative. After all, it is Passionfruit. I enjoyed it hot, but I think I’ll like it even more iced.


Awesome. Can’t imagine going to a picnic and not getting to eat a hamburger.


Thanks! The really tough one is birthday parties. She can never have the cake and ice cream. It’s not so bad now, but when she was little it broke my heart every time.


I’m happy for you that her food sensitivities seem to be changing and lessening. I can’t imagine how frightening it must be to have someone you care about have such severe allergies.


congratulations! to her and you… i can relate to a certain extent. coffee and turkey are my main ones. it’s a giant pain because i have to be really careful where i eat. then there’s the fuss of a manager coming out and asking questions, then the same manager bringing out my food after they’ve hovered over the cooks (a death over lunch hour could be bad for business, you see?)

are these the tests you were talking about last week? again, congratulations!

Terri HarpLady

That’s awesome Veronica!
I don’t get to eat the cake or the ice cream either,so I’m happy that she gets to eat the beef!


Thank you for the kind words everyone. It means a lot.

James, eating out when you have food allergies can be tough, but a good manager/waiter/cook can save the day! We eat out as a family so infrequently that when we do go out it’s a HUGE deal. For my kids eating out at a restaurant where a waiter comes to take their order is on par with Christmas and their birthdays. :) It’s getting easier now, but I still worry about cross contamination. And yes, these are the test I was talking about. She actually has two more food challenges scheduled for later this year, and they are all at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It’s a blessing to have one of the best children’s hospitals in the world so close to us, and the fact that her visits are covered by our insurance is blessing on top of blessing!

Also, allergic to coffee? Ouch. I love tea, but I love coffee, too.


i am sending nothing but happy positive zen vibes your way. allergies can back off with age. i was allergic to beef too (all i dreamed about were cheeseburgers, lol) and now i’m fine with it. i bet your family has super healthy eating habits too (ahem— i DID when my allergies were full force, now not so much).


Yay! I used to be allergic to chocolate, so I know the pain. Congrats, congrats!

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drank Caramelized Pear by Art of Tea
731 tasting notes

Turns out my local tea shop orders several of their teas from Art of Tea, so even though I previously logged this tea under a different company name (The Tea Shop) it makes more sense to me to post it under Art of Tea from here on out.

I’m still middle of the road about this tea. I want to love it, but the rooibos flavor just gets to me. The pear, caramel, and honey flavors are all there, and they’re really nice. Sweet without being cloying. But the rooibos taste too medicinal to me, and it kills all the fun that’s happening with the caramelized pear flavor. I’m really wishing this had a honeybush base rather than a rooibos base, but alas….

I’ll probably finish the rest of what I purchased, but this isn’t something I’d buy again.

Terri HarpLady

I used to really enjoy this one as an evening tea, but that was years ago. I haven’t had it in a long time, due to my losing desire for rooibos.

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Cold brewed. Lots of floral, but the base tea is still there. A great way to cool down on a hot day.

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This is another tea from the tea box!

To be honest, I was expecting this tea to be a mess because 1) I decided to cold brew it even though it’s supposed to be brewed hot and then iced, and 2) I forgot about it and left it in the fridge for almost fourteen hours. Yeah, I thought it was going to be bitter from start to finish. Much to my surprise it’s a very nice cup!

The liquid is a very pale yellow, and there’s not much in the way of smell. A slight hint of something herbal, but that’s about it. The taste is unique. It comes in waves. First, it’s the peony, then a mix of lemon and ginger, and finally the rosemary. The rosemary lingers on the tongue, so the next sip is a peony/rosemary flavor which is actually really nice. I can’t say that all of the flavors meld together, but it’s still an enjoyable tea.

I doubt that I would ever order this one, but it was definitely a fun tea to try. It’s also made me curious about white iced teas. I’d love to try more of those!

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drank Strawberry Zabaglione by 52teas
731 tasting notes


This is from a swap with Jackie T. I thought I had used it all, but there was enough left for a small cup. Yay!

This is one of my favorite fruit teas. Love the sweet strawberry and the creamy, custard-y flavors together. I think this tea was my introduction to 52 Teas. I must say, it left quite an impression!


here’s an idea… maybe i’ll try my sample of this tomorrow!


Do! Can’t wait to read what you think of it.

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I have a Monday deadline for a project I’m working on, so after dinner I decided to make myself a cup of tea before grabbing yarn and hook. I chose this tea out of my sample drawer and set about making a cup. The tea leaves caught my eye because of their golden color and length (long and spindle-y). Interesting. My mind kind of wandered as I was preparing it, and the tea had a few minutes to cool because my son wanted to show me his latest drawings. When I came back into the kitchen I picked up my cup, took a sip, and wow! Oh-holy-yumminess!

This tea taste like poached stone fruits drizzled with honey. It’s sweet and light, but the finish has almost a syrupy feel. If I didn’t know better I would swear it was a dessert tea. I’m glad I was caught off guard by this tea because it made me stop what I was doing and just enjoy. I haven’t tried many Yunnans yet, but now I’m intrigued and looking forward to trying more.

One more for the shopping list, but this one is getting bumped to the top.

Edited to add: This tea is from the tea box. Thanks Tea Sipper for yet another great tea!!!

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drank Lemon Black by Wegmans
731 tasting notes

Another cold brew! Although this is my first time logging this tea I’ve tried it at least two other times. I wasn’t impressed with it because the lemon has a bitter taste. There’s supposed to be lemon peel in the tea, but it taste more like the pith. Fortunately, cold brewing resolved the bitterness issue, and I was left with a nice cold glass of lemony tea. I went form thinking I would never buy this tea again to adding it to my grocery shopping list. This is a great summertime tea!


It’s a treat to find a cheapie grocery store tea that’s worth a repeat.


It really is! Everyone in my house drinks iced or cold brewed tea all summer, so it’s nice to have a few teas that taste decadent but won’t kill my budget. :)

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This one has been languishing in my tea cupboard, so I decided to cold brew it. It is great this way! There’s still the peach and woodsy flavors, and I can pick up the apricot notes that I was missing from the hot tea. I added some simple syrup to my glass, and it really helped highlight the fruity flavors. Like it!

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