767 Tasting Notes

drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
767 tasting notes

Made myself a cup before going to church this morning. Perfect for sipping on the drive there. I was a few minutes late getting there because a friend of mine said she was looking for new herbal and fruity teas, so I made her a big bag of samples to try. Yay for sharing the tea love!


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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
767 tasting notes

In an attempt to delay my afternoon chores, I made myself a cuppa. My husband and daughter went to see a zombie flick, and my son is happily playing in his room. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a quiet house and a cup of Earl Grey.

But alas, the laundry beckons.



I have to do laundry this weekend too. :(


Oh.. I agree… A good cup of tea and a quiet house = bliss. :)

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drank Juicy Blueberry by Zen Tea
767 tasting notes

Lots of berry, but nothing that shouts blueberry. I’m also not read tasting the yogurt. Something tells me that both of these flavors will be more pronounced as the tea cools but so will the hibiscus. I’d rather drink it warm and call this a berry blend.

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
767 tasting notes

Backlogging. I’m using the month of February to track how often I drink this tea since it is undeniably the tea I drink the most. More for my own curiosity than anything else. I’m counting resteeps as their own cup, but I won’t write a separate entry for them. Total cups consumed so far will be at the bottom of the page.

Yesterday started off great but ended horribly. Bah. So, while the day was going along swimmingly I made myself a cup of this and resteeped it once because this is a happy tea. Then, when everything blew up in my face last night I made myself another cup (which I also resteeped) because this tea is comfort in a cup. Hopefully today will be better.

Cups: 4


This one is very good. I think I just recommended it to looseTman for his wife. She loves Earl Grey, but I don’t know if she has had a cream one.


I should probably give other EGs a chance, but I love this one.

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drank Strawberry Cream by Zen Tea
767 tasting notes

My morning cup.

We received our Zen Tea order yesterday (yay!). Before going to bed last night my daughter asked that I make a pot of this for breakfast. It’s definitely a family favorite, and I’m happy to have it on my shelf again.

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Caramel marshmallow tea. What’s not to love?

This tea does have a time frame in which I find it truly enjoyable. Too hot and the flavors isn’t there. Too cool and its just meh. Oh, but that spot right in the middle… you get a sweet creamy treat that is sooo good.

I’m really glad I gave this one a try. Yum.

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Well, goodbye 64 degrees. cold, Today is rainy, blustery, and cold. This is the perfect tea for keeping the chill away. Lots of warm cinnamon and a bit of orange and clove. I think I will always have a soft spot for this tea.

Now… rain, rain go away….

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drank Masala Chai by Wegmans
767 tasting notes

It is a lovely 64 degrees outside today. I’m sitting on the porch with a cup of this chai and a chocolate chip cookie (made with dark chocolate chips). I am a happy girl!

(see my previous note for actual review of the tea)


64 is balmy compared to the northeast weather this part of the country ha been having! enjoy. :)


I know! The weather has been crazy. Earlier this week it snowed, today it feels like spring, and later this week it’s supposed to snow again.


welcome to life in the northeast! hahaha. I live in New England and the saying is that if you don’t like the weather just wait a little while and it will change.


Yep! Ice last Friday, sitting on the porch in 73 beautiful degrees now!

Terri HarpLady

It was in the 60’s here for the last 2 days, and now it’s 29, with little tiny ice balls littering the ground.

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This is a lighter, brighter take on the traditional Earl Grey. The white tea is mild but very clean. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the taste of the tea came through. The bergamot doesn’t blend with the tea as much as it floats above it, and above the begamot there is a high floral note that is almost jasmine like. The different layers work well to make a delicate and delicious cup of tea.

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I should just accept that I’m not a rooibos person. The only reason I keep trying rooibos is that I am already anti-hibiscus, and avoiding both would seriously limit the tisanes available to me. Who needs limits?

So, I don’t hate this blend, but I don’t love it either. There is a caramel like sweetness, but I’m not tasting the pear. The rooibos is heavy enough that distracts from the other flavors. So what I’m left with is a really sweet rooibos. If I were more of a rooibos person this would probably be very nice.

This one is easy enough to sip. Unfortunately, it’s also easy enough to forget. So the hunt for great herbals and tisanes continues….

Kasumi no Chajin

LOL! It took me till this year to accept my distaste for lemon or generic “citrus” in blends with true tea in them (love lemon in tisanes) and still I am trying to convince myself I “should” like fruity teas and desert teas.


Kasumi, I’ll drink the lemon, fruity and dessert teas, and I’ll leave the sencha and green teas for you. :)

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My Rating System:

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84-75 = They’re good teas and I enjoy drinking them on occasion.

74-65 = These teas are ok, but not really my thing.

64-55 = meh.

54-45 = I will if I have no other option.

44 and below = Coffee, please.


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