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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
744 tasting notes

Merry Christmas, Steepsters!

I’ve been enjoying this tea for much of the day. I’m glad I held off on rating it because this is so much better than the sample I had tried a few weeks ago. The mix of fruit and caramel is delicious. It has a smoothness that took me by surprise (I’m not sure why, but it did.), and had me sipping cup after cup until I realized I’d had far too much caffeine. No matter… it’s the holidays, so I can sleep in late and spend tomorrow trying a new tea… or two… or three….

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This is my last sample from Angel at Teavivre, and it is a good one!

The dry leaves are beautiful. Long and slender with lots of warm yellows mixed in among the black. As soon as the tea started stepping I knew there would be no need for sugar. The honey fragrance is strong. Not overwhelming, but very easy to pick up. And the taste… yum. It’s malty, sweet, and velvety. This is good. I mean really, really good. I don’t usually stick with one tea all day, but I can easily see myself steadily sipping on this while I get an order finished and in the mail today.

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
744 tasting notes

My morning cup, and my favorite Earl Grey to date. This is so well blended. The bergamot and vanilla are excellent together. It’s warm and comforting which is just what I need today.

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While there is caramel in this tea, and while it does have a creamy flavor, the star of this tea is the tea itself. It’s toasty and has a subtle kick to it. The caramel adds sweetness – sort of a dark molasses flavor, but then the cream flavor keeps everything from being too dark. It’s a great dessert tea, or in my case, rainy day tea.

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So much to do today. I’ve been playing nursemaid or been sick myself for well over a week. Now that everyone has recovered (fingers crossed) I have a to-do list a mile long to knock out. Thankfully I still have a bit of this in my pantry. Simple, rich, smooth, and strong enough to kick me into gear.

My thanks to the Irish for knowing how to make an excellent cup of tea. ;-)


This sounds wonderful. I’m sure I need more tea ;)

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drank Candy Cane by Della Terra Teas
744 tasting notes


There are holiday teas that hit you in the face with flavor. Kinda like opening a door and having a room full of people shout Merry Christmas at you. It’ll get your blood pumping, but there’s only so many times you want that to happen during one holiday season. This is not that tea.

This tea is more like walking in the door to your favorite relative’s house, having him/her give you a hug, and say – not shout – Merry Christmas. You still feel all happy and festive inside without also feeling overwhelmed. I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes less is more, and in this instance Della Terra did less the right way.

The tea – The dry tea is adorable with the little candy canes poking out here and there. So cute! Once brewed the liquid is lighter than I expected given the three minute steep, but it smells great. All mint and vanilla, but it’s light… soft. I like it. The mint is there, but not in your face. The vanilla gives the cup a creamy dreamy taste. And the base tea is really good. I love being able to taste the tea itself! It’s smooth and lends itself well to the vanilla flavor. Lovely.

This just might be my choice for a Christmas morning cup of tea.

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drank Strawberry Cream by Zen Tea
744 tasting notes

Oh mercy, this is good. This is a tea with no hidden agenda. You get a wonderful strawberry and cream flavor and a solid black tea to go with it. I added a touch of sugar to my cup and found that it was just enough to really bring out the strawberry. That said, this could be a delightful dessert tea with sugar and milk. And by delightful I’m thinking eye rollin’ good.

I’m so glad I added this one to my cart. It will most certainly be a pantry staple.


Yup this one is totally yum!

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Thank you Angel of Teavivre for this sample.

I admit I was wary to try this tea. It is one of those teas that people either love or hate, and I wasn’t sure where I’d fall in the mix. Turns out I am a fan. There is a wonderful smokiness that is present in smell and taste, but it does not dominate the tea. There are also sweet notes (honey maybe?) and hints of fruit. Wow, this it’s really good!

This is the fourth Teavivre sample I’ve tried, and I can see myself purchasing each one. I can’t say this makes me sad. :)

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Last year this was one of my favorite teas. Now I’m looking in my cup wondering if there’s any actual tea in there. There is a strong mint flavor and then… nothing. I know that a good white tea could easily work with the mint, so I find this really disappointing. Maybe I just know what good high quality tea taste like now, or maybe last years White Christmas was superior to this year’s. Regardless, I will be moving on to other holiday teas.

I dropped the rating to reflect my current opinion of this tea.


I always feel like I have to load up the cup with more than one Stash tea bag in order to get any taste. I haven’t tried this one loose, but I guess it’s one I can avoid. Boo.


Yeah, if I use their tea bags I’ll usually put two in my cup. Even with loose tea I add more. I don’t mind putting a little extra in, but if I’m having tea I want to taste the tea. Le sigh.

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6am came way too early. I didn’t even consider the other teas in my pantry. I grabbed this and made myself a deliciously strong cuppa. Even though this is strong there is not a hint of bitterness. Good stuff!

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