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The dry leaf smells good. Once it is brewed, it seems to lose a much of its fruity aroma and smells much more like black tea. I think I may have steeped to long, it is a little bitter. Or this might just be strong black base I have heard of. Not going to rate until I have a chance to steep at a different temp and time and when I have regular milk instead of vanilla coffee creamer. See full review at http://akoalateablog.teatra.de/2012/03/01/10-the-jane-austen-mafia-by-adagio/

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I’m looking forward to what you think of this. Keep us posted!

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This came today after I had the Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha, so I figured I would keep the Genmaicha train a-rollin’ and dig right into it. I liked this one better than the Marshmallow, but I like cheesecake more than marshmallow. I added a teaspoon of sugar and a teeny, tiny splash of milk. Nice mild tea. I could not really taste the cherry cheesecake initially, but the aftertaste of it was there. Glad I grabbed a bag.

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I have never been a big fan of rice crispy treats, but for some reason when I saw this available I had to get it. It smells delightful. I am still not very familiar with green teas and this is my first Genmaicha. It does taste a little like marshmallows, and I can taste the rice. I added about a teaspoon of sugar, and it is very pleasant. Not my favorite, or one I would rebuy, but I am glad I got to try it. I think my husband will love this one. (Link to full review will go here)

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Kinda smells like an old lady before being steeped, tastes like lavender, fruit and water once steeped, not my cuppa tea tonight. I think I might like this one as an iced tea, or if I was in a more specific mood. Can’t bring myself to finish the cup. See full review at:

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it is getting ready to rain…needed something to warm me up. Now my bag is empty. Better savor this cup. Not going to be able to buy some until I get through a bunch of my other tea.

EDIT: Tragedy struck. My drink got knocked over and it all spilled out. Worst part, the room now smells delicious. SOB

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Years ago my mom got a tea called Rainbow Rooibos from a place called Green Goddess Herbs in the San Diego Area. We were coming to the end of the tin, so we started searching for replacements. This was the first one we opted to order and try because the dry tea looks identical.
The tea has a nice smell when it was dry, the sweet amaretto smell.
Brewed it is a pretty red-amber color. Taste without milk or honey is a little sweet, but nothing real exciting. It is an okay cup with milk and honey, but nothing I would go out of my way to drink. My mom likes it, which is good because the tea we were trying to replace was her favorite, but I was sad that she mixed the old tea with the new, because the old was a whole lot better. So for me, the search continues.

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okay. Brewed this up again. Accidentally dropped in a bunch of brown sugar, added milk. I feel like I am actually drinking hot buttered rum like I used to get at my local theater during the holiday burlesque show. It is amaze-balls. I am ready to place my order today, but know that I am going to have to wait until my stash is a little smaller.
I’m getting ready to start a diet, and this is like dessert in a cup. I didn’t think I would ever find a tea I liked more than pancake breakfast by 52teas…..but I found one. So now I have a tea for breakfast and a tea for dessert!
I am SO glad this was in my giant box of samples from LiberTEAs!

Edit: Re-brewed the leaves. still a good taste, but sadly, lost most of its potency. Worth a try

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Just got my IngenuiTea pot in the mail yesterday, and decided to give it a try. The lucky first tea…..Buttered Rum.
It smells sooooooo good. Took a sip. I can tell it is a little over steeped. I should have been patient and let the water cool a little. And not have brewed as long. I think three minutes would have been good. Slightly bitter. But I can tell under the bitterness is a very tasty tea. A little spicy, a little coconut, a little sweet.
Since this is based on rum, I added brown sugar and since when I think of buttered rum I think of the worlds most tasty creamy fattening beverage…..I added some milk. I cannot fully trust my flavor judgement right now as my nose is stuffed up and my taste buds seem wonky.
Will definitely try this again once I am healthy, but for now, I will enjoy it as a mediocre cup with a lot of potential. I will not rate until things are right in my nose and throat.

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drank Lady Grey by Twinings
32 tasting notes

so sick. Could only bring myself to make a tea bag yesterday. Good thing Lady is so good to me. She is even better when not over steeped.

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When 52teas posted that a few more bags of this had been found, I jumped on it (along with the Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha, which I will be tasting soon). It did not have the highest of ratings, but it sounded like something I really wanted to try.
The smell coming out of the bag is a little funky, and I began to get nervous. I don’t really know how to describe it, it was just weird.
I brewed it up and took a sip. Oranges, underlying sweetness. Yum. Enjoying this one with no sugar or milk (which is usually how I take my teas). I have a feeling it will be even better with sugar, but I am sitting in my Lovesac with three chihuahuas on me, so getting up is not the easiest thing.

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3 chihuahuas!! Wow… My 2 bulldogs are a handful. 3 chihuahuas must be abundle of love and joy… As well as a handful!

Tegan Fyretyde

the chihuahuas are my parents dogs. Two of them are fun, but the new puppy which is a corgi/chihuahua is a handful and a half. I have a dutch shepherd and a beagle/Jack Russell mix, and those two really are a handful :)

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I am on a quest to try 175 teas in the next 366 days (yay leap year!) and review them all on steepster as well as in my blog. If you would like to help me out by sending a sample or two, send me a message!

My Ratings:
90-100 My Favorites! Keep in cupboard always.
70-89 Pretty Good! Would not mind drinking, would not mind having
40-69 Various levels of drinkable, would not buy again, but if it was given to me, I’d accept it.
20-39 Might be able to choke it down, many shortcomings, trade it away!
1-19 Gross. Pour it down the sink. Flush it. Give it away. Just get rid of it.


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