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Quick note to say this tea is really nice iced as I was suspecting.
The lotus flowers and jasmine are the main tastes here and offer a very floral and refreshing iced tea.


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I need to thanks warmly TheTeaFairy here for providing me some of this tea during our last swap.
I turned around for a long time before tasting it for 2 reasons :

1/ I’m afraid not loving it because I am often disapointed by myself when I drink a straight tea, not able to appreciate most of them.
2/ this is an assam…and assams are capricious teas, so strong robust and…often bitter to me !

But several Butiki straight teas were a success for me so I dared…and it’s a chance I did !
This assam is just fantastic : no bitterness at all nor astringency even if I respected the brewing times given by TheTeaFairy : 3 minutes.
It’s a so smooth and mellow tea, that’s just incredible regarding all the other assams I had in the past.

The notes are delicate and I can pick some spices somehow, pershaps cinnamon, not sure of my taste here and raisins. There is a soft malty chocolate note as well but no too strong for the best.

I really like it but I have one regret : I don’t get any aftertaste with this tea. After drinking its taste just disappears…like a wizzard…no more trace…I miss it…It’s a shocking way to disappear like that…

So ,need to have another cup…
Is the upgrade version lingers after drinking ?

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

The “upgraded” version is a totally different tea in my opinion. I prefer the normal version after trying both. They’re both good, but i like this one best.


is the upgraded one more robust and somehow gets a little bitterness to your opinion Terri and Sil ?


that sounds about right ysaurella…it’s been a while since i had the upgraded version but that sounds close to what i remember thinking :)

Terri HarpLady

I felt like it was an earthier blend, with more of a resinous taste, more savory, more masculine. If that makes sense, LOL.


It does Terri !

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I’m now sipping this tea iced since 3 days…like a mono-maniac person…
We have 32°c here and even had 38°c on Monday. I am unable to drink hot tea(or whatever else hot !)with these kind of temperature.

I prepared 5 liters (yes 5 liters, just for me, no one else as my daughter is with her grand parents during holidays) and I normally drink 1 liter in 2 hours. My stomach just looks like an enormous balloon but I still have the impression to be alive…yes you have guessed I hate when the weather is too hot.
Weather in Scandinavia is just the perfection for me.

So believe me and trust me : I tasted this tea iced in so enoooooormooooooous volumes that I can say : YEAH it’s nice and even more than nice.
This meh tea as hot beverage turned paradisiacal when iced.

The Betjeman & Barton ’s rapsberry gives the very best of its aroma iced.


I find I like most raspberry teas better when iced. Hope the heat breaks soon for you!


Those are crazy temperatures! I hope it cools down soon.


I sympathize with you Ysaurella! It was as hot over here for almost 2 consecutive weeks! Iced tea for sure!


Had to go Google the temperature conversion (sweat, pant)!

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As I was not very impressed with you, dear tea des sables, I decided to make you iced.
I need to clear my tins to put all my good teas, the ones still in a simple bag…So bye bye basic teas and unloved teas !
You’re not my cup of tea but you may be my glass of tea ?

Sure ! you’re definitively better as an iced tea but obviously I am really less picky with iced teas (I think I’m not far of even being not picky at all when I am deshydrated !)

I get the rose flavour here and the peach one not sure for mango.
This is flowery and fruity and really refreshing.

I’m sure I’ll get my tin available very soon :)


I do the same thing! Any teas I don’t care for hot I just default to cold steeping. They’re usually better that way, and it’s a great way to make room in the cupboard. :)


I was up late last night looking for tea houses in Paris for my Nephew David to explore. He lives close to the Arc de Triomphe. Thought of you.


@ incendiare yes and even good teas can become a HIT iced ! I tried with a just correct rapsberry tea and it became a paradise drink !


@ Bonnie, thanks Bonnie :) Your nephew can try the mariage frères tea room at Ternes (not far from the Arc de Triomphe)
If he’s looking for great Japanase teas he can find some in the area of St Michel, what does he want to try ?


Have you been to Maison des Trois Thes? I was looking for a Chinese Tea House with gonfu service and no flavored tea and read about this highly rated shop.


I’ve never been but I know this tea room (very reputated)
You’re absolutely right they offer the tea ceremonial. It can be a little intimidating for a new tea drinker, a place dedicated to meditation.


Then, you and I would enjoy it because we know what we like and are not intimidated or snobbish. People are that way about wine too and I used to laugh at the winery when people got snobbish. Tea is for everyone! Without humility you know nothing!

Ruby Woo Scarlett

Haha, clever: ‘You’re not my cup of tea but you may be my glass of tea ?’

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Had this tea at Mariage Frères tea room last Sunday.
I really enjoyed it even if I remember a kind of bitterness(subtile but present)
I suspected an assam…I think I was right !

The citrus are lovely

3 min, 30 sec

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The dry leaf of Figue Fraîche strongly smells like dry fig to me.
It is very pleasant.It smells really like summer, Mediterranean countries.

4 minutes steeping later, I get the classic medium bodied black tea base of Dammann with a strong fig taste + a bakery taste.
Drinking it it reminds me some little biscuits we have here, the Figolu which is something similar to your newtons fig.
The fig is really natural and tasty, no doubt this is a greedy fruity fig tea.

Even if it reminds me the figolu biscuits, it is absolutely not an over-sweetened tea, it’s a perfect fig tea.

I’m very happy to finally have the opportunity to enjoy it, I had difficulties to find it (Dammann frères shops didn’t have it ! and the salesman even asked me if I was sure Figue Fraîche was one of their teas…you know with a stupid snobbish way to speak ! YES I was sure, grrrrrrr Working here, are you sure to know the teas of the brand ? hehehe). I managed it to find on line and now I have 50 g to enjoy. YES Figue Fraîche is typically a Dammann Frères Tea, natural with a smooth medium bodied black tea base from China and Ceylon.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I asked for a tea the other day at Dammann and they were very surprised to hear the name. But thankfully one person in the shop knew it was one of their teas (they just didn’t have any).

I ordered some of this tea from instant-the.com as well, hopefully I will eventually get my order! It got delivered after I left my hotel, and they said they would send it to me.


so you are enjoying the hot weather here in Paris :)
I hope you’ll get your parcel soon. Instant Thé was very reliable from my experience and the French mail service is normally very good.
I think you’ll enjoy this one, looking forward to read your review about it and other DF !
The service at Dammann shops is just nice, not better

Ruby Woo Scarlett

I hate when sales assistants don’t even know their own products. I’ve worked in retail and it’s happened to me but at least I had the decency of actually researching the product before rolling my eyes.
Don’t think I’ve ever had fig in tea, it sounds delicious.

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This tea has a special place in my heart. It was one of the first loose leaf teas my mother have bought when I was a child and the name of this tea was really a dream to me…la montagne bleue…where is this magical blue Mountain ?

So I purchased 100g of this one and I’m not disapointed at all.
This is a “classical” strawberry and rhubarb tea with a very pleasant tea base. It’s not a sweet tea despite the presence of the strawberry.

It’s a very different way to play around rhubarb and strawberry vs Jardin Bleu (Dammann Frères, sweeter, tarter) and Thé du Hammam Black leaf (Palais des thés, on a keemun base, really more mellow).

This version is more serious on a way, darker.This si the serious side of the strawberry somehow.
I like it really much, there is absolutely no bitterness, just profoundness.

This is a profound tea with joyful accents to me.

I can’t believe I’m the first one to review it :)

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

sounds delicious! :)


yes it is Sil :)

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What a lovely tea !
It has some ingredients I rarely have in tea : plums (particularly mirabelles) and pear.
In addition apple and peach are present as well.
To be honnest apple and pear are really behind and the main taste to me is clearly mirabelle, for the best as I love mirabelles ! But the other fruits give a special note to this blend even if they are nor really detectable one by one.
The impression is an automnal blend, it makes me think to a setting sun.
Very well blended. Not sure it would be the aromas I would have chosen for St Petersburg but this is really well done.
Another Dammann Frères I really enjoyed.

Now remain 3 teas from my last order to taste including 2 chaï, I feel lazy today to prepare a chaï so maybe next week end !

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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I had this tea this morning even if it’s typically more an afternoon tea.
I was expecting more cherry due to the tea name but it’s more a mix of red berries.
The scent is lovely and the dry leaf is made of some dry fruit and cut tea leaf.

The liquor is pleasant even if not very interesting. This is a natural and decent tea but for real cherry lovers I recommend more Cerise Noire from Betjeman & Barton (black tea base) and Sakura 2000(Mariage Frères on a green tea base)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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Velours nacré is a tea I have never heard about before ordering it to complete my Dammann teas order.I wasn’t expecting too much from this tea as I didn’t choice it really and just went for it to access the free shipping for my parcel.

This is a yummy tea.Very greedy with its almonds and chocolate aromas.
The fact of adding a splash of orange blood to the blend is really a nice idea. It adds some depth to the blend.

The orange lingers a long time after having finished the cup

Really delicious to begin the day.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

I love the name of this tea – Pearly Velvet, it sounds so luxurious and almost decadent.


yes there is kinda decadence in this blend !


I just looove how the French tea houses name their teas!

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First, please forgive me for my English and all the grammatical mistakes you’ll find in my posts.
As English isn’t my mother tongue it sometimes makes things more difficult to express cleverly and accurately what I feel.

I was mainly in black flavoured teas, green as well if not bitter.
I’m now drinking much straight teas because my palate is now developed enough to appreciate them .

My favourite brands are : Mariage Frères,Theodor,Butiki Teas,Dammann Frères, Betjeman & Barton.
My ratings are as follow :

100 to 95 : my darlings; always in my cupboard

94 to 90 : Excellent tea, often in my cupboard

89 to 80 : very good tea, a pleasure to drink it

79 to 70: not bad even nice, why not having it sometimes, but well, not so urgent !

69 to 50 : Meh, deceptive or just not for me – but has some qualities

49 to 30 : I just don’t appreciate it

Under 30 : is this tea ?!?!?

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