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Sipdown !
Definitively not a tea for me but I know it is BECAUSE I am not very green tea.
However it may come from the tea base too.
I know this tea is a best seller of the Brand and people who loves greens really enjoy it.
The citrus flavours are really uncommon and unique, really nice.

I won’t rebuy it but I can understand why it is one of my best friends preferred teas.

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Having this one tonight but I am not in the mood for it apparently.
I brew it the right way and time but get a slight astringency, very very very little BUT present…
This is what I dislike with green teas, this sourness, this almost hidden sourness, on the aftertaste…spoiling your tea joy…
Green teas can be perverse…
Sourness here is the Phantom of my Thé à l’Opéra…

I’m not in a good mood for tea tonight : Hugs from France for America tonight – We are crying with you tonight.

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Geez, I had no idea about that until your post. That is terrible.


Thank you.

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drank Mango Ice Cream by 52teas
341 tasting notes

Thank you Azzrian for sharing this blend with me.
I really get the mango fruit taste, amazing.
The tea base is smooth and mellow but a little too weak for my taste.
I think I get the creaminess (a taste complicated to get and express for me)

Somehow it makes me think to a mango lassi more than a mango ice cream, very nice.
A very pleasant tea

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This is a sample I requested while visiting B&B. I already had this tea in the past but not since at least 4 years.
The scent of dry leaf is just waouh…fantastic, the liquor is a perfect balance of citrus : orange, bergamot and lemon with a light smocky taste.
This is a nice Earl Grey declination in homage to Russian blends.
Delicious, goes in my shopping list, definitively.

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You know I am searching for the perfect raspberry tea…I think I need to search again.
This one is not bad but still not my perfect framboise : the dry leaf scent is very very strong, almost like opening a perfume bottle.
This is a tea using only natural essential oils – I consider this is a pity not using real fruits as well.
The liquor is nice but just ok to me because I am expecting a lot from a raspberry tea…pleasant but not my hero.

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A pity and real fruits look so nice in the dry blend so that it should be reason enough to add them…


I got to play the devil´s advocate a bit – real fruits or some other tea fillers are beautiful and can taste fresh, but they also have a problem, which is they age and loose taste faster than tea does. If they want to blend a big container of black tea and have it last 3 years (so you can sell and resell) and maybe have a lot of it on containers which are half filled and catch air, ah real raspberries would start to crumble and get dusty eventually. Don´t know for sure how long, yeah a bit – counting on other things to add real flavour might only be ok for sellers which sell tea very fast – that is they do not have a lot of different blends and are ok blending artisanlike, though the risk on that is sometimes their blends can vary a little from batch to batch.

Ysaurella, have you tried Dammann´s 4 fruits rouges? i just checked and was surprised you had not put a taste note yet. it is not just raspberry, but it´s a very wow red fruit tea!


agree Teresa but there are some blends where even big companies use real fruits or nuts so they may sell their big amount of teas in the delay allowed by the fruits deterioration. You’re right anyway the majority of the taste always comes from the essential oils…but it just adds something pleasant in the cup, more “flesh” to the beverage.
No I didn’t ever drink 4 fruits from DF, I may one day :)
I am a raspberry lover and really search a mono fruit blend to get a kind of liquid raspberry :)


I have an ‘exotic green’ blend that has bits of passion fruit or pineapple in it. Those aren’t freeze dried fresh, but sugared. Looks beautiful. No idea how relevant it is for the taste and/or how long it will last. The tea is halfway gone so it won’t become old enough to see when these fruit particals deteriorate.

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drank Aida by Mariage Frères
341 tasting notes

The more I drink it the more i love it : It’s really an elegant earl grey spin off :)
I need to say it is near to mélange Hédiard regarding the scent of the dry leaf BUT so different after brewing – both are lovely but Aïda is the most elegant.


Me too, this went on my to buy list. An underrated tea!

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J’adoooooooooooooooooooooore les cerises !!!! I love cherries but less than raspberries.
While in Betjeman & Barton shop, I decided to go for fruity teas, Cerise Noire and Framboise.
No suspense around…I love this cherry tea so much, it’s exactly like drinking a liquid cherry. The aromas are so natural and the aftertaste is divine.More on cherry rather than on cherry blossom (but there is cherry blossom for sure).
The dry leaf was amazing but the liquor is even better – I am really enthusiastic about this tea especially because I wasn’t expecting very much from it.
Prefer it very hot rather than warm,the aromas are really better hot, with a light fruity tartness.
Yummy …

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Mmmmm sounds lovely!


sounds great!


mmmmmm…. cherries….love, this sounds really yummy :-)

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I’ve never had dragonwell before and this my first grapefruit tea as well.

I was expecting more grapefruit flavour but I get it both on dry leaf and in the liquor while sipping.

As many Butiki green teas, I find it better as it cools. The flavour is much more revealed.Really much more present !
I realize I never tried any BT iced…I think I should.

I really enjoy this one almost cold.

Thank you for sharing Sil !

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YAY! it’s my favourite grapefruit tea.

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Second backlog of yesterday while Steepster was down.
My second B&B of the day.
I prefered this one to Polka. While opening the tin,I get an incredible scent of alcohol, like a fruit liqueur.I had the same sensation in shop and asked if it was due to the grape presence, the saleswoman said it was due to the fig presence.
The scent is sooooo strong, incredibly strong on fruits and liqueur.
The taste is really more subtile, for the best.
There is quince in this tea, I got it. Hazelnuts as well but was unable to detect the flavour.
It’s clearly an Autumn blend, absolutely perfect for the weather we have actually in France.
A beautiful tea.
Betjeman & Barton may consider to change their tea base with the flavours they are using. I suspect they are using more than often the same for any flavoured tea. It makes teas less interesting to my opinion.
I love character teas :)

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drank Polka by Betjeman and Barton
341 tasting notes

Backlog of yesterday while Steepster was down.
Polka was my afternoon tea. It’s an absolute fruity tea, opulent, greedy.
The orange used is not a classic orange but a blood orange, very present in the mix of fruits.
It is difficult to distinguish the difference fruits except for the blood Orange but it is a nice cup of tea.
The main difference of B&B teas with Mariage Frères ones to me is the heavy use of essential oils. They are not blending their teas as MF does. However I suspect they use the same black tea base for every flavour tea, which is not the case for MF blends.
That’s the reason why I think B&B remains a challenger only to MF and not a too much dangerous challenger.
Saying that, don’t get me wrong: B&B teas are using only natural ingredients and natural flowers and essential oils, nothing artificial in their teas. Polka is a very decent tea, pleasant.
But I won’t wake up in the middle of the night craving for a cup of this tea.

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I so agree about preferring different bases for different teas – and about Mariage Fréres doing it. I remember being baffled once by somebody complainingn they did not like Mariage Freres black tea base and I was WTF – which base, the one for Marco Polo or Wedding Imperial or Thé au Tibet? All very different!


I see, really weird she/he didn’t get the difference…
Dammann often uses the same tea bases for their flavoured black teas as well but not always. I should continue to taste all my Betjeman & Barton teas to find out if they use other tea bases (maybe in Luxury) but I am pretty sure Polka, Autumn blend, Jour de fête and framboise share the same one.


Of the Dammann teas I have had so far, i think all or nearly have had the same base (though it has only been the samples you sent me and two tins I got here!). And it´ s not a favorite base for me, it tastes almost “thin” somehow – I like Theodor´s base better though I have only had 3 of their flavoured black teas so can not really be sure if it is really the same base!


DF uses a keemun for Charlotte au chocolat but for the other blends I agree, had the same tea base… DF & B&B belongs to the same group…
Theodor is really nice, I need to taste more their teas, I think maybe next month I’ll try to pop up in their shop in Paris

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First, please forgive me for my English and all the grammatical mistakes you’ll find in my posts.
As English isn’t my mother tongue it sometimes makes things more difficult to express cleverly and accurately what I feel.

I was mainly in black flavoured teas, green as well if not bitter.
I’m now drinking much straight teas because my palate is now developed enough to appreciate them .

My favourite brands are : Mariage Frères,Theodor,Butiki Teas,Dammann Frères, Betjeman & Barton.
My ratings are as follow :

100 to 95 : my darlings; always in my cupboard

94 to 90 : Excellent tea, often in my cupboard

89 to 80 : very good tea, a pleasure to drink it

79 to 70: not bad even nice, why not having it sometimes, but well, not so urgent !

69 to 50 : Meh, deceptive or just not for me – but has some qualities

49 to 30 : I just don’t appreciate it

Under 30 : is this tea ?!?!?

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