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This is one of the samples I had with my Butiki Order.

I have no words to say how fantastic this tea is…It’s a kind of perfection, a violet and rose perfection.
Of course these two flavours are among my favorites but the way this tea is blended and flavoured is just wonderful.

It’s just so delicate,the kind of tea you are happy to have in the finest china bone tea cup.

I regret now not having ordered 4 oz of it.
I more than highly recommend Rose Violet Calendula Oolong.

Thanks so much Stacy :)

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Hesper June

Oh, my! this tea is such a delight. I think the only I can describe it is magical!


Magical is the right word :)


I had never had violet in a tea before I tried this one. I like it1

Terri HarpLady

I’ve never had violet in a tea, but I add the flowers to salads, & have made frittatas with the tender greens & flowers (although they are not nearly as delicious as dandelions).


I am one who likes this tea too!


well Terri if I had known this 2 days before…I would have sent you some Violette from Dammann Frères too
This BT seems to have a lot of lovers, I understand why :)

Terri HarpLady

Ysaurella we’ll just have to remember that for our next trade ;)

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drank Luxury by Betjeman and Barton
404 tasting notes

After a discussion yesterday with Sil,cteresa and Dinosara about Dammann Frères teas and Betjeman & Barton, I decided to pop up today at B&B shop near Place de la Madeleine.
I bought 2 teas after the proposal of the director of the shop.
I already have the habit of this brand but it is nice to surrender and be guided sometimes.
The dry leaf blend was sooooo wonderful I immediately decided to have it.
Here in Paris, the weather is very cold (I hear from here some Canadian’s laughs…) it’s -5°C and a maple chestnut tea is the perfect tea to have right now.

The scent of the liquor is divine and the taste is very different from any maple or candied chestnut teas I had before.
More bitter somehow (the nutty bitterness we get sometimes while eating chestnuts)- this is a pleasant bitterness, I need to mention that.

There is something weird with this B&B blend : it tastes a little like “perfume” somehow (natural oils ?)
The tea base is really present. I miss the maple to be honnest. let’s say this is a subtle maple flavour.

I like it and will give another try with a shorter steeping time (around 2 minutes).
Actually I prefer Rouge d’Automne from MF for the candied chestnuts tea category and Maple pecan Oolong from BT for the maple tea category.

Luxury didn’t win the best leading role Oscar but for sure the supporting role one :)

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I think I’ve settled on a single purchase of one of their teas to try. The selection isn’t the best here, but I do love the tin it comes in ;)


I almost opened your sample of it etait aprés la pluie today! decided against and then major thunderstorm and it would have been so appropriate after all.


you have 2 samples Teresa : après la pluie (George Cannon tea)it’s a pu’erh and Il était une fois Noël (this is the B&B tea, sweeter, absolutely not a Pu’erh)- I think you are thinking of Il était une fois Noël


@ Sil : they mention having a shop corner in Canada (but in Quebec) :
Fouvrac – Maison des Thés

1400 rue Fleury Est
Montreal Quebec
+ 1 514 381 8871


OOOOH thank you madam! i will add this to my list of places to go to when i take a trip to montreal :)


Je serai à Montréal la semaine prochaine. I’ll go take a look! Merci!


And yes, I’m laughing at your -5C. ;o)


Steven – let me know how it goes!

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drank Carpe Diem by THE O DOR
404 tasting notes

I am not a big fan of rooibos.
I drank this tea by mistake…the cup was for my daughter, she wanted to try this one before me !…I took her mug in place of mine (full of Queen Catherine)
This tea is an exception…cteresa you won ! you found a rooibos I like ! sure there is strawberry and sure some raspberry as well, totally agree with you.I get the soft almonds and caramel notes.
And all these flavours are working fine together.

The dry leaf itself is noticeable it looks like little needles, so cute and rare.

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LOL, oh I am sneaky like that – and also a believer on good rooibos. Pity what most people know is bad rooibos which indeed is not very nice. But Thé-o-dor uses a wonderful rooibos base and puts some wonderful flavourings on it.

I got a theory the better the rooibos the cuter the little needles look, the bigger and more defined they are, but not sure if that how one really grades rooibos!


I’m pretty sure between cteresa and you, I’m going to need my parents to pack an extra suitcase if they ever make it to France…just for my tea.


LOL, indeed France is a great tea shopping experience (it´s my number 1 shopping priority next time I am there). Theodor is my favorite right now, Mariage is always a favorite – I really don´t know why it is France which has so very many so very interesting tea blenders.

But a big vote for a space for Carpe Diem in your luggage (and their Milky Oolong!)


@ Sil : sure they should bring you back a full suitcase of French teas !
@ Teresa : I have an hypothesis …we want to beat England on its own field by proposing so much quality teas :)

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thank you cteresa for sharing this blend with me.
I really appreciated it and wasn’t impressed by the high ratings because never heard about this tea before cteresa proposed to send me some. So didn’t get high expectations.

To me, it’s not so strong.Malty but not too much (thanks God it is Chinese teas, not an Assam) I get the chocolate but in a different way comparing so many teas, it’s perfectly balanced with other notes, floral & fruity.
The tea base is really perfect, no astringency in my cup, is there a keemun as part of the tea mix ?
I had this tea in the evening and had no problem to sleep, really fantastic.
A beautiful tea to get whenever I want.

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I liked this one very much (this and Harney´s bagged sencha, though have been underwhelmed by other very popular teas of theirs I have tried). I also sent a sample of this to Barbara which liked it as well, and we have been shocked at the shipping costs – last year shipping this and another tin and a a couple samples was about 14 dollars, right now it´s 40 dollars for a similar package and it´s not even flat rate (order 10 tins for the same price!) as is at theodor and mariage freres. Nice tea but not worth it.

A very similar IMO tea to this one is Twinings´ Prince of Wales Blend – smokier I think, but maybe my favorite (I do like smokier!(


I’m just drinking my first cup of Prince of Wales. It’s similar but indeed a bit smokier and a bit more malty IMO. Although I’d still like to have Queen Catharine aswell, it was a good recommendation. Thanks ceteresa!


You are welcome, glad it was a useful recommendation – I got 3 Twinings teas as staples, Prince of Wales, Lady grey and their lapsang Souchong. Neither is the very best of their type of tea but they are so very reliable and easy to find and not expensive…

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oh lord…I just received tonight my order from Butiki Teas.
My daughter is sick and wanted to have this one so we are sharing a mug of Maple Pecan Oolong with a great pleasure.

This tea is really marvelous,one of my staples for sure.
But I still prefer it not too hot, while cooling the flavours of Pecan & Maple are much present (and believe me on parole they are !)

I almost forgot how fantastic it was – I’m so happy to have now 8 oz to enjoy it for the whole winter.

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I’m French and I don’t like red wine …paradox ?
Anyway I was brave and tried this tea, my dear Azzrian kindly sent some over me.

You know, the idea to create and blend a tea flavored with red wine couldn’t have come from France : It would be some kind of sacrilege here…(!)
So thank you dear American for always daring new things (with teas and with with food in general). Things shouldn’t be canonized as we often do here in France for some beverage or ingredients.

I cannot really say I taste a Merlot but for sure I have a real nice grape aroma especially on after taste.

Quite nice, well done 52 teas and thanks for being audacious

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While I was in France I loved to drink rosé, especially Côtes du Rhône, and of course back home I cannot find many. If I lived there, I wouldn’t like red wine either if I had that rosé all the time haha.


ahahaha It’s ok. I’m southern and I’m not super fond of grits.


next time you’ll come in France Amanda, you should try some rosés from Corsica, they are delicious …and this an only white wine drinker who says that !
@ Ze_Teamaker : in France when you are explaining during a lunch or dinner that your host should’n pour some red wine in your glass because you don’t like this….olala…there is a biggggg cold in the air….it just seems incredible…hope southern americans are more open minded :)


Uhm… I wonder whether the inventors of this tea will go as far as claiming you can get the combined benefits of tea and red-wine drinking (with moderation obviously) when tasting this blend. That would make a great marketing gimmick…


Ze_Teamaker: LOL! I read your comment just as I was finishing my grits! Obviously, the bacon and scrambled egg were the stars of the show…

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drank Thé du Loup by THE O DOR
404 tasting notes

thank you so much cteresa for sharing this sample with me.
You’re definitively right : this thé du loup is a fantastic tea …and you know I ’m not a chocolatea lover…
The scent of the liquor is really chocolate (almost like Charlotte au Chocolat of Dammann Frères) but tasting it, I get the hazelnuts !

The tea base is not too strong finally and I was expecting a stronger black tea that’s why I didn’t steep it very long but I think I should try with a longer steeping time.
Anyway I like it very much but may prefer a more bodied tea with chocolate.

Thé du loup for sure is a masterpiece and deserves the high rates given here on Steepster.
A tea to recommend to chocolatea lovers – would you be my valentine dear wolf ?

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Ooh ill have to try this one!

Terri HarpLady

Yeah, baby!


This is my current favorite chocolate tea, it´s so refined. Not sickly sweet, not sweet at all apart from chocolate. Glad you enjoyed it, I finished it oh so fast! I did send a couple swaps but my Theodor orders have been consumed extremely fast, must make another.


i wonder if you can get their teas outside of europe..


I think they ship to Usa & Canada yes

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drank Mélange de Galice by THE O DOR
404 tasting notes

Thank you so much cteresa for sharing some of this tea with me !
I should say right now : I like it but I prefer Nosy Bey from Dammann Frères.

Aroms of these two teas are really similar but different in the same time.Orchard peaches are just sublime in both blends.

First the scent of the dry leaf of Mélange de Galice is not as impressive as the Nosy Bey one : but it may be because the sample traveled a little by post mail.

Then, the vanilla seemed less present than in Nosy Bey.
The tea base is smooth and mellow, I really appreciate it.Everything is sweet in this Mélange de Galice and to me it is exactly what a peach & vanilla tea needs.

Cooling, the vanilla is more prominent.
The after taste is just sumptuous.

Nosy Bey, Mélange de Galice you are decadent teas ! I love that !!!

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Terri HarpLady

That sounds wonderful! I love peaches. I’ve lurked on the damman freres site, but have yet to order anything.


@ Terry : just look in my cupboard, I have several if you want to taste some before ordering. International Shipping costs are often expensive with tea companies, so it may be better to make a test with a swap before ordering to ensure you like the teas.

Terri HarpLady

I would love that!


There is something so summery, so cheering about the idea – Melange de Galice was something I picked almost accidental, it seemed so simple, but I really loved it.


And just to add, had another cup of WTG Alphonso today and not sure what to make of it. There is a taste there which stupidly I can not ID properly. It is very interesting though.

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Finally I taste this tea …it’s in my cupboard for ages…well just 5 months :) No idea why I didn’t take some time to have it.

This is an holiday tea, the first one to use the Thé Noël name, Compagnie Coloniale is a very old French Tea company.

I appreciate very much the scent of the dry leaf : not habitual for an holiday tea : no cloves, no cinnamon. But cherry sure and almond.

This is delicious, really.
Next time I’ll leave it steep longer, because the tea base is a little weak to my opinion.

I can perfectly understand why in France this is one of the Christmas Teas best sellers.

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
404 tasting notes

I decided to do this matcha because my daughter wanted to taste it for tea time. she doesn’t like it even after adding some milk.
So get I a latte caramel matcha for myself now…
I get this sample thanks to Azzrian and I thank her again for sharing it with me.
It’s really nice, I love the flavour and the scent is just amazingly yummy.
Drinking it it is really pleasant but to be honest I am not very impressed.
I had a very good latte with a fantastic caramel taste but the tea base wasn’t really detected by my taste buds.
It may be because I am not a matcha drinker (this is only my second one and the first with milk).
Anyway I liked my beverage even if for me it wasn’t really a tea.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

This is probably due to that I get the ROBUST flavoring which would cover a lot of the matcha base. You may prefer a lighter flavoring. :) And you are most welcome!

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First, please forgive me for my English and all the grammatical mistakes you’ll find in my posts.
As English isn’t my mother tongue it sometimes makes things more difficult to express cleverly and accurately what I feel.

I was mainly in black flavoured teas, green as well if not bitter.
I’m now drinking much straight teas because my palate is now developed enough to appreciate them .

My favourite brands are : Mariage Frères,Theodor,Butiki Teas,Dammann Frères, Betjeman & Barton.
My ratings are as follow :

100 to 95 : my darlings; always in my cupboard

94 to 90 : Excellent tea, often in my cupboard

89 to 80 : very good tea, a pleasure to drink it

79 to 70: not bad even nice, why not having it sometimes, but well, not so urgent !

69 to 50 : Meh, deceptive or just not for me – but has some qualities

49 to 30 : I just don’t appreciate it

Under 30 : is this tea ?!?!?

My tea blog (in French)


Paris, France



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