343 Tasting Notes

drank Casablanca by Mariage Frères
343 tasting notes

Casablanca IS NOT a green tea, it is a mix of green and black. As my dear Prince Igor, as Balthazar and I’ve always loved the Mariage Frères mix of green & black.
This is no exception here and I thank Scheherazade for sharing a sample of this with me.

The black leaves give a mellowness to the blend and eradicate any bitterness temptation from the green :)
It is a beautiful idea to mix mint and bergamot. They pair so well together even if mint wins the match and is more present.
It is so good after dinner, this is just refreshing and terribly yummy. A very high classic and a so beautiful dedicace to this lovely town I’ve never seen. Humphrey and Ingrid…so romantic…

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 30 sec

This would probably be a showstopper iced, mint and bergamot, never would have paired them but I see the potential, sounds really good!


it is ! really you should try this one .


It is, very sadly because of the price, one of my favorite iced teas ever. Utter perfection.

But one of my staples, can´t think why I never sent you some, how silly!


7,50 € for 100g here it remains correct but you prefer bags for this one ? some leaves are really very broken…


here is about 9€ per 100 grams but I like to make iced tea really strong so at least 5 grams per liter or even more. Well it will still be cheaper than store bought syrupy artificial lipton iced tea, I guess, but I got some remorse about using so much of casablanca.

I considered the teabags indeed, but they end up being so much more expensive I will buy more or the loose leaf instead. If making iced tea, I might as well double strain it. Making iced tea takes some time as well, the problem with the leaves (the dried mint I think, it breaks up and is much messy than the tea) is more annoying when I want to make a quick cup of tea without making a big mess.


5 grams per half liter I mean. per liter was kind of sensible.

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Teresa, you’re right lol it is somehow a Darjeeling …I brewed it at 80°c and 4 minutes and yes ….it a kind of ;)

I drank it in my brand new cup :

How do you find it ?

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 30 sec

Oh, a little birdie cup, that is so darn cute!


Very cute cup!


Such an adorable cup!


The cup is gorgeous and yep, it´s not really a black black tea is it?


true but it really depends on the temperature and brewing parameters, a chameleon tea really

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I am so happy to have the chance to try this one thanks to cteresa. Obrigada :)

I probably brew it too hot (90°c instead of 85°c) but it is really pleasant this way.
Teresa you mentioned it is not really a black tea but to me it is really works as a black tea and even if a Theodor mentions Shangri Lâ Temple is as good as the best Darjeelings it is to me very different except maybe on the body of the tea.
The tea texture is mellow, I got some raisin notes, not the hazelnut promised but I’ll brew it colder next time.
I need to play more with that one and should thanks cteresa for having sent me a so generous sample.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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First, do you have the same problem as me tonight ? I cannot see the majority of the tea pictures here on Steepster and some of the steepsterites avatars…it drives me crazy

Thank you Scheherazade for this milk oolong.
It’s a light milky, and the creamy note is delicate. The main notes are clearly vegetal here. It has the mellowness of the oolongs.
I need to say this is not my favourite among Milky Oolong, not bad at all but just kind of meh vs my Theodor darling MO, the other Tealux and Mandala’s one.
Nice to have been given the chance to taste it.

Tasting note number 300 …gosh I can’t believe that !

185 °F / 85 °C 6 min, 0 sec

When I was on my computer earlier I kept getting a pop up saying the security certificate from some file hosting site was invalid, I bet your settings are just blocking them due to that.


i was just going to post asking about that ysaurella, so i’m glad i’m not alone. Most of the pics are broken for me


thank you girls I feel no more alone ;)


Hard to compete with your beloved Theodor MO :-)


…and happy 300th!

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drank Yuzu Temple by Mariage Frères
343 tasting notes

Thank you Scheherazade for this sample. I was curious about this one since a while.
Unfortunately this is not a tea for me.
Green but without astringency, flavoured but without any notable taste (some pale citrus maybe and on aftertaste)…I’m not able to taste the tea base neither…It is a pleasant cup of hot water tainted with a pale yellow herbal something.
Clearly the right tea for those who keep thinking tea is nothing but hot water…really…What have you done Mariage Frères ? it clearly doesn’t match with your habitual quality…

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
343 tasting notes

I am spoiling myself with a cup of this tea, this so delicious tea.
Thank you darby for sending some of this tea.

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drank Strawberry Oolong by Tea Source
343 tasting notes

Thank you darby for this sample. Unfortunately I don’t get much flavour neither tea taste.
Tea Source says this tea is perfect as iced, so this is how I will use rest of the sample.

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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6 months.It didn’t take me so long to buy this one… I only managed to resist 6 months before entering Mariage Frères and ask for 50 g of Sun Moon Lake at the desk.
I loved all the Sun Moon Lake teas I have tasted and in general I have a kind of passion for Taiwanese teas, blacks and Oolongs.
I however just love the poetic name of this area’s teas, it sounds so romantic.

The dry leaves are so long and include golden tips, so lovely. They smell woody and roasty.
I use a mug and an infuser and after 3 minutes steeping I can already see a so dark colour that I decide to shorten the steeping.
It’s a medium bodied black tea exactly as I love them with the typical notes of honey, fresh baked bread and candied fruits I appreciate in Taiwanese teas.
On aftertaste, there is something rough but quick, almost mineral but really this is for a short moment and adds a lot of personality t the tea.

I would say this one is a kind of cousin to Butiki’s Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black with a mineral touch.
I do really enjoy it a lot. Just sooo Yummy.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec

Sounds lovely!


Sil I am sure you would love it.


Sounds excellent!


LaFleurBleue sent me some of another sun moon lake oolong and it was soooo excellent. I think I still got some leaves hoarded somewhere.


yes I had the same one from LaFleurBleue and it was excellent. Unfortunately I don’t have any left. This one is really fantastic as well but a black tea instead of Oolong.


Yum, lovely review:-)
I agree, the name is so dreamy…

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drank Anichaï by Dammann Freres
343 tasting notes

This is my first chaï made as an indian chaï.
I didn’t exactly respected DF’s instructions and put the tea directly in the milk while cooking and not after it boiled.
This is really good ! I didn’t expect to manage to make a good chaï at the first attempt but here it is.
The spices are really wonderful : cardamom is really the main one but the second roles have their partition to play as well.
Really love it.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

good on you, I love indian chai done chai style. or better I love expensive french takes on indian chai, the chai blends I get at the indian grocery stores do not compare at all.

have you ever had chandernagor? I love it crazily and curious how this one compares, seems like the same spices…


I never had Chandernagor because once I was hesitating and finally I have chosen Mandalay.
I can send you a sample of Anichaï and of Thé des Mille Collines (a Dammann Chaï as well)I was thinking about that while doing this chaï


Thank you very much for the suggestion, but I have no new teas to send and still many samples to try. Maybe in Autumn?

Chandernagor is lovely, my favorite classic chai. But that is one thing I like MF very much for, they have a few totally perfectly classic ultimate versions of classic things. Chandernagor is the chai for me, Casablanca is the mint green tea….

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First, please forgive me for my English and all the grammatical mistakes you’ll find in my posts.
As English isn’t my mother tongue it sometimes makes things more difficult to express cleverly and accurately what I feel.

I was mainly in black flavoured teas, green as well if not bitter.
I’m now drinking much straight teas because my palate is now developed enough to appreciate them .

My favourite brands are : Mariage Frères,Theodor,Butiki Teas,Dammann Frères, Betjeman & Barton.
My ratings are as follow :

100 to 95 : my darlings; always in my cupboard

94 to 90 : Excellent tea, often in my cupboard

89 to 80 : very good tea, a pleasure to drink it

79 to 70: not bad even nice, why not having it sometimes, but well, not so urgent !

69 to 50 : Meh, deceptive or just not for me – but has some qualities

49 to 30 : I just don’t appreciate it

Under 30 : is this tea ?!?!?

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