121 Tasting Notes

drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
121 tasting notes

I am busy with a tea booze experiment to write anything lengthy right now, but this is the jist……. I love it. I bought it on sale for $15 for 250 grams and I might buy more at sale price.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

Oh wow, I was at DavidsTea today and I didn’t even ask to smell this one, ’cause I thought it was just a regular ceylon. It sounds really interesting, though.

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This tea is so odd. It smells like something my grandma makes at Christmas time. Fudge maybe? The taste is even odder. It taste like English breakfast, but not as bold. Has a honey, yet warm spicy after taste left on the tongue. The lingering mouth feel is like after eating a piece of milk chocolate; the way it coats your mouth. Maybe it is a grassy taste that is associated with Japanese greens, but darker? My mind hurts. I will put up a full review tomorrow on my blog; as this is just he fist steep. My mind still hurts……

Never mind the milk chocolate flavor, it is more of a woody note. So odd.

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interesting! this is the first note i’ve read on tealet’s products. excellent! this is one i want to try.


It is kinda of a mind-F. Its just……. it’s like hojicha, but darker and deep woody flavor with some chocolate flavor. Also you can buy it at Yunomi.us


reads as a chameleon tea!

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You can read the full review here:

I fallowed the steeping instructions for the most part from the site. My first steep was brewed at 160F, while all the others were brewed at 185F. All steeps were steeped for 45sec.

Steep 1: Very savory; strong unami flavor. Slight pleasant grassy flavor and buttery. Light sweet matcha after taste. Very mild astringency

Steep 2: Grass is more present. Not really any unami any more. Never mind it taste it now. Still slight match sweetness. Astringency is stronger, but not bad. Has a strong tea flavor.

Steep 3: More astringency now; but still pleasant. Strong green tea flavor (DUH) some unami now. In the beginning there was a stronger matcha flavor. This tea seems to change profile as it cools. Interesting. This is a very savory steep. Not as grassy as before. Mild astringency now. Cooler: more matcha flavor and a smidgen more astringency.

Steep 4: The prevailing flavor is match. Very sweet with just a touch of savory to ground it. YUM!

Overall this was a very interesting and pleasant tea. I had a rich and dynamic flavor. I love how depending how you steep it greatly changes it’s flavor profile.It seems to change flavors as it cools as well; making each sip different. I am sad to see my sample gone I would have loved to have some more of this on another day.

185 °F / 85 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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drank SBT: Cotton Candy by 52teas
121 tasting notes

I made this up the other day. It was good, but the Cotton Candy flavor every one raved about this one didn’t really come out that much. I mean it tasted sweet, but I wasn’t getting a cotton candy flavor. Maybe next time I will try to sweeten this with sugar instead of Light agave nectar. Anyone else have any suggestions?

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I’m not sure if this helps but for the part where the instructions say to use boiling water, I use water that is just sippably hot, basically it’s just starting to show the tiny bubbles starting to move like the size of the ones in soda. Sorry, I describe things in a weird way.


ahaha, It’s ok. I describe stuff odd myself. I will give a lower temp ago next time. I can see that helping.

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I did a review for this tea on my blog but here is a quick overview for this tea.

Steep 1: Soy bean, edamame, savory, sweet, beany, light

Steep 2: Citrus, lima bean, brisk, clean . More steamed green than buttered sauteed green and has a thick mouth feel. Slight citrus, fresh green bean crisp. Light nutty note. Sweet greens actually. Yes sweet green after taste.

Steep 3: Still citrus and crisp steamed creamy bean with thick mouth feel. It has a kind of a nutty creaminess. Cooled is a little more savory. Even cooler, more citrus green dry aftertaste. Still sweet green flavor.

Steep 4: Crisper, less citrus. A little more savory now. More sauteed instead of steamed veggie, but still crisp and fresh. I can’t believe there is not butter in this. Do it taste salt??? Still sweet after taste, but with some savory flavor. Man I want some nachos or a steak now to go with this tea. The tea drunk is setting in. Very sweet grass after taste. Must be that spring picking flavor to it.

Steep 5: Very savory sated veggies in butter. Ok becoming very tea drunk. Must eat something. Sorry pallet. This is one of my favorite steeps so far. Very savory green bean, but also sweet after taste. It kinda is giving me the whole spectrum of this tea; minus the citrus.

Steep 6: Much more savory. Very thick, creamy and buttery. Ok this is my favorite steeping. Still that sweet aftertaste, but much more light. Hmmmmm buttered greens.

Steep 7: Lighter, but still savory green. I wonder if my wasabi almonds is making it taste more savory. Hmmmm salted veggies. I also now have a strong urge to buy wasabi peas and brew them with my green tea. So much tea drunk

Ok I think I am done for now. I could get more steeps out of it, but I am too full and tea drunk to continue.

From what I can gather the early steepings are crisper, nuttier, and have a citrus quality to them. Then the flavor starts to move away from the bright crisp qualities to savory, buttery, sauteed flavor. Each steeping though maintained a sweet grass after taste.

Read the full review here:

185 °F / 85 °C

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drank French Toast by 52teas
121 tasting notes

Bumping this one up due to the fact that the addition of dark agave is perfect! It’s maple and brown sugar taste meld perfect. As soon as this gets re-blended I am buying another pouch.

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec

mm good to know!

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PFFFFFFFFFFT!!!! My board is coming into day! I just can’t wait. GAAAAAAH!!! Work is being painfully slow and for most of my shift I am bagging. I have been so figidity you don’t even know.

I am making some of this tea to distract me from it, (not going uber well). I really like the tangyness is this one. I find non-roasted or un-aged Tieguanyin to be ok, just a little boring with mainly butter, green leaf and florals. But with this one that tang adds a whole new level to it. I would be some more if I didn’t have stuff to get through. I also recommend brewing it in 6oz of water for western style. The flavor is way stronger.


200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Long board skate board that I have been saving up for. This was my reaction when it came in.

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drank French Toast by 52teas
121 tasting notes

First I just want to say that I am loving my new electric tea kettle. IT IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! I can now quickly brew tea to the temp that I want, and brew it in my room. Woooo! Now to see how long it will last. I’m hoping it will.

I got this tea yesterday along with my new moriage dragonware teapot
and Khiro shock pads for my long board; I accidentally ordered hard risers instead of shock pads with my board >_> Now I just have to wait 2 more days for it to come in………

Ok on to the tea:
The dry leaf smells yummy. I can’t really describe the flavor other then sweet. It makes me just want to eat it out of the bag. The brew it self smells just as sweet. The first time I drank this sweeten with just light agave, it was ok. I got more of the flavors when it was cooler. This morning I used a some more leaf, then I added a small spoonful of brown sugar and a little bit of light agave….. Yes! This taste just like french toast! The cinnamon is in good proportion too. It’s present, but not dominating. The buttery after taste is awesome as well. It even has this bread/pastry taste there too. I can’t wait to see how this does as a latte. I can see vanilla sugar working great with this as well.

P.S. I should get some dark agave. That would be perfect in this.


Pot: porcelain
Steep: Two 8oz steeps in one cup
Leaf: Two small spoon fulls
Sweetener: some brown sugar and light agave
Time: 2:30; 2:50

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I was wishing I had a temp setting kettle yesterday. ha. That dragon teapot is GORGEOUS.


Yeah, they are pretty convenient.
I know! I still can’t believe I won it off ebay. It was my first biding war.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

what kind of electric kettle did you get?

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drank Smaug Tea by 52teas
121 tasting notes

Sorry for the lack of posting. I was annoying ill last week and was grumpy most of the week. So much cursing and capslock on Facebook. At least this week seems a lot better for a few reasons.

1. The tea idea that I told Frank (52 Teas) about got made! I can’t wait to have french toast in a cup!

2. After weeks of searching I found one electric tea kettle that seemed actually worth trying. I swear I don’t understand how we can have this technology, yet no company can make an electric tea kettle that doesn’t leek, break down quick, or have a horrible plastic smell. At least I eventually found this one. I should be here by Friday or latest Wednesday.

3. I got all my tea cups (3) in from verdant tea! They are all so pretty. My only regret is that I didn’t get more of the Lotus one with the brown rim. That cup is sooooo pretty. It’s not even pure white; it’s kinda light blueish white. I also didn’t know that the lotus composition could differ so much as well. But I am so glad that I have one, and that just makes me cherish it more.

4. I got my order samples from Yunomi! I can’t wait to try the sencha, black tea, and the cherry blossoms!

So anyways on to the tea. I had been drinking this when I had my head cold last week and I think that it helped. It took some of the pressure out of my head, helped clear out my nose, and kept it from running. My ear is still kind clogged up but I am so much better then I was last week.

Either way even though I still about 2oz of this I bought another pouch of this tea. I never want to be out of this one. It has become my go to green. It can be either sweet or savory depending on the amount of leaf you use. And so deliciously spicy! Hmmmmmm spice….

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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Story: Well today has been a bust. I woke up to my dog being sick. We think he might have ingested something, but don’t know what. He was breathing hard and wouldn’t eat, and would barely drink. Someone told my mom to give him a pinch of Pepto and to give him lean boiled hamburger meat. Of course when I get back from the store he comes out and eats food out of his bowl………. at least he is better now. sigh this is so not how I planned my day to go. What a waste.

Tea: Backlogging from a few days ago with this one. I am slowly getting through my samples……. slowly. I brewed this with the gonfu directions on Verdant’s website; though sadly I forgot to do a second rinse. Here are my random thoughts from each steep.

Steep 1: Must and spice, sorta of malty. Still need to understand linen flavor but I think it taste it. I am getting some Caramel now.

Steep 2: More sweeter. slight menthol on the tongue. sweetness yes. omn nom.

Steep 3: More cakey now. A slight spice coming through. tasty. minty menthol after taste

Steep 4: Sorta of cinnamon and heavy linen and semolina

Steep 5: Stronger cinnamon. Not so much a flavor as more of that dry spice tingle I associate with cinnamon.

Steep 6: More savory taste and some minty after taste.

Steep 7: Caramel like savory and sweet with a smidge of mint and cinnamoness

Steep 8: Crisper less savory and more cinnamon taste. very sweet is back. Semolina again maybe. Also still cinnamon. Pine dew maybe.

Steep 9: CINNAMON LEVEL AT 8000!!!!! lots of salty caramel and a hint of pine dew…..yum!

Steep 10: lots of pine dew. some cinnamon after taste. Also savory, but lots of pine dew in the beginning sip.
Cooled: more savory caramel and cinnamon

I then did a couple of western brews, but I didn’t like them as much. They were very strong of burnt caramel, but that was it. I liked how through the steeps it got less caky/malty and turned into salted caramel cinnamon, but with a bit of woodiness and menthol to keep it from getting to bold. I never could get the nuggets to break apart.

Overall it was very good. I wouldn’t call it uber complex, but it was what a would call upper middle shelf. Very good flavors from beginning to the end of the sip. It would be good for someone who doesn’t like earthy Puerh’s.


I am geek chuckling at the fact that the 8000 cinnamon level is at steep 9.


Would Mae a good later infusion latte.


i need a long weekend to have a puerh party! Sit and go through 1-2 in a day. heh love this review!


Very nice review, I enjoyed reading this! (happy the dog is feeling better! )


@Bonnie: That sounds like a really good idea. I wound’t have though about using a pu erh in a latte.

@Sil: ahah you and me both. Glad you liked it.

@TheTeaFairy: Thanks! Yeah he was pretty bad. I just can’t believe he snapped out of it right after I got back from the store. I was like, “I’m so happy your feeling better, but….. did you have to do right after I bought stuff for you?”

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I have been drinking and makeing tea for me and my mom for most of my life and have been starting to get into loose teas.

I like fruity, spicy, strong teas, Chai’s, Black, and Rooibos. I have recently been trying and getting into Oolongs…

Just love it and might keep as a staple
Really liked it, and makes a above average cup
Is good, but might not have a lot of complexity or wow factor. Is pretty average
It’s ok, but not great. Might need added ingredients or tweaking, and is below average.
Would only if nothing else was available. Would not recommend to someone.
Below 50
Bad tea is bad


Melbourne, FL



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