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I enjoyed drinking this. The first steep was really smooth and creamy and sweet, with florals in the background. I’m not cool enough to be able to pick out more specific flavors. The later couple steeps are much more floral and fruity and tasty. I love oolong, and this one would be good for every day.

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I enjoyed drinking this- I have never had anything like it before. The tangerine flavor was pronounced, but not overwhelming. Earthy with the citrus zest. I imagine it wouldn’t be a bad iced tea, even though I don’t typically use pu for icing.

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I’m wondering if Keemun isn’t another kind of black I just don’t really adore plain. This tasted malty. It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great.

It might have been my mood though. I will need to try it again. I woke up to a text from a guy I was seeing wanting to break things off just as I was starting to like him. It’s ok, he is a mess, as it turns out. Dating just sucks, and I think I’m going to be taking a rest from it for awhile!


Breakup texts are so 2007. Sorry to hear that!

Leah Naomi

A part of why its ok- I strongly believe some things deserve the consideration of a phone call or in person meet. Online dating is like an extreme sport! :)


I agree. . .online dating is an extreme sport!

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This is tasty. I like ripe pu, more than raw, so far. It’s earthy and a bit sweet, and had no barnyard or fish taste that some can have. I got about 8 good steeps before I got bored. I love that I’ve never been able to exhaust a pu like this.

That said, most taste very similar to me.

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This is the epitome of plain black iced tea. It is great alone and unsweetened, but I also suspect it would make a fabulous sweetened southern style iced tea too. Probably great with lemon or whatever else anyone would add in. It’s flavorful but not bitter.

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I enjoy white peony in general, and this is no exception. It is fruity and floral, lovely hot but I prefer it cooled. This particular brand of this tea doesn’t stand out to me, but that might be from just enjoying this tea everywhere. I’ve started to find that I notice quality differences more in black tea, which I often dislike.

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This was just ok. Earthy, a bit astringent. It wasn’t as remarkable as the last few I’ve tried, sort of a plain old black I don’t really care for.

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I made this hot, to compare to the strawberry which I cold brewed. I found them to be pretty comparable, which means next time I would make it hot. Cold brewing means using more leaf for the same amount of water, and in this case there is no good flavor reason to do so. The raspberry is more sweet raspberry flavor than tart, but it was still noticeable in the final product. I would get this again.

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I regret being forced to rush through this one this morning in my frenzy to prepare to substitute teach today. It was my first day ever, and I know most subs suck, but I am really intent on making sure I break that mold.

This was perfect this morning. A bit sweet, not bitter at all, and very earthy and woody. There was a thick fruitiness, but I’d need to drink it again to be sure. But drink it again, I most certainly will!

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This was tasty – standard white tea, for me. A bit sweet, fruity, hay-y. Good hot and cold. Not the best I’ve ever had, but very enjoyable.

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I am a 30 year old professional pet sitter and job hunter. I just finished certification in Early Childhood Ed, and discovered the (incredibly vast) world of tea about 4 years ago. In that time, I have learned so much, and am hoping to learn even more by joining the steepster community.

In my non-tea times, I am usually watching netflix while writing lesson plans, cuddling my two kitties, or trying to find new things to do in a town that is sometimes a bit limited!



Bethlehem, PA

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