39 Tasting Notes

drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
39 tasting notes

It’s not good or bad just kinda awkward taste. it does taste like soap gum ( don’t know if that the right name in french it is gomme savon a little rectangular purple gum ) needed something to wake-up ( i work at night and this week they are repairing my street that mean no sleep at all ) and can’t drink coffee anymore since it’s destroy my stomach. I willdrink what left of my sample but wont get more

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Wow!! how much time since i was here? 2 years i think that was sure a long hiatus but i’m back in the tea world with this one as the first one i was looking Through my stash and find this one unopened . Mostly smell of chocolate and maybe a little orange. Made my first cup with just a little brown sugar became instant favorite just the perfect balance of semi-sweet chocolate and pu-erh it’s a shame all i have was a sample will surely order more .

Boiling 6 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 300 OZ / 8872 ML

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
39 tasting notes

I don’t like black tea and never tasted any earl grey tea that one was ordered on the December 50% off sales from zen tea with my normal command i still try to find a black tea i would like.

I’m still sick but it way less worse than this morning at least i can talk now. Being in the mood for tea but not the one i’ve been drinking all day long that one was the perfect choice.

I know i should have tasted it with nothing in it first but i always find black too bitter i did put some honey in it before even drinking it not enough to change the taste but enough to cover any bitterness that might come with the first sip.

Unfortunately that was not the tea that will make me like black tea for that matter that was probably my last try black are just to bitter for me flavoured or not i still drink it with a lot of honey a chance for me it was just a sample.

I don’t give that one a note since i’m kinda bias against black tea

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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drank Earl Grey Cream by Zen Tea
39 tasting notes

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drank Ginger - Rooibos by Zen Tea
39 tasting notes

Definitely my Sick tea. Got another cold yesterday I’m at my 7th cold since last September hope this one will not transforms into sinusitis just like the last 2( kinda getting sick of it .. ya i know bad pun sorry couldn’t resist it ) but where i leave it’s a total epidemic this winter.

Getting back from work this morning my throat was hurting bad, now it hurt so bad i can’t even talk i get back to work only Thursday so at least i have a chance to get some rest till then.

A extra strong cup of this one as been made in hope of soothe my throat but this time more than one cup will be needed it’s a chance last time i bought a lot of it i shall add some honey and lemon in the next one

Terri HarpLady

I hope you feel better quickly, Zoltar!

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Received my package this morning containing the pu-erh and Okakura Kakuzō book of tea which was a good thing with a temp of -42 Celsius with the wind a tea and a book was in order to unfreeze me.

Don’t know much ( for not saying nothing at all ) about Pu-erh but for some reason i keep getting the impulsion to try them. Did choose that one totally randomly liked the name or the picture i don’t really remember. Always found that most Pu’erh smell like stable but not in a bad way a aroma more like horse and fesh hay ( maybe i’m just weird ).

no instruction was giving to make it gongfu style so i kinda have to improvised on that one but that part of the fun of tea to try new thing to taste it.

I did the first steep 15 second that was noway enough time the tea as a beautiful color but nearly no taste

Second steep was 30 second the tea is way more dark now nearly as dark as coffee little earthly taste with lot of astringency ( but really a lot )

try the third at 30 second also the taste and the felling was much like the second steep

since they suggest 4-5 minute steep in a western steeping style ( that the way i will do it next time ) i did the last steep at 45 second no more astringency this time but still just a hint of earthly taste i may did something wrong i will make my next tasting according to the instruction they give to me to compare the taste of the two method but for now my head is way to light to read my book or drink more tea

205 °F / 96 °C

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drank Toffee Dream by Zen Tea
39 tasting notes

got that one during the 50% off from Zen tea and finally received it today after thinking it was lost in the mail ( won’t let that change my note Zen tea can’t control the postal service after all and they where nice when answering my numerous email )

I don’t really like being with lot of people so holiday like Christmas are not really for me during this one i mostly stay in my cave with a thermos of hot water and some tea listening to ac/dc and playing online game my thermos get only 2 cup of water in it but well it’s better than nothing.

My first steep of that one was a failure not enough leaf probably the smell was really nice but the taste was not there so i won’t give my note from that one.

My second steep on the other hand was awesome i didn’t want to toss the tea without at least another steep but having spill some water not enough was left for a full cup the missing water was replace by some Southern comfort ( i think it’s some kind of spiced rhum with peach taste in it ) the peach from it as make all the flavor from my weak tea appear it’s not something i would do normally but meh it is the holiday after all it was a winning choice since it’s saved my tea so my note come from this steep for now till a try another normal steep

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I know their sale is ending soon (if it hasn’t already). So tempted to get some tea, but I have so much tea already I need to go through :(


hmm it was till the 24 i think so should end today. 2 of their tea was on my list of “tea i want in my permanent collection” so it was a good time for me to buy some more lol otherwise i too have tea i should drink before buying more

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drank Ginger peach by Au coin du thé
39 tasting notes

Today i learned that i have a tea shop in a grocery store at 5 minute of my home it’s was my duty as a tea lover to go see what it’s look like ! It’s a counter with maybe 60 or 70 kind of tea and and some really nice tea-ware talking with the woman behind the counter i learned that the store is there since 2009 ( can’t say if it true or not but no reason to doubt what she say to me) maybe she’s in here and i don’t know it lol i should ask her next time.

They seem to know what they are doing the tea is in good air sealed tin so i decided to buy some tea with ginger in it since i’m still sick and was out of ginger tea that one is a green tea but i forgot to take note of which green tea it was ginger and peach also in it and what seem like chrysanthemum flower.

Dry leaf smell really good mostly peach the leaf was broken but as i seen with some tea i ordered Canada post are not gentle with package even with padded envelope so maybe they get that way to them.

The tea lack taste other that peach but i think i did not put enough tea in my infuser.

Overall it’s seem like a good little store but i will ask them more question next time like where the tea come from ( i like to know what i drink )

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Glad you found a place close by.

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Name is Guillaume or William for the english version of it :p

Reading, movies and music are mostly my only hobby ( they take most of my time but lucky me i can drink Tea when doing all of them ! :D) i am a technology addict and at the same time love old thing ( i shave with a straight razor )

Like most people here i suppose tea as become a obsession really fast how can it not be with so many tea and teaware available? it is a conspiracy i say !

Tea lover for a couple of month now it’s the only hot beverage i can drink ( i hate coffee and the like ) thank to having a DT near my house and to Den’s for the 3$ for tea novice

I’m way behind in my tasting note but it will be done ! Bad note from me does not mean the tea was bad i try to explain what i did not like but that just my opinion I’m no expert on tea i like what i like and that all.

I mostly drink green tea i found black tea to be too bitter for me since i don’t put sweetener in anything flavored black tea are ok if they have something already sweet in it

Rooibos and herbal are ok all depended on the flavor they are

I love most white and oolong just have yet to find one i really like

everyone as different taste but there tea for every taste


Near montreal, Canada

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