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drank Ginger - Rooibos by Zen Tea
38 tasting notes

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drank Banana Dream Pie by DAVIDsTEA
38 tasting notes

Long time no see Fellow Tea drinker ! Been a busy month looking for a new job not lot of tea drinking as been made now that the job is found stress level get lower and tea come back in mind.

I was happy to see that one not enough banana thing are made but the more flavoured tea i drink the more i hate them there always seem to have weird taste in them when it’s a ingredient i know i don’t like in tea (apple or hibiscus) well that a chance i take but there is other like this one all ingredient i love but still a weird taste i can’t identify like a spice making it barely able to finish the cup.

It does taste banana but nothing near banana pie ( or chocolat or any of the other ingredient for that matter) and that weird taste i get in the background with each sip they smell so good i just want to love them but it don’t happen ! Straight tea it’s gonna be for me they rarely disappoint me.

like with the other i’m gonna finish my sample in hope my note will change but it’s never do maybe i’m just not made for flavored tea

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David’s Tea can cause problems for some people. My Mom can’t even go into the store because she’ll get a migraine. So I really don’t buy their tea anymore. Except for Pumpkin Chai :D


Try some from Butiki Teas, Verdant Tea, 52teas or Red Leaf Tea they are much better and don’t (as far as I know) cause any problems like weird flavouring or migraines :D


congratulations for your new job, hope it looks like what you were expecting.
Regarding tea, welcome back !


I seem to have a problem with most flavored maybe it’s come from the oil most use to make the flavor i don’t know :P I do like some of them ( mostly from Della terra teas for a reason i don’t know) but even the one i like i nearly never get the "I need to do a reserve of that one "


@Ysaurella Thank :) I did sure miss my tea :P but my mind was just not in it. Would have been a disrespect for the tea lol


@Helena will try some of them but i have to clean some of my sample first lol got really really little place for tea ( probably have more that i should but that a common problem here ;) ) i’m more in the way of making some permanent tea reserve for now and after starting tasting other tea again. having some reserve of tea i like is important if i don’t want to be left with only tea i don’t lol


hehe I have waaay too much tea. It’s why we’re on steepster I think :D I forgot to say Congratulations on the job… so CONGRATULATIONS! :D

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drank Orange Brulee by Della Terra Teas
38 tasting notes

I receive it today that the one i win on facebook From the contest they do ! ( Thank you for the contest Della Terra Teas ) The shipping was fast as always faster than most stuff i order from Canada.

My first impression when opening the bag was WoW! that smell exactly like one of my favorite chocolate ( Dark chocolate with Candied orange peels in it )

Once steeped the tea smell just as good orange with a creamy hint aroma and some sweetness but nothing tart about it. I don’t taste the caramel at all well i don’t taste anything except orange but not because it’s seem to miss something more because all seem perfectly blend together i really have the impression to drink my chocolate :D

The tea look all foggy but exept that it is a pretty good tea in my opinion

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drank Tung Ting Vietnam by DAVIDsTEA
38 tasting notes

Just getting out of the dentist i stop at my local David’s tea to buy the glass Gongfu Teapot and some Tie Kwan Yin to try when they ask me if i want to try this one too ( i don’t care for them try to sell more thing if they don’t get pushy and they don’t) it’s was smelling good so i bought 25g to try also.

Perfect tea to try my Gongfu teapot ( and my first try at Gongfu for that matter ) I can’t say if my technique was good or not and how that affect the tea but i did find that one good a little earthy but just enough for me to like it I didn’t get the pine taste they talk about before the third steep when a little hint begin to appear.

I run out of water after 1 rinse and 3 steep and was to lazy to go get more with my mouth hurting i will get more water later and try more steep

Will give that one a Note after trying it also western style in my steeper

I’m gonna love that little teapot :) a yixing one will take is place probably someday lol

Update Western style : Just made a cup western style in my steepster following the instruction they gave on the bag water at 92 for 5 minute i can detect some bitterness but also some sweetness that was not in the Gongfu If i have to choose this one if better Gongfu less bitter but overall it’s good i still prefer Tie Guan Yin

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hey, I like your method : a visit to the dentist = a tea purchased :)


David’s has a glass gongfu teapot?


@Michelle that what my reaction too at first i was thinking it was probably a new product since in was behind the counter but after a email with them They said to me it was no more available online ( since i join here on July i have never seen a Gongfu on David’s tea website ) i assume it a old product that no more available in store either once they all sell it at my local store it was the last one and cost 14,50$ i did send them another email to know if store will still continue to have it waiting for a answer

Terri HarpLady

I always believe in rewarding myself, especially when I do the things that I don’t really like to do, but are necessary. Tea is an awesome reward!


@Ysaurella ya i like my method too :P and most the time my mouth hurt so much than tea if the only thing i can take that not water lol

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Making that one right now i don’t really like Pumpkin tasting food but since i really like the smell i keep trying thing with pumpkin wrote on it That one is no exception the smell is really good a hint of cinnamon and what i suppose to be the pumpkin pie spice

The taste : I don’t taste the black tea and that a good point for it but i don’t taste anything else gonna try a longer steep next time and maybe a little honey

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Terri HarpLady

Good morning Zoltar! It sounds like what you really want is chai


i have some hardtime with chai i really like the smell but i can’t drink them straight . i have tasted one latte once and that been the only kind of chai i was able to drink it was really really good but i miss all my attempt to make one at home and i can’t seem to figure out why :p

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drank Lemon Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
38 tasting notes

Another one of my many sample from Della Terra Teas i choose that one as a iced teas try after seeing so many good review but never happen to try it with the cold weather now the taste for iced tea is gone.

So last night I’ve gone out with friends to explore thing that enter the Strictly forbidden to enter old abandoned place category.

The exploring was fun but it was so so cold nearly -5 Celsius ( yeah that not so much for us Canadian but i was not dress for that low temp) after 2 hour of exploring i was cold to the bone and wet from water leak falling from the roof and a heavy headache i got to sleep at the second i enter my room but the damage was already done as i seem when waking up this morning after just 3 hour of sleep and feeling like another cold is on the way.

Searching through my stash for something with Ginger in it i put my hand on that one and said to myself eh why not i feel like drinking lemon. Holding that hot mug with my laptop on me and watching Supernatural while the divine smell getting to my nose is alone comforting i can’t really taste the cream flavor but i don’t really care this morning that one good and may get in my permanent tea stash i try to put in order ( i love sample but still want some everyday tea )

Another cup was in order this one with honey in a vain attempt to help my sore throat ( nothing beat ginger ) the honey do add a good taste and make the other flavor smoother

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Hoping your throat gets better soon!


I love Supernatural! Feel better!

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reviewed The Steeper by DAVIDsTEA
38 tasting notes

I love that thing! really really useful for tea that expand a lot but that also is bad side if i use it with a tea that is not full leaf or tea with powder in it The steeper become a pain to clean even more if for some reason i did not remove the leaf from directly after using it some tea get in part we cannot remove or clean but i still really love the steeper just choose carefully what the kind of tea you put in it !

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I must say the main reason i choose that tea was because i love the legend that go with it ( the Wei legend ) ans because i always wanted to taste it

The dry leaf: look like uneven small pearl ( seeing that i should have made it in my perfect steeper and not in my perfect cup they quite expend and maybe use less leaf so they could expend more i put that mistake on another cold coming since i get 1398129387 colds by years that normal ) It as the grass smell of green tea and some flower fragrance too i can’t say which im no good with flower smell and flavor yet for my re-steep i will transfer the leaves in my perfect steeper.

Once steeped the water get a pale green color that look wonderful in glass mug the aroma is still grassy but a smooth grassy i can’t detect any other smell in it no bitterness at all in the taste some astringency that one taste better when hot as he cool down i find that the taste become bitter ( mostly i like my tea when they become a little cooler i suppose everything need a exception lol ) for now i really like that one it’s goes on my maybe keep in stock list will taste it more before giving it a note

Updates: For the second steep i transfer the leaves in my perfect steeper and just WOW some much leaves no surprise they did not expend well in the perfect cup half my steeper was made of leaves lol 3:30 steep this time
Already a more strong green color appear it still really taste like a green tea it’s so smooth and buttery

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5 minute since i’m back from the store with 25g of that one and one of the new clear glass perfect cup ( the dry branch i just love that model next thing is the dry branch tea pot before they change the model for the holiday and on the counter behind them near the tea was a gongfu glass tea pot and is box did not have time to ask them the price but next time i will for sure since it was no where in the store except there maybe a new product) steeping it right now as i write this

The dry leaf have a smell i can’t identify it’s smell like no ingredient that is in it once steeped the cinnamon aroma take all the place the brownish color is just amazing in a cup with dry branch in front of it make me feel like i’m in a forest :) and with the heavy fog that is outside i don’t know it’s just fit with the smell( ya i know i’m weird sometimes :P but i totally assume it) there is a little oil floating on the tea probably from the coconut but a lot of tea with nut in it do that so it’s ok with me

The taste: now i’ve steeped it 5 minute the bag say 4 to 6 i like to be in the middle of the suggested time when it’s a tea i don’t know i taste a little nuance of cinnamon taste but i do feel the cinnamon on my tongue taht little spicy effect but that all no chocolate no vanilla and no coconut even no black tea bitterness maybe it’s one of those tea i should put some honey in it and all the flavor will get out it’s not bad but i feel like i could just put cinnamon in water and get the same thing so no note till i give it more try

The mug: i love glass mug since i like to see my tea it’s mostly how i know when it ready for me and i just love all the amazing color different tea give us and i love the dry branch model! ( as i already said it ) i know it suppose to be glass but i just can’t get the idea out of my head that the mug feel like plastic the top feel like glass but not the mug itself i was nearly tempted to squeeze it to see if it will bend a little like plastic but i didn’t lol if it’s glass i don’t really want glass in my hand

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I like glass too. I like to see the tea in the light, it’s so pretty. I used to try to collect a few pieces of art glass just because of the way the light shines on it and thru it.

Terri HarpLady

I also like glass! I have a little glass teapot that I love to use so that I can watch the leaves swimming around & opening. I need new glass cups…ok I admit, NEED is a strong work….I’d like some new glass cups because I often sit in my sunroom, & like you guys, I love to look at the tea with sunlight shining through it….its just so beautiful…

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That one was good taste mostly chocolate a subtle strawberry taste appear as the tea get colder as i began to taste more black tea i start a tradition for myself to add a little honey just enough to cut the possible bitterness without adding a sweet taste that exacly what i did with that one with just one little mistake from my part it’s was a new honey jar ( the bear plastic one that you have to make a hole it it the first time ) i kinda forgot that … so the top and 1/3 of the jar ended up in my tea .

Whatever drink it says my brain to me it’s just gonna be really really sweet but you like honey so that don’t matter (stupid brain ) preparing myself psychologically for a extreme sweet sip what a big surprise when no honey taste at all ! just the normal tea taste where is all the honey ? but all in the bottom of the mug naturally as i have discovered when i drank the last sip :S and nearly die strangle by 1/3 cup of honey don’t know why it didn’t dissolve but NEVER again i will use honey directly from the jar like that .

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Name is Guillaume or William for the english version of it :p

Reading, movies and music are mostly my only hobby ( they take most of my time but lucky me i can drink Tea when doing all of them ! :D) i am a technology addict and at the same time love old thing ( i shave with a straight razor )

Like most people here i suppose tea as become a obsession really fast how can it not be with so many tea and teaware available? it is a conspiracy i say !

Tea lover for a couple of month now it’s the only hot beverage i can drink ( i hate coffee and the like ) thank to having a DT near my house and to Den’s for the 3$ for tea novice

I’m way behind in my tasting note but it will be done ! Bad note from me does not mean the tea was bad i try to explain what i did not like but that just my opinion I’m no expert on tea i like what i like and that all.

I mostly drink green tea i found black tea to be too bitter for me since i don’t put sweetener in anything flavored black tea are ok if they have something already sweet in it

Rooibos and herbal are ok all depended on the flavor they are

I love most white and oolong just have yet to find one i really like

everyone as different taste but there tea for every taste


Near montreal, Canada

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