1178 Tasting Notes

drank Caribbean Breeze by Teavana
1178 tasting notes

This is a May tea of the month on the Classic plan. Again, though, it seems to have been reblended since the info was entered here. The label lists the ingredients as: Apple pieces, hibiscus flowers, elderberries, rosehip peels, flavoring, kiwi pieces, rose petals, strawberry pieces, marigold petals and cornflower petals.

What makes it Caribbean? No idea. The earlier blend at least had passion fruit and citrus. I’ve noticed, by the way, that Teavana seems to change their blends pretty frequently and pretty much across the board. It seems to be more the exception than the rule that something with a particular name will have the same ingredients as those listed for that name several months ago.

It’s very pretty, per the usual texture/color combo for the chunky fruit blends. Its colors range from very dark purple/red to brown to medium red, with blue flashes that must be the cornflower petals. Strawberry is prominent in the smell of the dry blend, the rest being a rather generic fruit mix.

Steeped, it’s a beautiful deep reddish purple wine color, and there is hibiscus in the aroma. I’m starting to wonder if this is the Teavana answer to Tazo’s Passion, or The O Dor’s Je M’appelle Dorothee. Which is a little freaky when you consider the ingredients in all three of these are very different from each other; it gives you an idea of the dominating power hibiscus and rosehips have.

It’s definitely in that ballpark. Both the Tazo and the The O Dor tasted like unsweetened black cherry to me without sweetening and like unsweetened grape juice with sweetening. This sort of does as well, except that it’s more unsweetened strawberry mixed with cherry before sweetening (like that flavor you get from tasting dry kool aid concentrate to which sugar has been added) and strawberry mixed with grape after. And something about it isn’t as flavorful as the other two examples.

Each sip starts with a hit of flavor and ends with one, but in the middle it’s as though there’s a stretch where everything got diluted just for a few seconds (maybe they should have called it Rose Mary Woods). It isn’t too tart to drink, but it has a little pucker to it and I prefer it sweetened up a bit.

Not my favorite, but certainly drinkable. I’d like to try it back to back with Passion and see what that’s like.

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I think it would drive me crazy that a company would change the ingredients in their blend but keep the name the same!


if you have the book there is a reblend icon – the book comes with most normal orders (not monthly) and free in store – it would be nice if they said 2 or something


Yeah, it’s a little confusing. I’m not buying stuff based on the ingredients listed here since this is a tea of the month, so it doesn’t bother me that much. But you’d think keeping the web site updated would be easier than a print brochure? The ingredients on the package are different even from what’s on the web.


I hate when they reblend! I bought my favorite Strawberry Slender a month ago and it tasted totally different and yucky! Now it’s just sitting their in my lil cupboard (bored).


SoccerMom- that sounds so misleading…so it sounds like it is best to stock up on a blended tea from Teavana then…

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Another of my “starter” group that I get to wave goodbye to. Not at all sorry to see this one go. Looking back on my previous note, I see I had convinced myself I’d been able to improve it some. Now I’m wondering whether it wasn’t that I was just better prepared for the assault to my taste buds.

This was the first vanilla tea I tried. In a way, it was probably good that it was the first because it set the bar really low. In retrospect, I now understand just how low as I’ve since had really, really excellent vanilla flavored tea.

So as I take my leave, knowing what I know now about just how good vanilla flavoring in a tea can be, I must dock some points.


Some points? 27 is really low…


Yeah, I think I knocked it down about 15 points from where I had it before. It’s really in the “would definitely pass” category rather than “iffy” or “so-so.”

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Had the end of the sample tonight and it wasn’t nearly as good as the first time around. I think mainly because there was a lot of dusty stuff the closer to the end of the packet I got and I’m guessing the orange flavoring sifted down to the bottom of the sample some. It was a lot stronger and not as pleasant this time. A fair amount of the dust escaped the Breville. I went through two infusions but had no desire to do more.

I’m torn because on the one hand, I remember being so pleasantly surprised the first time around that this didn’t come near sucking. But this time it was pretty disappointing. I wasn’t planning to order more anyway, but I’m glad I found out about its darker side.

Knocking it down a few points, but I don’t feel it’s fair to rap it too hard since it was obviously a problem mostly caused by the dregs of the leaf.

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My first taste of this, made in the Breville.

The dry leaves have a rich, dark smell and I’m thinking “coffee substitute.” Good. Pretty, clear, red-tinged liquor, reminds me of the color of the GM Sinharaja. I definitely get the Assam in the aroma, but it’s fairly mild under the influence of the Ceylon. Once you get past the strength and pungency of the Assam, there’s a malty sweetness.

It tastes pretty much like it smells, with one pretty significant difference. It’s smoother than I would have expected based on the aroma. There’s some briskness and bite right at the beginning and again at the end, but in between it has no sharp edges. It sweetens up on the tongue in the minute or so after sipping leaving a mildly sweet aftertaste. It’s not sugary, but it is tasty. I’d call it medium-bodied.

There’s not a lot of what I think of as depth to the flavor, but I’m not sure it’s necessary that every breakfast blend be deep. Sometimes you’re having an omlette or a Belgian waffle, and sometimes you’re having cold cereal or toast. Seems like having the ability to mix and match is a good thing.

Although I’ve been resisting additives I am tempted to try this with milk, or maybe milk and sweetener next time.

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drank Carrot Cake by The NecessiTeas
1178 tasting notes

I haven’t tasted this in a long time, and I’m a little surprised that I still think pretty much exactly what I thought about it the first time I had it. I’m sometimes bemused by that sort of accuracy because I wonder whether it means my palate hasn’t developed over the past few months?

To sum up, it’s better than any of the other Necessiteas rooibos blends I’ve tried (including the Rootbeer Float, which has a lot of fans) as well as some others, but not as good as the Teavana Rooibos Tropica or the SpecialTeas Rooibos Lemon Chiffon. The rooibos is mostly concealed, but not quite enough for my taste to be up there with the other two. Still, it smells unbelievably just like the real thing, and the taste is more than halfway to the real thing which seems something of a feat to me in and of itself.

It’s something I only see myself making an occasional cup of, but there are times when I need a caffeine free alternative that I can see it hitting the spot.


The flavours do sound inventive and yummy, but I’m not a rooibos fan so that’s a sticking point for me, I guess.


Maybe it tasting the same just means there aren’t a lot of nuances in this tea for your developing palate to pick up on?

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I rescued the Breville from the car! Actually, the BF remembered to bring it in when he got back so I can’t really take credit. But I thought since I’d wanted to use it for Jackee’s debut this morning but been foiled, I would start over and pretend this was my first Jackee tasting.

Using the custom setting to steep at 200 for 3:30. I just have to say that watching the Breville do its thing is really entertaining. I love how the basket lifts up after it’s done brewing. It’s like Disneyland.

Now. Let this be a lesson in how different brewing conditions can completely change the taste of something. I now believe that I previously brewed this too cool, rather than too hot as I’d feared. I think that in futzing around with the thermometer I inadvertently let the water cool more than it should have.

Incredibly, I now see the similarities between this and the Harney’s where I didn’t before. Either it has to do with the steeping, or it’s just that I’ve got a frame of reference for Jackee now. There is still smoke, but it isn’t as overwhelmingly smoky as I’d thought initially. It now has a lot more going on. The smoke is primarily on the tail, as it was with the Harney’s, though it is significantly more.

Caramel? I still get the hints, and I’m now getting a lot more sweetness. I can see where it could go to caramel, but it isn’t quite there for me yet. It’s more a suggestion than a full blown flavor. It’s certainly enough to make me want to engage in it’s pursuit, though.

ETA: The empty cup, after drying a little, does smell like caramel! Which must mean I’m pretty close…

I can’t wait to get my Breville!


Someone should make a video of the entire process.


Hooray!!!!! “You finally got your Breville out of the car trunk — what are you going to do now Morgana?” “I’m going to Disneyland!” (or something like that) ;)


Or better yet, make one of the Disney Wonderland Teas!

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drank Om by Tazo
1178 tasting notes

I have to say I’m thankful that I’ve come to the end of this box. I only wish I didn’t still have about half a box left at work to get through.

Over the course of a few months I’ve tried this sixteen ways to Sunday — lower temp, longer steeps, shorter steeps, shorter temp, cold, hot, warm. It’s just not something I look forward to no matter how I prepare it. Sometimes there’s more peach, other times there’s more cucumber, sometimes there’s more or less tea, but it doesn’t really matter. It just doesn’t send me.

I have to bump it down a few points for not even having the ability to grow on me over time.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Bummer but good for you for sticking with it till the end. Well, except for what’s left at work.


Yeah, I don’t give up easily. :-)


pst, i’ve never tried this one, any chance i can have one? i’ll paypal you shipping! i’m kind of a starbucks / tazo junkie


I only have bags and now only at work, but if you PM me your address I’ll try to remember to bring some home and stick them in an envelope to send you, though please don’t shoot me if I’m not prompt. That’s one of the reasons I don’t do swaps, I can barely remember the 3 thousand things I need to do to order my children’s and my lives on a daily basis and if I have to get to the post office and stand in line it’ll never happen. ;) Any idea how many teabags per ounce of postage?


Way to give it a chance haha


Pm’d you – and i certainly could not have tried that hard on a tea, after 2 bags it ends up on take it away, at least you gave it every chance


Okie dokie, I’ll get on it AmazonV!

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Yesterday, after the Earl, I did a Keemun from Harney & Sons. Today, I’m trying the fabled Jackee for the first time. He’s even more intimidating than Samovar’s Yunnan Golden Buds in terms of fame here. He’s like the really handsome and popular guy I was too intimidated to even talk to in school. I just knew no matter what I said he’d consider me a mild annoyance, like a gnat buzzing around his head, and that was if I was lucky. If I really made a fool of myself he’d consider me a foolish gnat, which would be even worse. And this with the full knowledge that he’s already taken anyway, so what’s the point. ;-)

The smokiness of the dry leaf was surprising to me, even though I’d seen mentions of Jackee’s smokiness. I wasn’t really expecting quite that much, since I think of him as a Keemun given his name and yesterday’s 100% Keemun didn’t have nearly this much smokiness; I only noticed anything near smoky in the aftertaste and that was pale by comparison. So I’m thinking Jackee must have some lapsang mixed in? I really should read all the notes methodically to see if anyone has actually figured out what is in here. I just read enough before trying this to know to try a lower steeping temp to make the caramel come out. I am guessing to some extent at my steeping temperature, because I boiled the water in a regular stove top kettle and I don’t trust my thermometers. (The BF took off in the car WITH THE BREVILLE STILL IN IT before I could get it out. Curses!)

The aroma of the steeped tea is also smoky, in a mild, non-tarry way, and here I get some sweetness as well. Yum.

Now for the taste. I get why everyone loves this. It’s got a mix of all the flavors and character that set off my pleasure centers: smoke, sweet, smooth and round. I have a feeling I need to play with it a bit more to get the parameters just right. I can see the caramel hints but I think I can make them come forward more with practice.

I will say though that I’m just as baffled as to what to expect from a Keemun now as I was yesterday since this is quite different from the Harney’s. I still feel the need to broaden my Keemun horizons before assessing how the Harney’s fares as an exemplar.

Jackee, though, is obviously in a class by himself.

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Lol! Could it be that your bf is a wee bit jealous of the Breville and he acted out of a subconscious desire to separate you two? ;)

Loved this note!


LOL! Could be, but I think it is more likely that neither of us has any short term memory left for lack of uninterrupted sleep since becoming parents 6 years ago. ;-)


No lapsang – Jackee’s 100% Keemun. A&D was witty when naming series 2. jacKEEMUNtz. thomASSAMpson. Hehe. But yeah, some Keemuns are smokier than others. I’m not sure what makes the difference with the smoky, though. Just one of the great mysteries of life tea?


Thanks for solving that for me, Auggy. I was pretty amazed at the difference between the two Keemuns I’ve tried. I have some more samples from other companies and it will be really interesting to see where they fit in the smoky continuum.

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Yesterday I started with Harney’s Earl Grey Supreme so today I’m giving the A&D a whirl.

Wow. I really like this. Figures, right? Limited edition and all.

The bergamot smells fairly strong in the dry leaf, but in an appetizing way; not oily, not perfumy, not stomach-wrenchingly acidic. When steeped isn’t too strong at all, just a little stronger than the Harney’s (which means pretty much exactly the right strength for me). And not only that, it has a very interesting quality to it. It isn’t oily, and it isn’t tart, but it has a sweetness to it, and it’s almost as though it has a floral note to it without being perfumey. In any case, it’s got a depth of character that I haven’t experienced in a bergamot flavoring before except maybe in the Samovar Earl Lavender.

The tea is mild, smooth and medium-to-light bodied. It’s a good foundation for the bergamot flavoring to show off on, and frankly I find the bergamot flavor so interwoven with the tea as to make an attempt at describing the tea separate from the bergamot futile. It has an unobtrusive, slightly sweet finish.

I’m sad that I’m going to have to distance myself from this one so as not to fall in love, it being limited edition and all.

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I wasn’t able to get the kiwi to do a solo using the rest of the sample, but I have the feeling that even though my view of it is somewhat obscured, it’s in the back of the room raising its hand. There’s definitely something going on other than strawberry and apple, and it isn’t rose hips or hibiscus. It’s a nice drink.

I’m noticing that unless they’re too tart (unless you like tart, in which case substitute the word “sweet”), fruit blends can basically be described as “nice drinks.” The heat of them is calming in the evening which makes them more comforting to drink than juice, and without the calories. They’re also generally less in-your-face-fruit than juices are. It’s hard to say one is terrifically better than another apart from which side of the sweet/tart dichotomy you happen to fall on, and which fruit flavors you generally prefer. I suppose one could give extra points for a particularly satisfying blend, too. But that’s about all I can see to distinguish one from another. Anything I’m missing?


I think that ya nailed it! :)

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I got obsessed with tea in 2010 for a while, then other things intruded, then I cycled back to it. I seem to be continuing that in for a while, out for a while cycle. I have a short attention span, but no shortage of tea.

I’m a mom, writer, gamer, lawyer, reader, runner, traveler, and enjoyer of life, literature, art, music, thought and kindness, in no particular order. I write fantasy and science fiction under the name J. J. Roth.

Personal biases: I drink tea without additives. If a tea needs milk or sugar to improve its flavor, its unlikely I’ll rate it high. The exception is chai, which I drink with milk/sugar or substitute. Rooibos and honeybush were my gateway drugs, but as my tea skills and tastes developed they became far less appealing to me. I do not mix well with tulsi or yerba mate, and savory teas are more often a miss than a hit with me. That said, I’m not entirely a purist, and I enjoy a good flavored tea, particularly flavored blacks.

I like all kinds of tea depending on time of day, mood, and the amount of time I have to pay attention to preparation.

Since I find others’ rating legends helpful, I added my own. But I don’t really find myself hating most things I try.

I try to rate teas in relation to others of the same type, for example, Earl Greys against other Earl Greys. But if a tea rates very high with me, it’s a stand out against all other teas I’ve tried.

95-100 A once in a lifetime experience; the best there is

90-94 First rate; top notch; really terrific; will definitely buy more

80-89 Excellent; will likely buy more

70-79 Very good; would enjoy again, might buy again

60-69 Good; wouldn’t pass up if offered, but likely won’t buy again

Below 60 Meh, so-so, iffy, or ick. The lower the number, the closer to ick.

People have sent me tea on occasion, and I was once persuaded to send some Tazo Om to AmazonV. I’ve also done at least one group buy here on Steepster, the famous Doulton-led Dammann Freres experiment years ago. But mostly, I don’t swap. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I have way more tea than any one person needs and am not lacking for new things to try. Also, I have way too much going on already in daily life and the additional commitment to get packages to people adds to my already high stress level. (Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does.)

That said, I enjoy reading folks’ notes, talking about what I drink, and getting to “know” people virtually here on Steepster so I can get ideas of other things I might want to try if I can ever again justify buying more tea. I also like keeping track of what I drink and what I thought about it, though I don’t put samples in my cupboard and not everything I have at any given time is showing in my cupboard. I do try to remember to remove things from my cupboard once I no longer have them.

I was an early internet adopter and have been online in various environments since around 1990. Steepster is one of the nicest online environments I’ve ever been privileged to participate in and that is saying something. :-)


Bay Area, California



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