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I purchased this for myself prior to trying the Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice my mother got for me. I thought I would like this one better, that it would be more to my tastes. Apparently she knows me better than I do. I guess that’s a mom thing. Anyway, this is pretty good. Nothing that makes it stand out except it can be resteeped while the Orange Chocolate Sweet Spice can’t. It is what i consider to be a quintessential tea color. It has very caramel-ly notes for me and some spice and a lot of nut. I don’t really get the fruit notes but I can see the little candied pieces so I know they’re in there. Hello, little fruities! I wish you were a touch more prominent! Wouldn’t go out of my way to stock this again. There are so many others out there to try.

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I got this for Christmas from my loving momma and didn’t think I’d enjoy it, honestly. I don’t typically like citrus and chocolate together but this is truly spot on! I add probably too much sugar but it serves as a dessert for me so I don’t mind the calories too much. The color is dark and the aroma is spicy oranges. I get the orange right on top, followed closely by the spice and lastly by the chocolate. The chocolate is pretty intense but was executed well. Overall, very enjoyable.
EDIT: I have since discovered that my doggy hates the smell of it. He won’t sit next to me on the couch and went as far away as across the room to the recliner to get away from it. Yikes! This one has a con.

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Hi! I am a 23 year old Special Education major working two jobs, one that pays the bills and one (at a winery!) that funds my wine and tea obsessions. I’m a super huge nerd. My dad cut my teeth on comics, Star Wars and Studio Ghibli and my brother introduced me to indie music and Game of Thrones (books and show.) My husband took over from there with LotR and Firefly and we’ve since discovered Terra Nova, Star Trek: TNG, and pretty much everything good Netflix has to offer!
I’m still pretty new to tea, adding too much sugar, I’m sure. I just recently tried loose leaf at home for the first time. I was always rather intimidated by it and since trying it, I don’t know why. It’s really pretty simple! Being new, all I have is Teavana (a store opened up in a local mall) and only 2 types from there. I would really like to expand my tastes. I don’t like florality in my wine and I don’t care for it in my tea either. Pretty much any thing else is fair game. I’ve lurked here for a little while and I’m really excited to be a part of what seems to be a very open and welcoming community. Hoping to get to know you better! Cheers!


Southern Indiana

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