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Well this is better when you use two teabags, add your own sugar and some soymilk (or creamy thing of your choice). I did raise the rating slightly. Not sure whether I will buy this again but I’ll finish off the box I have by next Christmas at least. :)


As far as capturing such a rich flavor as ‘sugar cookie’, I was pleasantly surprised by this one too. Before adding anything, the tea already looks creamy and milky. I think it’s the milk thistle.


I had this around the holidays – for a bagged tea it was pretty decent. Good flavors although I do wish that they had been a bit stronger. I agree adding some cream of some kind helps. Still very good for CS bagged tea.


I agree that this one needs 2 bags….. I did not think it was too bad, either!

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drank Green and Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
2796 tasting notes

very strong and fruity tea for the afternoon, the green rooibos is nice. I might have to get more of this for the summer…

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drank Osmanthus Oolong by Naivetea
2796 tasting notes

Taking a break from my standard afternoon pu-erh routine to focus a bit on finishing up these oolong samples. I really loved this one when I gong-fu’d it, but drinking it in the office in my infuser mug it really isn’t the same, alas. Also I think I got a big load of the osmanthus flowers in this cup. It is still quite good. I was very happy with the Naivetea sample packs.

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definitely not as terrible as I thought it would be – ha!

And believe it or not I think red rooibos is growing on me a bit… but it does seem to vary a lot with a particular tea or blend.

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drank Guricha by Den's Tea
2796 tasting notes

I’ve never had a guricha before so here goes nothing. ooooh. It looks like I ended up liking this a bit more than the other testers. :)

Steeped mine at around 180 F for 90 seconds. I got a nice greenish-yellow cup. The wet leaves are very green and smell so vegetal. I did notice if you steep this for a while it can get kind of pungent so I think shorter steeps of 30 – 60 seconds work well here.

This reminds me of sencha’s grandpa, hee hee. It’s more robust and full, with lots of green spinach-y flavors. I think it’s even a bit buttery, brothy, and thick like drinking green tea soup. This would certainly not appeal to everyone’s palette but to me it seems very nourishing, fortifying.

Overall I’m loving my Den’s tea experience….

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 15 sec

HHHmmm, I’ve never seen a guricha tea before, sounds interesting and delicious too. :p


I will try mine today – assuming there is one in my Den’s tea sample pack as well.


I don’t believe it was in the sample pack, I placed an order with them…

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drank Organic Assam by Harney & Sons
2796 tasting notes

A good, solid assam from Harney – nice on this cold and rainy morning, see my previous notes.

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drank Ginger Ale Bai Mu Dan by 52teas
2796 tasting notes

It’s 5:00 and in lieu of a drink I’m having some of this, decided to steep it and then pour it over ice in a tall glass. It’s just missing the bubbles. :)


They come up with such cool ideas.


I really liked this one, I’m sad to see it’s already gone!

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drank Green Coconut by TeaGschwendner
2796 tasting notes

I’ve had this for way too long but it’s still good. I just checked my emails and I bought this last August so I hope to have it finished within the year, anyway. :) steeped at 175 for 2 minutes – see previous notes

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Caramel by Kusmi Tea
2796 tasting notes

Special thanks to Tamm for letting me try this one since I’ve been thinking about buying a tin of it…

I steeped mine for around 4 minutes and am drinking it straight up plain today… the Kusmi teas I’ve tried were all the Russian blends so the simplicity of this is a refreshing change of pace. A nice smooth, medium bodied black tea. The caramel flavor is subtle with just a hint of sweetness and doesn’t seem artificial to me. This was a great choice for after lunch with a cookie! :)

I tried adding soymilk to it but I think I preferred it plain actually…

This was enjoyable for a flavored black tea but it doesn’t need a permanent home in my ever growing stash.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Do you have to order this to your house or do you live by the store?


I’ve been able to find a few Kusmi teas locally but this isn’t one of them. The last time I checked they were charging $10 for shipping… meh


Well damn. If you were only buying one tea that would be a pretty big tag for the shipping. : /


I am also thinking about buying a tin of this, but I don’t want to pay a lot of money on shipping if it’s not that great. Sounds sweet and natural, though!


I would highly recommend this one. I would say though that it is not really caramel-y to me as burnt sugar warm awesomeness. It is a fabulous tea, but not entirely what I was expecting.

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This tastes a bit muddy to me but perhaps I am having an off day, I rated it very high previously – see notes. :))

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89-80 Pretty good, above average

79-70 Acceptable

69-60 Mundane – Will probably drink it if I have it

59-50 Ick

49 and below Nasty


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