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Wow – this is delicious. Overnight it seems like I’ve become a Menghai factory tea convert!

This little cake is 100 grams and comes in a cute red box, well what more could you ask for?

I broke off a small piece and did two short steeps in the gaiwan for around 30 seconds to make the cup of tea I am drinking now. This has a slight “forest floor” aroma but it just really smooth, creamy, slightly sweet and with a bit of fruity aftertaste. Smells a bit musty, but IMO no weird “off” flavors like barnyard, fishy, etc. But I always rinse my puerh in boiling water before the first steep.

Definitely a tasty little shu. I wish I had more time to linger over this one but I have to get myself ready for the SF International Tea Festival today!!!

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 45 sec

I think I am going to have to check them out. Birthday in a few weeks…I am making a list of puerhs!


I think you might like this one. :)


very good tea but i think the 2009 is a little better(aging adds to it)

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This stuff is intense!

After steeping I noticed my senses were immediately flooded with this floral aroma so I was either in for a treat or something scary…ha!

I steeped this at the recommended 4 minutes at around 190 (my temp may have been slightly higher). This tea yield a light, sweetish liquor with lots of honeysuckle and an almost “baked” quality that just reminds me a bit of cookies. Lily of the valley – I am not sure what that smells like but this is for sure heavy on the floral. I can sense the kaffir lime out there as well but I probably would not have picked up on that if it wasn’t on the description. :)

This is a tea that just makes me want to sit with it and focus on it, so it’s pretty relaxing and meditative as well.

Either way this is a fabulous oolong, if you’re a darjeeling lover. I’m not picking up on any astringency either, just a smooth and rich mouthfeel. Very unique and tasty. Yum! An awesome way to wake up. I might need to get some more but it is very pricey. :)

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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I like genmaicha but I’m not sure about this tea. The first time I tried steeping it it was all cheesecake flavor and I didn’t like it at all but I don’t think I used water that was hot enough.

Tonight I steeped it in a gaiwan and I like it better this way, the cherry flavor is coming up and mixing well with the nuttiness of the rice but now I am not getting any cheesecake. Weird. I feel like if I can find the perfect method to brew this it might be ultimately more enjoyable for me but for now it’s just kind of elusive.

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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I had higher hopes for this one… I admit Tulsi is an acquired “herby” taste but I do like it, as well as roses and chamomile. I think what ruins this for me is definitely the stevia, the aftertaste is waaaay too sweet for me and I can’t get us to it. So I will drink this for the stress busting properties I know it has, but it will be more like medicine than a pleasurable experience. Oh well.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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Recently I got myself a gift set from Le Palais des Thes and I was very excited when it arrived. It comes in a box with a full color book and aluminum tins of their different flavored teas. I was initially a little bit miffed after realizing I was only going to get two mugs of tea out of each sample, but that’s ok. I will definitely recycle or reuse these tins for something else, spices perhaps…

I don’t always like vanilla tea because the vanilla can get very artificial tasting but this is very nice and subtle. The green tea is a flavored sencha which I’m really enjoying. I might have steeped this a little long but it seems to be fine. It’s a very smooth taste with a bit of vegetal and also some lingering nuttiness. A bit of astringency in the finish as I was expecting. I don’t know if I will purchase a large size but it definitely is one of the nicer flavored greens I’ve tried. I like the fact that the flavoring is very mild & it blends well with the tea.

20 minutes later: this sencha is not sitting too well with my stomach, perhaps oversteeping was a bad idea. :(

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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Another sheng sample from Puershop.com. :)

I gave this one a quick rinse and steeped it for about 45 seconds in an infuser mug, it’s light yellow and is mildly smoky and woodsy with a sweet aftertaste. This is a nice mellow sheng which is certainly ready to drink now. It doesn’t have a lot of complexity, I assume that might evolve over time as this is only 3 years old. I liked it though, it’s quite ready to drink now if you wanted to….

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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I’ve always wanted to own one of these 7562 bricks although I can’t quite tell you why. I’ve heard so many things about them and people owning ones that age very well over time. I’ve never had a brick that is so tightly packed before and, having no idea how to break it apart I immediately began attacking it with a kitchen knife, making a big mess. There must be a better way – a chisel?

My cup is elegant with no strange odors in my opinion. The tea is very smooth and dark with a creamy, malty and chocolate-y element. I am enjoying it. I’m a newbie to Menghai pu-erhs but am already a fan of this one. Definitely a good purchase for the price, I got mine from Puershop.com for $11.95 and that will make a lot of tea!

Doug F

I’ve had good luck with the puerhshop and Menghai teas as well.


@Triumph – Menghai seems to have a good reputation. Have you ever had to chisel tea out of a brick?

Charles Thomas Draper

They sell special knives and picks….


Apparently I need one!

Doug F

Luckily I have one of those special picks (I’ve broken a couple) because I’ve had a few ripe cakes that had become pretty impenetrable.


I know purepuer.com sells puer picks and knives. Want!


maybe I’ll find one at the SF international tea festival I’m going to tomorrow…


Hey, I remember reading about the festival. How was it?? Lucky dog! :))


not that great in my opinion, but worth checking out



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drank Raspberry Soiree by Teavana
2802 tasting notes

Raspberry Soiree, I still think you are the spitting image of Hawaiian Fruit Punch.

I am trying to finish this off but it is a bit of a joyless endeavor.

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
2802 tasting notes

By accident I probably let this steep for 7 minutes or so this afternoon. Actually I think it might be a bit better this way! This tea isn’t bad, I just have soooooo much of it. I’ll never buy 8 oz. of the same tea again! :)

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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Thanks to SimplyJenW for sending some of this my way! Usually I enjoy roses in tea so I thought I would try this…

Wow, this smells so nice when it’s steeping and so does the finished cup. I am having a bad morning (already) and the aroma is very soothing. I don’t know that much about congous so it’s a bit difficult to determine what role it is playing here. The tea itself is a medium bodied black tea with a hint of sweetness and some chocolate/spice. I sipped on some of it plain but then I also added soymilk and I liked it both ways. This is going on my list of things to purchase from Upton the next time I place an order. This tea is VERY rosey so if you don’t like that I’d steer clear of it for sure. For me it’s so very nice, a small luxury in the day.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I really like this one too. Hope your day improves!


thanks. :)

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My profile pic is of a pink dahlia at Golden Gate Park.

Hobbies include: tea, making art, animals, vegan things, buddhism, nature, creativity, books, writing, cooking, meditation, yoga.

I am a fan of many different teas but my favorites are blacks and oolongs, chai, also like darjeeling and pu-erh. I’n always learning and expanding my horizons!

Dislikes include: bergamot, jasmine, highly tannic or bitter teas, overly judgmental and bitter people. :)

Live in San Francisco, I’m a SINK (single income, no kids) and love the urban life, but traveling out to the middle of nowhere is always fun too.

I tend to not drink things I know I will hate so a lot of my tea ratings are on the higher side. Here’s my rating system, sorta

95-100 I love this tea and would like to keep it around

94-90 An excellent tea which I may or may not repurchase

89-80 Pretty good, above average

79-70 Acceptable

69-60 Mundane – Will probably drink it if I have it

59-50 Ick

49 and below Nasty


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