2307 Tasting Notes

drank Golden Monkey by Vital Tea Leaf
2307 tasting notes

Finally finishing off the rest of this tea I got over a year ago, I really had a small amount and decided to make whole pot of tea, I probably should have used a mug, because this tea is kind of weak, oh well. I think I need to stay at home and drink a lot of tea today because it’s cold and I am feeling like I’m getting sick. We thought the foggy season was almost over here but the fog is baaaaack!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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This tea is part of the Assam sampler from Upton I got a few months ago. I’m surprised that nobody has added it yet so I went ahead and did it.

This tea got brewed up in the For Life teapot for 3.5 minutes. I already decided to add sugar and soymilk before I got the chance to try it plain. It is malty with a bit of winey-ness, reminds me of your typical Irish breakfast tea which are made of assams as well. Good for the foggy morning we are having.

In my mind it isn’t anything exceptional but this is a good, solid assam.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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It’s the end to a lovely day – I always liked the regular Paris blend and the decaf Paris is also really nice, especially with a touch of raw cane sugar. good night all!

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drank Momoko by Lupicia
2307 tasting notes

I decided I was going to cold brew this last night and it is pretty good that way, which is fortunate since I didn’t care for it very much when it was hot.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here and it’s also my birthday. yippee!

Iced 7 min, 45 sec

Happy Birthday =^_^=


Happy Birthday :)


Hope you have a wonderful day!!


many happy steppings and a grand year ahead!

Tea Sipper

Happy birthday! hope you have a good one!




Aw, happy birthday! <3


Happy birthday! I hope it was great!


happy birfday!


Happy birthday! Make it last a few extra days!


Happy bday! Hope it was an excellent day :)

Charles Thomas Draper

Happy Birthday!!

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drank Cassis & Blueberry by Lupicia
2307 tasting notes

Tea of the morning here, this isn’t really a favorite of mine for some reason, I’ve had it for a while and can’t seem to make myself finish the bag. Lupicia recommends making it as an iced tea so maybe I will try that today. It seems a bit medicinal to me. see previous notes if interested.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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drank BEAU-TEA-FUL SKINCARE by Silk Road
2307 tasting notes

I think they renamed this one as “Tea of Radiant Beauty” but I’m not going to rename it.

This is another tea that I got in Victoria over the summer. Mostly what I taste is lavender, mint and rooibos but I am not overly fond of this flavor, it seems a little bit bitter and like dirt? Oh well. I hope it’s healthy anyway…

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drank Cinnamon Fig by Art of Tea
2307 tasting notes

I am almost done with this sample sized tea from Art of Tea. This really should be called Apple Cinnamon Fig because there’s so much apple in the tea. This is kind of bitter unless you add sugar too. I definitely don’t think I steeped it for too long. I’m not that enthused about this one but it’s ok, I guess.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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I made this as a cold brewed tea last night because I wanted to get up early to do yoga. As a cold brew, it’s very nice, it has a roasty element like a dark oolong and some slight notes of malt. Very intriguing though I think I may prefer it hot.

Iced 8 min or more

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drank Relaxing Tea by Chopra Center
2307 tasting notes

Tea of the evening here. I’ve been a little stressed out today and I thought I would steep some of this up. I can’t say I’m the biggest Deepak Chopra fan but I really like this blend and would definitely consider buying more. I got mine from Harney and Sons but you can buy it directly from the Chopra Center. It’s nice and soothing for an herbal blend, see previous notes for more details.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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drank SF Gold Pu'erh by Spicely
2307 tasting notes

This Spicely tea is still somewhat of a mystery to me – why are they selling it at the San Francisco store but it isn’t on their website? So I couldn’t really get a photo or a decent product description form the website. Maybe someday they will add it.

This is a pu’erh blend with cocoa mixed in and it smells fairly decent in the store so I thought I’d take some home to try it.

I decided to step this Western style for 3 minutes to see what would happen. I got a very dark tea that looks almost like coffee and has a definite chocolate aroma but it sure smells like shu pu’erh as well. I wonder if I steeped this for too long but I have no idea what to do with flavored pu’erhs.

The flavor of this is interesting, to me it seems somewhat bittersweet and I wasn’t sure I liked it at first. As the cup cools down I’m getting more of a velvety, rich brew. Normally I don’t add sugar to pu’erhs but about 1/2 tsp of raw cane sugar brought out more of the chocolate notes in this tea.

Not sure if I will buy anymore of this but I have almost 2 oz. It was pricey but I also like the fact that all of the ingredients are organic. Someday I’d like to try the Arbor Teas version of this.

Will try next time with slightly less steeping time. This will be an enjoyable dessert tea, I think.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I find the Spicely teas a bit of a mystery as well! I stopped in their store the other week and purchased a chai tea. Being new to tea, I decided to research what I bought and could not find a thing! Their website and store reviews do not mention anything about tea. I have enjoyed reading your reviews on their tea.


Thanks Rachel. I also find it weird that there’s no info about tea on their website, Maybe SF is a test market, that’s all I can think of.

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My profile pic is of a pink dahlia at Golden Gate Park.

Hobbies include: tea, making art, animals, vegan things, buddhism, nature, creativity, books, writing, cooking, meditation, yoga.

I am a fan of many different teas but my favorites are blacks and oolongs, chai, also like darjeeling and pu-erh. I’n always learning and expanding my horizons!

Dislikes include: bergamot, jasmine, highly tannic or bitter teas, overly judgmental and bitter people. :)

Live in San Francisco, I’m a SINK (single income, no kids) and love the urban life, but traveling out to the middle of nowhere is always fun too.

I tend to not drink things I know I will hate so a lot of my tea ratings are on the higher side. Here’s my rating system, sorta

95-100 I love this tea and would like to keep it around

94-90 An excellent tea which I may or may not repurchase

89-80 Pretty good, above average

79-70 Acceptable

69-60 Mundane – Will probably drink it if I have it

59-50 Ick

49 and below Nasty


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