2306 Tasting Notes

drank Florence by Harney & Sons
2306 tasting notes

I’ve been trying to finish off an 8 oz. tin of this for ages and I just haven’t been making much progress. Anyway I discovered this morning that this is one tea that seems to taste better if you add a bit of extra leaf to the mix, I think the flavor becomes more pronounced. At least it isn’t going stale on me, I think the long shelf life is one reason that I have come to prefer black teas most of all!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I discovered the same thing when I made it yesterday – a bit more leaf was better.

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drank Fireside Chai by Zhena's Gypsy Tea
2306 tasting notes

I decided to have this as my post-yoga and pre-bedtime drink.

I get this at the Rainbow Grocery where I can get it in loose leaf form. I don’t think there’s any point in buying Zhena’s tea in teabag form (too weak).

This is pretty good but I prefer my chai with more cardamom so I added a few pods while it was steeping. Also added soymilk and a touch of coconut sugar, it’s pretty good.

I just checked their website and you can only buy their loose leaf teas by the POUND, what gives Zhena???


I wonder how long it would take for me to finish a whole pound of tea… Jeez.

TeaBrat I’d have to find a few people to split it with but I’m not that motivated. :)

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Tea of the afternoon here, jasmine isn’t typically a favorite of mine so I’m not sure why I bought this – ha ha. I did finish off the ounce I had and as far as jasmines go, this is pretty nice. More natural tasting and less bitter than some I’ve had.

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drank Tulsi ginger by Organic India
2306 tasting notes

Backlog. Tisane of the evening at my sweetie’s house, he really likes tulsi and so do I. The ginger is really good in this blend. Someday I will need to try this as a cold brew or an iced tea, it would be good to keep some in the fridge ready to drink.


Tulsi is the same as basil isn’t it? I loooooove basil in my tea


It’s the same thing as holy basil which is from India…


ah. Nice. I do love it then lol


me too, it’s very relaxing as well ;)


I still have some of that Holy basil blend from Verdant left. Been hoarding it lol

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I’m finishing off the rest of this sample this morning, sort of feeling like it’s a green tea day for some reason. Light, nutty and sweet. See previous notes for more details.

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It’s a really warm day today and I’ve already had enough caffeine but nevertheless… I could not resist trying this sample.

I was intrigued to find out what cilantro would be like in a tea, I know some people hate the flavor of cilantro but personally I love it, I used to make pesto with it and I’d put that on a pizza with fresh tomatoes, nom nom!

Come to think of it I am also a big fan of pineapple. :)

Anyway on to the tea. White teas do not tend to be a favorite of mine as a rule. I wonder if I did something to mess this up because it smells great in the package but when I went to taste it, I’m getting kind of a faint pineapple and cilantro and not getting the characteristic sweetness one would find in a bai mu dan. It’s ok but I don’t love it.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

dammit. now i’m thinking of cilantro pesto pizza. sigh. i used to make herb pesto, you know just grabbing what i needed out of the garden? from tea to pizza and back again…


Wow… I think I know what the next pizza I make is going to be. That sounds fantastic!


yes I believe there were also WALNUTS in the pesto, I should make that again soon!

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drank Hazelnut Chai by Zhena's Gypsy Tea
2306 tasting notes

I bought this because I was in the mood for something sweet and dessert like today. This sounded really good from the description but I should have been leery from the get go because I had another tea from Zhena’s that I didn’t really care for.

This smells amazing in the tin but unfortunately the flavor just doesn’t match up to the hype. One teabag in an 8 oz cup yielded a very weak and watery brew, I guess I will have to try for two next time but that means the price of the per cup is a lot more than what it should be.

I am getting hazelnut, cinnamon and vanilla but it’s just so weak and anemic, oh well. Definitely better once some vanilla soymilk was added but kind of a bummer overall. Makes me wonder if Zhena’s is owned by Republic of Tea since their tins are a similar size and the teabags look the same.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

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This free sample came from Butiki – thank you so much Stacy!

This is really good, it reminds me of a few Indian greens I have tried. The tea is robust with strong vegetal notes, I’m definitely getting the kale and spinach type of flavor. There’s some palette cleansing astringency present, I might have oversteeped this a tad because I wasn’t really watching what I was doing. I wouldn’t say it became bitter although it is slightly sour in flavor but the nuttiness also gives it somewhat of a rich and brothy character.

Anyway I like it! It’s super flavorful and lively. If you’re into more robust Chinese greens like chun mee or you might want to give this one a whirl. I was kind of asleep before I drank this and now I feel pretty zippy… on the shopping list it goes!

ps – I also got a nice 2nd steep out of it

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank MateVana by Teavana
2306 tasting notes

This was part of a gift I received from my brother last Christmas and evidently I forgot to log it until now.

Anyway I am not a big fan of mate and even less a fan of teavana but since I have it I might as well drink it, right?

So let’s see I steeped this in a mug for 6 minutes with boiling water and a t-sac. The flavor I’m getting is light chocolate and even lighter nuts. IMO this is kind of a weak blend even though I used over 1 tsb. of leaf. Might need to try even more leaf next time? I don’t know. This doesn’t remind me of coffee at all, perhaps some dirty ovaltine. Hopefully it wakes me up anyway!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Mango Lassi by Butiki Teas
2306 tasting notes

This is one of my favorite flavored rooibos tisanes. I don’t know what more I can say about it that hasn’t been said already. :)

It would be great to see some more rooibos blends from Butiki, maybe even a green rooibos? Banana cream pie? Well, one can always dream…

Boiling 8 min or more
Butiki Teas

Amy-We are working on more caffeine-free options! There will be at least another rooibos but there are 2 honeybush blends coming up soon and that Birthday Cake herbal should be on the site tomorrow.


Yay! :)


Seconding that, we need more green rooibos blends.

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My profile pic is of a pink dahlia at Golden Gate Park.

Hobbies include: tea, making art, animals, vegan things, buddhism, nature, creativity, books, writing, cooking, meditation, yoga.

I am a fan of many different teas but my favorites are blacks and oolongs, chai, also like darjeeling and pu-erh. I’n always learning and expanding my horizons!

Dislikes include: bergamot, jasmine, highly tannic or bitter teas, overly judgmental and bitter people. :)

Live in San Francisco, I’m a SINK (single income, no kids) and love the urban life, but traveling out to the middle of nowhere is always fun too.

I tend to not drink things I know I will hate so a lot of my tea ratings are on the higher side. Here’s my rating system, sorta

95-100 I love this tea and would like to keep it around

94-90 An excellent tea which I may or may not repurchase

89-80 Pretty good, above average

79-70 Acceptable

69-60 Mundane – Will probably drink it if I have it

59-50 Ick

49 and below Nasty


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