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2170 Tasting Notes

drank Momo Oolong Super Grade by Lupicia
2170 tasting notes

One last cup of tea before going to the SF Zen Center tonight. This is pretty good with soymilk, I feel like I’m drinking a latte. I might want to get a milk frothing device one of these days…

see previous notes for more details

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 15 sec

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I’m just finishing off this sample today, I’ve definitely enjoyed this green darjeeling (see previous notes for more details).

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Thank you to Stacy for including this is my last order. I was craving a dessert tea this afternoon, so I had a feeling this would hit the spot.

For an assam this is a bit on the mild side and not pungent like some I’ve had. The caramel/vanilla flavor is delicate and sweet, and this is an easy tea to sip on plain. I had mine with soymilk and sugar just because I needed an extra boost. The aroma is so nice just sitting here wafting up from my cup. I enjoyed trying this and hopefully it will kill my after lunch sugar cravings.

Thanks again Stacy!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Oooooooo! I have this on the way to me. Can’t wait!

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Yet another sample from Rare Tea Republic that I am attempting to purge from my cupboard… like Azzrian at first I was under the impression that this was a black tea and I also had to look up where Bihar is (Northern India – it borders on Nepal).

I tried to follow the RtR steeping parameters which said 5 minutes at 205 F.

I definitely am getting a butternut squash/pumpkin sort of flavor here in the aroma as well as the flavor of this tea, which is a clear light orange. This is a nice mellow brew, pleasantly sweet, and yes I’m getting some apricot as well.

Very enjoyable although it wouldn’t be a “must have” item for me, which is probably just as well since RTR is no longer around.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Republic of Tea’s website has added a lot of the teas that were previously sold through Rare Tea Republic (not this one though…just looked). Under the “Loose Leaf Tea” tab, the 2nd choice is “Rare Loose Leaf Tea”. Saw it when linking from one of their emails.


thanks for that…

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I purchased this yesterday at Walgreens on a whim. Part of my plan to wean myself off caffeine in the afternoon time.

For a decaf tea this is okay. Lemongrass and ginger are both healthy herbals but I can’t help but wonder how much better this would be without the green tea which imparts kind of a bitter taste. I may need to adjust my steeping parameters or try cold brewing this, I left it sitting way too long. It might be better with a little sugar.

It’s a solid “meh” for me I will probably finish off the box.

180 °F / 82 °C 7 min, 45 sec

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Another sample gone…

I won’t miss this too much. It’s pretty good for a second flush darjeeling which do not tend to be my favorites. This does have a very nice grape flavor and aroma and a very “soft” flavor. See previous notes for more details.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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R.I.P. Rare Tea Republic…

I brought a bunch of their samples from last year to work to see if I could focus on finishing them off this week. I really don’t think I can justify buying any more FF darjeeling until I finish off last year’s supply, of which I have PLENTY. Well, maybe just a few samples when Upton Tea comes out with theirs. :)

This tea steeps up to be a light amber/yellowish color and has an intense floral/nutty aroma. It still seems wonderful to me – the plucking date was April 11, 2012 according to the bag they gave me. I am picking up notes of tropical fruit with a slight palette cleansing astringency in the finish. Still seems really fresh and flavorful, just like springtime. These ff darjeelings can be a total sensory experience!

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Doug F

Nice to see that someone is thinking about darjeelings. I’m always surprised how little attention they get on steepster. Upton’s FFs are rolling in BTW.


Yeah I noticed that they were starting to get a few when I went to their site today. Last year I was totally nuts over darjeeling!

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Backlog – I drank this yesterday at the office. I thought I was “over” bagged teas but there is something about the convenience of them at work that is definitely appealing.

I’ve had a box of this tea forever and I believe I drank the last bag yesterday. As an experiment I decided to pour this over ice and it was really good that way. the ginger is very strong but I like that because it seems to be good for digestion as well as allergies. Not for the faint of heart. I might need to get some more of this someday for those afternoons/evenings when I’m looking for no caffeine.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Sometimes you just don’t want to fuss—it’s good to have a small and reliable arsenal of bagged stuff around.


I drink bagged tea almost exclusively at the office now. It really is so convenient. And it avoids me having to explain to every passerby what my tea paraphernalia is and what I’m doing with it. LOL!


I actually really like this one. And it’s great to have around for tummy upsets and colds.


Any time my co-workers rib me about my baggies of leaves, I just tell them, “Bring me some hot water and I will be happy to show you what this is!”

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Tea of the morning here… a slightly decadent choice for morning time but that’s okay. I feel like I’m eating an almond croissant. This is one of my favorite teas from Simpson and Vail so far. It takes soymilk very well and doesn’t need sugar at all. So good! See previous notes for more details…

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Have you tried Butiki Tea’s Almond Indulgence? I’m interested to see how this would compare.


Yes and IMO this is better…


Wow, I’ll definitely have to check it out then. Thanks!


CHA – PM me if you’d like a sample… :)

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I hope I am not tempting fate by trying this tea in the evening time (it’s 7:23 here) but I wanted to stay awake to do laundry and some other things. Keep your fingers crossed for me….

This is a lovely hand rolled tea that is visually nice to look at. I decided to go for the 3 minute steep at approximately 180F (my guesstimate).

Flavorwise, this reminds me a lot of a Chinese green tea with savory, vegetal artichoke type flavors, like a chun mee or something of that nature. There is a definite sweetness in the finish too which is really nice. Their website says “grassy” which I am not really getting at all. Something about this seems very relaxing and I can definitely see how this would be a good everyday drinking type of tea (if not for the price).

I will definitely consider buying a large size of this at some point to keep around – on the shopping list it goes. So far everything from NTT has been good in my opinion.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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My profile pic is of a pink dahlia at Golden Gate Park.

Hobbies include: tea, making art, animals, vegan things, buddhism, nature, creativity, books, writing, cooking, meditation, yoga.

I am a fan of many different teas but my favorites are blacks and oolongs, chai, also like darjeeling and pu-erh. I’n always learning and expanding my horizons!

Dislikes include: bergamot, jasmine, highly tannic or bitter teas, overly judgmental and bitter people. :)

Live in San Francisco, I’m a SINK (single income, no kids) and love the urban life, but traveling out to the middle of nowhere is always fun too.

I tend to not drink things I know I will hate so a lot of my tea ratings are on the higher side. Here’s my rating system, sorta

95-100 I love this tea and would like to keep it around

94-90 An excellent tea which I may or may not repurchase

89-80 Pretty good, above average

79-70 Acceptable

69-60 Mundane – Will probably drink it if I have it

59-50 Ick

49 and below Nasty


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