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I think this is my new “Monday morning” cuppa. It’s a very dependable blend when I need a pick me up after restless nights.

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I cold-steeped some Cranberry Pear over the weekend for the first time. I won’t be doing that again. The fruit flavors were really lovely and enhanced in the cold-steeping process, but I missed some of the oomph that I got from the black tea when the leaves are steeped hot. It’s just as well. I prefer this tea as a latte anyway. I just thought I’d try something new. I still finished off a pitcher in 48 hours, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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Again, I’m missing any semblance of a cake note, but the combination of the slightly sweet and slightly tart citrus combined with the flavor of marshmallow is just lovely. It reminds me more of the flavor of a creamsicle (minus the creamy aspect, of course) than of a cupcake.

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I iced a bit of this tea this morning. Although it was tasty, I think it’s much more flavorful when served hot.

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I received a sample of this from a teapal and, to my surprise, it’s right up my alley. I usually avoid pineapple blends because the pineapple flavor tends to be really cloying and/or it doesn’t mix well with the other ingredients. That is not the case with this blend. I’m so glad it’s an herbal that’s predominantly fruit. The pineapple really shines, and the flavor reminds me of freshly juiced ripe pineapple. It’s sweet but slightly tart, and the pineapple blends really well with the mango and papaya. It’s like a tropical fruit juice blend in tea form. I’ve been eyeing T by Daniel for awhile, and this sample might just prompt an order. I can see myself enjoying a lot of this tea (mixed with other teas or alone) over the summer.

Evol Ving Ness

I met him at the tea festival at the end of January. Quite a character! And a promising entrepreneur. The sample teas were good too.


Neat! We need tea festivals down south. That sounds like such fun. Yeah, he looks like quite a happy chap. :)

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While it’s the tiniest bit stronger and maltier than many I’ve tried, this is a pretty standard British breakfast blend. It’s solid, smooth and flavorful. It takes milk and sweetener well. It’s also quite nice with a squeeze of lemon. I’m always looking for nice breakfast blends to add to my collection for days when I’m tempted to have espresso/coffee, so I’m glad I added this to my Pick N Mix experience pack.

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This tea is essentially black forest gateau minus the cake. To my taste buds, it’s more like a cordial cherry more than a black forest cake/gateau. There are so many berries in this blend. The added hibiscus gives the berries just a bit of the tart, sour cherry flavor that one would expect from a traditional black forest gateau. The chocolate is there but only just. I also find that I’m missing the cake element, especially since the vanilla isn’t really coming through very well in my cuppa. Cherry doesn’t rank very highly on my list of berries I enjoy in teas (especially black tea blends), so I’m not really wowed by this tea. It’s pleasant and has decent flavor, but it’s not a tea that I’ll be repurchasing.

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52teas is quickly becoming one of my go-to companies for flavorful black tea blends. I love that Anne creates a new tea on a weekly basis. I don’t like that I have to place orders so frequently to avoid having a tea sell out while I wait to see what the next TOTW is. Thankfully (for my tea budget) many of her recent TOTW blends are green teas, rooibos/honeybush-based and/or floral, so there’s been a lull in my ordering. I tend to jump on her black tea blends though, and I’m glad I picked up two large bags of this tea that was the TOTW the last week of April.

I don’t get a lot of cupcake flavor, but the tangerine and vanilla marshmallow notes are divine. Again, the black tea base is lovely and smooth. The tea is slightly sweet and has delicious tart citrus flavor. The tea also takes milk and sweetener well; I’ve used stevia drops and almond milk this morning.

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Technically, this is my second time sipping this tea. The first time I didn’t get much flavor. I believe I let my water sit in the mug a bit too long before adding the leaves. Shame.

Today’s cuppa was lovely, sweet, and light but chock full of flavor. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a tea that tastes like cotton candy, but I’ve yet to meet one that actually delivers. Cotton candy (or candy/fairy floss, if you’re on the other side of the pond) was one of my favorite sweets as a child. This tea tastes like pink cotton candy dissolving on your tongue. The strawberry flavor is more tart than ripe, and I’m attributing that to the addition of hibiscus in this blend. I’m really enjoying this, much more than I thought I would. The other ingredients aren’t easy to distinguish, but the blend is mixed well. I think I’ll add it to my list of teas to cold-steep when my Hario filter-in bottle arrives.


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Cococabana Coola + Main Squeeze (1:1), lightly sweetened with stevia, iced.

I just finished off my 20g sampler bag of Cococabana Coola this morning. Truthfully, it’s like a tropical vacation in my mouth. Of the fruity herbal blends I’ve tried from Bluebird Tea Co, this one is my favorite. It’s really flavorful so it masks the flavor of Main Squeeze, which I don’t mind. I’m drinking Main Squeeze for the stimulant boost more than the flavor. I’m holding out until the summer collection is released, but I’ll definitely be adding a tin of this to my next Bluebird order.

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I’m a 30-something Texan and wannabe globetrotter. I like my tea sweet and over ice.

I prefer: tisanes/fruit infusions, breakfast teas, black teas, dessert teas

Yes: hibiscus, goji berries, sea buckthorn, cantaloupe/rock melon, honeydew melon, berries (particularly cranberry, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry), mango, coconut, peach, citrus, vanilla

No: cherry (on its own), watermelon, carrot, warming spices (cinnamon, clove, chai, nutmeg, etc.), mint (peppermint, spearmint, etc.), most florals (chamomile, rose petals, lavender, etc.), eucalyptus


San Antonio, TX



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