52 Tasting Notes

Friend came over last night and we decided to brew this. Good herbal, aged tones combined with a Yancha earthiness makes this a very pleasant tea. Roast is very mild, but noticeable (as it is death roasted). Really wish I could have gotten more than a sample of this.


Is this an Oolong, a Puerh?


Allan: It’s an aged oolong

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this is a really excellent sheng for the price. fruity, sweet, and spicy. early steeps have an interesting mouthfeel, almost feels carbonated. this tea also lasts for a lot of steeps, got 2 and a half days out of it. recommended, will buy a couple of these.


On the Wishlist it goes!


If I bought everything that goes on my wishlist I would fill my whole apartment with tea and max out all my credit cards.


mrmopar: he’s getting more sheng soon, I think he said October. Watch out!

AllanK: I feel you there, haha.

Crimson Lotus Tea

I read yesterday about new Chinese submarine technology that can go from Shanghai to San Francisco in less than 2 hours. Someday… until then we’ve got the slow boat from China and this tea is on it. :-D

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This is a really great example of a well-executed light-medium roast. The roasting adds some grainy notes to the tea, like cereal, while keeping a lot of greenness from the base tea. The body is much thicker than a normal green oolong as well, and it has a really nice hui gan. The finish is floral, but not too floral.

This is a nice daily drinker due to its price and the mellow, easy-going flavor profile. Another winner from FLT.

EDIT: Later steepings have notes of vanilla and honey.


Sounds yummy!


It’s really a good balance. I think it could have handled a bit more roasting, but that’s just me.

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First review for this wonderful company in over 2 years.

Dry leaf is very uneven and loosely rolled, all characteristics of a handmade tea, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days. The wet leaf is tough and pitch black, showing that the roast is properly done. There are almost no broken leaves. This tea steeps to a deep brown color, unlike other lower quality Dong Dings which are light brown at best. Another way this stands out from lower quality Dong Dings is in the flavor. The charcoal roasting of this makes a huge difference, the roast is smoother and tastes more natural. The tea is thicker bodied than normal Dong Dings. The tea is sweeter than normal Dong Dings. The flavors that come through are delicious, chocolate and butter with a slight floral finish. No astringency at all.

However, the price reflects the quality. This tea is $15 an ounce, however that didn’t stop it from selling out shortly after I bought it. The Floating Leaves sale wiped them out. All I can do is hope that another batch is roasted soon. In the meantime I’ll stick with cheaper Dong Dings after this ounce runs out. Absolutely love this tea.

EDIT: Later steeps have scent of Marijuana. Incredibly 420 tea.

Flavors: Butter, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Flowers, Roasted, Sweet

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drank Bailin Gongfu Black Tea by Teavivre
52 tasting notes

wow…this is really good prepared Gongfu style, as the name suggests. chocolatey, bready, delicious. slightly fruity in the finish. very malty. definitely buying this one again, thanks to Angel for giving me the opportunity to try this.


This one never fails to amaze…


it’s so good, it’s like a cheaper and much better Laoshan Black

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