64 Tasting Notes


This tea is a bit tart. When brewed strong and with some rock sugar it is a decent tea. I still get the feeling I’m drinking potpourri, though. Not my favorite, and I’m really glad I got it on sale. I will not rebuy.

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
64 tasting notes

Brewed this in my brand new 16 oz Timolino. I put 2 tsp in the bottom of the tumbler, poured in the hot water and just let the leaves hang out. I’m still getting used to how hot the tea stays in this tumbler, but that was definitely to my advantage. The first brew of this tea was much better hot. I poured some out into a cup to do a temp comparison. Much better hot. The taste was a balance of orchid and true (not artificial) vanilla. Very strong flavor. Next time I will add some sugar to this first steep. The second brew was much milder and more pleasant. I did add sugar to mellow out the orchid and bring the vanilla taste forward. The third and final steep was light and lovely with no need to add sugar. What a fabulous tea! Definitely balanced and vanilla-y, like a floral cupcake.

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Mmmm…berry good :) I taste mostly raspberries, but there are strong hints of cocoa as well. It has a great smell. I sweetened it with some of Teavana’s rock sugar, which is good, but I’ll be looking for a cheaper source in the future. When hot, this tea had a stronger cocoa flavor. As it cools, I’m tasting more berry notes. I’m starting to taste the hibiscus, which for me is not unpleasant. But, on a day when I really want a cocoa flavor, I would need to drink this hot. Overall, I’ll be rebuying this when it is on sale. I’m haven’t resteeped it yet, I’m excited to try that and I will post again once I’ve done it.
Steep #2: I left the tea bag in my 20 oz cup all morning, and refreshed it probably too soon. I still had quite a bit of cold tea in my cup, so the 2nd cup was pretty dismal. I will retry this in a tea pot where I don’t let the leaves stew. I think then I might get two decent steepings out of it. But, there is not enough actual tea in this blend to get more than that. It is sort of like drinking chocolate potpourri with a splash of oolong. I am struggling to taste the oolong at all. I’d rather buy this as an herbal mix and pay less for it.

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Had this tonight with some honey. I have the tea bags, and was very impressed! It tastes like pear and is slightly tart. I really enjoy the taste of this tea, and even though it is a green tea, I do not think you could oversteep it.

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I don’t know if this is my exact brand of Alishan, as a student gave it to me. But, I drink a tea that is just like this one. It is a lovely green oolong, and is brimming with floral notes. I drink it all day long, just keeping the leaves in my cup. They are so large when unfurled that they rarely get in my way. The first steeping gets a little astringent, but the third steeping is my favorite tea! This is the tea that got me hooked on oolongs.

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I drank this all day today! I filled my 20 oz travel mug with 2 tsp of leaves this morning and added hot (not boiling) water. I sipped on it all morning, refilled at lunch, then refilled mid-afternoon. Yummy, sweet, and a teeny bit creamy all day long. No sugar needed to bring out the sweetness or the light floral nature to this tea. I love it and hope to always have it in the house. My sample is running dangerously low, and I’ll have to make the trek up to The Whistling Kettle soon.

200 °F / 93 °C

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This is not a bad tea, but not at all spectacular. It’s a bit fruity and on the green side, and not at all creamy. It might be a little sweet. The first time I brewed it I didn’t get a very good second cup, and today I’m trying it with more leaves. I’m not super impressed. I’ll drink it, but I don’t think I’ll reorder. I like Republic of Tea’s much better – that one tastes like pineapple.

Edit: I was drinking this in a big mug (16 oz), and added 1/2 tsp of sugar to the second and third steepings. With that addition it had a much improved taste! This tea is back in my good graces.

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Mmmmm…both times I’ve tried this I added sugar and almond milk. The first time it tasted like raspberry hot chocolate. The second time was more raspberry taste, less chocolately. I love this tea!

Just had a cup with no milk, only sugar. This has been my favorite way yet. It tastes like berries with a light hint of chocolate and cream. I could definitely drink this every night.

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Definitely lemony! It sort of tasted like a liquid lemon head candy. I found it too be a bit too powerful for me hot, but with a little sugar, it was yummy chilled. Tasted like lemonade. I might keep a small amount in the house, especially in the summer.

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Drank the loose-leaf version of this tea many times over the past week. Could get a good three steepings out of it. It is pleasantly toasty and has a warm taste with no bitterness. It is my new everyday tea. Only bummer is that I need a filter because the leaves are a bit small.


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