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The dry leaf of this one smells strongly of maple syrup. This tea tastes a lot, and I mean almost exactly, like David’s birthday cake. I don’t get any pineapple at all and definitely no cherry. This is good, but not what you would expect it to be.

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Spiced apple tea doesn’t thrill me. They are so common and I have tried so many, but this being Silk Road and also a new holiday blend, I figured I had to try it.

The most prominent flavour is the cinnamon, but the apple is also very noticeable. I am not getting any vanilla notes, but I usually can’t detect vanilla unless it’s on its own or maybe with one other flavour. The flavour of this tea is a very natural apple pie flavour, like home made apple pie as opposed to store bought. This tea is really well done, but it’s not a flavour I need to have stocked. If I did need to have an apple spiced tea on hand, this tea would be it.

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This tea smells so good! The dry leaf smells of a very fresh peach. I found that this did not translate to the flavour of the tea. The peach flavour was very muted, so much so that I can’t attest to it, all I can say is there is a hint of peach. I found that the Ceylon base was also muted, unlike other reviews of this tea. That might be because of different steeping times and strengths. Silk road has some crazy steeping instructions – for all of their teas, they recommend 1 tsp of tea per 2 cups (16 oz) of water. I don’t think I have ever followed those parameters as I do not like weak tea. You kind of have to guess how much tea to use, so I must not have used enough. Still, this tea did taste good and as it cooled, I could detect the peach notes more with every sip. I look forward to experimenting with this tea a little more.

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I am bumping up the rating of this tea to 100 because it is just so freakin good! It gets better everytime I have it. It is now my favourite tea. I only have one cup worth left! I should have made an order on black Friday but I felt guilty spending more money on tea when I have so many Christmas presents to buy! I guess I’ll have to rely on my foxy roxy’s banana walnut treat and pumpkin crème brulee until I feel like I can afford another order :(

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I made quite a large silk road order recently and this is the first tea from that order that I tried. I was excited about the berries in this blend as Silk Road doesn’t have any other berry blends.

I found that this tasted a lot like David’s superberry but without the chalkiness. I couldn’t really pick out any particular berries, it kind of tasted like berry flavoured chewable vitamins. Not a bad tasting tea, but I was definitely disappointed. Maybe there is just too many berry flavours in here, it probably would have been better with just two or three flavours. I will definitely give this another chance, but so far, this is headed for the travelling tea box.

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Picked up this tea because I wanted to spend $25 to get my free 50 grams of Quangzhou milk oolong. I had tried this before about a year ago when I started really getting into loose leaf tea. I quite enjoyed it back then, but not enough to pick more up right away. I thought it was time as nothing else was really calling to me at the store.

This tea tastes like bubblegum to me. I can’t say that I like it, but it’s not a bad tasting tea, just artificial. There was next to no tea in my small 12g bag so I had to use all 12 grams which I would normally get two cups worth out of. I would not purchase this again because it isn’t worth the extra money that this tea costs as it is weighed down with what looks to be about 95% fruit.

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I have been wanting to try this for a while now and finally got around to purchasing a sample the other day. I was intrigued by the idea of a lemon black tea. I am a big fan of lemon, but it has to be just right, I love creamy lemon. So I added milk to this, and to my surprise it didn’t curdle. This tea was not very good, it is a candy lemon flavor. I found it tasted like a cross between lemon zinger herbal and tetley black tea. It also had a dry mouth feel which I can’t stand. I took two sips and then dumped it out. I’ll be throwing the other 6 g I have left in the garbage


creamy lemon…have you tried lemon chiffon from della terra?

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I just noticed that I have not yet logged this tea, despite it being in my top 3 teas! I absolutely love banana flavour, but oddly enough I don’t like actual bananas. This is such a comforting banana tea. I love that it is paired with walnut, instead of chocolate or banana by itself. It tastes like banana bread which I love, and it’s a very natural flavour as to be expected from Stacy. I will always need to have a banana tea on hand, and this will be it for a long time to come, I’m sure until Stacy stops making it.

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I really thought this was going to make a comeback in their winter or holiday collection this year. I was extremely disappointed to see that it didn’t. They came out with White Chocolate Frost instead, which is not half as good! I feel like this tea should be rated higher. This is my absolute favourite herbal blend I’ve ever had, and I’m not that big of a mint fan. If anyone has any of this to trade please let me know. I hope David’s comes back with this at some point so I can stock up!

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This was another sample from the travelling tea box. I really like jasmine teas, but to me they are all generally the same. I haven’t had a bad one yet. The only thing that can make it bad for me is a vegetal green tea base and luckily this one was not so. The green tea base is not too strong, and the jasmine flavour is quite prominent. I disagree with the reviews that say the jasmine flavour is subtle. Thanks Calla for throwing this in the box!

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I didn’t drink a lot of tea growing up, just the red rose my nana would make me with about 3 teaspoons of sugar added to it. I started getting into loose leaf tea about a decade ago when I visited our local tea house and tried Rooibos for the first time, though I only drank it on occasion. I didn’t get serious about it until David’s tea came to town. I was on a diet and wanted something I could drink without sugar that had a lot of flavours to choose from.

I prefer black teas, but oolong and green come in a close second. White and guayusa are in the middle, while mate, rooibos and herbals are at the bottom of my list.

Likes: banana, jasmine, pumpkin, lychee, blueberry, chocolate
Dislikes: orange, ginger, rose, hibiscus, butterscotch, honeybush

My non-tea related interests are music, camping, poker, softball, snowboarding, biology and animals. I have 2 dogs and they are my whole life.


Prince George, BC

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