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Mmmmm, this is good. Thanks to CharlotteZero for this one!
I’m getting mainly stewed cherry in this, but also some muted spice notes. Reminds me a little of mulled wine. I’m not getting the honey, which is ok, though I do love honey! This holds up well with skim milk and sweetener, which is a plus for me, not all teas do.

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Thanks to memily for sending me an unopened box of this!
My first experience with this tea was not as good as I had hoped. This tea tasted almost exactly like grape expectations, but without the horrible bitterness. I didn’t get any strawberry or champagne. It also tasted kind of dusty or stale. I think next time I will give it a shorter steep and also try it iced at some point.


Always a bummer when reality doesn’t match expectations :( happens all too frequently for me with reading so many glowing reviews though!

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I bought this just before I started getting into loose leaf. I drank it quite often when I first bought it but haven’t had it in a year or so. It is still quite pleasant. The vanilla really comes through with milk and sweetener and the spices are just an afterthought, which I really like. I only have a few bags left so I think I will restock this.

I love black tea in the morning, but I can’t have caffeine right after breakfast (diet rules), so I’ve been looking for good decaf blacks. After trying all of H&S’s offerings and not being impressed, it’s nice to find one that is cheap and easy to pick up at the grocery store.

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drank Oolong Berry by T2
174 tasting notes

Thanks to memily for this tea!

This smells divine! It smells like fresh raspberries. I might have oversteeped this one, I found the taste a little bitter, which I usually don’t get when I oversteep oolongs. I’ll have to watch the time next time I guess. Otherwise it is pleasant enough. I found the flavour of the oolong a little weak, as well as the berry flavour. I could definitely tell it was raspberry flavoured, but it was drowned out by the bitterness. Despite all of that, it was still a pleasant enough cup, I just wish the taste was more in keeping with the scent.

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The wonderful memily sent me this tea along with quite a few other T2 blends to try. This is the first of many. It’s 11pm so I needed a caffeine free treat before bed.

I think it’s quite difficult to find a good rooibos. We used to have a local tea house in my city that had afternoon tea with scones and cucumber sandwiches. I had my first rooibos there and I was in love. Their vanilla and caramel flavours were so good! And the base was delicious, it was sweet, not medicinal and just had this really unique flavour. Me and my mom bought a loose leaf tea pot and drank those teas for a year or so, but then stopped. Last year when I got back into loose leaf, I heard they were closing down and went there on the last day of the clearance sale to pick up some teas. They didn’t have those flavours which sucked, it would have been neat to see if I still felt the same way about them. I did pick up a few rooibos blends, and while the base is good, the flavours aren’t as good as the other ones.

This base in this tea is very similar to that. I am not getting any medicinal taste and it is just a light, sweet rooibos. I think I made this a touch too weak because I can’t detect a lot of fruit flavour, but I am picking up some peach notes. Next time I will add extra tea.

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Another tea from CharlotteZero! Thanks for the large portion of this tea!

This smells very strongly of pumpkin, like canned pumpkin. It also tastes mostly like pumpkin and it’s quite creamy. The taste at first was a little artificial, kind of chemically. But half way through the cup it started tasting more natural. I got little notes of pumpkin pie spices here and there, but nothing too noticeable. I kind of liked it like that, made it interesting.

Again, I had this with sweetener and skim milk, so maybe the articifial/chemical taste is from the sweetener, that would make sense I guess. I really want to try this with agave and regular milk this weekend and see how that goes.

I tried the original pumpkin milkshake and I remember it being a lot different. Sweeter maybe, and not so heavy on the pumpkin. I like both of them though.

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I received this one from CharlotteZero in our recent swap.
I’m not sure why I wanted to try this, I don’t like chai, and for the most part, I don’t like lemon in my tea. I also don’t like Frank’s spicey teas as I find they have a bit of a medicinal taste to them. It must have been the merinque that intrigued me, as I do like creamy lemon.
This isn’t half bad. It’s a little creamy, and the lemon is more apparent than the chai which I like. I can detect that medicinal taste but only faintly. It also holds up well with stevia and skim milk, so I will be finishing off the bag of this while I power through this diet.
Thanks CharlotteZero!


Are you kidding me??? After a year of being annoyed because I couldn’t figure out how to bold text in steepster, I finally stumbled upon it by accident. I thought adding an asterisk would make the name more noticeable, and voila! I thought that ctrl B made things bold and it wouldn’t work! I thought that maybe IE10 wouldn’t support that shortkey or something. Well I’m glad I finally figured it out, sorta!


mmm you should have just asked lol there are a few discussion posts on the subject.


I think I mentioned it in a couple of tasting notes but no one said anything. I was actually thinking of looking for a discussion post as I was writing this, it was driving me nuts!


haha i must have missed seeing that. oopsy!

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Had the chance to try this today thanks to Charlottezero!

This has been on my wish list since I joined Steepster a year ago! It was the mention of the honey notes that got me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any honey :( All I could pick out of this one was hay, but not too strongly. Thankfully, the hay disappeared after the second steep. I normally enjoy black tea with milk and sugar or agave, but since I am on a diet, I used skim milk and stevia instead and it does not do the tea justice. I snuck a couple drops of agave and milk in the bottom of one of my cups and it made a huge difference. I can’t wait til I am off this diet! I miss my black tea! But it has forced me to start enjoying other teas without sweetener and I find I really enjoy greens and oolongs without additions.

I found this enjoyable enough that I made a Verdant order and ordered this along with a few others I’ve been wanting to try.

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drank Jungle Ju Ju by DAVIDsTEA
174 tasting notes

Had the last of a small bag of this today. I remember it being fruitier than what it tasted like today, it might have lost some flavour over time. I found I could only taste the Guayusa, which is fine. It’s such a unique flavour, very herb like, I think I taste something similar to basil. I also find that it has an effervescent quality to it, in the smell and the taste. I am really looking forward to trying some Butiki guayusas.

Tea Sipper

oh no! I better drink my stash of this faster if the flavor is fading!


Could just be me. I split what was left with my coworker and she found it really fruity and sweet. I didn’t find it sweet at all and no fruit. I might have over steeped or something. Too much leaf maybe, there was a little too much in the bag but not enough to save for later so I just dumped it all in.

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I received this as a birthday present yesterday from my sister in law as part of their huge sampler box with eight 40g tins, one of each type of tea. This is their green tea offering. And though I think it was a good choice for this box, I wish it was something else. I’ve had this before and didn’t like it so I gave the rest of my bag to my friend at work who I dump all my unwanted teas on. I think we have opposite tastes so she usually likes everything I dislike. It works out perfectly, I don’t think she’s had to buy tea in months. This tin will probably go to her as well unless I can swap it out.

I still don’t like this tea. I am not a fan of mint or chai spices so this tea didn’t have a good chance with me. I don’t like this tea purely because I don’t like what’s in it, so if you like mint and chai spices then you will probably like this tea. I hate giving bad ratings to teas that I know I don’t like because of me, and not because of the tea. This tea is well done. In those cases I try to add 10 or so points to what I would rate it otherwise.

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I didn’t drink a lot of tea growing up, just the red rose my nana would make me with about 3 teaspoons of sugar added to it. I started getting into loose leaf tea about a decade ago when I visited our local tea house and tried Rooibos for the first time, though I only drank it on occasion. I didn’t get serious about it until David’s tea came to town. I was on a diet and wanted something I could drink without sugar that had a lot of flavours to choose from.

I prefer black teas, but oolong and green come in a close second. White and guayusa are in the middle, while mate, rooibos and herbals are at the bottom of my list.

Likes: banana, jasmine, pumpkin, lychee, blueberry, chocolate
Dislikes: orange, ginger, rose, hibiscus, butterscotch, honeybush

My non-tea related interests are music, camping, poker, softball, snowboarding, biology and animals. I have 2 dogs and they are my whole life.


Prince George, BC

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