2208 Tasting Notes

I was really shocked to see what low ratings this tea has! Maybe mine was a little different? Or fresher?

It is a type of tea I really don’t drink. It says it is a blend of teas from India and Assam seemed to be the dominant flavor. Thick, malty, and bready came to mind as the best way to describe it. Usually Assam tea gives me a stomach ache and I avoid it, or at least add milk to tone it down when I must drink it. But this was quite good with my breakfast. I was damp and a little chilly from dealing with the chickens and getting rained on as I performed my coop chores, so a hearty tea was more welcome than usual. Breakfast was a fresh egg and homemade Finnish yogurt with a bit of raw honey. It went very well together.

I didn’t buy this – it was given to me by a student in a bag of Christmas goodies and I am just now getting around to drinking it. Someone compared it to Red Rose, which I don’t think I have ever tasted, but I bet they are spot on. This is what I think of as builders’ tea, but I enjoyed it this morning, even though it is a type of tea I don’t usually drink.

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drank Matcha organic 40g can by Zen Tea
2208 tasting notes

I had this with lunch today. May I horrify you? My hubby has failed to eat his leftover Chinese food. It is one week old tonight. Instead of baking it a cake or throwing it out, I decided to add some water chestnut slices and reheat it for my lunch since he doesn’t seem to want it.

I wanted green tea with it and I have a whole lot of matcha that I bought all at once, way way too much at once! I am working hard to drink it all and now look forward to my daily bowl. I LOVE having the real matcha bowl from Zen and it really does make a difference. The size and shape are perfect for whisking and drinking and also for swirling your tea as you drink so it doesn’t settle too much.

This is very good for lattes and drinkable as traditional thin matcha. Kai Matcha is definitely way better. I want to try some of the Red Leaf higher grades once I get some of my present stock sipped down. I also want to try DoMatcha. I would have to order, though, as I can’t find it anywhere.


hehe Yeah matcha is so very versatile. I can’t wait to see what you think of the other matchas.

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drank Black tea-Keemun Finest by Zen Tea
2208 tasting notes

I was going to have something else tonight but there was a tiny bit of this left from breakfast. I drank it to empty the pot, and it was so good I decided to have another pot. The whole pot, all by myself, this late at night with an amazing candy bar that my daughter brought me from The Ganachery at Disney. Might be up late tonight…

This is my favorite Keemun right now. It has just the right heft to be delicious at any time of day and yet never need sugar or milk. But it isn’t one of those Keemuns that gets relegated to afternoon tea because of not being strong enough for breakfast.

Best of all, I bought more during that two day sale a few days ago. Between the coupon and the exchange rate, I almost feel like I robbed Zen Tea. I got so much tea for so little money! And then Ken included three samples in the box, and they are generous sizes. In addition, I added some of the free tea to the cart that is listed as not meeting their standards so you can get one pack free with each order.

Between the box of new tea and the candy bar, I would say my tastebuds have had a pretty awesome day.

Evol Ving Ness

Yay! And what coupon? Please do tell.


It was a two day sale. I had posted it in the Sales thread on the discussion page. I don’t think it is valid anymore but you could try! I received an email promoting it.

Evol Ving Ness

Ah, yes! I remember now. Thank you!
Just as well that I conveniently forgot about that as I am totally overwhelmed with teas for now. Happily so. But still…

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I was feeling a need for ritual tonight, something soothing and peaceful, and asked youngest if she would like to join me for tea by candlelight on the living room floor. Hubby was already in bed.

It was so dark that we kept overpouring and spilling our tea, but that’s okay! I took a picture of the tea tray with my phone and the color of this tea was amazing. Deep golden yellow!

The first steep was quite short (no rinse) and was one of the favorite steeps for my daughter. The second steep was much stronger – had a wang to it, as she said! – but it had that beautiful rising sweet taste that comes from deep within and blooms in the throat. Third steep went a little long and was seriously strong, so I went quickly to steep four which was brilliant. Here I was getting that energy that vibrates through raw puerh. On and on we went. Steep seven was creamy, almost milky. And these leaves would keep going but I have run out of water in the kettle and I feel mellow and sleepy. That is a nice side effect of raw puerh.

On a side note – we did have a sandalwood candle burning but also a Luminara “fake” candle. I love mine for those times when you want a candle burning but you don’t want to risk having a real one lit because you might fall asleep! They have a timer, and I fall asleep with one by my bed every night now. Although they are obviously fake when you are close to them, they are incredibly realistic from a short distance away and the flickering is soothing.


That sounds like a lovely evening! I have a few fake candles, myself. I really like them for the same reason.


We have some of these candles. Next time I am awake in the middle of the night I’ll try to remember this. Although tea at 2:00 am probably seems kind of counter productive if sleep is the goal. Maybe I’ll save it for 5:00 am. :)


Herbal teas, even the ones not specifically designed to help you sleep, can be really relaxing if you’re up at night.

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WHAT? We finished it? And I had two bags of it! I can’t believe it.

We had two steeps of this tonight with supper and after supper. It is such a favorite with hubby and with guests, that I guess I had better put in a Teavivre order soon!

S.G. Sanders

I enjoy a Jasmine Pearl on its own; however, adding peach would be splendid.


I really like this one. I have a serving or two left, and will have to buy more when I am out.

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This is a sipdown. I didn’t care much for this tea at first, but I saw a review from Mark that said you need to double the leaf. Once I did that, I enjoyed this tea.

The sad thing is that after having enjoyed many cups, I didn’t enjoy the last one much because I have a cold and can’t taste things properly. I had made soup for my daughter’s birthday gathering and had my future daughter-in-law ( :) :) :)) taste it and she said it was perfectly seasoned, but when I tasted it I just didn’t get a thing. There was even a pinch of cayenne in it! And the tea was simply smoke and nothing else. It wasn’t the fault of the tea, just the absence of any ability to properly taste food or drink.

Ah well, if it had been a different tea I would have tasted nothing at all, so at least I got to taste a bit of smoke! Good tea when you know to add lots of extra leaf.

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I realized that I have been hoarding this and I really don’t have to since I have another tin already. I feel TERRIBLE and decided to give myself some special tea today. We all have colds; coughing is pain and sneezing is pain because we have coughed long enough and hard enough to make our muscles sore. I wanted the good stuff for breakfast. And Eggo waffles with butter and warm maple syrup.

This is smooth and sweet. It is milder than the Zen Tea Keemun that I dearly love and have been having lately. It goes well any time of night or day. I would add milk and sugar to the Keemun if I wished, but I would never add anything to this. It wouldn’t be right, and it wouldn’t be proper treatment of this tea to me.


Mmmm, tea; uggggh, cruds. Take care of yourself!

Christina / BooksandTea

Good thing you have a bunch of this ready to go! You deserve the good stuff.


Oh no, hope you feel better soon! And a wonderful tea to help with that.

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A friend asked to come over and make cards together. We had leftover Snickerdoodle cupcakes that my youngest daughter the awesome baker made. I asked my friend what kind of tea she would like it, as I usually serve sweets with a plain black tea unless I have a fruity tea that matches the flavor of the dessert. She said she normally liked fruity flavors but that didn’t seem like a good match with dessert, so I mixed Hot Cinnamon Spice half and half with Queen Catherine to tone it down a little. I don’t want to scare away tea newbies!

It went together really well, the cinnamon was present but not as “in your face” and the more cupcake I ate, the better the tea tasted with it. I think it came out as a really great pairing.

And yes, I just did a review that said we are all sick with a bad cold, but I did tell her and give her the option not to come, and she said, “I’m not afraid of a cold!” :)


OK, I’m thinking that recipe just needs to be shared. But only if it’s easy for us culinary incompetents :)


Sounds like a brilliant combo!


Just google Snickerdoodle Cupcakes and find the one from Sally’s Baking Addiction! We make outs with freshly ground wheat, don’t know how they would be with store bought but surely still good. And we use Penzey’s cinnamons – always! They are the freshest and strongest!


And we don’t frost with half and half frosting, we just go all cinnamon. And no little cookie. But this is the recipe other than that! LOL

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drank Black tea-Keemun Finest by Zen Tea
2208 tasting notes

My house sounds like a kennel. A kennel where all the dogs have kennel cough. I needed fortification this morning.

This is a really good breakfast Keemun with the nice scrape of unsweet cocoa on the tongue that I have come to love, and yet it has some of the fruity flavor found in some Keemuns. It really could take milk and sugar and I almost added them this morning just for the comfort, but decided to stick with my usual unadorned cup. Excellent. Will need to order more soon, and if you are placing an order you might as well get a little new teaware at the same time, right?

Flavors: Cocoa, Muscatel

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drank Lapsang Souchong by Dammann Freres
2208 tasting notes

I love love love Lapsang Souchong Crocodile, and this one is close on its heels. Most people would probably prefer this one, but I love the heft and smoke.

On that note – this was awesome today. It is cold, I got lost in a really bad section of town while under time pressure to get somewhere, and I hadn’t had breakfast. When I got home I knew I needed something a little fortifying this morning.

This is stronger than the lapsang teas we have been having lately and I welcome it. You taste the base and not just the smoke. It is sweet and smooth and the smoke doesn’t have that ashtray smell that even some of the nice lapsangs have. (They do usually taste good even when I don’t like the smell.) This one has a nice campfire aroma. I am ready for a nap, though. I am so ready for spring!

S.G. Sanders

I think that it was a great day for a Lapsang. After scraping ice off of my car this morning, all I wanted was something warm and smoky. That was exactly what did the trick.

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I am a music teacher, tutor, and former homeschool mom (25 years!) who started drinking loose leaf tea about seven years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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