2170 Tasting Notes


I dearly love this tea. My first taste of it came from a swap with quiltguppy, a Steepsterite missed by all who knew her. I guess she moved on to other things, as often happens, but some leave more of an impact than others.

It was so great that in my tea newbie exuberance I bought three bags of it. And then hoarded it, and I decided that I need to drink it and get some fresh tea in the line up. Even after all these years, this is good and my daughter is remarking on how perfect it is to drink while she reads to me. It is buttery perfection. We have been drinking it all weekend – blustery, wet weekend! This is a sip down, and I think I may replace it with Milk Oolong from Teavivre just to keep from paying extra shipping from a lot of different companies as I replenish some favorites. But if you haven’t tried this very one, and you like milk oolongs, you really might want to get this very one. It is buttered popcorn heaven.


I’m in LA every Feb, and a Bird Pick is near, so I should remember to check this out if they have it still. I love the osmanthus oolong from them.

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I just reviewed this one but wanted to make note of a drastic change in steeping style today.

I have been looking for/saving for a sterling teapot for five years. I have not purchased one yet but I think I may have found “him”, the one that calls to me. It is not the bachelor size I anticipated getting and I wanted to see how well it would do for my breakfast, so I got a pot out that is about the same size and tried a different style of steeping today.

I put two tablespoons of this tea in the large pot and used cooler water to steep it, but I did not remove the leaves. The tea was good and not too strong. I realize I can only do this method with very particular teas.

Then life happened. I had a noon meeting, hubby needed me to go to the bank, mother-in-law was sick at rehab and needed something from her assisted living room, daughter had to be picked up from her early college class, and then taken to training to work the election. And the leaves sat there in that pot aaaaaaallll day. In half water they had started in.

No worries, I strained the tea into a microwaveable pot, added water, and reheated the whole shebang. AND IT WAS GOOD! The headache I have nursing for a couple of hours went away, too. It is back now, but I am also out of tea.

Time to make another pot and enjoy this thunderstorm by candlelight…

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This was the first tea of tea party today. It was served with Swedish Butter Cake. I woke my daughter up this morning with the words, “Instead of the apple thing we talked about, can you make a butter cake?” I woke up with it on my mind and she was happy to oblige me.

This was my guest’s favorite tea today. I think tea party may change a little as my guest is showing a more marked preference for black tea as time goes on. I may largely eliminate green tea at tea times for this particular guest. The light sweet potato notes in this rich and wonderful cup delight all the tea drinkers and tea newbies to whom I have served it.

As we have sipped our way through the last few rainy and overcast days, we have been reading Fatal Enquiry by Will Thomas, an author recommended by GMathis, who has never steered me wrong. It is the only title by this author at our library and we are sad that it is over. I am going to look for some cheap copies at used bookstores. My daughter had picked it up when we checked it out and liked the writing style so much that she asked if we could read it aloud. I LOVE reading books aloud! Our favorite part was the introduction of Mr. Psmith, GMathis! So funny! Thanks for the recommendation!


Author is from the next state over. There was such a long gap between Fatal Enquiry and the previous book, I was tempted to drive down and camp in his backyard until he finished it! “The Limehouse Text” is my favorite out of the bunch (lots of chuckle till you snort moments), but they are all great.


I want to be a part of your life!


GMathis: I will especially look for that one!

Keychange: I wish you were nearby! I would love to have Steepsterites gathered around cross-legged on the floor or sitting around the tea table drinking tea and eating my daughter’s delicious baking!

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drank Peach & Thyme by Fauchon
2170 tasting notes

Not long ago my eldest daughter mentioned the trend toward adding savory flavors in unexpected places. In steps this sample from Cameron B! I have had it for a while but a lot of my samples disappeared in a kitchen clean up and were found on a high shelf months later.

This was the second tea served at our tea time and was a really neat tea experience. We began the tea time with tea cookies made with fresh cardamom that had been rolled in ground sugar, which made it the perfect texture between fine granulated sugar and powdered sugar. The first tea had been Decaf Ceylon Orange Pekoe, a sturdy workhorse of a tea with classic pekoe flavor.

Then I sipped this and – WOW. So much thyme! Brothy tasting to me because of the savory herb, I still liked it. My youngest daughter said she still tasted a lot of peach but I did not. She believes it is because loves peaches and eats them so often that the taste is more apparent to her, which is likely true as I rarely eat peaches.

This isn’t something I would buy by the pound but it was a really neat tea to try and I enjoyed it. Thank you, CameronB!


I have this and every time I drink it, I want to work it into some sweet/savory scone!


Oh, that sounds like a great idea!


I need to use up some basil that’s going a little nuts in the back porch planter…what do you think that’d blend with? Lemon?


I blend tulsi with lavender, so I wonder if basil would go well with it? Try it with some different teas and add lemon, too! Let us know what results you get!

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This is another gift from my daughter, Superanna, who just returned from Disney. She brought me this and chocolate puerh, and said that the chai they serve has ruined her for any other chai.

We made a total of four small pots of this tea, resteeping the leaves once. I want to try multiple steeps and see how long it retains its flavor.

The leaves live up to the name. They are a soft green covered with downy white fuzz. I took one bit of leaf out and broke it in two to see the separate folded young leaves. I popped the leaves in my mouth to enjoy the flavor as I write my note. I love the taste.

The liquor was lightly golden and tasted of sun warmed hay. It is creamy and I also get a hint of tender green spring vegetables. This is really delicious and the resteep was, also. I think I could get more steeps from it but I didn’t want to risk it when serving it to lots of people especially with this being the first time I have made it. We made 144 ounces of puerh tonight and about 56 ounces of this one. I think we should be a pretty well hydrated crowd.

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Every time my daughter travels she brings me tea. She just got back from Florida, and this company supplies the tea for Disney apparently. The package says they are located in Tampa, FL.

There is a lot of chocolate in this blend. Rather than just flavoring or oils, you can see a substantial amount of chocolate bits, though judgin by the aroma I am sure there are flavoring oils as well.

This is really good. It doesn’t have a strong puerh taste, no fishy taste, just really earthy black tea and lots and lots of chocolate. It resteeps pretty well for a flavored tea – pot number two was quite good. We ended up making 144 ounces tonight. That’s a lot of tea. And it wasn’t the only tea we drank! Youngest daughter fell in love with it. My son’s girlfriend loved it, and one cup of her tea cooled completely while we were playing Dominion and she said she liked it even better that way as the chocolate flavor was even stronger.

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drank Miz by Nina's Paris
2170 tasting notes

This was the final tea of tea party. It was really good and fruity, and I found the green base pleasant. Youngest liked it a lot and said it reminded her of cardamom.

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drank English Breakfast by Harney & Sons
2170 tasting notes

This is a decent basic Keemun, nothing fancy but the price was right. It was on sale so I nabbed a tin along with a few other staples so my friend could get free shipping.

It was served as the first tea of tea party. Tea party used to be on Wednesday but we are having lots of schedule changes and now we have it whatever day works for the most people.

I usually serve an unflavored black tea with the food so it will complement but not compete. Our dessert was Irish Butter Cake sprinkled with powdered sugar, made this morning by youngest. There is only a tiny slice left, so I think it must have been a hit.

I have also been drinking this for breakfast. It was one of the first loose leaf teas I bought, and six years ago I thought it was strong and needed milk and sugar. Now I take it plain and recognize that it lacks the nuance of the finer keemuns, but will suffice with food or as a breakfast tea for the groggy. It isn’t overly chocolate-y or wine-y, but it is good for the price and doesn’t have the astringency and tummy upset inducing power of assams.

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drank Thé sur la Lune by Nina's Paris
2170 tasting notes

I forgot what was in this tea and when I poured it at tea party today I was afraid I had oversteeped. It was black, and I mean BLACK, in the teacup. It tasted so good, though, and my youngest daughter loved it. It definitely wasn’t oversteeped.

Now I notice in the description that it has puerh in it. Ah, thus the dark color! You don’t taste puerh though, just really nice base tea with nice natural-tasting flavoring. This was a sipdown of a large sample, but I think I may have to put this on a reorder!

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I believe that most of the time, when you get the same message from two different places you need to pay attention. With all that has been going on with my mother-in-law’s health and my nephew’so accident, people are starting to really feel the stress.

This morning I saw a Facebook post that said that the only thing in our control is our attitude, and therefore we are 100% responsible for our attitude. It spoke to me, though I realize that everyone has a breaking point and weak spots.

Then I got the cutest card from GMathis that said “Bread and water can easily become toast and tea.” That spoke to me about making the very best of everything. So I will take that message and run with it!

Now here I am drinking tea with my daughter and relaxing, waiting for my son to arrive for his dad’s birthday tomorrow and trying to plan who will be at the rehab center and when, to keep grandma company.

Teavivre’s Jasmine teas are a tranquil daydream in the midst of activity. Smooth, sweet, simple, and natural. The peach is light in this, the Jasmine sweet, and the base smooth. I am glad it resteeps so well because we are on pot number two.


May the rest of your weekend be toasty :)

Terri HarpLady

GG’s cards are amazing works of art, & that one sounds perfect. Actually I bet the London Tea Room would be thrilled to have a selection of those cards to sell in their store, especially with a line like Bread & water can easily become toast & tea. Perfect!

It’s been awhile since this lovely tea graced my cupboard, but it sounds like the perfect cup of gentleness for your day. Sending some hugs your way.


You’re kind, Terri! Thanks!


I second that! Terri sent one my way and I,loved it! You have talent :)

Ash – that’s is totally true! Glad the tea was a happy spot in the day.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about six years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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