2077 Tasting Notes

Almost all gone! NOOOOOOOO!

We served this as the first tea of tea party today. It was paired with a homemade whole wheat Devil’s Food cake with cream cheese frosting – the one in the new Penzey’s catalog for those who get that. They were scrumptious together. I told my daughter, “Save those leaves!” on this one because after these are done, I only have enough for one more pot!

Thank goodness, I will probably be placing another order soon and these are back in stock last time I checked. As I get my stash whittled down, I might buy a few staples.

The sad thing is I have a whole bunch of tea that isn’t even listed on here because I can’t read the labels! They were purchased in Brussels or Amsterdam and the names were handwritten on stickers on the bottom of a collection of cute little sample tins, and some of them I can not read at all!

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Finished this today. It was on my list of teas that are getting some age on them and need to be cleared out. I didn’t look at what was in it, but we really thought we were having a tea with anise when we were drinking it at tea party today. I like anise so that wasn’t a problem, but I think we were supposed to be getting cherry from the flavor.

Nice tea, better than most Christmas blends I have tried which make me wrinkle my nose at their orange/clove/cinnamon sameness, with the orange usually being bitter to me. Beautifully packaged, I will be keeping the tins and box and repurposing them.

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I saved the leaves from late last night and made two steeps to go with my breakfast with morning. These two were still plenty strong enough to enjoy – I am not a fan of washed out tasting tea. And today I feel more like I am drinking green tea when I taste this. I don’t mean green oolong, I mean actual green tea.

It was tasty enough that these leaves are still on hold for some resteeping later today.

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We are on another campaign to clean out samples and odds and ends. My daughter was going through the ones I have sorted and said she had planned to drink some of the meh teas to get rid of them, but found that everything we had set out was really good stuff. That’s a great problem to have.

This was the last of a sample and there was very little left in the bag. There was so little that I used my small Kamjove and didn’t fill the 7 ounce steeping cup all the way. I released the liquid and resteeped twice more but filled all the way since the color was so strong. The leaves had expanded well, and all three steeps looked rich and dark.

The wet leaves of this tea have a deceptive aroma to me. The scent seems hard-edged and cutting, like you are about to take a sip of something astringent or sour. But instead it is such a sweet and lovely tea. It just blooms with such a pleasant, round flavor when you sip. I paired it with the last few Marcolini chocolates. It made a really pampering late night snack.

Thank you, Garret, for the lovely sample!


That is a great problem to have!

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Thank you, Wymm Tea, for this sample! I saved it for a late night Gongfu session with hubby and we finally got that opportunity tonight!

The first sheng I gave hubby was from an unknown company, and he pronounced it “not his favorite.” A few weeks ago I gave him a Wymm sheng and he liked it, so I thought he would enjoy this, too, and I was right,

The first steeps were kept short, and the tea was surprisingly smooth and sweet for a fairly young sheng. Something about the flavor begged to be paired with something, so I fetched the box of Pierre Marcolini chocolates that my daughter bought for me when she was traveling and had a couple of those. They are very fancy – I believe some of them have flecks of actual, real gold. Yes, gold. The flavors are unusual and the chocolate intense. Good stuff, and a great pairing with the tea for the middle steeps.

One steep apparently sat longer than I realized and when I took a sip….WOW. It was strong! Then I realized that though it was oversteeped and had a bit of astringency, that faded really fast into a minty, camphor freshness that I actually loved!

This is grassy, but also has a nice sweetness like honey rather than sugar. This translates to a nice, round bottom note to the tea for me. After almost a liter of water, which is cooling appreciably now, hubby has departed for bed and I am drinking alone. One last steep, and I will save the leaves for tomorrow elevenses.

Very good sheng. It will be an interesting one to experience as it matures.


Glad the pu-erh went well with the pierre marcolini chocolates!:) Those chocolates are exquisite, have to try it again someday.

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drank Pu-erh Vanilla Mint by Zen Tea
2077 tasting notes

This is really good. I know a number of companies distribute this very same tea, but I got the best price from Zen. I ordered it because my daughter tried it from another company when she was in Toronto and loved it, had to have it. I told her I could get it cheaper for her than the company she bought it from there and here we are.

This is so good. A friend had it with me and had trouble figuring out the flavors. When I told her there was fresh ground cinnamon in it, the light bulb went off. The licorice root is nice in this, subtle and sweet. Mint is the main flavor up front, but I had one from another company called Vanilla Mint that just tasted like mint, no puerh at all.

This one has a much better balance, with the puerh serving as a good base holding up the mint, and the cinnamon sparkling as little hints here and there, with licorice root adding that sweet aftertaste.

We got so many steeps, too. This was a good buy.

It was served with some delectable cookies my youngest daughter made called “Will You Marry Me?” cookies. Oh my, they were good. I think I may not let anyone marry that kid, so I can have the cookies for myself.

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drank Da Hong Pao by Tao Tea Leaf
2077 tasting notes

I got a new teapot! Squeeeee! And I have to give kudos to zentealife.com for the great price and great service and fast shipping.

To try out my new teapot, the 16 oz. dragonfly tetsubin in black and gold by Iwachu, I made several steeps of this. I wanted to see how far I could take it, but three steeps in even a tiny pot is a lot of tea. In this case, it was 48 ounces before I quit. Hubby and daughter drank some of it but I think most of it went in my cup! It was really good and I am pretty sure there were more steeps to be had, but I was sloshy!

Great tea, and a good tea day all in all!

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I haven’t been logging this one, but I have been having it in my breakfast smoothie a couple of times a week for a few weeks now, although I have used the French Vanilla once or twice, too.

My smoothie consists of one banana, three strawberries, a splash of my homemade kefir or a spoonful of homemade Viili, ice, and matcha. Whoosh in a blender and enjoy something that tastes too good to be good for you.

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drank Anna's No. 905 by Tin Roof Teas
2077 tasting notes

Rats. I just finished this and as looking forward to clicking Remove From Cupboard, only to find it wasn’t listed as in my cupboard. How can that be?

It is not a happy sip down though, only a needful one as I am trying to eliminate older teas. I enjoy three marvelous steeps this morning off of a slightly over leafed Kamjove. I like this better than Marco Polo. It isn’t finicky but tastes good even if you aren’t paying close attention to temp and time.

This is the very same tea as Teagschwendner. I hope I spelled that correctly. Tin Roof Teas used to source exclusively from them, but now have a variety and some of their own blends.

For summertime, I highly recommend their Moroccan Mint. It is more faithful to real Moroccan Mint tea with its spearmint and Egyptian mint. Delicious. It is their own in-house blend.

As for Anna’s – I will be buying it again. It is my favorite strawberry tea. But first I need to drink down my cupboard a bit. I don’t have my samples listed nor my Amsterdam teas with the unreadable labels. I have too. much. tea.

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I don’t understand why this wasn’t already in my cupboard! Ah well, I have added it now.
Having recently gone through my stash to pull out the teas that most desperately need to be finished, I got this out since it is often overlooked.

I used it to make almost two gallons of sweet tea. Five tablespoons, steeped twice, about one and a half cups of sugar (this is the South, friends, and that is HALF the amount of sugar my mother used to use for ONE gallon), ice and water added to bring up to nearly the top of my large glass dispenser in the fridge.

And…it is decent as iced tea. One thing I have found is that ALL iced tea tastes better after hours and hours of melding flavors and sugar. A day or more makes it even tastier, pretty much no matter which tea I use.

I have to say, Southern Boy Iced Teas is a big favorite in this house. It is worth it, so if you like iced tea, buy it and steep it twice and combine for a full gallon of utter summer deliciousness.

Would I recommend this tea? Meh. I guess. I won’t miss it when it is gone, but it is a decent cuppa in the traditional morning cuppa kind of way. It’s just that I don’t take milk or sugar so I like something that stands alone better than this one does.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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