2114 Tasting Notes

It is tea party day AND my middle daughter’s birthday! Youngest daughter made a chocolate pie for the celebration. (We had Hershey Bar cake last weekend and will have it again this weekend as we celebrate with different parts of the family!)

This was served with the pie. It has nice, natural cocoa notes, didn’t compete with the pie, and definitely complemented it very nicely.

The medium body was hefty enough to stand with sweets, and the flavor was great classic Keemun, not too smokey, not overly fruity. I think it made a great pairing.

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drank White Fairy by Harney & Sons
2114 tasting notes

My best friend came over for tea, but she has terrible allergy problems and was getting a headache. When she feels like that, she can’t stand anything that is even lightly smokey and she doesn’t want any strong flavors. She drinks a lot of flavored whites and I had several on hand, but I thought it might be best for her to try an unflavored white since I don’t think she had tried but one or two ever.

I served this, worried that it might be too light for her, but she said it was just right. The gentle white tea tasted good to her and didn’t have anything that would further irritate her tender head and sinuses.

Christina / BooksandTea

I love your stories about how you fit the tea you serve to the moods of the people with you. You have a good eye for that sort of thing!

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I served this tea to my eldest daughter, who really doesn’t drink black tea at all, only green, white, and puerh. I told her we were going to have a black tea that wasn’t like black tea at all.

She agreed that it seemed like drinking a Chinese green tea to her. I like this one very much and she was pretty impressed with it, too, especially with the idea that this plantation uses Chinese tea bushes and uses an older style of lighter processing. I think that is what adds up to make this a successful tea for green tea lovers to enjoy.

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Backlogging: A few nights ago I was feeling grumpy because I really wanted to get Chinese takeout. Hubby offered to pick it up but I knew we had a few expenses coming up that meant we needed to save all we can. With a chip on my shoulder, I started cooking and I made this tea to go with the meal.

I couldn’t stay mad. Every time I caught a whiff of the tea I smiled automatically. The teapot, the basket of spent leaves, it all smelled so good. Despite the confusion the name of the tea engenders, this is a milk oolong, not a green.

So thankful to the long absent Quiltguppy for introducing me to this one.


Oh how I miss the wonderful Quiltguppy!


Aww, glad the tea made you feel better.

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This tea was a bright spot in a day that had lots of stress! Story will follow with tea part here up front, so skip the end if you aren’t interested in the personal stuff.

My best friend and I drank this with a locally made artisan chocolate bar by Videri. It was a blueberry chocolate bar, a solid thin bar of dark chocolate with a coating on one side of dried blueberries and sugar that had become stained blue. So good! It was a gift from my son-in-law, who bought it right where it is made.

This is a rare tea that resteeps so well even by the potful that you can’t tell the second steep from the first. One guest who said she doesn’t like peach flavored things nevertheless loved this tea.

The personal part – My neighbor who is schizophrenic went off his meds and has been increasingly wild. He woke us up early Sunday with all kinds of tales of suspecting another neighbor is dead, having snakes topped with whipped cream in his house, etc. By Monday he was living in his yard shirtless, like a commando. Shouting, running, throwing things at passing people and cars, shooting a large blowgun at people and houses, and screamed at me when I opened my door to get my mail, threatening to shoot me and saying he had a gun, it turned out he only had a blowgun, but within the hour he had pulled a large butcher knife on his dad. He had made himself a little fort under his carport and was hiding behind a large garbage can. Eventually they tased him and took him away. I was rattled.


Woah sorry to hear that. Hope he’s ok and you’re more settled now.


Rattled is an understatement! Glad you’re safe!


Wow. Scary stuff.


I’m glad you’re safe. Be extra nice to yourself.

Christina / BooksandTea

Yikes. I hope your neighbour gets the help he needs.


Oh wow. Sorry you had to go through that! and for this guy/his family. I’m glad things are under control now


Thanks, all! It was very unnerving and hit me hardest that night. I don’t know what will happen next. It is heartbreaking for him and his family. This has been a long-time problem and I don’t understand why he is permitted to live alone. Mental illness is so, so sad. I am very concerned that he will kill or seriously harm someone if he doesn’t get the help and attention he needs.

Louise Li

I had someone with schizophrenia in the family. It was a vicious cycle. They got treatment in facilities, they seemed to be doing better after treatment, facilities released them to out-patient programs, patients kept taking meds, later patients felt they got all better and no longer needed meds, patients took themselves off their meds, patients became ill again, patients got admitted again. I hope your neighbour is receiving the care that he very much needs.

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I am loving this tea today! I made Egg Fu Young for lunch and served this. It had so much flavor, sweet and creamy, smooth but no shrinking violet, it had lots of flavor. After lunch when I sipped, I could taste the slight smoke as well, but the food covered it with the meal.

This is fabulous, and just may join Huang Shan Mao Feng and Bi Luo Chun in my list of must have green teas.

Thank you, Teavivre, for sending this for me to try.


Some 20 years ago, we had a local family run Chinese restaurant that made the most delicious Egg Fu Young. Apparently it just looks deceptively simple. I have ordered it many times from other places since, always with major disappointment. Anyway, thanks for the memory flash – Number 9 from the lunch menu (beef chow mein, egg fu young, and chicken noodle soup).


K S: I don’t know if mine would be as tasty to you but it is easy! I use fresh eggs from my chickens. A good bit of diced onion, some finely chopped cabbage or mung beans, sauté those and add four beaten eggs to the pan. Just divide it with your egg flipper. For the sauce I use 1/2 cup broth (I use veggie but you can use chicken), at least a TBLSPN soy sauce, a splash of Chinese rice wine or teeny splash of rice vinegar, and I like to add a little oyster sauce or mushroom sauce. When it is hot, add 1 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 4 tsp water to thicken. Make the sauce first and then the egg fu young. And play with it according to your taste! I sometimes add a little fresh ground black pepper!


What time is supper? lol Actually tonight is meatloaf, smashed taters, and fried zucchini so, rain check.

Ever since you mentioned this I have been looking up recipes. Looks easy enough, I’m not sure why the local restaurants can’t get EFY correct. The sauce is not good and the eggs are greasy. I am no longer even willing to try their soups – just gross. I trade them for crab rangoon.


Ooo, I love meatloaf and mashed potatoes! Especially the second day meatloaf sandwich!


I’ve mentioned before, but my wife uses chili sauce instead of ketchup, and oats instead of bread crumbs. It is a family favorite.


Meatloaf! I missed it! (Nobody else at my house likes it so I have to go begging.)

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I know I just reviewed this one, but I have to do it again. This tea belongs to my best friend, who ordered and then forgot, then found it in a cupboard months later and brought it to my house. She is a special ed teacher so we try to spend lots of time together in the summer when she is off. We have managed to meet up at least twice a week since school got out!

She left the tea here so we could drink it together. She bought it because she fell in love with my jasmine silver needle from Teavivre. We are delighted that this tea resteeps beautifully. You can hardly tell the resteep from the first steep, and we are making it – and drinking it – by the pot, not by the cup!

This and the Lapsand Souchong Wild Tree are going on the next order, maybe with some new teaware!


Side note – I am so excited I can hardly stand it. My Amazon Echo is supposed to arrive Thursday. I know it will be late afternoon because that is when UPS gets here. My son-in-law has one and I loved his, so I requested an invitation to purchase before they became available to the public.

I am probably going to use it for timing my tea more than anything else and I can hardly wait! What a nerd I am…


Free shipping right now!!!!

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drank Qimen Hao Ya by Le Palais des Thes
2114 tasting notes

This is another of the teas my daughter bought for me in New York a couple of weeks ago. I was sure I had reviewed it!

This is a stronger and heartier tea than the Qimen Imperial, a slightly lower grade that is closer to the breakfast tea variety. They recommend 195F water and 3 to 5 minutes. At this temp and four minutes you get a great breakfast tea that will get stronger as it sits. It is good without milk or sugar, but can easily handle both if that’s how you roll.

This is only slightly smokey, with an earthy cocoa taste. It is not one of the winey tasting ones to me. My youngest daughter drinks this one with me but she does prefer the Imperial. Of course she does, it costs triple what this one costs! Ha!

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I made Egg Fu Young and rice with vegetables tonight and thought this would be great to go with it. I also have my dog on homemade dog food right now and between making his meal and preparing mine and my husband’s, I completely forgot the tea. I guess I just didn’t hear the timer go off.

When I checked to see if I had removed the basket, it was still there full of leaves, much to my dismay. My daughter said it would probably be okay but I thought not, since it had probably been steeping for fifteen minutes or so.

Miracle of miracles, I tasted it to see if I needed to make another tea and it was perfectly fine. I waited a few minutes after sipping to see if that burn would start to glow in my tummy region from having oversteeped tea in an empty tummy. Nothing.

Merrily, merrily, I served it and no one could have guessed it had been so sorely neglected.

So this tea has racked up several points with me – 1. Great price for a smooth green that makes it perfectly affordable to drink every single day even if you don’t resteep. 2. ORGANIC! 3. Very forgiving.

If someone asked me for a recommendation to replace their grocery store green with something healthier and tasty that wasn’t too expensive, this would be it.

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My best friend called me a while back and said that she found a bag of this in her cupboard that she didn’t remember ordering. She brought it over tonight to have with a blueberry custard pie my daughter made. The pie has a streusel topping instead of a top crust. NOM

The tea took me by surprise. I don’t always like peach flavor, which is probably why I hadn’t ordered it myself as a fan of all things jasmine that Teavivre does EVER. But this? Oh, this! So yummy! The peach doesn’t have that off taste that I get from peach yogurt and such, the jasmine is just as heavenly as their other jasmine teas, and it resteeps like a champ. I am on my second pot and it is so good. My friend says that she drinks a pot, resteeps, and puts it in the fridge to drink cold the next day.

Going on my next order! She said she is restocking it, as well.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about six years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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