2140 Tasting Notes

Another sipdown! I guess I should log this elsewhere as a mashup but the teas are from two different companies so here it stays.

We had very little of this left and my daughter was helping me polish off some older teas. There wasn’t enough for a whole pot so she added a couple of teaspoons of Lapsang Souchong by Dammann Freres. How could that ever go wrong. I walked by the pot and the scent teased my nostrils and I growled uncontrollably. Good golly, that was some good tea. And here I thought I wasn’t going to have any Lapsang until cool weather comes back…

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drank Zen Tea Mug by Tea Avenue
2140 tasting notes

I took advantage of the free shipping offer from Tea Ave to get some of the things I have been looking at for a long time. Why didn’t I order until now? Their tea is fantastic, but with way too much tea in the house I balked at the shipping charges, which are fair, but still steep. Even with the gift card for $15 I would have to order $90 CND to get free shipping and I just couldn’t.

But I am oh so glad I ordered and I can almost guarantee I will be placing another order before the free shipping offer ends.

First, I am astounded at how fast this got here. I think I ordered very late Monday night, my email says it shipped Tuesday, tracking said it would be here Thursday, but instead it got here a day early – Wednesday around 4 pm. Wow.

I got the Ocean color cups and I want more of them. The thickness is great – not clunky but not fragile. I can feel the warmth of my tea without burning my hands. They even nested well enough as I carried everything into the den. The shape is classic and the rolled lip gives it a little panache. I bought the teapot as well but haven’t used it yet. I will review it once I have used it. I think it will pour well.

I love the airy happiness of this shade of blue and I believe it is going to go beautifully with my Lady Carlyle china. Funny but when I was choosing the color my husband and my daughter both said they like the gray and my son’s girlfriend preferred the yellow! Something for every taste I guess!

Bottom line – These cups are adorable, handy, useful, and I want more!

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This is a sipdown! I have finally managed to start some decluttering and that includes my tea stash. This is the second sipdown of the day.

Back when I first tried this, I favored this over Anna’s Blend, which is a strawberry black tea blend. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and for now I prefer Anna’s. After three years, this is still pretty good but it is time to say goodbye, so I made a big farewell pot for all to share after supper.

Even as I say goodbye, my daughter is going ooo and aah over the aroma. I will not buy any more tea until I sip down at least ten more! (I got one order today and I have two teas on the way but we won’t talk about that.)

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I had this iced and lightly sweetened last night. It is my favorite Moroccan Mint because I prefer spearmint to peppermint and this one is blended just perfectly for me. The funny thing is that when I finished my tea I refilled the glass with water, and it tasted like mint water! It was unbelievably refreshing! Now I want to make peppermint and spearmint simple syrup, and maybe some plain unsweetened cold mint water. It has been ridiculously hot with little breeze here, so I am in a mint mood.

On a happy note: one of my hens went broody last year and it took a while to break her of it. She went broody again this year, but we have no rooster so her eggs will never hatch. I let her sit three eggs for a week. Then last night, I slipped three babies in with her and took the eggs out. Hens are pretty dopey when asleep and can’t see a thing in the dark. This morning she is very, very happy to be a mommy at last! She is a French Black Copper Marans and the babies are Cuckoo Marans. One little girl is shy and hides under mama when I go out to look at them, which I have been doing all morning long!

Christina / BooksandTea

Oh, that’s so sweet – but what happened to the hen who laid those chicks in the first place?


Not all hens go broody and they lay more eggs than they hatch. My other hens have no interest in sitting on their eggs, for instance. These chicks came from a feed store and they were hatched in a brooder. They were one day old.

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drank Ruby #18 by A Southern Season
2140 tasting notes

This was the final tea of tea party. I love that this one can take all kinds of abuse and still taste fantastic. It also resteeps well. It has lovely notes of golden raisin and is pale in the cup but not pale in flavor.

I have forgotten it in the past and steeped for six minutes or more and it did not get bitter. Today it didn’t get abused because this was our first tea party day with Alexa, my Amazon Echo, timing the tea for us. How convenient to tell her to set the timer for me! She also played music for us and entertained us in general, and assists me in teaching music by looking things up, playing soundtracks, and finding songs for students.

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This was tea #2 of tea party, served just after the chocolate pie and Keemun. I mixed two teaspoons of Chocolate with one teaspoon of Rose Scented, both by Harney and Sons. This was for twenty ounces steeped for four and a half minutes in boiling water.

This was a favorite of the little group. Our guest said she loved the balance of the two flavors as she could easily discern both. Rose is very strong so I always put less of it when I blend it with others, though I love it all by itself, too! It is a valuable tea on my shelf for occasionally dressing up other teas as well as for drinking when I need to feel extra foofy.


foofy. What a perfect description. I know exactly that feeling!

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It is tea party day AND my middle daughter’s birthday! Youngest daughter made a chocolate pie for the celebration. (We had Hershey Bar cake last weekend and will have it again this weekend as we celebrate with different parts of the family!)

This was served with the pie. It has nice, natural cocoa notes, didn’t compete with the pie, and definitely complemented it very nicely.

The medium body was hefty enough to stand with sweets, and the flavor was great classic Keemun, not too smokey, not overly fruity. I think it made a great pairing.

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drank White Fairy by Harney & Sons
2140 tasting notes

My best friend came over for tea, but she has terrible allergy problems and was getting a headache. When she feels like that, she can’t stand anything that is even lightly smokey and she doesn’t want any strong flavors. She drinks a lot of flavored whites and I had several on hand, but I thought it might be best for her to try an unflavored white since I don’t think she had tried but one or two ever.

I served this, worried that it might be too light for her, but she said it was just right. The gentle white tea tasted good to her and didn’t have anything that would further irritate her tender head and sinuses.

Christina / BooksandTea

I love your stories about how you fit the tea you serve to the moods of the people with you. You have a good eye for that sort of thing!

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I served this tea to my eldest daughter, who really doesn’t drink black tea at all, only green, white, and puerh. I told her we were going to have a black tea that wasn’t like black tea at all.

She agreed that it seemed like drinking a Chinese green tea to her. I like this one very much and she was pretty impressed with it, too, especially with the idea that this plantation uses Chinese tea bushes and uses an older style of lighter processing. I think that is what adds up to make this a successful tea for green tea lovers to enjoy.

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Backlogging: A few nights ago I was feeling grumpy because I really wanted to get Chinese takeout. Hubby offered to pick it up but I knew we had a few expenses coming up that meant we needed to save all we can. With a chip on my shoulder, I started cooking and I made this tea to go with the meal.

I couldn’t stay mad. Every time I caught a whiff of the tea I smiled automatically. The teapot, the basket of spent leaves, it all smelled so good. Despite the confusion the name of the tea engenders, this is a milk oolong, not a green.

So thankful to the long absent Quiltguppy for introducing me to this one.


Oh how I miss the wonderful Quiltguppy!


Aww, glad the tea made you feel better.

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about six years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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