2049 Tasting Notes

I drank this with hubby and now I find myself relenting on an earlier statement. I said I didn’t think I would ever order the tins because I did not see how they could be worth as much as is being adding to the cost of the leaf. Indeed, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Look at the prices of various teas, figure it by the ounce, and then check the price with tin. The tin doesn’t add the same cost to different teas! And I am accounting for amount of leaf as far as I can tell.

But I went into A Southern Season and behold, they are carrying this brand now in bags. They have the tins sitting out as testers to sniff, and they are magnificent. I don’t think they would dent if an elephant stepped on them, and the double lid is STRONG I tell you! WANT!

The problem is that I don’t want to spend a fortune for the large tins but the small ones only come in yellow and I really want the French blue. You only get those in small if you sign up for the year of teas which is very high and includes a few teas I know I wouldn’t care for. Based on some old links, it looks like they used to sell the tins separately but there is no longer an offer of that on their site.

Sigh. I may call them anyway just to see if they will consider it.

Hubby liked the tea, and liked it well enough that I made my own similar blend to use up some shou mei that was getting a bit of age on it. I have served it, too, and we liked it.


Doesn’t hurt to give it a try – the tins look beautiful!


I’ve been wanting to try this one, agree the tins are way overpriced.


i so wish these teas were a little less expensive… want.

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drank Easter Tea by Dammann Freres
2049 tasting notes

Maybe I hit the sweet spot with this one or it was just one of those magical tea moments. I made it just right and the flavor was so good and so sweet. The tea base was satisfactory and not too weak or too strong. The flavors were fruity and good and lacked that edgy vibe I sometimes get from the flavored French teas.

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drank Apple Cider by Bigelow
2049 tasting notes

This is a waaaaay back backlog. I had a bit of a sore throat one night and thought this would be the perfect thing before bed. No caffeine and nice spices that I associate with cold weather and comfort.

It did the trick helping my throat and I enjoyed the spices, but I didn’t get tons of Apple taste from it like some folks did. I did taste the hibiscus for sure, much more than getting apple flavor, but that is okay because the spices were right on.

Thank you, GMathis!

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When I want a green tea to go with a meal, this is the safest choice. It is one of my husband’s favorite greens. I made it to go with fried rice tonight and it was just right – not too weak, not too strong. He loves Cheerios, and this tastes likes oats to me so it follows that he would like it a lot.

Unfortunately, this finished my bag. Fortunately, I can always buy more! I am really happy that I have been whittling down my oldest teas. I have a chest for most of my Teavivre teas and it used to be packed so tightly that I could hardly get tea in and out of it. It is beginning to look a little sparse, so when I get a few more teas off the shelf I will place an order to replace the things we love.

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drank Vanilla Dolce by White Lion
2049 tasting notes

I have mixed emotions about this one. The price is a no-go for me at what they charged at the spa. The sachets didn’t have tons of aroma but the steeped tea is redolent with the scent of vanilla, as in, thick-warm-rich-roll-around-in-it vanilla.

Since the base seemed weak last time when I forgot to time it, I made sure to leave it for a good 4 1/2 minutes this time. Now it is better and we enjoyed it…until the last two cups of the pot. It took a while to drink it as we were busy but I reheated the last of the tea in the microwave as I do often with no ill effects from other teas. This one, however, has a sour taste, like Assam that is left too long.

I tried to resteep to make the cost a little less painful, but the base is pretty weak now and the vanilla light. You COULD drink it. I just don’t really want to. Youngest doesn’t mind and says she will finish the pot. I do think these have grown old sitting on the shelf at the spa.

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drank Vanilla Dolce by White Lion
2049 tasting notes

My best friend once again gave me a morning at the spa for a massage and dessert to celebrate our birthdays together. Hers is soon, mine next month. We were surprised when they brought us a plate of warm chocolate cake with strawberries, mounds of whipped cream, and chocolate syrup drizzled over. We both made a cup of tea at their beverage bar to go with our dessert and it was really good.

On our way out I saw that they had this tea for sale and she picked it up and gave it to me, partly because vanilla teas are among her favorites. We made a pot of this when we got back to my house.

It is very good and the vanilla delivers as promised – rich, sweet, and smooth. The base seems a little weak to me but I didn’t time this. I noticed another review says that the base is strong and malty, so either mine is older or I didn’t steep long enough. Even at that it is good and my youngest was really loving it, too.

I think I will order a tin of this loose leaf for her birthday along with a tin of Nina’s Je T’Aime so she can compare the two vanillas and see what she likes best. To me, this was overpriced at the spa – over $1 per 2 gram sachet since it was $17 for the little glass jar, which is cute but not the best way to store tea unless that glass is UV shielded. I think there were twelve sachets in the jar. On the website it is more reasonable.

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I did it. I finished it. After all this time hoarding it, I made the final pot today and it was soooo good even though it was old.

I served this first at tea party to go with our cake – a raspberry layer cake made from freshly ground wheat with homemade kefir yogurt in it, with lemon frosting and white chocolate chips and garnished with more raspberries. Oy, such deliciousness!

And the tea was amazing with it! What in the world am I going to replace it with? Here I am trying to reduce my cupboard and I am glad to get an older tea off the shelf, but I don’t want to give up my favorites!

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Encouraged by Sil’s comment on Maple Maple, I tried this one with maple syrup as sweetening this morning. I do not normally drink any black tea that requires sugar as I enjoy plain tea more, but some breakfast teas with Assam are a lot better to me with sugar. Hubby was home and i offered him some, too. He rarely drinks black tea since he only likes it with milk and sugar with few exceptions, but he liked this one with maple syrup a lot.

I like that Maple Maple tastes like maple and tastes sweet without any sugar, but since I can’t get more, this is a really nice, comforting replacement. I think Lapsang or Bohea will be even better than this one with maple syrup added. Thanks, Sil!


just don’t pull a variaTEA and add like a tablespoon lol. i don’t like adding things to my tea eiher..but i make an exception for smokey teas…

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drank Maple Maple by Fairmont
2049 tasting notes

The girls bought some tea from the hotel while staying in the Fairmont in Toronto, but I think these may have been complimentary tea bags in the room. We had them for breakfast this morning and I was quite surprised at how smooth and nice this is.

The flavoring is really excellent and has an enveloping comforting feel. It smells like maple candy and gives off such an impression of the sweetness of maple syrup that I don’t think I could possibly drink it with sugar. It was an amazing tea bag tea to have on this rainy, blustery morning. The base isn’t very strong but also isn’t watery, and it makes a nice enough carrier for the sweet maple that makes the house feel even cozier now that I am back from an early excursion in the rain and wind. We are dropping from a high of 63F today to a low of 27F tonight.

If I could buy a box of this reasonably priced here, I would, even though I don’t do tea bags normally. I am thinking it is time to experiment with putting maple syrup in some of my tea.




I really enjoyed this one! My note for it was one of the first times I used the site, so I didn’t leave a proper review for it, but I kind of wish I did now!


It communicated how you felt about the tea well! I read it! :)

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The girls are home from Canada! Youngest wasn’t ready to come home. She had so much fun and said that Canadians are so nice, she wanted to stay!

This is one of the teas I am allowed to have now, and since youngest is thirsty we made a big pot and had some goat cheese and crackers while she told me all about the trip.

Indian tea and I often don’t get along, but I steeped this for only three minutes and drank it plain. It was good! It was a little malty, a bit bready, with some astringency developing as it sat. It never became undrinkable, and was smoother than PG TIps and breakfast teas of that ilk.

Mine is loose leaf and doesn’t say organic, but I am guessing it is the same tea because it matches this listing in every other way. This one is a little hearty and I may even break out some milk and sugar and enjoy it as I drank tea in the “olden days” a few years ago!


So glad they had a great time..and left just in time to miss the snowstorm!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about five years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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