2154 Tasting Notes

drank Queen Catherine by Harney & Sons
2154 tasting notes

This hearty Chinese blend is perfect with our cheese plate and dark chocolate squares on this rainy, grey afternoon! Smooth, just sweet enough not to need sugar, with the barest hint of smoke.


Rainy? Gray? I’ve forgotten what either of those are like. (Sweat, kaff on the dust puffs!)

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Oh Doulton, I can’t believe you sent me a whole tin of this, but I am so glad you did!

Many Indian teas and I don’t get along, or if I do drink them they have to have milk and sugar to soothe my tummy. That is why you won’t see Indian tea reviewed on tea party day much, because we adults take everything plain that day, so I just don’t serve anything I know I can’t drink plain!

But this….this….is…good…tea. It isn’t as strong as I thought it would be, but my mouth literally watered when I leaned over and sniffed the tea in my cup. And though a few people have mentioned a raisin-y aroma, I swear I think I pick up something fruity like a hint of grape aroma, perhaps muscatel or scuppernong – the aroma of which takes me back to when I got caught in a bear trap under my great aunt’s scuppernong vines when I was seven, but I digress.

I just drank three cups of this with no additions at all, and youngest, who really enjoys Indian teas, drank hers with hearty pleasure, adding milk and sugar. The pot is empty, but I need not fret. There is a whole tin of this delightful strapping fellow in my kitchen! This is the best Indian black tea I have tried to date. Thank you again, Doulton!

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Thanks to Jennifer and teawing I have been wanting to try this for two days! I don’t recall ever having a Creme Earl Grey so I am not sure how this would compare, but I find it very tasty. This is also my first time having Harney and Sons Earl Grey, so I really want to try it standing alone as well. In the past I have had their Earl Grey Supreme and Imperial Earl Grey. EGS is my favorite, but for bergamot lovers, I think the sachets of Imperial Earl Grey maybe stronger on bergamot.

From what I can tell in this mix, this Earl Grey is of moderate strength. I tried it first without additions and it was smooth and somewhat mild, not too much. I added sugar, which really brought out the bergamot, then milk, which made the creaminess of the vanilla shine. All in al, a delightful cup of tea as I chill out to Spa Suite Radio on Pandora and hide from the 95 degree temps I was just hanging out clothes in…


I think I will talk to them about their EG blends when I go to Millerton. I am so excited that DH decided we have to stop there on our Boston trip. I likened it to driving within a half hour of his favorite micro-brewery and not stopping. He finally understood!


LOL! Too funny! I hope you have a great time!

This is getting better and better. I wonder how it would taste with Vanilla Comoro and it’s caramel goodness? Maybe tomorrow’s experiment…


I also liked JacquelineM’s suggestion of a vanilla bean….and then I also remembered that I have some double strength vanilla…. I think there are many possibilities. I still hope Mike will blend one, though.


By the way, I didn’t type “it’s”. I do know the difference but auto correct does not! AAAARRRGHH!

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This was the second tea served at tea party today. The aroma grabbed up as soon as I poured. Delicious stuff! This is one of the least smokey Keemun teas I have ever had, and it does have that hint of wine. It is a pretty full bodied tea, not overly sweet but sweet and smooth enough to be enjoyed absolutely plain. Very nice!

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Many thanks to Quiltguppy for this tea! A friend and I tried this one today. The dry leaves smell like candy! Really really like candy! The aroma of the steeped tea is lovely and sweet. I thought it smelled like cherry candy at this point. The green tea base was very smooth…I am thinking it is probably a Chinese green. A lovely tea and very tasty! I may have go pick up a tin next time I go to A Southern Season.


Oh my, I think I need this tea too!

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Thanks to Doodleology, there was a tin of this in my mailbox today! Tea party was two days late this week because of a very full schedule, so this worked out well. The tea is fairly light in color, but the aroma is dark dark! It is a scent I associate with toasted walnuts, and one of my favorite characteristics to find in a oolong. At first I just wasn’t getting any reason for having cassia in the name, but after eating some seriously sweet goodies I took a sip and said, “There it is!”

The contrast now made me pick up a very light and delicate spicy flavor, certainly not as strong as actual cinnamon in the tea, just a hint, a mere breath, of spicy note. Very good! Thank you, Doodleology!


my pleasure! I am glad it made it to you okay! :)

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My afternoon cup, and very yummy indeed! Nicely smoky, like a favorite grandpa with cherry tobacco in his pipe.

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It may be cheating just a wee bit to log this tea again since i didn’t actually drink it, but for the information contained herein I hope it will be useful!

A friend who loves plain puer came over and I had her sniff the sachet I had saved from this morning. She fell in love with the aroma so I told her I would give resteeping a try. I added about twenty seconds to the steep time. After the first sip, she said, “We have to order some of this!”
I am taking this as a favorable sign concerning the resteepability of this tea!

Thank you, again, Doulton! Oh, and my tummy is all happy now. Puer always seems to help.


Definitely helpful – I NEED to try this ASAP!

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Oh, Doulton, I am so thankful for this tea this morning! I have had a grumpy tummy since Sunday night and if I eat even just a little bit it starts to burn. Sometimes tea can aggravate it further, but puer usually makes it feel better. Then I remembered…

There was a sachet in the pouch from Doulton and its wrapper was labeled C&S Puer. I looked on the Lupicia website to get their steeping recommendations and saw that it meant chocolate and strawberry. My day just got way better!

I like puer tea, even unflavored, but I do divide them by aroma type. They seem to be either shrimp/fish or horse farm aroma. Horse farm is my favorite!

The sachet smelled wonderful! Wonderful! The steeped tea is beautiful chocolate and strawberry with a hint of horse farm beneath. The taste is sweet, smooth, chocolate and strawberry very well balanced. Neither steals the spotlight from the other. They are perfectly paired. The chocolate really does feel like real chocolate sliding down the throat. Ahhhh! This is wonderful stuff, and my tummy isn’t getting angry. Hopefully, this puer will put it to rights very quickly.

Between this one and American Tea Room’s Toasted Fig that i received from Quiltguppy, I may be ruined for unflavored puer forever! Planning to resteep…

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

Ha! How could one ever be expected to choose between shrimp/fish or horse farm???


^ hahaha – I’ll go a horse farm please :P

Gosh now I remember why it’s safer to stay off of Steepster >>> runs off to read about Toasted Fig!

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drank Hooghly Holler by Culinary Teas
2154 tasting notes

Another tea for which I can Doulton the generous!

The dry leaves of this tea smell so good I would not hesitate to put them in a bowl and proclaim them potpourri. The description says there are three secret black teas, but like one friend of mine who gives away her secrets within minutes of telling you not to tell anyone, they give some of them away in their longer description!

The package said boiling water, but I will be trying this next time with a lower temperature because of the green teas in it. I did follow their instructions this first time, however.

Some of the leaves expanded quite impressively. There is an extra-citrusy aroma with the warm calm note of vanilla playing beneath. It is almost Ike sniffing a cup of candy.

There is a bit of astringency but the flavor is very nice when the tea is taken plain. I also tried it with milk, then milk and sugar, and all were good.

I got a laugh when autocorrect changed Hooghly to Hooch!


You just gotta love any tea with the word “Holler” in it!


It only lists vanilla and bergamot flavors, but I could almost swear there is jasmine in this. There is Assam and Ceylon black tea as well. It took me this long to figure out what I thought I was smelling in this!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about six years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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