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Today was a day for roasty toasty teas! This was the first, enjoyed with youngest daughter who really e joys this one and chose today’s tea. Golden Snail reminds me of Emperor’s Red from Premium Steep, but is perhaps a little more roasty! Delicious plain, though youngest took it with mik and sugar. I hope they restock this one. It has been a favorite of a lot of people.


Such a great tea!

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I am loving this combination! Palm Court was already an enjoyable tea, but the addition of rose flavor takes it to a new level. I am thankful to JacquelineM for suggesting it. Delicious! This was the second tea of tea party today. We also had Golden Monkey by Harney and Sons, Jasmine both hot and iced by Fujian, and Silky Green, which I already reviewed today! Yes, I am VERY well hydrated!

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drank Chocolate Delight by Tea Guys
2171 tasting notes

This amazing tea was our first for tea party today. It was paired with whole wheat pound cake (made from freshly ground Southern white wheat so not yucky!) that was served with Nutella and strawberries. The combination was very pleasing. That is an understatement – I could still almost drool on my keyboard. This was my first time having Nutella, and I really like it! The fat content is excellent as it keeps the glycemic index low so you don’t get a sugar rush, and it doesn’t take much of it to make a real treat.

There is so much in this tea! I have never seen an ingredient list like this one, but everything plays ots part so well. This was a real winner today! Thank you again, DOULTON, for introducing me to this tea!

Ashley Bain

mmm nutella! so good on warm english muffins.

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This tea is courtesy of QUILTGUPPY! It is amazing. I wonder if the name means it is a green oolong as opposed to a roasted oolong, because it looks like oolong tea, smells like oolong tea, and has a flavor profile I would eхpect from oolong tea. This smells like butter, butter, butter…indeed, Bliss said like buttered popcorn including the salt and I can get that. The first infusion is very buttery, but there is a floral flavor in there as well. This is creamy and smooth, and if this is truly green, there is absolutely not a trace of the bitter edge green teas usually have. On the second infusion, the buttery note has taken a step back, and the flower has come forward. I will be drinking this all day. What a wonderful treat! Thank you, Quiltguppy!

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drank Jasmine Tea by Fujian Tea
2171 tasting notes

I am cold steeping this one, and technically it should have a while to go, but I couldn’t wait to give it a taste. I must say, this is very refreshing, even at this early stage! I used about four tablespoons in a Bodum pitcher. The jasmine is the prominent flavor right now, and the tea has less astringency and the bitter edge is much subdued. I am eager to see what it tastes like tomorrow when it will really be done!

Erin Hurley

How was it?!


Pretty good! I drank 30 ounces of it cold after exercise, so it couldn’t have been too bad. I do prefer black tea, cold and hot, but this is a drinkable green and I enjoyed it. I am still learning…

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drank Blossom Earl Grey by Twinings
2171 tasting notes

My daughter’s boyfriend sent a number of teas to me from Ireland, some of which are available here in the US, and some I am not so sure about! I have not seen this in stores here, but it may be available in larger cities.

The steeped tea smells like Twinings Earl Grey tea with a bit of jasmine added. It is actually orange blossom, but I am not familiar with that scent so I just compare this to what I know! The first sip, though, remedies any confusion about what is in this tea! Mixed with the bergamot, which is prominent but not overbearing, there is a delicious juicy orange taste. Nice blend, Twinings!

Boiling water, steeped four minutes, no additions.

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drank Jasmine Tea by Fujian Tea
2171 tasting notes

When I saw teawing’s review of this, I knew I had seen this tin before. We have a fairly large Asian market and I go there every now and then. Today I had a good excuse to go and there it was! This was only $2.39 for the small tin which is 120 grams.

Upon opening, there is a nice, strong jasmine aroma. It is strong, but it doesn’t accost you like the jasmine black I bought at A Southern Season.

I prepared it as I would any green, and not as the tin recommends.

Steeped, the aroma is really lovely. The tea is smooth with a little astringent edge, but quite good, and pretty unbelievable for the price. I could happily sip away on this regularly.

Thank you, teawing, for alerting us to this little treasure! There is another listing for it under Jasmine tea by Sunflower, and I think Fujian is just the distributor, but the tin is unmistakeable!


It was my pleasure, sometimes, good things don’t come with high prices!


I just saw this tea in our asian market the other day! May have to pick up a tin next time I’m there…


I am going to try cold steeping it today.

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Over 100 degrees outside today without heat index, and it is laundry day. Three trips already to the clothesline. Then I let the 18 year old pick the playlist for our exercise time. Three versions of the Numa Numa song later, I am hot and tired. Mango Black iced tea to the rescue. Nothing carbonated could refresh you the way this juicy tasting tea does! I went to the website and it appears to be no longer available. SOB! Perhaps I shall try one of the remaining types.

Thank you, Quiltguppy, for the best iced blend I have tried so far!

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It is insufferably hot and humid. This tea was so refreshing with lunch today. Even hubby likes it and said it is the “best of the iced concoctions” he has tried. He likes plain old Southern sweet tea, extra sweet please! Even son’s girlfriend likes it! This tea is fresh and juicy tasting! Very yummy!


Again, a thank you to QUILTGUPPY for this one! Delish!


106 this afternoon here. Oh, how I am longing for chilly mornings! (Remind me I said that come February.)

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Three words. Robitussin cough syrup.


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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about six years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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