2151 Tasting Notes

A long while back I discovered through a Facebook feed that the son of a family that we once went to church with had opened a tea shop – you know, the “your friend of this other friend liked this other friend’s post.” I told my eldest daughter about it because they were in youth group together. She and youngest surprised me with teas from his shop for Mother’s Day!

This one was everyone’s favorite. The cardamom is so good… I love the light, lemony flavor of cardamom. The coconut adds a creamy sweetness. And it resteeps super well. That is a huge bonus!i can’t wait to share this was my bestie, who loves white tea and coconut, and is about to fall in love with cardamom, whether she knows it or not.

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I have been drinking tons of this tea lately. When I pulled up the page I had to click add to cupboard. Strange, because I think I am on my second pouch of this and have another waiting in the wings.

My first note says it tasted like milk chocolate, but drinking it cold today I am tasting rich, roast grain and walnut, walnut, WALNUT.

Absolutely delicious.

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An old acquaintance came by a couple of months ago to get a keyboard I was giving away. We hadn’t seen each other in about fourteen years. I gave her tea and we chatted a while, and then I start seeing boxes of tea in her Facebook page! Ha ha! Yay! A new recruit! She and her husband are such nice people. When you meet anyone who knows, that is the first thing they say…“Such great people!”

So after that day, she sends me a message that she was out of town and saw a spice company and got something for me. (I had also given her some Penzey’s cinnamon to take home to try.) She was letting me know that she was mailing the package.

I was expecting a small jar of spices or something, and pretty excited to try it, but lo and behold when it arrives it is a big box with a set of four Japanese style teacups and a parcel of this tea! Wow! Just wow! It was such a blessing and I could hardly believe it!

I am pretty sure this is the same tea that Tealux sells as the descriptions are identical. I looked at the Spice Merchants website and many of their teas have to be from Harney and Sons…same names and identical descriptions.

We have already finished half the package of tea! This is so mild that even my friend who isn’t fond of bergamot could hardly taste any, but liked it. She really got vanilla and fruity as her main impressions. Youngest seemed to like it a lot, too. I do smell the bergamot but don’t find it overpowering or sour here. I didn’t see the short steep time and probably gave it four minutes, but it didn’t hurt anything.

I may need to plan a little day trip to Wilmington to check this place out!

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I love this tea. I don’t have it often enough. A long time ago a friend came over – the one who introduced me to Harney and Sons, albeit it was the sachets at B&N rather than their loose leaf – and I gave her some of this. She had a strange reaction, saying she wasn’t sure if she liked it but she absolutely had to have it. She has had me order it for her several times and I have given it to her as a gift in the past. She knows now that it is a tea “true love.” Both of us have tried ginseng oolong from other companies and not liked it nearly as well as this one from Teavivre.

Today she came over for one last visit before she moves. She said she is out of this but won’t let herself buy ANY tea until she is settled in the new house. She asked if we could have this old favorite for our tea time today. Of course, of course. The sweet, rich flavor lasts through multiple steeps, so it’s a great choice for a long chat.

You see, she isn’t just moving away. She has had health problems for a long time, and was finally diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis. She will be fine for a while, then have long periods of being unable to walk, or of having no energy, and now short term memory problems have started.

So we are not sure if we will see each other again, but have promised to email and send letters, and if she feels like receiving visitors I will hopefully get to drive up to her new home and take a walk with her and drink tea. It isn’t far, but when an episode hits she may not feel like having a visit for months at a time.

There are lots of happy tea moments; this one was a little bittersweet.


Hope she’ll be better soon.

Evol Ving Ness

Sending you both a big hug.

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drank Queen Catherine by Harney & Sons
2151 tasting notes

Youngest made tiny individual Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cakes with chocolate glaze for tea time today, and I added sliced strawberries. This was our first tea to serve with the food. The Queen is always good! I haven’t had it in a while actually, and it was especially good today to me.

It is easy to drink sans additions, works as a breakfast or afternoon tea for me, and is nice blended with other things, especially Rose Scented from Harney.


sounds delicious!

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drank Chocolate Mint by Harney & Sons
2151 tasting notes

When I was in A Southern Season recently, I looked for a tea to buy youngest as a gift. She had just finished the tin of Chocolate Tea from Harney and lamented its passing, but they didn’t have it so I got this, completely forgetting that we have had it before.

To be fair – I don’t care for minty tea except on occasion, and I am not the biggest fan of chocolate and mint. I like York Patties but I haven’t bought them in years because I just don’t think of them. So when I had my first cup of this I remembered that I bought once before and ended up giving it away. Youngest thought it was meh at first but then said it grew on her.

A big problem is that my hubby thinks that this tea and Florence smell like mildew, and the sad fact is…it does. And the smell spreads through the whole house.

Youngest was trying to drink it all up, but I think it is going to have to go away tomorrow.
I don’t know why the plain chocolate tea doesn’t smell this strongly to me, but it took forever to finish it. Marie Belle was a better chocolate tea in my opinion, so even though I am a big Harney cheerleader, this one doesn’t do it for me.

When I drink it, I feel like I am having watered down tea with chocolate flavor and too much mint. The chocolate aroma is there but the taste doesn’t thrill me.

Maybe it is tons better for people who add milk and sugar. That may be what it takes to really enjoy this blend.


Oh weird, I’m going to pay more attention next time I have this to see if I get the mildew smell from it.

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drank 1000 Cranes by A Southern Season
2151 tasting notes

Sadly, they have reduced their tea section at A Southern Season. I bought this because my best friend loves white tea and I was hoping for a really fruity summer treat to go with our desserts.

Alas, I can not detect any strawberry flavor in this. The first time I made it I found it a little weak. I added lots more this time since there is a lot of non-tea matter in here and it was much better but still not strawberry. It was just a tasty white tea with a little sweetness from the coconut.

I shall continue to look for good, natural strawberry flavor in a white tea, but at least this one won’t be hard to drink.

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Right now I am drinking some teas just to get them off the shelf. And this one is getting old and definitely needs to go.

It isn’t bad – it is a pouchong rather than jasmine green. It was pretty good with food but not my favorite. As an economical jasmine with food, I would prefer Teavivre’s Silver Jasmine Green. By itself, I love their Jasmine Dragon Pearl. This tea is just okay.

The great thing was the food. On mrmopar’s recommendation, I bought some Ponzu with lime to try on Ramen noodles. I made a pack of ramen, throwing away the seasoning pouch that comes with it. Near the end of cooking, I threw in some frozen peas and sliced Baby Bella mushrooms. I strained the water off. I added some cornstarch to the Ponzu in a cup and whisked it together, then added a tiny amount of oil and poured it over the ramen noodles. Lunch was eaten on a quilt in the side garden with my dog, Sam. And I found out that I LOVE PONZU! I will be trying it on some more things. I put it on hubby’s crisp green beans tonight and he liked it, too!


Ponzu is good. Did you get the lemon or lime one? Told you that you would like it.


Whoops it was lime. Got ahead of myself.


mrmopar has great suggestions. This recipe is going on my weekend menu.

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drank Coconut Almond by Paromi
2151 tasting notes

I shared two pots of two Saturday with Suoeranna, hubby, and ChelseaR. Everyone liked it – even hubby who doesn’t do much black tea. It is very sweet and smooth for an Assam, but the more you drink the more it builds the characteristic Assam flavor and malt.

STORY TIME! On Friday, I went to an estate sale and bought some very old records for youngest, who is obsessed with old music. (1910-1949) We went back Saturday for her to pick some more albums. As I stood by her, I noticed a wedding planning book in the closet and flipped through it. One of the first pages said that the groom’s gift to the bride was a sterling compact, purchased for $20. (Today’s adjusted amount $250-ish)

I decided to wander around while daughter looked some more and I went to say hello to the ladies working at the jewelry table. And lo and behold, a monogrammed silver heart shaped compact was on the table marked $3! I told them abiut the planner and picked up the compact and they said they didn’t think it was the same one because they couldn’t find a sterling mark on it, but I found it. I laughed and told them I assumed that changed the price. Saturday is half price day, by the way, so it would have been $1.50. It had the puff and some powder still in it. They asked if I was willing to pay the whole $3. Of course I was willing! I didn’t really want a silver compact, never thought about owning one, but it was so romantic to me! I couldn’t believe their children didn’t want it, and told the workers to tell them that the compact was their father’s wedding gift to their mom and if they wanted it back I would gladly give it back. I was so excited. The wedding was April 1, 1945. The bride had the same last initial as me, so people will probably see the compact and assume it belonged to one of my relatives.


romance is in the air


Love it!


What a great story!


Beautiful story. I only wish it had a different ending. I wanted the family to see what you saw. In my mind the compact should have been priceless.

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drank Black tea-Keemun Finest by Zen Tea
2151 tasting notes

My son and his fiancé were here last weekend to celebrate his birthday with us. On Sunday morning, I made a pot of this for breakfast. ChelseaR shared it with me and I am so happy that she really liked it. Of all the tea I drink and share with others, I don’t think I have anyone who loves Keemun to drink it with me. Now I do!

I got this for Christmas from my eldest daughter and bought more at the very next sale. The cocoa heft and body of this tea are just right for me for brekkie or with sweets.

Tea happiness is when someone says, “I have to start keeping a notebook of what we drank and what I liked,” and “Someday I am just going to give you a bunch of money and say, ‘Buy me tea!’” That’s when you know you have helped create a new tea lover!

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I am a music teacher and homeschooling mom who started drinking loose leaf tea about six years ago! My daughters and I have tea every day, and we are frequently joined by my students or friends for “tea time.” Now my hubby joins us, too. His tastes have evolved from Tetley with milk and sugar to mostly unadorned greens and oolongs.

We have learned so much history, geography, and culture in this journey.

My avatar is a mole in a teacup! Long story…


North Carolina

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